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A thanks and A warning (Completed)

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This post would take place the night after the first in game session.

With the source of undeath gone from the temple, tforest seemed to breathe a sigh of releave in Eswarth's ear. His companions slept soundly, though Charon seemed to be a bit restless, though not necessarily in a distressing way. He seemed to be enjoying his dreams.

The arrival of Balorie (like in Bertinelli...I've had a thing for her ever since One Day at a Time...hmmmm..) was heralded by a sound like wood sliding across the grain of another piece of wood. Slowly her slender frame stepped out of the trunk of a nearby Knuckleroot.

"The ancient ones sing your praise sheppard," She said to Eswarth, her voice the sound of dry leaves in a soft wind. "You bring credit to your name and honor to your people. This place will ever welcome and shelter you and your flock."

"I am but an instrument of Corellen Larithien, My Lady." Eswarth replied seriously. "Do I understand that no more orcs shall rise henceforth? Is the evil vanquished?"

"I cannot say for certain, but the soil tastes sweet once more. I believe we are safe," she said putting a loving hand on a low hanging branch above her.

She looked down at the restless Charon, twitching on his bed roll. "Two Half-Twisted came through here shortly after you descended into the temple. They spoke about this small one.

Eswarth's eyes snapped open a bit, and he subconsciously stamped the ground with a fore-hoof.

"Oh, aye?" He asked. "Can you tell me more? From whence they came, to where they went? Was words passed betwixt them?" He stared at the elegant nymph expectantly.

"They came from whence you came, and continued on," she said.  "They also shared angry words regarding a human who complicates their plans."


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