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The day is quite young as Garret begins to prepare for the morning rush, which he doesn't expect to be too busy. Laren strolls up to the counter, climbing (literally) into a bar stool. "Good morning Mr. Garret!

Garret goes into the back and returns quickly with a plate of meat, eggs, and dried fruit "well, if he did get killed he didn't go down without a fight, i can tell you that. Listen, i'll reach out and see what people know. the Hawks are widespread...little happens without us knowing something. Take heart Laren...we'll find out what happened."

Laren sits and hopes some words of encouragement come from Garret, who seems to be a bit busy...

Laren draws a deep breath and answers "He was only to be a day behind me. I believe that Crimson got the best of him. I'm afraid that he may be dead."

Garret looks at Laren, "yes, i do know him. the three of us joined the 'Order of the Hawk' about your age...Eldan, your father, and me. it was our adopted family...he was like my brother. i remember seeing you when you were born. i would give my life for your father. we went through much together. you have much of his look." with concerned eyes Garret continues, "is your father in trouble? when was he to arrive?"


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