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01.02.2133 - Xavier Wakes to the Game

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A thin layer of sweat was all that separated Xavier's bare flesh from Renee's. He had heard rumors about her "skills" and it seems that the rumors were all true! It had started with an argument about how Xavier didn't think that she was fit to lead Whisper and it quickly progressed to a passionate embrace. Xavier never though this would happen. He hated Renee and he was pretty sure she hated him, too. That mutual hatred seemed to fuel their passion. "Take me NOW!" screamed Renee. That was the first order Renee ever gave that Xavier agreed with. He rolled on top of her and ... was awakened by the sound of the approaching battle wagons.

"Huh?" Xavier looked around his room, slowly waking from the dream.

"Hey, are you up?" asked Jared from across the room.

"Um, yeah. I guess you could say that." replied Xavier, quickly repositioning his pillow.

"That's the battle wagons!" exclaimed Jared, his excitement evident. "Do you think they'll pick us?"

"I sure hope so," replied Xavier. "Cause today I really need to break some faces."

Xavier's awakening mind jumped subjects like a squirrel in the trees as he tried to shake off the caterpillar webs of sleep. Jared grabbed his shower pack which contained all his toiletries and raced out of the room. He, like many of the boys in the Protectors House Xavier imagined, had a smile from ear to ear.

The Breech was just about the best day of the season.

The punk almost tripped over his own two feet though as he crashed through their door he hadn't opened quite far enough.

'What an idiot. Wish you were the other Jared,' Xavier thought to himself. Unfortunately, Jared Lightwell who had become one of his most trusted friends, and was far braver than anyone else Xavier knew, was in The Builders House.

The noise of the battle wagons outside was no match for the roar of cheers and hoots starting in the dormitory corridors.

Xavier sat on that bed, wiping the sweat off of his face. 'What had he dreamed about?'

(You have almost two full hands to whatever you wish prior to having to stand at attention at your dorm room door and awaiting roll call).

(OOC - Forgot that Jared lived in another building. Witness the birth of "Other Jared"!. O.J.?)

Xavier took his time getting ready. He could be battle ready in moments. There was no rush. First, a cold shower. Next, a big breakfast. With luck it would be a long day on the battlefield and he'd need the energy if he wanted to impress his superiors.

Back in his room, Xavier lay out his battle gear on the bed. Everything was perfectly clean. Everything was in its proper place. Xavier cared about few things in his life, his battle gear was one of those things. He closed his eyes and imagined the process of "gearing up". He went over it again and again in his mind. Suddenly he leapt into action. His motions were quick yet precise and in a moment he was fastening the last buckle on his weapon belt. Xavier opened his eyes and checked his work. Perfect.

He headed down to roll call, convinced that today he would be chosen.

Roll call is right outside your door. All students are expected to stand at attention at 7 dawnhand as is typical  for the standard attendance routine performed by the resident student. Only today, a sergeant from the military will come down the hall (prior to attendance) and select the victims, erm students, for the wargame.

Despite his attention to detail in equipping himself, Xavier still had a hand before roll call. 'Perhaps some breakfast in the Common Room,' his stomach said.

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