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Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on November 25, 2008, 08:10:08 PM
Harrison sat in his favorite spot amongst the trees of the park district and watched as Clive teased the "normal" squirrels.

It had been two months since the Ascension Day Grande Ball and he had much on his mind.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on November 25, 2008, 10:13:56 PM
Harrison climbed slowly down from his perch and strolled out to greet his older friend.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on November 25, 2008, 10:35:31 PM
Right on time, Montey appeared a few hundred feet on the sidewalk from around a bend and was making his way towards him while whistling a ditty.

He saw Harrison waiting for him, and waved with a smile. Even the day's overcast sky which threatened rain didn't downplay Montey's mood. Never did.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on November 25, 2008, 10:46:10 PM
Harrison's mind, on the other hand, was quite dark this day. Since the ballroom, he'd realized that there was quite a bit that he didn't know about Our Commons, and his ignorance was getting him in trouble.

Any trouble he got into, had potential to get others in trouble as well, specifically Emma. Harrison knew that anything either one of them did from now on could in some way be construed as a negative influence from the other. After their intial meeting, and his discussion in the ballroom with the judge, they would forever be thought of in unison.

The only logical answer to his problems was to learn. He would never learn anything about the social mechanics in the Harvester's house.

There were many questions that Harrison had asked no one in particular since he'd been made to choose a house, and they were all about things that were taught in a house he'd not chosen.

Harrison had decided that he wanted to be a member of the Clergy house. As sour as it sounded to Harrison, he knew in his heart that it was the only way to find the answers he sought. Perhaps it would help to bring him closer to Emma as well.

He made himself discard the thought. He'd caused her enough grief already. The best thing he could do for either of them was stay clear of her.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on November 25, 2008, 10:57:19 PM
"Hello Harrison, bring the nutcase for a refill? How are you today my friend?" asked Montey as he put the front legs down of his cart.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on November 25, 2008, 11:07:18 PM
"Heh," Harrison said pulling the nutcase from his pocket.  "I certainly did!"

Harrison insisted on paying for every refil of the nut case.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on November 25, 2008, 11:15:33 PM
The smell of cinnamin-coated chestnuts wafter up and out of the opened lid in the cart and into Harrison's nose. Paying for chestnuts wasn't hard once that lid was open.

"So how is life treating you young Master?"
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on November 25, 2008, 11:20:03 PM
Harrison wondered if he should answer truthfully.

"Sometimes you're the plow, other times you're the soil," he said simply.

"Montey, I think I made a mistake in choosing the Harvesters. I think I would benefit much more by being in the Clergy house."
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on November 25, 2008, 11:23:42 PM
Montey paused a moment as if considering something, he then asked as gently as he could.

"Like Jonah?"
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on November 25, 2008, 11:32:11 PM
Harrison smiled, fully understanding Montey's point. "Yes and no. And, I wonder if it's possible to be IN that house and NEVER run into him." Harrison hadn't even considered that he'd see his father again.

"Anyway, my father saw holes in it all, he just chose to ignore them. Maybe he was forced to, who knows."

"But I'll never know how much is wrong, until I know how much there is. Right now, I don't even know the fundamentals of etiqutte in a church, and it's causing me problems," he explained, rubbing the rib he'd mended upon returning to his room after the Ball.

Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on November 25, 2008, 11:33:54 PM
"Not to be condescending lad, but that is some really heavy thought for such a young Master. Dare I say that I am proud of you boy," he said with a smile.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on November 25, 2008, 11:36:45 PM
Harrison beamed. This was the first time that anyone besides his mother said they were proud of him.

"Thanks!" he said. "I gotta do something to stop getting my backside handed to me! Do you have any idea how to go about this? I'm sure it's no surprise, I'm in uncharted lands here!"
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on November 25, 2008, 11:40:47 PM
"Well, as near as far as I can tell young Master. One in your position has to petition the school board for a transfer to a House, which isn't totally unheard of by a ten year old," Montey stated, giving Harrison hope.

"But you have to present a strong reason for the switch and almost show that you are overqualified for the job. Plus you need a sponsor for the switch within the House being transferred too."
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on November 25, 2008, 11:54:14 PM
The words hung in Harrison's mind all afternoon. A sponsor. Someone who will stake their reputation on his success... He couldn't ask Emma to do that, it would only further complicate everything and he'd likely be declined.

Harrison lay on his bed staring at the ceiling, and throwing a chestnut up in the air, and catching it, just to throw it up again. He didn't even know anyone else in that house though.

"Oh wait." he said outloud, not bothering to catch the chestnut. "Like Jonah," he echoed Montey's words.

He closed his eyes and sighed a resigned sigh.

With a short letter to Emma, Clive was off to find out where Jonah had been stationed.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on November 26, 2008, 12:27:37 PM
It was four hands before Clive came back with a return message. Harrison was just dozing off when Clive leapt on him from the nearby open window of the orphanage bedroom.

He took the note from his satchell.

'Sorry for the wait, it took awhile to get the information. He was reassigned to the Southaven shrine a little over two weeks ago. Is Jonah Arbuckle your father?!'

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Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on November 26, 2008, 01:50:31 PM
Harrison realized he'd never mentioned his father to Emma, who probably thought he had no parents at all.

No worries.

Yes, that sorry scumbag is indeed my father, and unfortunately it would appear he's my only possible sponsor to get into the Clergy house. If he helps, it will be the first thing he's ever done for anyone but himself. That might be the only thing I feel guilt about when I make him eat his own heart.

Thanks for the information. I'll keep in touch.

... assuming Clive deems me worthy enough to return to.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on November 26, 2008, 06:35:15 PM
Clive didn't return til morning, and not until Harrison was about to leave the room in disgust. He had maybe 15 more turns before breakfast would be all but wiped out in the cafeteria of the orphanage.

The white rascal walked slowly over to Harrison like a child just getting caught being naughty. A fresh message in his satchel.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on November 26, 2008, 07:29:11 PM
Harrison right clicked the satchel and recieved [A Fresh Message]. He dug through his back and right clicked [A Fresh Message] to read it.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on December 02, 2008, 09:46:54 PM
Spots on the ink were blotted with dried tears...she had cried for him.

I am so sorry Harrison, I had no idea. It is quite unusual for a man to be even allowed to give up the rights to his child, he must have pulled some serious strings in the Church. To think, we both must live with men such as these. If there is anything else I can do, all you need do is but to ask.

...and don't be mad at Clive, he just really likes to take naps in my bed. I love his snore.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on December 06, 2008, 05:57:05 PM
Harrison really couldn't blame the rodent.

As for Emma, why was she sorry? It wasn't her fault. Why were girls always apologizing for things they didn't do? That was very interesting though, that it was uncommon for someone to be allowed to give up one's child. That only bolstered his resolve. If his father really wanted nothing to do with him, he'd have to pull some more strings and get Harrison into the clergy house.

Well, I would be interested to know his motives. Why would he discard his wife and only son. Surely there have to be records of some kind or another, right? Records of the circumstances surrounding his reassignment? I need something I can use to make him pull some strings and get me into the Clergy house?

What are we going to do with this book, by the way? I really don't like it being in my bunk, I don't want any of the littler kids to get hurt by it. Is there somewhere we can store it?

Harrison folded the note paper and gently tied it around his little friend's abdomen.

"You nap too much my friend, and you're going to get fat," Harrison joked with a smirk and a poke at Clive's belly.

Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on July 09, 2009, 06:01:00 AM
The letter back found him via Clive in the Park later that afternoon.

Sorry again for the wait. My friend Kristen, who you met at the Ball, asked a friend of hers to do some research for you after we had come up empty here at the Temple. As it turns out, Kristen’s friend works in the Department of Law & Order in the Civic District. Which I thought was pretty lucky (Kristen seems to know a lot of different people). According to her, and this is third-hand information mind you, the information her friend got is good enough for you to be able to make Jonah pull strings for you.

The boy in the Law & Order Department smuggled a copy out of the Council Hall and handed it to another friend of Kristen’s, Michael Banks. He will meet you at the side entrance to the Theater District Shrine at exact 6 nighthand sharp.

All that being said, I am scared for you Harrison. Be careful and don’t let him hurt you ok?

-Your Emma

Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on July 09, 2009, 03:44:11 PM
Harrison's face flushed. He couldn't believe Emma would ask someone to find out information like this! What else had she told this Kristen person??

He took a deep breath. This was the second time she'd exhibited what Harrison considered poor judgement. The first time was when she read her father's book.

Well, he thought. Nothing to be done about it now. All I can do is hope she knows what she's doing.

Harrison was a little vexed though. He decided not to send a response. He killed some time until close to 6, and headed over. He kept his expectations low. How much information could there truely be on his rat-bastard father anyway?

Still, he had little to lose.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on July 14, 2009, 01:00:47 PM
Michael Banks turned out to be a pretty kind older kid. Usually Harrison was put off by the agenda of teenagers, as they were always up to something, but Michael seemed genuinely interested in helping him. The kid was pimply-faced, had uncombed and knotted hair and was a bit lanky, but all this was in contrast to a personality that even Harrison could warm up too. He reminded him of Montey in a way.

According to the document that Michael had brought, Harrison’s father was the ‘Function Administrator’ of the Kaine Shrine in the Theatre District, throughout the report though, a more common reference to his title was ‘Entertainment Director’, which didn’t seem so priestly sounding to Harrison. ‘Why would any priest be expected to run parties?’ Harrison had thought.

So to say the least, the Capital City Guard file on his father was, at first, very confusing as he stood and read it while Michael looked on. It was a file an inch thick in parchment, and after only the first page, Harrison started skimming ahead through the pages for some quick idea of what he might find. There were lists and lists of names, mostly women, and many company entries that had Harrison really confused at what it all meant.

After giving the lad what he thought was enough time to at least take a good look, Michael finally asked, “You know what all that means don’t you?”
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on July 15, 2009, 06:07:51 PM
Harrison looked up at the older boy, and nodded. "Oh yes. Sure. Of course..." his nodding slowed a moment, and turned to shaking. "No... No, I don't. Not at all."
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on July 16, 2009, 06:06:38 AM
Michael gave a kind-hearted smirk. He took a step closer to the lad so he could whisper, lest anyone from the Shrine only a few paces away overhear.

"Well it appears from all this detail the 'Caps' (nickname for Capital City Guard - the police) have on Jonah, basically calls him out as being a crime boss working for the Clergy," Michael said with a bit of enthusiasm.

Michael put his hand above and into the file Harrison held so as to point at a page. "This woman here seems to have been his liason between him and the 'sackers' (hookers)."

Harrison read the name Lorainna Prescott.

"I was thinking that if you are looking for leverage against your father, you may want to start with her. Of course, this entire file from the Caps should be leverage, but for some reason, they don't appear to be dragging Jonah in by his nads at the moment. Not sure why."
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Harrison went into high alert. His eyes snapped up from the book to bore a hole in Michael's face. "How many people actually know I'm looking for..." Harrison lowered his voice. "...know what I'm looking to do?"
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Michael became immediately serious.

"You are very smart enough to ask my friend, but do not worry. Kristen, Emma and I are very good friends and we are used to keeping secrets for one another. Like..." he paused a moment in reflection.

" the one you know of in regards to Emma's father and his use of fists? Specifically on his child?"
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on July 17, 2009, 09:39:53 AM
Hearing that Emma was confiding in others, Harrison couldn't help but feel a little less special. He thought her attentions were entirely on her studies, and Harrison. For a moment Harrison was jealous.

"Well," he said with a sigh. "Emma seems to trust you, as I do her. Now I gotta figure out what I'm going to do with this..." he began to thumb through the book again.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on July 17, 2009, 12:30:18 PM
"Like I said, you may want to start with Lorainna as she may know more about what your Dad was up too. She operates from her home only a few blocks from here, want me to take you there?"

(Neither the DM or Michael is being a smart ass, just continuing on with the stream of thought. GREAT post btw, you got the 10 year old mind pretty accurate.)

Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on July 17, 2009, 05:41:32 PM
Ten years old was a lot more recent for me than it was for you. :) Post coming soon
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on July 18, 2009, 01:14:30 PM
Ok, ball is still in your court sonny!
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Harrison's mind was blank, and he struggled to fill it. "well, I guess, but I... What... who is she? Why would she talk to me? What do I say??"

Harrison tried to make more questions, but he was tripping over his own thoughts. He really didn't understand any of this. Why would a priest be in charge of entertainment?

Harrison's ten-year-old mind was getting in his way. Adults were so strange sometimes. Things were always so complicated, and no one ever really said what they meant, or even meant what they said. It was so aggrivating to him. All he wanted to do was find some little piece of information, and he felt like he was jumping through fiery hoops for it. Was everyone trying to hide something?

Harrison's words failed him completely, and he stopped bothering to try. He was so frustrated to be holding something he knew was important and not understanding why. He was angry that Emma was telling people he didn't know about things he'd shared with her in confidence. He was angry that he had to resort to sneaking and trickery just to do something as simple as change studies. This city seemed so big and unfriendly. Harrison was overwhealmed.

He felt his throat tighten, and his eyes well up. He took a deep breath and said weakly, "Yes please, take me to her." The fact was, he had nothing left to lose. Michael seemed to understand why the fact that she and his father had a history, and it didn't seem like something a lot of people knew. Maybe she knew why too. Maybe if she thought Harrison understood, she'd cooperate.

"Thank you, Michael." Harrison decided he'd trust Michael. Emma clearly did. If he was going to figure things out, Harrison was going to have to make some blind leaps of faith, and hope that not everyone was so rotten. There had to be more Montey's out there.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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As they walked the few blocks, Michael put his arm around the younger kid in a show of compassion. It felt (to Harrison) that this kid was a natural at dealing with others in need, despite his awkward looks.

"Listen Harrison," he whispered as they approached some non-descript porch of what appeared to be a house in the crowded District, "if I can impose on your privacy for just a little bit longer, I may be of assistance in talking to Lorainna?"
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Griznuq on July 21, 2009, 06:39:31 PM
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Harrison wondered what it was that Michael had to say, that took him 2 years to articulate. He bet whatever it was, it'd be good.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on October 04, 2011, 07:59:07 AM
To reply to this post, it will also take a hard look at my notes. Re-reading it though sent chills up my spine. I had forgotten how interwoven all my story lines were/are for this campaign. Harrison's story is one of my favorites in this campaign and I can't wait to dive back in (if your willing).

hmph, interesting, I can't open the color dialog button...

I can type in  the code though!
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
Post by: Dray on October 10, 2011, 02:24:32 PM
“Alright then,” Michael offered and then he knocked on the door. It was quiet on the other side for a moment and then there was a bit of a crashing sound and what sounded like bottles scattering on a floor.

Michael raised his eyebrows and said “Oh my.”

“One blasted moment,” said a woman in a laughing, low-voice beyond the floor. It sounded like she was struggling to make it to the entrance, as if there was clutter in her path in getting to it. The door opened and a heavy-set woman with ragged black hair and flushed cheeks stuck her head out.

“Lorainna doesn’t see anyone until past the 6th hand and…” she began in a hurry that was interrupted by Michael’s sudden flash of two gold coins that appeared from nowhere and into his hand.

“We would like to see her now please,” Michael asked.

The woman finished her egress through the door. The silk cloths about her large body were matted to her skin in some places and disheveled in the others. The smell of booze which followed to her exited the old house and engulfed the two boys. She looked the boys up and down.

“She may take you on but there is no way she is laying a knapsack for the kidster,” the woman said plainly.

“That’s not what we are here for, I just need some information,” Michael said confidently and then handed her the gold coins. “Those two gold pieces are to wake her up, she gives me the information I seek and there is a lot more to be had.”

Both Harrison and Deidra were incredulous, it was a lot of coin.
The woman let out a hearty laugh and not an all too unfriendly one Harrison thought.

“I like your style kid!” she said then opened the door fully for the two of them. “Go on in young Masters, take the door to the common room to your right and I will go get her.”

They entered a very narrow hallway. There was a rickety old door to the left that was half open, or rather, half attached to its hinges. The kitchen beyond looked to have a stairwell that lead upward from it. The door to the right was open in towards what promised to be the common room beyond. A room at the end of the hallway had a young girls head poking through it. Her brown hair and green eyes was the only things Harrison noticed before she disappeared behind the quickly closed door.

Michael and Harrison took the immediate right and faced a very messy common room. Its meager furnishings included a worn couch, its cloth upholstery ripped in many places, a rickety old rocking chair, and a beaten up bureau. Scattered about on the floor at the end of the couch were empty bottles of wine. The floor near the door was barely visible under the clutter that looked like all manner of female belongings. Clothes, combs, silks, female accessories (ACK!), and other such items were everywhere. The two boys would have sat down but felt uncomfortable to do so.

The heavy woman disappeared in the kitchen and up the stairwell beyond.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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I changed the way posting looks, enabling the WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") type of form, so you can now change the color of text. Let me know if you like it better or worse, or... whatever. I have a post on E107s website to see if they can tell me how to fix it so we don't HAVE to use it. That said, there ARE some decent options within it. Anyway...

Harrison was feeling a little better about himself by the time they'd gotten to the front door. Now? He wasn't sure of anything anymore. This had to be the most disgusting feeling place he'd ever been in. 

He began feeling the familiar pangs of depression setting in. He frequently felt so bewildered, and so misguided that he almost didn't want to bother to continue. There just seemed like so much to do, so much to learn, that he wondered if it'd all be worth it in the end. 

He felt like that a lot lately, especially today. Right now, he just wanted to go to bed. 

"So what's the plan?" he asked, trying to sound interested.

Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Michael leaned in and whispered to Harrison. “As I said, Lorainna was the liason between your father and the sackers (hookers). I am hoping to find out from her [i][b]why[/b][/i] Jonah was transferred to SouthHaven. It seems to me that a transfer from Shantytown to a shrine in SouthHaven is a demotion for a crime boss.”

Michael thought for a moment to allow his train of thought to finish.

 “So why the demotion? What did he do?” he continued. “And perhaps in that lies the leverage you need to hold over Jonah’s head until your transfer papers are signed.”

“But to be honest with you Harrison? This is your life, I don’t mind asking questions of this woman but if you need to ask anything at all, you just pipe right in okay?” Michael finished.

Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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"Crime boss," Harrison repeated aloud. Again, he sighed at the seemingly insurmountable mountain of odds that were against him. With a curt shake of his head and a roll of his eyes, he decided it didn't really matter. If he lost, he'd die, end of story. If he won... well, then he'd win.

He wished this lady would hurry, the place was giving him the willies!
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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After a few turns the boys quickly realized that Lorainne wasn’t going to be down immediately. They couldn’t hear anything at and wondered 'where the cold' this woman’s room actually was.



Michael finally broke the silence by talking to Harrison. “So I hear you just got to the orphanage only three months ago? Sorry to hear about your Mom Harrison, I truly am.”

Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Harrison scowled. Was there anything this kid hadn't heard?

"Yeah," he said dryly. "Sorry you had to go through that."
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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“Okay, judging by this file and by your mission here, your father has decided he can’t care for you,” Michael returned. He had said it gently, Harrison noted that he wasn’t trying be mean, but just understand his predicament.

“Your mother managed a farm down in SouthHaven right? A really successful one was it not?”

Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Harrison frowned. What'd he know about what makes a farm "successful"? 

"I don't know," he said with a shrug. My father wasn't there very often, and what farming could a five year old and his mother take care of alone? Perhaps before he left, it may have been."

"Mother seemed to have a bit of a green thumb," he added, hinting at her gift. Harrison wonder just how much Michael did know. 

OOC: I don't recall if Harrison talked to Emma about his mother performing magic. I *think* he did not... did he?

Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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“I just ask because, well, to successfully work a farm one needs to be familiar with the lay of the land right?” Michael asked.

“Sure, I suppose.” Harrison replied.

“And SouthHaven being near the border, has a substantial wild dog and wolf problem?”

[color=#00ff00]OOC: Harrison has never mentioned his mother’s magic use to anyone.[/color]
[color=#00ff00]OOC: I not sure I like the new format, I can't seem to space my sentences.[/color]

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I was just noticing that too... I'll work on that this weekend, see what I can do to fix it... Oddly though, it looks fine in the previews. 

"Well," Harrison said, thinking back. "Sure, there were lots of wild dogs around, but they were never a problem. We farmed mostly produce, not livestock. We had a few cows, and a goat or three, but it was mostly corn and turnips that we grew." 

Harrison honestly didn't know what Michael was getting at. 

Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Michael pressed on with the question, "How many dogs did the farm have? Did you have one?"

[color=#00ff00](OOC: You probably remember that Harrison had the Saint Bernard named Gunthar, but your family also owned a half-dozen retired Outer-Rim Defense dogs. These dogs were posted in verious places around the farm to ward off wild dogs, wolves, and warn of the occasional Kahr'Thul should one ever sneak past the border patrol.)[/color]

Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Harrison was becoming more confused, and thus frustrated by the line of questioning. What'd this have to do with where they were or what they were looking for?

"I had a dog of my own, and we had four or five guard dogs. They were old, but they kept the wolves away."

Harrison thought about the wolf he saw the night he was taken to the orphanage. He could feel his nerves beginning to fray under the weight of the events of the day. He forced it from his mind and thought about Emma.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Michael looked at Harrison a moment, then looked down at his hand. He was quiet for a moment, then finally asked, "so if there were all those dogs around, how come you didn't wake up when your Mom was fighting wolves that night?"

Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Harrison thought back to that night and remembered the face of the wolf he saw trailing after the wagon. Harrison never truly believed his mother fought wolves at all, but he wondered what Michael thought had happened.

"Well," he said, trying hard to sound like he thought his mother was in fact dead. "I never really believed there were any wolves, so whatever it was, it was something that didn't alarm the dogs. Perhaps even Jonah himself."

Harrison studied Michael intently to see how the thought impacted him, looking for signs that might suggest whether Michael believed Harrison's mother was dead. He hoped Michael did, so that at least something could remain private.

"What do you think, Michael? You obviously believe something already that you're trying very hard to lead me to. Just say it, you're not going to hurt me. Anything you believe I've probably already been through or imagined worse anyway." It was difficult to keep the irritation out of his tone, but he was sick of unspoken thoughts.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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“You said exactly what I was thinking Harrison, that it couldn’t have been wolves that killed your mother in the night,” Michael said plainly. “So if that is the case, you and I must be cautious when we take whatever blackmail we find to your father. We need to insure our safety somehow before meeting with him, lest we meet some other silent fate.”

The sound of footsteps coming down the steps beyond the kitchen indicated their conversation was coming to an end.

“Agreed?” Michael asked.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Harrison felt like Michael was stating the obvious here, and was inclined to retort snydly. He didn't though, as he knew the older boy was just trying to help, and realistically, he had no way of knowing Harrison well enough to allow anything to go unsaid. Harrison supposed it would have been foolish to assume they were on the same page.

"Of course," he said with a nod, discarding his surly demeanor.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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The two boys could see Lorainna as she walked the final few steps into the kitchen. She was a tall and beautiful woman with long, shiny black hair. She was dressed in nothing more than a tight-fitting red silk housecoat with high-heeled leather boots. (Picture Jennifer Connelly)

The woman walked the short distance between the kitchen and the filth they sat upon with 8 or 9 hip-swaying steps.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” she said in a deep and lusty voice.

“Ma’am,” Michael began as he stood up from the littered couch to shake her hand.

The woman declined his offer with a polite wave of her hand, the same one that held two gold pieces. Behind her in the kitchen, the heavy set woman was moving a bunch of pans around in a noisy attempt to start dinner.

Michael sat back down and Lorainna leaned back on a wall. The sides of her house coat hugged her leg as she brought her knee up, her foot anchored to the wall. “So, Dee-dee tells me you two boys are paying this gold for some kind of information?”

“That’s right Ms. Prescott,” Michael replied politely.

“Who are you working for?” she asked.

“Him,” responded Michael with a thumb pointed at Harrison.

Lorainna chuckled a bit, but it didn’t sound genuine. “The young man is working for the toddler? To what end?”

Michael opened up the file on Jonah Arbuckle at dropped it on the floor. The stack of papers slid out of alignment but for the most part stayed in the folder. “Lorainna, allow me to introduce you to Harrison. Harrison Arbuckle.” Michael said meaningfully.

Lorainna’s mouth dropped to the floor.

(OOG: Giving you a chance to say, think or do anything during this awkward moment for Lorainna.)
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Harrison remained quiet, studying her face. Her every facial twitch was a tell, but being so new to the game he was playing, Harrison couldn't be sure what exactly they were telling him.

In response to the emotional warfare that the adults of the community seemed to enjoy waging, Harrison had made it a conscious decision to learn to refrain from showing emotion. This was his first real trial by fire. He kept his face as deadpan as he could, and waited for her to do or say something, wondering if she'd be the next name to add to his list.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Lorainna quickly recovered after her complete failure to disguise her surprise at seeing Jonah’s son in her living room. She composed herself.

“Well you certainly don’t have Jonah’s looks,” she said matter-of-factly. Harrison noted that she had been the first to mention his father’s name. This mean she either had incredible eye-sight (and had read his name on the floor), or had recognized his Harrison’s surname. He was pretty sure it was the latter, which meant, she did indeed know Jonah.

Lorainna yelled down the corridor, “Mia!” startling both the boys. She then turned back to them, “what’s the folder all about? And, who are you again?” she asked Michael.

“The folder is a copy of Jonah’s extensive CAP-sheet (OOC: again, CAP is nickname for CAPital city guard). It in turn led us to you. We would like some information,” Michael returned coolly.

“Mia!” Lorainna yelled again.

Harrison figured it must be the woman’s daughter who had poked her head out the door. He also sympathized with the girl’s lack of response in heeding the summons. This woman may be pretty, but she gave him the creeps.

Lorainna didn’t get an answer, so she pounded her high-heeled boot on the floor where she stood; knocking on the floor three times.

“Two gold coin for what kind of information?” Lorainna asked, she didn’t try to hide her suspicion of the two visitors.

“Where is Jonah Arbuckle for starters?” Michael asked.

“He was transferred to SouthHaven a week ago. Running a shrine of his very own I am told,” she replied.

“So he received a demotion then?”

“Apparently,” she said curtly.

Harrison heard a muted thump and felt the floor vibrate at the exact moment of the noise.

“Why?” Michael parried.

“You read the file, you tell me?”
“Alright, I will cut to the chase. Jonah handled elicit affairs for the Church here in ShantyTown, you were his liason with the sackers. But he also had many other contacts for other activities; gambling, fighting, drugs, you name it. But he got too close to someone or something and was chased out but for some reason I can’t put my finger on. Why wasn't he simply... quieted.” Michael’s speech seemed a bit reckless to Harrison, as if the teenage boy was revealing far too much.

Harrison then felt the same thump in the floor.

“Who are you again? How do you come by all this information?” Lorainna asked with a bit of anger.

“Who I am is of no concern. Who knows I am here and what will happen should anything occur to me or my little friend here is, however, your concern.” Michael replied. “ You are very involved with Jonah according to that CAP copy,” he added.

Out of Harrison’s view, he heard the door down the hall open. A tall but think and mousy girl with long brown hair stepped into the opening. She was covered in blotches of soot on her clothes, face, and hands. She looked sweaty, as if she had been working in a blacksmith shop for the past 8 hours.

“Yes Mommy?” she asked quietly.

“Go get my sticks (SafeHaven version of cigarettes) upstairs in my room,” Lorainna told her. There was little kindness in the tone of the request.

“Yes Mommy.”

The girl passed the heavy set woman who was mumbling over a hot stove and went upstairs.

(OOC: Another break in the narrative for any input you would like to give. If I have said anything above for Harrison that you don't like, please edit as you wish.)
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Harrison had been ready to leave after simply finding out where Jonah was, and was surprised at the continued questioning. He had been so focused on just finding out where the scoundrel had been, he hadn't even thought of what to do if he found him. For the first time he started to feel like he actually could trust Michael.

...not that he'd been given much of a choice, but at least he was at peace with it now.

Harrison continued his deadpan expression, glaring icily at her, intent on remembering every twitch of her face.

Sense Motive: 7. (what, he's young.)
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Lorainna said nothing as her daughter’s footsteps were lost beyond the sounds of frying oil in the kitchen. Lorainna gave Michael a challenging stare, his counter-threat given only moments ago was apparently still on her mind.

“Your sources speak the truth kid,” she finally said to Michael. “Jonah was becoming too influential in LowTown. And you might guess as to who would take issue with that.”

“Sephlin Cordello,” answered Michael.

“Exactly right,” she returned. “And for the record, Jonah wasn’t blind to it either. When the demotion papers came from the white robes (OOC: a.k.a. the Clergy) last week he immediately knew where he had overstepped his bounds. And it wasn’t in the High Temple, it was in LowTown.”

Michael thought about this for a moment. “So you still haven’t told me why Jonah wasn’t simply eliminated,” Michael said. “Why didn’t Fresenius simply barter with Sephlin in some kind of prisoner exchange and replace Jonah with another clergy lackey? Or did Fresenius actually trust his former Crime Boss to retire quietly in SouthHaven?”

“That is where your fee goes beyond these two gold pieces boy. You want me to risk my neck, then you better come up with far more than this,” the woman said with almost a hiss of disdain as she held up the two gold.

Just then the tall but very young girl reappeared with her mother’s sticks. Harrison guessed that Mia was about 7 or 8 years old, judging by curves of her very young looking face, but cold if the girl wasn’t an at least an inch taller than him.

Mia handed the sticks over to her mother who immediately pulled one and walked back to the kitchen to light it up by the stove. While Lorainna departed to light her smoke, Mia simply stood in the room and stared at the two boys. She looked at each of them in turn and then waved as she said “Hi” to Harrison.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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"Hello," Harrison politely, but curtly.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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The girl smiled in reply, revealing two missing front teeth. Michael looked over at his young charge and laughed warmly. It was a welcome break in the tension, but it ended all too quickly with Lorainna’s return. She looked down upon her daughter with an incredulous glare. When Mia looked up her smile instantly evaporated from her face. “Sorry,” she squeaked and left the room, going back down the corridor. Harrison heard a door close and a moment later felt the same two thumps on the floor as the conversation picked up between Lorainna and Michael.

“Ms. Prescott, Harrison and I aren’t here to disrupt your life or cause you any harm. We only seek to find this boys’ father so we can get him to sign some papers.”

“Then go to SouthHaven and leave me be,” interrupted Lorainna.

“Indeed, but it may not be that easy. The man has already given up in parenting the lad. Who knows if he will sign them willingly, so we need to find a little encouragement, something to entice his cooperation,” Michael said.

“You are cunning young man, Sephlin himself would find you amusing,” Lorainna commented.

“I may be too tall, lanky and quite frankly… male, for his taste,” Michael replied.

Harrison noted Lorainna’s muted but still detectable startle of surprise, though he didn’t understand the reason behind it. (OOG: and Griznuq most likely won’t either, Johan may get a chuckle though). She recovered, again, and stared at Michael while deciding something. Finally she said, “100 gold”.

Michael snickered at her then countered, “for 100 gold I can go through three more of your kind in that folder and find thrice the encouragement. 10 gold.”

“For ten you can shove the folder up your ass boy,” Lorainna said with a sneer. Harrison noted that she was a bit more unhinged now. He thought that perhaps having two boys in her living room who knew about her business and her CAP record was unnerving her. “Fifty. Final offer while I am still in a good mood,” she finished then took a strong pull off of her stick. The smell reminded Harrison of the woods, the smoke had a musky oak scent.

“Fine, but I am taking it back if your information is cold,” Michael said while fishing in his pocket. He took a platinum half plate from his pocket and flipped it to her. She caught it, examined it and then placed it in the pocket of her robe. She then reached into her bodice and pulled out a hidden gold necklace. Upon which was a very small and delicate gold key. She tossed the key, necklace and all, back to Michael.

She stood up straight, flicked ash from her stick onto the floor and took a breath before speaking. “You are correct. Under normal conditions Fresenius would have given Jonah over to Sephlin for some nice exchange to serve the white robes, but that didn’t happen because there is no longer two forces in LowTown.”

Harrison noticed that it was now Michaels turn to be surprised.

“A man named Angelus also dwells in the underground, and that key is some kind of signet to be used to gain access to him. Jonah asked me to give it to his clergy successor,” she said while pointing at it.

“Won’t the successor be looking for it then? Shouldn’t his appointment be any day now?” Michael asked.

“No, I don’t believe he will. Jonah asked me to keep Angelus and his key a secret, from everyone…including the clergy,” Lorainna said, emphasizing the name of the unknown man in LowTown.

“Well if the Clergy doesn’t know about Angelus, how is it that Angelus protected Jonah from being killed?” Michael asked.

“Not sure, nor was Jonah. He thought that Angelus perhaps controlled cells of influence that he had not been made aware of. That perhaps Angelus was working with other secret operatives.”

Michael looked at the delicate gold key for a moment. “What is Angelus purpose? Did Jonah speak to the man’s agenda?”

“He didn’t” Lorainna said with a frown. “Jonah didn’t even tell me about Angelus until last week after he had been demoted, and the only reason he did then was because he needed someone he could trust to pass on the key,” she added.

“Well that doesn’t make sense either. If Angelus is hiding from the clergy, why pass on the signet to the next clergy member and reveal himself?”

Lorainna looked over to Harrison for a moment, half-snickered, and then returned her gaze to Michael to answer. “While I lay in bed with Jonah I asked him that very same question. Jonah said that Angelus already knew who the clergy member was; that Angelus prophesized that the new white robe would aid his cause.”
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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I has confuse. Why would Johan ask her to pass the key on to his clergy successor, AND ask her to keep it secret from everyone including the clergy? You may need to spell what you're alluding to out to me here.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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First, I believe you meant "Jonah" (Harrison's father) and not "Johan" (Matt's brother).

Second, know that Harrison's state of confusion is expected here, the truth is not always spelled out in these conversations.


What is going on here is that Jonah was a secretive crime boss for the Clergy, a position that the general public isn't aware the Clergy maintains (for obvious reasons). In Jonah's tenure he met and maintained an alliance with a man named Angelus in LowTown. And apparently, Jonah maintained this business relationship with Angelus in secret.

Harrison will also learn (over the next five years) that no one in the realm knows who this Angelus is. (Despite the conversations above which speaks to him having possible cells of minions).

So yes, Angelus asked Jonah to pass on the key to Jonah's clergy crime boss successor, despite the fact that the clergy doesn't know about Angelus. Jonah then gave it to Lorainna, and now Lorainna is selling it to Michael Banks.

Harrison could always ask Lorainna?
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Harrison piped up, being somewhat confused...

"I don't understand. You said that Jonah told you to give the key to his clergy successor, but then you said that Jonah asked you to keep the key a secret from the clergy. Which is it?"
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Lorainna looked back to Harrison with a combined gaze of confusion and annoyance. She answered, “it’s both.”

Michael and Harrison both stared at her, waiting further explanation. She didn’t offer one, so Michael took the reins back on the conversation.

“How can it be both?” he asked again.

“Angelus prophesized that the new crime boss would aid his cause; Jonah believes that this means the new crime boss would keep Angelus’ identity a secret from the Clergy, just as Jonah had. The new successor would work for both Angelus and the Clergy,” Lorainna explained.

“Okay wait,” Michael said. He then stood up and pulled his hand through his hair. It was the first sign of annoyance at the aggravating woman. “Let me get this straight. Jonah was a double agent for both Angelus and Fresenius.”

Lorainna nodded.

“Jonah hands the key to you, because Angelus somehow trusts that Jonah’s replacement will take over as that same double agent,” Michael continued.

Lorainna nodded again.

“But you stated that Fresenius didn’t give Jonah over to Sephlin because Angelus somehow influenced Fresenius not too?” The question from Michael was in a critical tone, Harrison felt that at any moment Michael might have screamed “DUH”. Harrison was tempted to smile.

Lorainna was half nodding when the question truly latched onto her mind.

“Well…Jonah said that Angelus perhaps had other operatives. Perhaps they influenced Fresenius?” Lorainna questioned in her own defense.

Michael immediately parlayed, “Yes but how? Exactly how would operatives be able to influence Fresenius without revealing Angelus identity? Even if Angelus’ operatives had significant leverage, the faction of the Clergy in LowTown is thoroughly embedded within the black market. They know everyone down there.”

Michael was pacing in the room now, looking at the path he walked as his boots scattered bottles and filth.

“No,” continued Michael, “if the operatives could reach Fresenius with any sort of blackmail there is no way the Clergy couldn’t trace it back to Angelus. I don’t buy it. I think Fresenius at the very least knew about Angelus and played along with their scheme for his own reasons. Perhaps Fresenius is putting more trust in his new hire that is to arrive soon. Perhaps Angelus has prophesized incorrectly; whatever that means.”

“I have no idea. He just gave me the key to pass on to the successor, I don’t give one cold flip about it to tell you the truth. Jonah has been exiled to the South and the successor doesn’t even know about Angelus, so if I can make a half-plate out of the deal, then I’m happy,” Lorainna responded while folding her arms.

Michael looked at her and was about to say something but suddenly held his tongue. “Fine then, thanks for your assistance Ms. Prescott. We’ll be going,” Michael said.

He looked to Harrison.
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"Actually, I'm curious," Harrison said, though he suspected he already knew the answer. "If you were supposed to give the key to his successor, why are you giving it to us?"
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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Michael sighed.

“Because it’s like I said boy, the new guy isn’t expecting the key. He is oblivious to it and if I can make 50 gold pieces from this deal, I have no problem keeping him in the dark,” Lorainna answered.

(OOG: Note that Michael believes that the Clergy successor MAY be expecting to receive the key, and, Lorainna doesn't believe he is.)
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Harrison wished he could keep himself from being amazed at how unscrupulous people were. He shook his head and said, "Alright, well thanks. We'll bother you no further. I think I have what I need."

Harrison turned to go.
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Upon getting back out under the night sky, both boys breathed in the fresh air. The room had been hot and smelled of regurgitated alcohol.

They walked back the way they had come and were headed back to the School District. Michael put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and leaned in with a question.

“So Harrison, what do you think?”
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Harrison wasn't really sure what to think. He started thinking outloud to see if he could come up with what he was sure Michael already concluded.

"Well, we know where he is now. And we have that key, which he doesn't want the clergy to know about." Harrison shook his head. "I don't think we have a whole lot, to be honest. We could tell him we have the key, but that might not be enough leverage. After all, what does he really care, he's not a boss anymore, and he's not really around either."

"Do you think threatening to give the key over to the clergy would be enough to get him to do what I need? I mean, how would that go... 'Here Fresenius, this is my father's key, we blackmailed a loose-moraled woman for it. Dunno what it goes to, but that bastard won't get me switched to a different house. So. Here.' ...And then he kills me."

"No, I think our search continues," he said with a sigh.
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(OOG: Okay, to speed things along, I am going to write the scene below and speak for Harrison. If you want to edit any of Harrison’s thoughts or words, please do. If you think your edits may change Michael’s responses, please email me and we can instead flesh it out in that medium. Otherwise, feel free to post a reply underneath.

Also, if you think this thread is getting long-winded, we can restart a new thread upon reaching Michael’s intended destination: “2127.07.25 – A Boy with a Key”.

Note; Harrison has about a hand-and-a-half (1.5 hours) left before curfew at the orphanage.)

“You are quite correct my young friend, indeed it does.”

All of the stories Harrison had heard about ShantyTown’s night-life were true. Despite this foreknowledge however, he still felt displaced in some kind of nightmarish other world. Here it seemed that none of the rules in the rest of the Kingdom applied. It was a hot night, and no one seemed to be content to sweat out their depravity in the crowded and dilapidated buildings. Instead, men and women drank in the streets, played games of dice and cards, and even caressed each other out in the open public.

Michael and Harrison tried to keep their heads down as they walked the only safe way out of the district, the main road. Despite this, they still got cat-called by sackers and soldiers alike, picking on them for being in the district of sin.

Both breathed a sigh of relief as they egressed into the neighboring residential district. The transition between the two districts was distinct in its purpose. Once they reached the other side of a guarded wall they were once again in the kingdom of strict rules. Twisted as much as those rules were, Harrison was relieved to be there. For it was quiet, and “normal”.

“So the conversation back there went in circles,” Michael said, breaking the silence as they continued to walk. “And while I think the gold key is definitely a good start, I am a bit intimidated by the complex intrigue around it.”

Harrison simply gave a slight nod, knowing the older boy had more to say.

“On the one hand, Lorainna said the clergy forgave Jonah his double-agent activities because of Angelus. On the other hand, Angelus isn’t supposed to be known by the clergy,” Michael said with a confused frown. But then he looked at Harrison with a smile. “And on the third hand, Jonah instructed Lorainna to give his clergy successor the key.”

Harrison looked up, “and on the fourth hand Lorainna sold the key to us!”

Michael laughed. “That’s a lot of hands!”

They continued to walk and at a t-intersection in the district Michael pointed them in a direction that lead away from the direction back to the orphanage and towards the Theater district.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” Michael continued, “so before we see another candidate from the folder tomorrow, let’s take this key to an expert who can tell us a little more about it. That okay by you?”

Michael continued to smile at Harrison, he had a very awkward an odd sort of look, but the teenager seemed to always have that smile. Michael also seemed to be thoroughly enjoying helping him out.
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Harrison thought outloud as they walked.

"Well, I think if we can't trust everything she says, then chances are, ANYTHING she said, could be, or could be not, true. I wonder if there really IS an Angelus, and if no one knows about him, why's he that powerful?"

Harrison shook his head. He kept talking, not waiting for a response. "What if Jonah actually WAS this Angelus person? Maybe he "got banished" because he was almost discovered, or something?"

"I wonder what this key actually goes to? If we ever need leverage over her, I bet Jonah would be pissed to know she sold it for 50g. I mean, supposedly he told her to keep it secret AND give it to his successor. That's TWO things, and she didn't do EITHER of them."

"What's up with her daughter? Why'd she smile at me like that, and how come she only said hi to me, and not you?"
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Michael laughed. “Well, yes, I don’t get that either. Although she probably warmed up to you because your closer in age. Competition for Emma perhaps?”

Harrison gave Michael a look between confused and annoyed.

“Don’t blame me. You must have that whole rebel orphan thing going on for you.”

Harrison sighed.

“Yeah, I don’t get it either. Enjoy it while it lasts kid, girls are no fun after they get to twelve anyway, they stop wanting to play and get all too emotional. It only gets more confusing as you get older.” Michael finished with sigh.

“You are right not to trust Lorainna though. We can’t trust anything she says, so let’s get the key to my expert let them look at it tomorrow while we hit up someone else in the file,” Michael said as he shuffled the folder under his arm.

(OOG: Feel free to post and then tell me to start "07.25.2127 - A Boy with a Key")
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"Let's do it," said Harrison.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
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This post shall be continued with "2127.07.27 - A Boy with a Key", as soon as I can write it.