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Belwar plans an ant farm

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Trillomore laughed at Belwar's allusion. "No," he said. "You don't really have to hold the object aloft or anything, you just need to be in contact with it. Skin contact would make the triggering easiest, but if there's a layer of cloth between you and the object, that won't be an issue. A layer of mail, however, would prevent your being able to trigger the effect, so you wouldn't be able to hold it in a gauntleted hand, for instance. And a nice, high quality mithril axe would work just fine."

He looked at Belwar for a moment then, and then asked, “What do you think? I note that you’re not very comfortable with the casting of spells; are you up to helping cast one yourself?”


"Wull," Belwar said with a shrug. "If tha's what we gotta do, then, I guess I need ta be ok with it. But let's say this all goes as planned, an they move inta the chasm. Wha do we do aboot communicatin with em then? Do we hex everyone's axes or somethin? Mebby have an ambassador from the keep actually learn their languange?"

Trillomore affected a rather non-committal shrug and said, "I'm not really sure, but I think this is a one-step-at-a-time affair. And naturally, there are limitations to the dweomer that we are contemplating”

“You no doubt grasp that this slight enchantment is one that can only be used a single time, and moreover is time-terminated.” He looked at Belwar meaningfully. “That of course speaks to your overall concern, but you’ll be able to communicate with the Garachi for a few hands only, then the magic will be spent. This casting takes time though…it will likely take the three of us the rest of the morning and the better part of the afternoon to complete the casting, and we’ll need you fully vested in it.”

“You can appreciate then, that this is not the sort of thing that we take upon us lightly. We can’t simply provide everyone with a similar ability. We’ll have to discuss with Coris how that relationship might be solidified.”

“Do you have any questions before we commence? Do we have your full commitment to the ritual? Be warned that without your full commitment, not only will we fail, but we run grave risk to ourselves and to this Keep.” He straightened up as he spoke, and his pleasant facial features became hard and somber, and finally he stared calmly into Belwar’s eyes.

Belwar's resolve was hard as an anvil. He returned Trillomore's stare for a moment. "Aye, u'm ready."


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