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Belwar plans an ant farm

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Trillomore noded in understanding. The elf had seen Belwar's reservations written on other's faces before. "Then we shall perhaps get started." He rose from his chair and moved towards the back left corner of the room. He turned towads the right, and from this angle, as Trillomore decended into the floor, Belwar could suddenly see the ramp that Trillomore had spoken of earlier.

There was indeed a ramp at the back of the appartment, and it led right down through the floor of the appartment, and into the mesa below the keep.

The stonework was remarkable. Far beyond the ability of human, elf, gnome, or even dwarf. The working of the appartment's floor, and that of the wall, were such that the ramp was completely invisible up to the point that you were actually ON the ramp.

They descended into the earth, rotating about the interior of the keep's mesa, and as they decended the light got gradually brighter and a breeze presented itself to Belwar's nose. At length, the corridor's wall on the left opened up to the outside and Belwar was presented with a magnificent view that skimmed along the tops of the forest trees to the north.

Trillomore and Targyle led Belwar further along, until they came to a door in the passage, which Trillomore opened and entered.

Belwar followed the two elves into what appeared to be functioning library and laboratory.

You want to pick up where Belwar emerges later in the day from the appartment? Or is this at it's end?


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