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N'arth Session 2 - "Ancients Ruins, Fresh hope"
« on: April 27, 2005, 01:25:49 PM »
Session 2 ? Saturday April 9th 2005

Characters involved in this session:

?   Quinton Silverthorn
?   Lor'hion Redleaf
?   Flea ? Trusted sidekick, 12 years old. Skinny. Street rat footpad.
?   Larkin Wyvernstar ? heir to Wyvernstar throne
?   Alleryan Moonbeam ? Elvin cleric from the island of Myritar
?   Elizabeth Blackwood ? ranger serving army of N?arth

 ?When the pickle meets the mayonnaise?Game time: February 28

Our heros were still on the ship, ?The Lyzalea Arkhen? floating past the town of Caldwell. They ate mostly stale biscuits and gruel. They drank water that was less than fresh, even to the point that it had a greenish tint. This was especially difficult on Lor'hion and Larkin, who were already ill due to the movement of the ship.

The air was springy, which felt strange given that winter was still upon them. The air was coming up from the south and was very welcomed after such a harsh winter. The trip was about halfway to its end.

Game time: March 4th

Quinton asked Garret if it would be possible to train with the crew, as his muscles ached to be exercised. Garret exchanged words with the weaponmaster who said it was fine. Quinton trained with the crew and when he finished he went down below deck looking for flea, to talk about giving the book of Delthara to the wizards in the Zyrethian tower.

Flea was just finishing up a game of stones when Quinton came downstairs. He offers a game to Quinton who takes the boy up on the offer. They talk over the game about using the legendary Spellbook of Myritar as leverage to help win the war against the Deltharites by giving it to the Shadan Wizards. Flea believing this is his ticket to fortune was reluctant and said that he?d think about it. Lor'hion was sitting by himself on an upturned barrel, turning a coin over in his hand. He appeared to be studying the thing. Quinton loses the game as Flea made his point. Flea then offers Lor'hion a game. Lor'hion says ok, but Flea had to roll up his sleeves. Lor'hion had seen Flea take stones from his sleeves during the game. Flea grinned wickedly, and packed up the board.

Quinton left for a scheduled meeting with Captain O?Malley about Quinton?s mention of the pirates becoming the army of N?arth. The Captain argues that it?s not likely going to happen. He said that the pirates would fight along side N?arth against the Deltharites, but after the Deltharites were gone, there would be no reason for the pirates to not go back to piracy. He says unless Quinton can offer them something greater than what they can get stealing from merchants, than there would be no reason for the pirates to go legit.

Quinton is angry about the decision, but there was nothing much he could do. He left the meeting unhappy.

The man in the crow?s nest sounds an alarm, and points out a Deltharites ship. The crew begins to run here and there, all with special tasks. This was obviously something they were used to. From down below came a man with a Deltharite flag, which the pirates hoisted up the mast. Maybe if the other ship thought they were both on the same side, they wouldn?t both the pirates. The ruse worked, and the pirates made it to their destination in once piece.

Quinton and Garret exchanged formalities and the group departed the ship. Once on the land, Lor'hion is much happier, though he found it difficult to keep his pace. His legs still seemed think he was on the ship. He was very happy to be amongst the trees again. His owl friend whom he named Hootie, even though he knew it was not his place to name a free creature of Flaern, but the companions seemed to think it should have a name. Lor'hion climbed the closest tree to sleep for the night. The hushed murmurs of the group saying he was ?weird? were amusing to him. There were far fewer enemies in the trees than there were on the ground.

As the group got ready for bed, Flametongue flopped his bedroll down next to Quinton?s. Flametongue began to talk about how to get into the tower. He said that the best way to go would be through the ruins of Zyrthia. However, the going would not be easy, for the ruins were full of undead. This sat unwell with Quinton. As a paladin, he very much wanted to rid the world of undead.

Lor'hion realized that night that he could have purified the food and drink on the ship for everyone. He chalks his oversight up to the fact that he was feeling ill from the endless swaying of the ship. Perhaps Flaern was testing him, or perhaps he had gone too long without paying respects to Flaern. She had funny ways of reminding him sometimes. Tonight he would pray.

As Quinton?s night watch came to an end he needed to wake Lor'hion. Rocks seemed to be the best idea that he could come up with. He managed to wake Lor'hion with a boulder to the head. Lor'hion?s descent was quick, and his stop abrupt. However much he loved the earth, it tasted badly.

As he realized what had just occurred, Quinton said ?Lor'hion??

?WHAT?? Lor'hion replied loudly with little regard for his sleeping companions as he picked moss from his teeth. At least they hadn?t chipped.

?It?s your watch? replied Quinton. Lor'hion amused himself with ideas of slipping herbs that made one gassy into Quinton?s water skin. As his watch wore on he cooled off a bit. After all, he couldn?t imagine someone with that much armor climbing a tree. The thought was chucklesome.

Close to the end of his watch, Lor'hion slipped away for a quick hunt. Within minutes he returned with four fat rabbits. He started a fire and began to prepare the rabbits. He skinned them and tore their meat off of the bones, making kabobs. The skin and bones he buried along with a gold piece to say thanks to Flaern. He silently mused that she probably got a giggle at his expense falling from the tree. A druid, falling out of a tree. The thought actually began to strike him as slightly humorous. The visual must have been priceless. Quite a strange fruit.

He cooked with a smile for the rest of his watch, which didn?t seem to last the whole allotted time, as his companions began to wake. Flea was the first up, staring at the food in the flame. The others woke as the food was ready. Lor'hion did not eat with the group, though he did set aside a modest portion for himself. The food would do his companions more good, as they were not as accustomed as he to hunting and eating what was available in the woods, at least to his knowledge. He also indulged in a tune on his flute. For a short time, the group could forget that they would be trudging through a ruined city filled with undead.

The day gets going and so does the group. Elizabeth and Lor'hion scouted around as the group marched. As Lor'hion stepped off of the road he seems to disappear. Elizabeth would go much further ahead to blaze a trail. Lor'hion stayed fairly close as a silent unseen guard.

The group began to talk about how long it would take to get to the ruins. At this point it was about mid day. Flametongue announced that the ruins were perhaps a day and a half away. Lor'hion suggested that perhaps night was not the best time to arrive at a haunted ruin, and perhaps they should travel the rest of this day, and stop halfway through the next, so on the third day, they could get to the ruin at mid-day.

Flametongue is anxious to get to the tower with the antidote to the poison. Quinton explains that the best way to help the tower would be to make it there in one piece, and that means being as safe as possible.

This night Lor'hion would sleep a little closer to the ground, but still in a tree. Quinton poked Lor'hion with a stick to wake him this time, and he noticed that there seemed to be a rope around Lor'hion?s waste, to make sure he didn?t fall from the bough. Before Quinton went back to sleep, Lor'hion asked him about the sword that he carried. Lor'hion had heard a bit, and guessed a great deal based on how Quinton treated the sword. Lor'hion noticed that Quinton took great care of the weapon.

Quinton goes on to explain all about the sword and it?s legacy. Lor'hion finds that a lot about what he had guessed was true. Not only true, but very similar to his own situation.

Again at the end of his watch, he hunted. He saw a fox who was also hunting. The fox caught a rabbit, and Lor'hion caught the fox. Again Lor'hion cooked, and again flea was the first one awake. Flea asked what a fox was. Lor'hion was very surprised that flea had never seen a fox.

Again the group began to move, and about mid day, Quinton asked Lor'hion how old the forest was. Lor'hion explained that the trees sang an ancient song of many winters. Quinton then asked if he thought that the white trillium plant would grow in this climate, and would it harm the ecosystem of the forest. Lor'hion knows of this flower, and says that in this climate this flower would do well, and he could help the process along a bit as well.

The group spreads seeds around in a large area, and Lor'hion begins his spell. Before long, the white trillium had sewn, sprouted and grew to almost full height. The flowers had white petals, a yellow center with a red ring. This whole process took about an hour.

As they had discussed the day before, this would be where the group would stop for the day anyway. Once again they tried to forget about the task at hand. It seemed more difficult this time of course knowing just how close they really were to the feared ruins. There would be no fire that night.

The morning came and the group got moving after a swift breakfast of stale bread. They go to the edge of a cliff, which they would have to descend. Elizabeth demonstrated traversing.

Flametongue said that the best way to get in would be the south gate. The group entered the ruined town, and almost immediately they saw a pile of bloodied human remains. Larkin, and Elizabeth ready their bows.

As the group went on when all of a sudden came this wild eyed dead lady, screaming and running straight at Lor'hion. Lor'hion is more than a little curious as to whether or not this woman was alive. He studied her for a moment. She seemed to be about to swing her iron gate bar at Lor'hion, so he stepped slightly to the side. He put his hand on his sword hilt, and prepared for a battle. Before he knew it, the thing was falling over dead, filled with arrows and daggers. Lor'hion seemed unbothered by it, and turned to keep going.

Continuing along, the ruins didn?t change too much. Before long, an arrow flew just over Lor'hion?s shoulder. The group spun around to see four soldiers all firing bows. They also seemed less than alive.

Larkin, Flea and Quinton rush the things while Lor'hion and Elizabeth fired arrows. After a couple swings, one of the soldiers let out an awful shriek, causing Larkin to turn and run screaming. He ran in the direction of Lor'hion. Lor'hion, being only about half the size of the frightened man steps well out of his way. They would have to find him later.

As the battle goes on, things began to look badly for Quinton. Lor'hion rushed in to cure moderate wounds on Quinton. Quinton called upon the divine power of Shada to guide his magnificent sword, and the remaining two were finished.

Quinton laid hands on himself, and healed. The group turned back and began the search for Larkin. Lor'hion silently wished he had prepared a Speak with Animals spell so that he could have Hootie help in the search. Fortunately they didn?t take too long to find Larkin. He was on his way back to the group, and quite relieved to see them. He tried to apologize, but Quinton told him to forget it.

They turned back around and headed in the direction of the Temple. With the aid of Flametongues guidance, the group entered the underground entrance to the temple. Following Flametongue through the dark halls the troupe came upon a hatch marked with the symbol of the Zyrethian wizards.

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