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Game Session 3B - Cell Cleaning

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Renee, her mood changed, let out a small laugh at her friend's verbal antics.

"Well...sure, she could probably make the medalion, but do you think she could replicate whatever magic it might have in it?" she querried.

"I have no idea." Temmit admitted. "I suppose that we'll have to simply ask. The alternative would be to try to get our names on the list of folks who the Kar'Thul don't attack."

She laughed again, "I would suppose that would be a list limited to a few select holy priests?"

Temmit unsecessfully stifled a wry grin. "Not a likely happening, then, eh?" He chuckled slightly. "I don't know though. It'd be great if we could locate the others; I'd be willing to bet that they weren't destroyed."

"Do we have any friends in the census office who might have access to geneological records dating back that long? Or maybe those would be in another part of the library. Or in Leslie's head."

Alright, I posted and then realized that this thread occurs between 3A and 3B prior to Renee and Johan invading the cell to save Leslie. So please disregard my earlier post if you received an email.

I am going to review the chronology as soon as I can and get my head back into the game. Stay tuned (hopefully not for 6 months either)...


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