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Jarmok's Manner
« on: April 25, 2005, 10:26:06 PM »
You've now seen that Jarmok is clearly not from the Threshold area. He speaks in poor, broken common and has only a tenuous mastry of the language.

This is perhaps the result of his apparent seldom use of the tongue. He seems to preferr to communicate in gestures, grunts, and as few words as possible (although what's the tail and what's the dog may be open for debate).

When tracking Jarmok keeps close to the ground, sometimes moving about with his hands as much as his feet, looking as much animal as man. When he pauses he tends to a crouching stance instead of standing tall.

Jarmok is intensely private, not joining the group in the tavern / inn during "quiet time". He heads off in one direction or the other and melts into the foliage at the edge of Threshold (any edge that they are near at the time when they part company). It may often be that you don't notice that he's gone until he's gone; he neither parts nor greets in other than minor gestures (a nod of the head most usually) and rarely makes eye contact. He most often walks looking at the ground and occasionally glancing skyward.

It is difficult to tell if Jarmok is freightened, nervous, or simply wound over-tight.

It would be easy to equate his apparent desire to remain apart as aloofness, but his anxious, overly-shy nature might lead the careful observer to conclude that there are other motivators that drive this enigmatic citezen of Threshold.

Although he carries a magnificent battle axe, his long bow and arrows are crude, his two hand axes are dissimilar, his studded leather armor is worn and mis-matched. His body, while very clean, is not very sheveled (I just made this word up as the antinym to "dissheveled"). His thick black hair is invariably pulled behind his head through a nondescript leather collet and falls in a barely tamed tail down beyond his shoulders.
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