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Yup...since IT guys don't know how to use Google.

Don't make me pull a robbins and not show up.

U are far too respectable for that kind of shmuckness

Current and Upcoming Eberron Threads....


07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth - In this interesting thread, the 10 year old Harrison seeks to gain transfer into the Clergy House from the Harvesters.

DATE TBD - Exiled to the Lake - In this thread, the recently transfered Harrison has found trouble in the Church and is re-assigned to a small shrine in Lakeshore. The problem? THe once thriving shrine is run by a man who apparently is going crazy.

DATE TBD - Former Master - In this thread yet to be created, the 11-year old Harrison is approached by the Guild Leader of TAO, a secret society that Emma is involved in.

12.29.2132 - Light's Hope Chapel - A thread begun but put on hold as we play the gammut of the above, we will return to the shrine in Lakeshore. There, Emmanuelle and Harrison have a weekend alone. Emma, although excited to spend time with her childhood friend, is deeply concerned about a future speech.


07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell - While Harrison about a mile away figures out how to get INTO the church, another 10 year old is wanting to get OUT. Shannon finally faces the evil within the heart of the city in a trial that could condemn her parents.

03.12.2131 - The Falling Out - Ah the wonderful drama of high school. When this thread is started Jena Mistone will discovered she has grown boobs, and she quickly realizes she ain't afraid to use em. Will Shannon and Jena's friendship survive?


04.22.2132 - It's My Party and I Will Cry if I Want Too - In this upcoming thread, Xavier and Jared go back to a summer-celebration in the woods near Southaven. Bonfires, beer and girl-munching Karh'Thul await!


The list of trouble for this toon is so long, I can't even begin to write synopsis of threads here. Here are some highlights to the future:

* The Captain's Journal - Renee's boyfriend moved his book? Or did he give it to someone?
* How to Find a Chameleon - Marcus was cocky by the bonfire, he seemed to focus a lot of energy on Temmit. Why? What does he know? Where can they hit him where it counts?
* History Catches Up - The events in the saturday night interlude to Lakeshore were strange for Renee and Temmit. But the situation that catches up with them, even more strange.


Session 4B - 01.03.2133 - The battle has just ended and the body count begun. "What is this? Kids in the spiders got hurt? Temmit actually died in battle? We aren't done? We have to what?!...we have to hold the line through the night and then advance to the Rim to repair it?! WHAH?!"

Those are my plans folks, after this week in Hell (finals and site visits) I plan on hitting all this with a vengeance. Enjoy the meta-game inner dialogue until then!

Dray, you still owe me answers to my questions so Shannon can begin her investigation about the city.


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