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12.29.2132 - Light's Hope Chapel

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Harrison almost had his entire weekend pack finished and was a little more than concerned that Clive had yet to return. The weather was fowl and it would take at least a hand this night to make it to Lakeshore on horseback.

The weather was so bad in fact, that almost none of the kids had left for weekend plans and Harrison could here many still passing and fooling around in the dormitory hall.

Just in time, he heard Clive's familiar knock on the bedroom window.

"Oh, there you are, you little turn coat," Harrison playfully to his little friend. Clive had taken to spending more time with Emma these days than he did with Harrison. Who could blame him? Harrison reasoned. Besides, she needs him a little more than I do these days.

Harrison flipped the latch and opened the window. Clive took a running leep only Harrison's robe and scurried up to his shoulder.

Five years ago, when Harrison had first met Emma, Clive was but a young pup. The little guy had been content, back in those days, to eat a treat on his shoulder while Harrison took the note from the squirrel’s satchel.

Nowadays thing were different. Nowadays the squirrel was always impatient to return to the cinnamon smelling girl.

Nowadays, Clive wouldn’t even come to a full stop before the little rascal was already pulling the note out of his own satchel with little claws. And before Harrison could reach up to take it from him, the future hat decoration would whack him repeatedly on the side of the face with it.

Tonight was no exception, and Harrison had to chuckle at the little beasts antics…as he always did.

He read the note as Clive took his treat and jumped from his shoulder to the writing desk.

“Good news. My jailor is going out of town in preparation for…well, something to big to explain on this small parchment. I have managed to get duty out at Light’s Hope and I am hoping that you will be there this evening…as I certainly will be. We have much to discuss and I need your help with something. Do you think Zedd will mind another acolyte around? Until then…lieutenant, stay safe.”

‘Lieutenant,’ it was what she called him after the meeting, after that kiss she had planted on him a thousand years ago.

A tapping on his thigh broke him out of the pleasant memory, and he looked down already knowing what it was.

Clive was standing at the edge of the desk, whacking his leg with his pen, wanting a return note to be scribed immediately. Crumbs of the quickly inhaled treat all over his fur.

"You know little fellow, there was a time you cared for my company as well," Harrison said a little hurt. Clive's head hung a bit, and his whiskers wilted. Harrison patted his little head.

  Yes, I'll be there, I was just packing up to head out there now. See you soon.

Clive departed with his charge in a hurry. With his things all stuffed in his backpack, Harrison stepped out into the corridor and waded through the other kids traveling or playing in the dormitory corridor. It was days like this he almost missed the solitude of the summer days at the orphanage.

He couldn’t help but be in an incredible mood though, for it was quite the nice turn of events which would put him in close proximity with his pen-pal friend Emma. It would be the largest block of time he had ever spent with her.


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