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Game Session 2B - Chemical Hill

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(The three boys then retraced their steps to a previous room, chose door number two which led them two a t-intersection in a corridor. Left had led them to an empty room. Right had led them too…)

The boys stood at the steel door for only a moment when they suddenly heard something large charging it at the other side. All three of them had swords ready as whatever creature it was banged and clawed at the door from the other side. For many turns it continued its assault, the door holding fast against the barrage of hits.

None of the boys recognized what manner of beast was making the snarls and grunts on the other side, but it did indeed sound like some large mammal, most likely a bear.

“Whatever is in there, must have a passage to the outside, I bet if we go back, out and around we could draw it outside,” Xavier whispered, as if the beast my know what they were saying.

“Better idea I think than to try to fight it at this door,” River said in agreement.

And encounter it outside the three boys did, for they were through with their exploration of the tunnels within the hill anyway. Having determined that it was most likely a chemical laboratory used by individuals much like them a few hundred years ago, the boys climbed back up the shaft under the shower of the small hunter’s cabin above, and went outside.

As they tracked around the vegetation covered hill, which now looked a bit more “manufactured” to them, as if someone purposely made the hill to conceal the complex beneath and then it had become overgrown, thehuge badger from that room met them outside. It was all claws and teeth and charge the boys from the thicket of the woods.

River and Xavier fought long and hard with the beast while it fended them both off with claw and tooth, both melee combatants becoming a bit bloodied in the effort. Meanwhile, Jared with bold aims from his crossbow hit the belly of the beast with bolt after bolt. Finally, Jared caught it’s attention and the beast charge him, and with a rolling dodge accompanied by a clever toss Jared through alchemist fire at the beast and hit it squarely on the chest. The beast died as the flames burned its torso and neck while it choked on its own blood from the bolts punctured in its chest.

The boys fell to the ground, quite weakened from the battle with the massive beast. After resting, Xavier made to save what hide he could from the large beast. River went right to work, helping him skin the animal. As they worked in the fading light he said, “Good thing we had Jared around, or we would have been doomed.”

And he meant it. Even Xavier could only admittedly nod. The young engineer had proved his worth on the battle field.

At the campfire that night, about a mile away from the remains of the badger they couldn’t take with them, Jared stared at the flames while smiling in memory of the battle. The cooked meat was that much tastier.

The next morning the three boys once again ventured into the wilderness looking for Jared’s father Larry, who is had gone missing on a hunting trip. The Chemical complex within the Hill had become just an interesting footnote in their journey.

Searching for many miles, River and Xavier finally spotted some tracks left by a human. As they followed the trail, only a day or two old, he discovered that another set of human tracks came up behind the original and seemed to be tracking as they were now.

After a mile or so, the tracks became only one again, but now with something heavy being dragged behind them. They quickly ascertained that the original tracks were of a person who had been spotted, trailed and knocked out or perhaps even killed by the person who had made the secondary tracks. And that second person was now dragging the body over the terrain.

This news didn’t appear to bother Jared, who didn’t seem to care if he found his father dead or alive.

And find them they did. For Larry Lightwell had been dragged to a tree unconscious and tied to it…right next to the den of a bear. Luckily for him though, the bear hadn’t been around for the time he had been left there.

After seeing his dad lying there helpless, Jared relented to the good side of his nature and freed the man, asking River to heal him.

The journey home was at first filled with apology from the old man, as he spent the time trying to reconcile the damage that couldn’t be fixed with words.

Upon reaching Southaven, the unplussed Jared said goodbye to his father, and returned to the Inn with his two friends from the city.

Fin of Game Session 2.


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