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A thanks and A warning (Completed)

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Ballorie nodded her head, her leafy hair flowing gently like a shrub in the breeze. "I will know and act accordingly. Good luck sheppard. Sleep now, for no danger shall come to pass this night."

She bowed slightly as she stepped backwards into the trunk of the tree from whence she came.

As the nymph departed, melting into the forest, Eswarth fancied that he could feel just above the threshold of his perception a cool breeze that was light and woody. Her words brought him great comfort.

He considered awakening the others to relay to them the conversation that he had shared with her, but that would undo, he thought, her parting blessing: a night of peace.

Thus, he followed her bidding and sank into a comfortable sleep.

Tomorrow would be a new day.

End? Do we, in fact, die?

Charon stirred in his sleep. A slight whimper escaped his lips. Fear? Pleasure? It would be unclear even if anyone was awake to hear it. He curled into a slight fetal position, clutching Collinsworth to his chest like a teddy bear. A slight smile crossed his lips.


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