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These are the threads that we want to make

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Prior to session
- Harrison and Emma regarding her up coming speach
- Marcus and Temmit at the bonfire
- Temmit tells Shannon and Harrison about Marcus Faithborn.

During Session
None at this time
After Session
Dray - What happens after the students kick the ever-loving smush out of the soldier KT force?

For "After Session" Shannon is going to do some investigating around the city for the special symbol mentioned in "Session 1".

This doesn't have anything to do with the actual session itself but since the prelude to this was done in " Shannon wakes to the game" I figured I'd mention it.

Dray had some threads that he mentioned would take place after the combat portion of the wargames. The Remainder, so to speak.


Instead of playing out the remaining events I am going to take control of the field and detail what occurs in the remaining portion of the wargame.

There may be a spot or two that requires some RP, which may lead an opportunity for some ICD.

There will then be HUGE opportunity to do some ICD threads for the return trip home and beyond.

First, let me see if I can get the remaining responsibilites for Nick's BD accomplished.


You mean like, sending out directions?


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