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Garret's thoughts

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"Good, you are as preceptive as I had though," Laren said with a relieved look on his face. He sits back and says "I do not know what this ring means, but I knew what my father was, and if the two are related, I'd say I've got a good idea... My father's name was Alton {Laren's last name} Did you know him?

Garret leans forward and says, "if that ring you wear is any indication of what your father did for a living did then he didn't necessarily work for the city, methinks."

Garret pulls up his little right hand and shows Laren the exact same signet ring on his middle finger. The black metal ring has the outline of a hawk on it's round face. "do you know what secrets dwell behind these rings? if you don't, my guess is that you soon will, my friend. what was your father's name?"

"Well..." Laren leans forward on the counter, motioning to Garret to come closer himself. "My father was of pretty high importance in that town. He had a job with the city government... He was incharge of covert operations, so to the general public, he doesn't really exist!"

Laren pauses, takes a gulp and sits back a little when he feels he's got Garret's attention.

"He was given an assignment, to steal plans from a known mob boss, and things went sour. The mobe was on to him, and he split. He was afraid that they would know about me, so he told me to come wait here for him."

Laren looks into his beer, glancing quickly back up at Garret to see of the bar keep was buying the half-baked story. Laren sort of hoped that he didn't believe it wholly. He liked Garret, and hoped he was as preceptive as Laren thought he was.

"nay, no one asking for you. Kurr is a goodly distance away...what lead you and hopefully your father here?"

"Well, originally I'm from the city of Kurr. Speaking of which, I've been waiting here for my father... there hasn't been another Harlfling around looking for me that you've heard of... I know patrons talk alot when their lips are filled with alcohol."


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