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Shannon Auvryndyr


Shannon Auvryndyr

Name: Shannon Scytherai Auvryndyr
Birthday: 29 Winterend 2122
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Class: Monk/Psion (Egoist)
House: The Actors House


Shannon tops out at just over 5 feet. She keeps her blonde hair in very good lengthy condition as it compliments her green eyes. She is often seen with dried ink or paint on her hands as she is constantly working on some piece of art. In addition to that she is physically fit beyond the requirements of the school as that is her other major activity when she isn’t crafting art.


Shannon wears her clothes as informal as she can without bring trouble to herself from her headmasters or instructors. She spends much of her time in the city parks sketching, exercising, or selling her artwork.


Shannon is nothing if not passionate. Her passion about things often brings up her acute rebellious nature born to her by the injustices she’s suffered at the hands of the establishment. Sometimes her passion outweighs her judgment and she forgets about consequences and deals with them as they hit.

As her mother was accused of “voodoo”, many of the school kids refer to her as a “witches spawn” though few dare say that to her straight. Because of this only a select few have befriended her and she is often a lone wolf beyond those borders.

The friends she does have are typically members of The Whisper Gang.


Perhaps the dearest and most valuable thing to Shannon is her family. Currently her mother is in prison for her “voodoo” and her father is in for assault. She has often considered purposely committing a crime only to get caught so that she can be reunited with her mother, Sasha, and her father, Dakin. Naturally there is no guarantee that this would, in fact, reunite her with them but again, she often forgets about consequences.

She has vowed to free her parents from their cage and in some way crush the fiends that put them there.

Shannon Auvryndyr

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To make the timeline consistent with all threads Shannon has been involved with, your birthday would not be in 2122 ESH, but 2117 ESH. Making her 10 when involved in "Girl In Hell" and 15 when involved in all current posts at the end of the year of 2132.

29.Winterend (April).2117


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