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House Assignments


A student is assigned a house at the age of nine, some are re-assigned by age ten, and very rarely do they switch houses after that. A students house dictates his/her special field of study but does not confine that student specifically to that curriculum. Students are still required to take the fundamental classes of all other houses.

Students live in dormitories assigned by House and gender.

My current understanding of players assignments are as follows:

Temmit = Scribes

Shannon = Actors

Xavier = The Protectors?

Harrison = The Clergy?

Here is the link to the thread with some House Info --->  ACADEMICS

Since I don't want to eat up the five slots on the home page by posting a new thread, I thought I would make another note here.

Three of you are posting for "The Game" at this moment. Consider yourself moving along three different timelines. As of 8:15am this Saturday morning (in real life)Temmit is 15 minutes away from Wagon roll out, Shannon is 45 minutes away, and Xavier is still almost two hours away.

You can let time go bye as quickly or as slowly as you need in your resective posts, but be aware of the timeline, should you want to bing your toon into someone else's thread.



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