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Y'know, that one of my favorite dishes!"

Garret gives Laren a pint of dark frothy stout. then goes into the kitchen. Eldan comes out "Laren! great to see you in one piece! we heard about what happened with the kids...strange thing it is...them changing into rats. were there only three?" Garret sniifs, "are you burning the food?" "oh, my Sardior let me get back to the kitchen!" Garret continues on his pipe and says, "so Garret, where are you from originally?"

"Well, that sounds delightfull! The smell is so intoxicating it could wake the de.. Oof!... Something in my eye..." Laren begins to rub his eye a little trying to pick the errant partical out. He is using his ring finger, subtilly making sure that Garret sees the ring.

"Ah, there... got it." Laren blinks and smiles "Eyelash... little bugger. They say that it's good luck you know, an eyelash falling into your eye. Tis a sign of good fortune!" Laren cracks the knucles on his right hand, again flashing the ring inconspicously.

"As I was saying good sir, I'll have some whatever's on the grill. And a Beer-Omlet! ... Hold the eggs!"

As Laren calls out to Garret he can smell some meat and onions being cooked in the back. Garret, smoking his longpipe, looks up from his book and says, "Ah, Master Laren! how was your night's rest? After what you guys did i think a good rest was much deserved...much deserved it was. So, what would you like for morning feast? Eldan is in the back cooking up some morsels right now and it would be not a smidge of bother to put some on for you. What say you?"


Interesting - Seems on some of these older posts, the ICD reads latest thread first, though when I post it puts the post at the end where it belongs...

I think this was likely like this on e107 and was created when we upgraded from PHPNuke, and maybe we just didn't notice?


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