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01.02.2133 - Temmit Wakes To The Game

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The thunder of the battle wagons was an unwelcome herald for Temmit. He hoped that he would not be participating in these games. He really wasn't the sort of warrior that one would want on the front line. The battle trainers had observed countless times that he was a bit clumsy in the din of battle, and his ability with a sword was sub-par.

Also, his 16th birthday was closing in...less than a fortnight away. It'd be a shame to miss that.

"You're time is going to come sooner or later." Smokey told him. "They looked past you three times now. The law of averages isn't on your side for today."

Temmit knew that his constant companion was right...statistically he'd be called this time. If he wasn't, then someone was preventing his call. He would have to try to find that person and thank him or her.

He forced himself to get out of bed and start the day's dregery. His stomach didn't feel like it could hold much more than toast and coffee today.

He went through his typical morning routine, with one addition: Temmit steeled himself for roll call.

While he imagined that the Protectors House was full of students high-fiving, bumping chests and cheering, the actual scene at the Scribes Dormitory was altogether different. Temmit heard anxious whispers of doom and gloom everywhere he went.

In the showers, as he sponged clean at the sink, they spoke of "chem-engines". While brushing his teeth they talked about blood powder and force-injury casts. And later, as he made his way to the Common Room for that toast and coffee, he heard more than a pair speak of Carlson Peaks.

Carlson Peaks. The Scribes member who died in the wargame just this past Fall.

By all accounts, this wargame was a rigorous and hazardous game. People died, as Carlson Peaks and Jennifer Connells had. Others came back damaged as Aimily Parks had.

Temmit could see the logic in the games, from a "you will be on the actual lines soon enough" perspective, but his recent learnings suggested pretty strongly that it was all so unnecessary. And the very people who held themselves up as the protectors of the people of Safe Haven were the ones who would throw away lives in these games, which was supposed to ready the students for a Karh'Thul invasion, which was also an unnecessary discard of human lives.

The circuit of thought made him angry, and he forced his logic back into place.

One thing that this might do is to get his clanmates killed. He needed to protect that, so in a way, it might be best if he was picked to participate: if only to keep an eye upon Whisper members and keep them from getting killed.

"And maybe to see that certain other folks *did* get killed." Smokey suggested. Temmit had to agree that suck a happenstance might not be for the worst.

Smokey's comment made Temmit think that it might bear to keep an eye on the Faithborn doppleganger, should he be picked.

Danger at every turn...

Actually, I believe I revised that history and changed him to 15 years old a while back. Remember when we had that discussion? Although admittedly, I did see recently see that it said 13 on his CHARACTER page.

I will review this item when I get home from Calculus, as it bugs me. I really wanted him to be 15 prior to all this Breech craziness, and I don't anyone thinking I revised it JUST to fit into this situation.

Good post though.  =)

...and my apologies for the discrepancy.


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