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01.02.2133 - Xavier Wakes to the Game

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Like the other boys, Xavier stood and stripped his shirt off to reveal his well muscled form. Xavier looked to Jena. “Mmm, is it me or did it just get hotter in here?” He ever so subtly flexed his abs in front of Jena’s face and pat them down with his shirt. “Oh, I’m sorry. You look distracted. Are you distracted by all this heat?”

Xavier had no intention of actually seducing Jena. He knew she was trying to set him up to be arrested. However, Xavier did want to see how far she would take this. He might not be able to actually have her, but he’d like to see how far he could get her to go.

Jena had taken a look at his chest and then after meeting Xavier’s gaze, blushed (again) and looked away. A moment later her hands raised up to her neck and she quickly unbuttoned her blouse. Unceremoniously she threw it on the pile of shirts near the heating pot at the wagon center.

“Now that’s what I am talking about,” said Ronald across from them. Jena was voluptuous for her age, her school-issued bra was tight about her chest.

Jena responded to him, “Why they don’t segregate the girls from the boys on these trips is beyond me.”

The third (and only other) girl in the wagon was sitting on the top tier of the opposite front corner. She had red hair like Renee’s, but that is where any resemblance ended; for this girl had a big nose and really wide, manly shoulders. She said, “I’ve heard that it’s part of the test of the WarGames. The military wants to see if we can behave in close quarters.”

"Behave in close quarters? Well, good thing we have Jena here," remarked Xavier. "She knows how to behave in close quarters. At least that is what I hear. I have not had the pleasure." Xavier glances over at Jena, "Not yet!"

“The pleasure not with me, but with many others is what I have heard,” Jena immediately replied. Her face was still flush and her eyes hinted of challenge.

All the other students held their breath, waiting for Xavier to respond.

"Well, if we are to compare numbers then I am sure that you have me beat," replied Xavier with a smile. "But you know how these people are, Jena. A couple of unbelievably attractive people like us, we are going to attract attention no matter where we go. People are going to want to be with us. Even if we deny them, they are still going to tell everyone that we let them have their way with us." Xavier gestured to the seat above him. "Isn't that right, Amy?"


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