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Title: Session 4 - Late Winter Storm
Post by: Johan on February 23, 2005, 03:31:15 PM
Fourth Session: May 30, 2003
Travel through the forest (no track, with wagons) is painfully slow. By the end of the first day, the company finds itself still well within the forest, not yet back at the road that leads to the Keep. That night, a cold rain sets in.

Sap / Delver’s Moon +2
Rain continues, making travel even slower than the previous day. They again set camp in the forest.

Sap / Delver’s Moon +3
Wake up to find that the wagons are mired in the mud created by the rain. There is no progress today. The company talks and decides that Ensign Smith should return to the Keep and bring back aid to assist in moving all the stuff back to the Keep. ES leaves.

That night, the horses get nervous; rain is still coming down and there is the occasional lighting and thunder strike. One of the horses screams and our heroes find that an Owlbear has come to feed. It is eating one of the horses near the front of the train. After a brief but fierce fight, the Owlbear is defeated. Given the conditions, many (something like 15) of the horses have fled.
Belwar makes 2nd level.
Rain continues to fall.