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Belwar plans an ant farm

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"Well, ah, that's more or less the business that I'm in: knowing things." Targyle answered, putting on his own feeble air of inexperienced importance. "Trillomore should be here in just a moment." He said. As the young elf spoke the scent of sausage and hamsteak assailed Belwar's nostrils. Targyle seemed to take no note of it.

Belwar smirked slightly at the obvious attempt to evade the question.

"That's a handy talent then. Must save a lot of time," he said, looking at his now filled plate, wondering where to start. Belwar found it difficult to resist the urge to eat with his fingers.

"Do you also know my reasons for coming?" Belwar asked.

Looking up, Belwar noted that Targyle was not using any utensil for his own breakfast of dried apples and a warm muffin.

"No." Targyle answered Belwar's question. "We do hope to find out soon, though." He smiled familiarly then perked up a bit. "That will be Trillomore now." He said, though Belwar didn't hear anything to alert him.

From where Belwar sat, he could see the head of Trillomore appear from under the floor at the back right corner of the apartment, where Belwar had noted Targyle ascend and descend previously. Trillomore gradually rose out of the floor as he glided from the back right corner to the back left corner of hte room.

A whisp of smoke or steam rose from just ahead of Trillomore, and when the elf was clear of the floor to half his height, Belwar could see that Trillomore was carrying a plate that bore some thick sausages and the hamsteak that he had smelled only a moment before.

"Forgive my tardiness." Trillomore said as he entered the room. "And good morning to you both." When he finally made it to the left corner, he was fully inside the apartment, and approached the table, extending the plate to Belwar. "I've brought some meats for you, Belwar." He explained unnecessarily. "I assume that you're a bit of a meat-eater?"

"Oh uh," Belwar said clumsily. "As a matter of fact, I am. I'll eat just about anythin, truth be told, but given me druthers, I'd eat somethin tha used to graze..."

Belwar had spent most of his life knowing with certainty, that stone was solid. To move it, took a great degree of effort and in some cases great skill. These two seemed to walk right through it! It went against everything he'd learned through out his life... and it had him babbling.

Belwar drew a deep breath to help him recompose. "Thanks," he said at length.

Not really interested in small talk, Belwar said in Trillomore's direction "So, I was hopin ta prevail upon yeh for an answer to a problem I've got. The ant folk are piled upon one another in me Temple,"

Belwar stopped. "THE temple, that is... the temple I'd like ta restore. I mean, obviously it's no mine. Well, anyway, they're packed in there like weed in a pipe and they be looking fer a new home. Tha's what the elf told us after he'd read that scroll you'd given him."

"Anyway, we thought tha perhaps with the rabble no longer in the chasm, what better a place fer us to herd the mants to? Maybe there be an alliance in there somewhere."

Belwar took a bite of meat, and spoke around a half full mouth. "Trouble is, I'd like ta get ta talk ta these things, but I'm certainly no gunna read a scroll."

Belwar stopped talking for a moment. He held the meat up in front of him. "Quite good, by the way."

He hoped that Trillomore would jump in at this point with an answer or some guidance, so he could stop talking. Attention had been on Belwar far too long for his liking.

As Trillomore and Targyle listened to Belwar describe his issue, Trillomore sat down and poured himself a goblet of what looked like a deep red wine. He helped himself to a muffin as well. The two elves ate in relative silence that made the air seem a bit stuffy. How unlike the keep's tavern, where people ate with at least a conversational air, and often a down right rowdy one.

A small smile graced Trillomore's thin lips as Belwar spoke on his purose for this visit. "So," he said in summary. "What you'd like is a way to enable you to speak with the Garachi, but not a spell?" He looked at Belwar, seeking his affirmation.

"It could come to pass that Hemo would be able to cast taht spell upon you, at the appropriate time." He offered. "Of course, you would have to get Hemo to agree to that."

He sipped a bit at his cup, and nibbled at his muffin. Belwar noted that Targyle was intent upon Trillomore's words, although the younger elf made quite a show of being interested in his own plate and cup.

"The only other option that I can think of quickly would be for us to place a dweomer upon you, or upon one of you items, that would enable you to...trigger that tounges spell upon yourself at your will. That would be a one-time triggering, but I think that the doing of that is beyond your sphere of comfort...you'd have to participate in the preparation of the effect." He looked at Belwar, an unasked question upon his fine elven brow: would Belwar like to take part in such an affair?


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