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01.02.2133 - Temmit Wakes To The Game

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Edited...thanks for the correction

Oh and it is just so much more delicious this way... don't you think?

After another hand, the time finally came to attend to his station by the door. It was a routine that had become all too familiar since the age of 5, standing and awaiting to be counted by the Resident Student of the House before being dismissed to class, but today, it was different. For the first time, the simple task contained a real element of danger.

A Sergeant in the ranks of the real military entered the hallway as Temmit stood at his door. As expected of him, Temmit stared straight forward at attention and didn't reflect any emotion in his face as a few of the kids in the hall were drafted for duty prior to him.

Finally the sergeant reached his point in the hallway.

He skipped his roommate.

As he walked past, without even pausing or even looking at him, he pointed at his chest.

"Janalinus, to the wagons Private."

Am I supposed to jump to the wagons NOW, or do I wait to be dismissed from Role Call?

jump, the resident working the roll call will already know your assignment


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