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Belwar plans an ant farm

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This ICD would happen after session 27.

Flower / Opal 6

Belwar had trouble sleeping that night. Of course, he had been having trouble sleeping these last weeks anyway, and the unusual heat of the late spring night made him kick off his few covers and he was sweating profusely. Still, tonight's restlessness was different: he was more mentally restless than usuall. He was eager to set back out to the temple again.

Eventually the sun poured it's light over the keep, and Belwar rose. He groaned as he stretched and his stomach protested it's own neglect.

It was still a bit early for visiting anyone, so he spent time oiling his armor and sharpening his axes while he mulled over what to do next.

Communication, he decided would be the most difficult obstacle to get by. Perhaps Trillomore could help. However it worked out, this time Belwar wanted to do the talking, but he certainly wasn't going to be reading off of any scroll. The simple thought of casting magic sent a shiver down Belwar's spine.

Perhaps an enchanted item though... For some reason, magic that made inanimate items more useful was much more acceptable to him.

Belwar grabbed a piece of dried meat from his travel pack. No sense letting it go bad, he though. He chewed on it while he went to see of Trillomore was awake.

Griz, I took a liberty with your post. Make sure that I haven't stepped on any of your oversized toes, please.

Belwar made his way out into the courtyard; the day promised to be overly hot and his night sweats continued unabated. An engramic memory of his cool subterranian home presented itself to him.

Belwar approached the door to the spartan appartment that Trillomore...didn't seem to live in, but it was where Belwar had met with the elf more than once.

Belwar raised his fist to hammer at the door, but it opened before he could strike it. Targyle smiled from the now opened door.

"Good morning, Belwar." He greeted. "I've been expecting you. Trillomore will be here shortly, would you care for a breakfast?"

He stood aside, affording Belwar entry to the appartment and the lonely table. There was a light breakfast there: breads and muffins, fruit and two pitchers.

No problem at all. Those are things I probably would have included if I could remember them. :)

Belwar's scowl hardened a bit. If someone knew he was coming and had enough time to prepare a breakfast, why not prepare the answer to his questions and have those laid out ont he table as well?

Still though, he was hungry. Since his exposure to the humans Belwar had discovered that he was very fond of banana bread and coffee. They didn't have these things at Eastwold.

"Thank you Targyle, an impressive spread indeed." Belwar stepped into the all but empty room. He looked about expecting to find a table where he could sit and talk with Trillomore.

I know that it seems petty, but there would be no banana bread at the keep. They didn't have the commerce that we have today, nor the ability to keep things fresh for as long as we do. This being mid-spring, the keep would have no bananas available. Their breads at this time of the year would be limited to simple grains, which they would have taken with them from Gorna. Later in the year, they will have native fruits available (apples, blue berries, black berries...).

That said...

Trillomore's appartment was the same as usual. Empty except for the lone table and it's compliment of four chairs.

"It's not much of a meal for a dwarf." Targyle conceded, indicating the faire on the table. "Trillomore and I were going to sit and eat, so he should be here momentarily." The young elf sat down in one of the chairs and poured a cup of what looked like water into a stout goblet for himself. "Please sit and join us." He looked up at Belwar expectantly as he helped himself to a muffin and some of the fruit, which upon closer inpsection Belwar discovered was dried apples and pears. Of the two pitchers, one was water, the other appeared to be a dark wine.

"Well, don't mind if I do," Belwar said as he slid a chair back for himself. Ever the one to make himself at home, Belwar plopped down into the chair and began to fill his plate.

He opted for water.

"Exactly how is it yer always expectin me?" he asked matter of factly.


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