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01.02.2133 - Xavier Wakes to the Game

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Xavier caught a glimpse of the rising sun. "Hmm," he thought to himself. "Still about a hand remaining before roll". These last two hours seemed like years to him. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Today he would be chosen. Today he would finally march out onto the field of battle. Today he would have a chance to beat the hell out of some people he hardly knew or cared about. Today ... would be a good day.

Outside in the cold morning air, a few soldiers were going a lengthy piece of parchment, Xavier assumed it was this season’s recruitment roster. The massive battle wagons with their huge horses stood in waiting. And apparently some younger boys from the Providers House had been awakened to sweep and shovel the snow in the area.

One of the soldiers looked up at Xavier and laughed, recognizing an eager soldier when he saw one.

Xavier stared coldly back at him, burning the soldiers face into his memory. "I hope to see you out on the field," he thought to himself. Accidents were pretty common during these war games. Xavier just might be the cause of a few before the event is over.

Eating in the common room was a blur of activity around Xavier who simply sat and chewed on something he would never remember eating. In his mind he went over all of the hand to hand combat he would violently visit upon the Outer-Rim-Defense soldiers he would fight this very day. Yes, some of them may even be recently graduated school mates, perhaps one even an old comrade. But that was just too cold damned bad. Such was the casualties of War; a war upon demons from the abyss that someday Xavier would eradicate from the face of the earth.

Xavier didn’t even blink when his name was called during roll call. He simply walked away from the door of his room and headed outdoors. The violent daydreams were still playing out in his head with a lustful vengeance when he entered the cold morning air.

Outside was a blur of activity, kids from all the houses were being shepherded into the tight quarters of the wagons. Xavier simply went to the closest Protectors wagon and waited to board. He shifted back and forth from foot to foot, now unable to contain his own energy. He so wanted to punch something.

River and Temmit walked by, both looking over the dozens and dozens of young soldiers being boarded. When they came close River offered, "try not to actually kill the KT Xavier? You might know one of them."

Xavier was about to retort when he saw the slut, Jena Mistone, walk by Temmit and come straight towards him. Temmit was looking at her as she passed but was then distracted by River pointing at something.

Jena walked straight over to him. “Hello Z,” she said in an interesting tone she had never before used with him. She cut Nykus who stood behind him line and walked into Xavier’s personal space.

“Can I come on board with you?” She asked.

(OOG: At this point you have been made aware by Temmit, lieutenant of Whisper, that Jena is a person to be on guard with. She knows about Whisper but is not a member. Also note, that Xavier and Jena simply know of each other, and do not have any type of definable relationship).

(OOG: Xavier is going to need to know what she's wearing before he can make an "appropriate" retort. Also, it's been over two years since I've been active on these boards. Can I get a quick review of who Jena is ... if I know her?)


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