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Title: GENERAL: Geography
Post by: Dray on January 04, 2008, 12:50:16 PM

Safe-Haven is the name of the kingdom. It is 100 miles in diameter with the capital of Our-Commons at its center.

* The kingdom is centered within a valley 200 miles in diameter, a half mile above sea-level, nestled within a jagged and almost impassable mountain range called Dragon-Scale.

* The area between the edge of Safe-Haven and the feet of the Dragon-Scale Mountains is called the Outer-Rim. More on that below.

* The Dragon-Scale Mountain peaks are 1 to 5 miles above sea level, are snow capped, and the tops are completely bare of any vegetation. Peaks, chasms, forests of boulders and dangerous outcroppings with tall cliffs are the norm. At the Safe-Haven edge of the Outer-Rim, on a really clear, dry day, one can see the tips of the mountain range in the distance.

* The Valley has a lake that is located about a 4 miles northwest of Our-Commons. Its name is Clearwater, and it is 5 miles in diameter, and although the name reflects how clear and clean the water is, it is very deep. So much so that the people of SafeHaven have never been to its bottom. Many night-time stories and legends have been birthed from its depths.

* Clearwater is fed by two rivers. One is the large, slow-moving Apple-Seed, named such as that it travels through the apple orchid at Pratts farm from the south. This river is almost 200 feet across at some points, but is only 8 to 12 feet deep. Many villages developed in the south due to the convenience of trade using the river. As it passes through Our Commons before turning northwest to the lake of Clearwater.

* Another inlet is the smaller and faster,  named Harvest-Rush. Unlike Apple-Seed, it has waterfalls, about 6 of them in various areas. The river is only about 10 to 20 feet wide in most places, but is slightly shallower (5 to 8 feet). Many mills use this river from the Northwest from Spring to Fall, when the river is at its fastest.

* As mentioned above, although the valley is 200 miles in diameter, the Outer-Rim is the surrounding border to the 100-mile in diameter, Safe-Haven. This border is central theme of all stories of Legend and mythology amongst all those in Safe-Haven. As one approaches the Outer Rim from anywhere within Safe-Haven he walks over at least a mile of open meadow. For nowhere in the land is a tree or structure allowed near the edge. Which makes that edge, the border between good and evil, all that more powerful and encounter. For the Outer Rim is the beginning of an Ancient Pine Forest. Pine trees of more than a 100 feet tall, and uncountable miles deep, stand guard to the outer world. The canopy is so thick that a constant ominous shadow obscures view within for more than 20 feet. And no man in Safe-Haven would enter, for this border is also “guarded” by Holy Flame. A perimeter of torches that are constantly lit. Spaced every 20 feet, these torches are held aloft by an 8’ tall pole that has a shaft driven 5 feet into the ground. It is this Holy Flame that stands as a no trespass sign to all evil within the forest and the world beyond. And every 100 feet, a covered 20’ tall watchtower stands in place of one of these torches. A lone soldier at duty, to vigilantly watch the The Outlands for invaders, and to keep all the Holy Flame torches lit.

* East-Haven is a village at the edge of the eastern border. Directly to the north of the village is a small group of hills that contain the EastHaven prison mines. Any and all  long-term prisoners are sent to do hard labor there, digging up marble and ore for the kingdom.

* Safe-Haven residents, and more specifically the Council of 5, have named the space between the Outer Rim and the edge of the valley. It is called, The Outlands. It is considered to be the beginning of out of bounds by most inhabitants. All people of Safe-Haven know that evil trespasses this land between there homes, and the outside world that is claimed by the most darkest of fiends. No one dares go beyond the Holy Flame, to do so is suicide.

* LowTown is the underground city beneath Our-Commons. It is a necessary evil for it is both a transportation system during the difficult winters, but also a home to all that is the black market. Every District of O.C. has a tunnel connected to the overall transit system, with all major buildings having some form of connection to it. It is as much a maze vertically as it is horizontally. For it is a catacomb formed over twenty centuries of mankind seeking safety in the depths of the earth.

*Cordello District is a section of LowTown that is owned and operated by Sephlin Cordello, a powerful black market boss who is rumored to be a sorcerer. [/list]
Title: GENERAL: Geography
Post by: Dray on March 29, 2008, 05:32:34 PM
Removed the Washaway River, a canal system fed from Appleseed is now used for teh Our-Commons sewer system.

Title: GENERAL: Geography
Post by: Dray on October 07, 2011, 06:55:47 AM
Added the village of EastHaven and its prison mines to the record.

Title: GENERAL: Geography
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Added LowTown and the Cordello District to the record above.