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Game Log / Episode 05: A Passing
« on: September 17, 2005, 07:39:07 PM »


OOC: It has been decided that Session 5 with Laren and Kit will be done as an ICD. When it is finished it will be added to the rest of the Logs that have been kept.

Threshold Session 5 - A Passing

Duthash Albyr Arkus  Valley Year 237 (May 4)

After discussing future courses of action at Jarmok's cabin, the two of you decide to get some sleep. The music that was once echoing through Threshold has already gone to rest. The air is now filled with the chirping of the peepers that is signature to the full life of the Sythus season.  You crest the turn down the hill that that leads into the town proper. From where you stand you can see the glowing lantern lights on the Rosewalk and the Wolfsong. The Spike of Fire burns ever bright on the southern end of the The Foot. The river of fire that stretches from the tower into the sky emits a low rumble that you can almost feel. There are a few house lanterns still lit but most have been snuffed for the night. The smell of young flowers dances in the light breeze and brings memories of innocent times.

Laren, you think to yourself, ‘This young girl has more things in her head than I want to know about. I never would have guessed that that she was so fogged out. Stands to reason, she's a teenage girl...they're not the stablest of creatures!’

Kit while enjoying the peaceful walk back you look down at Laren and think, 'I wonder if Laren thinks I'm loony? I’m not loony, I’m just...’ the thought becomes something that you dare not finish.

As you draw closer to the Thornhedge you see four short cloaked figures standing at the fork that the Inn spearheads. Two of the figures approach and reveal themselves. It’s Garret and Eldan, the twin halflings that you’ve befriended. They draw closer and Garret says, “Laren, Kit, lovely evening isn’t it?”

Garret lifts up his right hand revealing the steel ring around his finger and looks to you Laren and says, “Laren, through our Order we’ve found your Father. He’s got little time and he carries an object of great importance, the jewel that you spoke of. He made it as far north as Xuad’Tarn but could not travel any further, h...he’s...dying.”

Garret looked away and wipes a tear from his eye. “Eldan and I have prepared a horse for your travel. He’s a special speedy breed that Suath raises for his stables. This is Suath’s way of thanking you for helping him with the rats. Please bring it back to him in safety. His name is Razrin’Uthriniar, which means ‘Star-Sprinter’ and he answers to both names.“

“You’ll find your father in the Temple of Jeweled Light, the holy house of Sardior, in Xuad’Tarn. It should take you about a day. There are others of our Order in the Temple looking out for your father. It is a mystery as to what strikes his health. Kit, I ask that you go with him for safety, we know not where our enemies are. When you get the Eye bring it here and we’ll pass it on and out of reach of those that seek it. There are foul plots surrounding this Eye. In time they may show themselves.  Traveling with you will be Grotik and Murkin.”

The two other short cloaked figures step forward and pull back their hoods to reveal their faces. You see that they have slightly sunken eyes and a reddish skin. Their hair is black and wild. They appear to be goblins! One of them has a scar stretching from ear to mouth. He is the first to offer his hand and says in gravely voice, “Are you ready to ride? We be goin' to the north town with you.” He lifts his hand to reveal his hawk ring. “So you know tha you can trus' us.”

In Character Discussions / Aftermath
« on: September 15, 2005, 08:46:18 PM »
Glass breaks and Maal wakes with a start instinctively reaching for her spear but grabs only air. She sits up and her eyes dart around the room. She sees Ashe bending over collecting pieces of glass. He peers over, "Oh, I am sorry to wake you Maal. Sometimes my desk gets so full with jars that I occasionally knock one off. How are you feeling?"

Maal suddenly realizes that she feels far better than the day before but needs a good stretch. She feels her throat is dry as leaves in a drought and finds it hard to speak. She can still feel and taste the ash from the day before.

"You came into contact with some foul magic. Some who are weaker wouldn't have survived what you did. Still, you and the others were me when I say it hasn't gone unnoticed."

He goes to a barrel and dips two mugs into it filling them with water. He brings them over to Maal and hands one of them to her. "This should soak your throat and make you feel better."

As she drinks the water she notices that the three boys are gone and their beds are made.

Out of Character Discussions / Rumors of Explosions
« on: September 15, 2005, 04:07:57 PM »
I was just looking at the rumor mill trying to make any sort of connection to the explosions (the one in camp and the one that trapped us in).

I'm thinking that it could be agents of the Scarlet Brotherhood. From what I know the SB is a league of evil monks. Now, I play a Monk. So, knowing what they can do (move silently and quickly, hide in shadows, etc...) I'm kind of suspicious.

There were no footprints found since everybody was running around and probably inadvertantly messed them up.

It wasn't the Sahuagin since they most likely would attack by force.

The two explosions aren't necessarily seems logical that they might be but that may not be the case.

Who else knew about the shaft that we found? Did the demolition crew use our pulley to cross the chasm? Or were they already in the elevator shaft area?

These are just random thoughts. Feel free to add to them. :wink:

General Info / Sights Imagined
« on: August 28, 2005, 07:03:37 PM »
I've posted some descriptions (A quiet night in Threshold, A night at the Thornhedge Inn) of how I envision scenes that, for me, make Threshold vibrant and alive. I like to share the descriptions so that you might see what I see. Of course no amount of words will ever compare to one's imagination but they do a pretty good job. I will, no doubt, post more as they come to me.

Since Threshold isn't just mine I invite anyone who would like to share their imaginations of it to please do so...they are most happily welcomed!

If you do grace us with your words please post them in the "Threshold General Info".

Cheers to all,


General Info / A night at the Thornhedge Inn
« on: August 28, 2005, 06:45:02 PM »
Outside the Thornhedge Inn are many festivities. There is an open fire venison roast that many will soon partake in. Cooks and servants see to the cooking meat as tenderly as if it were there own child. One vigilant cook turns the large slab of meat on a spit moving it neither too fast or too slow. Another cook bastes the meat with spiced sauce allowing it to roast while maintaining the succulence. The smell of this endeavor is wafting through the cool night air causing many to ask when it will be served.

Tankards of various ales are being handed out, for a small price of course, and many have had more than their fair fill of the amber brew. Wines are being tasted and compared by the well to do of towns folk and travelers that can afford it. To accompany the wines are a variety of cheeses and dried fruits. Meads flavored with apples, pears, grapes, feyberries, raspberries, strawberries, and other fruits are also there to be had.

Dancing through the crowd of jolly folk is a line of minstrels playing drums, pipes, horns, and strings. The tunes they play are met with equal fervor with songs sung by the gypsies that also dance their way amidst the happy mob. Many of the women gypsies fancy up to the drunken men giving them a sense of lusty hope only to tease them by gleefully dancing away.

Acrobats dressed in outrageously colored clothes adorned with jinglebells dwell on one edge of the crowd performing flips, twists, and balancing acts delighting onlookers, especially children. On another side of the crowd, jugglers pass flaming batons amongst themselves weaving a dazzling, fiery web.

The demeanor inside the Inn is a bit more sedate than the outside fest. On one side of the bottom level meals are being served up to the seated patrons by bustling waitresses. There is lots of idle chatter and laughing at a raised volume so that people might hear the other who is talking to him. The other side of the ground floor is enraptured by a band of troubadours singing in verse to haunting music. The song they sing speaks of the commoner achieving great things simply by believing that he can.

In this night at the Thornhedge the rich speak with the poor, the young speak with the old, and the meek speak with the strong. For all share the one thing that they have in common: life. They are here enjoying the night, the company, and their fortunes, be they great or small. After all, times could change for the worse at any moment.

In Character Discussions / Restless Sleep
« on: August 24, 2005, 09:02:37 PM »
"Now I can't get to sleep. It's his nature to talk so I really can't blame Mel for asking questions about magic. After all, to question is the heart of intellect." T'Riad thinks.

The continuous sound of the waves offered no reprieve from his alertness. T'Riad then gets up quietly and grabs a nearby longsword and heads out into the night.

The moon was shining in silver majesty giving the jungle hills an odd contour. The patches of darkness amongst the trees lent a certain mystery to what waited beyond. He thought about his beloved monastary thousands of miles away. He thought of his brothers and sisters that he had known throughout his life. They were of different races but were as close as any kin he might have had.

T'Riad started to also question things. However his line of questioning was far different from Mel's. "What does it mean, if anything, to be an elf?" He began to swing the long sword with a degree of skill. The weapon was familiar to him. His master was an elf and taught him to wield it with precision. "My family is those that I grew up with but some are very different from my make. I'm an elf but in body spirit I am a brother of the eight. Does that make me less of an elf by given standards? What makes an elf, or any race for that matter, what they are?"

T'Riad continued to spin the sword around and started to combine it with his routine katas. "If I were a dwarf would I still have the same passions? If I were a half orc would my thoughts be as they are now? If my parents had lived would I even be here?" T'Riad thought.

In his routine, T'Riad spun to face the inner harbor. It's not often that his concentration is interrupted but this time it was. He looked out to the expanse of the calm waters and for the first time noticed the size of the fleet of ships that contributed to this expedition. The boats undulated in the sedate waters. The moon was illuminating the boats and danced off of the sea. He then though to himself, "What I could have been matters not. What matters is who I am...that I am here now. We're all here for a reason as there are no accidents.  Such is the way of nature, such is the way of balance."

T'Riad continued his discipline with the longsword and seemed to dance in the moonlight. After he had worked himself into exhaustion he went back to the tent and silently crept in and laid down on his cot and listened to the lullaby of the waves. He quickly drifted into his nightly slumber having satisfied his questions for now.

Game Log / Session 4 and 6
« on: August 18, 2005, 01:37:44 PM »
Fraz, I was wondering if the session 4 and 6 logs would be ready soon?

In Character Discussions / words to books to knowledge
« on: August 11, 2005, 07:56:25 PM »
The sun rose lighting the contours of the clouds in pink hues. The white trillium had been planted and its' growth with the coming spring offered a sense of hope for the dark times. The journey of the party was by no means over. In fact much of the mountain of the mission was left to climb. 'Will we ever reach the top' Quinton wonderd.

Growing up as poor farmboy Quinton never had the time or the means to read. He was the only one to work the fields to keep any sort of living. His parents were older and their backs could no longer withstand the daily toil. His mother would stitch, mend and embroider to help bring in some money. At night his father would tell tales that would send his imagination soaring like an arrow into the sun. Tales of great warriors and princesses. Stories of Pirates, Knights, and the mysterious Druids. He would go to sleep thinking about felling evil with his sword. He never read about these things but he still knew of them.

Now things were different. He was recently told that he "should read on the history of things" by one of the "Merchants of Blackport". The Merchants are better known as Pirates. Could this Merchant-Pirate have the ability to read? Probably. As the heir apparent to the throne of N'arth he felt that he should know more. This world was now open to him and one of the paths to it was through the written word. Right now words are simply inked symbols on parchment. They were as elusive as the antidote to the Deltharite poison. However, the antidote had been found. So will it be with the key to decphering script.

A tepid morning wind blew across the treeless hill that overlooked the ancient, now decrpit city of Zarethia. How many books were in that old city of wizards? No doubt there are or were more than Quinton could hope to read in ten lifetimes. All that knowledge would pass him by leaving him in the dust of ignorance if he did not learn to unlock that power. Literacy could be more powerful than any weapon. A few days ago His friend Alleryan had to read The Book of Delthara because he could not. His illiteratacy was now becoming a liability and putting his friends in potential harm. This just wasn't right.

The sun had now fully crested the horizon and the clouds were lit in a divine magnificence in shades of gold and red. The rest of the party was stirring from their slumber. The first to rise was the newest member Lur' Ion. Lur'Ion was a member of the Druid order that Quinton's father had spoken about years before. After shaking out the stiffness of his muscles Lur'Ion came to stand beside Quinton admiring the morning light.

"The southern winds are the winds of change." Quinton said. "They bring with them a farmers weather and warmth to break the cold of winter. Many winter nights did I listen to my father speak of great people and their deeds. Everything that I've learned about them was told to me for i could not read and neither could my parents...but they remembered. Until now I've never had much of a need to read the written word. I need someone to teach me how to do it. Could you, Lur'Ion, teach me to read and to scribe? I want to know more about the ways of things and someday write the goings on of our venture so that others will know in the hopes that these times will not circle back. Will you teach me? "

General Info / Wildlander Feats
« on: August 11, 2005, 03:19:28 PM »
If anyone wishes to use these in their Campaign feel free.


Del Chliss:
?   Description:  A Wildlander with this feat throws a spear or shortspear in such a way to cause it to go into a death spin. This is a feat that has made the Wildlanders legendary and feared in battle.
?   Prerequisite:  Weapon focus (proficiency w/ spear/shortspear, base attack +1), Weapon specialization feat in spear/shortspear (Wildlander level 6).

?   Bonus: Threat range of thrown spear/shortspear is 19-20. Every additional Del Chliss feat taken (to a maximum of 3) increases threat range by 1. Upon scoring a hit within the Del Chliss threat range, the weapons critical (PH pg. 140) multiplier takes effect for damage without the normal second roll needed to hit to determine if it is in fact a critical hit.      

Galavan?s Leap:

?   Description:  The renowned Wildlander Galavan MacConnal perfected this melee feat which involves jumping up and thrusting down with a one or two handed sword or spear type weapon.

?   Prerequisite: Jump (6ranks), Spring Attack feat (dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, base attack +4), Wildlander level 6.

?   Bonus: This feat allows the attacker to effectively get a flanking attack bonus of +4 (as opposed to the normal +2) on opponents of one size smaller, equal size, and one size larger. This form of attack does not provoke an attack of opportunity. This attack causes the attacker to forfeit the successive attack (but not other attacks) in that round. A Wildlander must have at least 2 attacks in a round to perform this feat. A person wielding two weapons cannot make an attack with the off-hand at the same time while doing this feat. This feat can be taken multiple times with the specified weapons and bonus effects stack. So, a Wildlander can take this feat at 6th level and at 16th level with the same weapon. At 16th level the Wildlander could perform this feat twice with one weapon provided that he devoted this feat to a weapon twice. Example: Dane McKeegan of the Clan Govannon at 6th level gets 2 attacks in a round so he decides to take Galavan?s leap for his spear.  At 8th level he gets another feat. He could take Galavan?s Leap again and devote it to another weapon. At 16th level he could take Galavan?s Leap again and devote it to the spear or another weapon that he has devoted the feat to prior to 16th level. Combat Example: at 11th level Dane gets into the rough and tumble with an Orc. In one round Dane gets 3 attacks. He decides to perform Galavan?s Leap with his spear at the beginning of melee. His first two attacks are used up in this maneuver leaving him with 1 attack left in that round. At 16th level he could use Galavan?s Leap twice using up 4 attacks in that round.

Shield Rim:

?   Description: Wildlanders often carry shields with their clan symbol painted or engraved on the face of it.  They have been known to put an edge on the rim and use that ?blade? in combat.

?   Prerequisite: Wildlander. A non Wildlander can use this feat if trained by a Wildlander (and only a Wildlander), Improved Shield Bash

?   Bonus: This attack is a modified form of the Improved Shield Bash. All of the regular penalties to attack are incurred (a light shield and heavy shield is treated as a light weapon and one handed weapon respectively; PH pg.125 & 160). As with Improved Shield Bash there is no penalty to Armor class. The damage caused by a shield rim is 1d4 / 1d6 for a light shield and 1d6 / 1d8 for a heavy shield and a critical multiplier of 2 with a threat range of 20 (spiked shields of like caliber are also the same damage for a shield rim attack). The Two Weapon feat applies to the shield rim for purpose of reducing penalties on attacks.  Bucklers and tower shields cannot be used for this feat.  

Wildlander Scream:

?   Description:  Wildlanders are extremely passionate in battle ("...they fought like warrior poets..."). When going into combat many roar a fierce war cry. Some issue forth a scream of such fervor that it inspires them and their companions. Many times the last thing an enemy hears is their howl of battle passion.

?   Prerequisite: Wildlander 4th level

?   Bonus: the Wildlander scream is equivalent to the 3rd level cleric spell ?Prayer?. This feat can be taken again at 10th level and then at 16th level. Each addition adds or subtracts 1 to the appropriate modifiers as according to the spell (PH pg.264). This feat can be used a number of times per day equal to the Wildlanders constitution modifier to a minimum of one.  The Wildlander can only invoke this feat at the beginning of a melee encounter. If in the invoking round the Wildlander takes more damage than his constitution modifier he/she must make a concentration check to complete the scream to its? effect. A failed check prematurely ends the scream and the effects are lost as is that chance for the scream for that encounter.

House Rules / Critcal Hit and Miss
« on: July 31, 2005, 07:22:53 PM »
Critical Hits:
Per the D&D rules a critical hit is a natural roll within the threat range and then another successive hit. I'm going to add that each successive hit within the threat range adds another die of damage.

example: Miranda is using a scimitar in a scrape with an Ogre. It's critical threat range is 18-20/x2. She hits with a natural 19. She follows up to see if it's a critical and rolls an 18. Normally the critical would end there. However, in my game it will continue on. So the next roll she gets is a 20. Miranda is happy and will roll to hit again. She rolls a 16 ending her critical spree. So, in total the damge that she would deal would be x3 (x2 for the initial crit roll, x3 for the roll of 20; the roll of 16 was out of her threat range for another critical. Only hits within the threat range can add another die to the damage). I don't know if this critical increase is a detailed feat in the books but it's now a House rule for my game.
(Tip: With the feat 'power critical in the Complete Warrior this could make one extremely deadly)

Critical Miss:
To the best of my knowledge the critical miss has not been detailed or even mentioned anywhere (but I reserve the right to be corrected).

So as has been done in the past, with acceptance I might add, is that a roll of a 1 poses a threat to a critical miss. A successive miss means a reduction of 4 to one's initiative for the following round. I would like to add that each successive miss will pose an additional reduction of 4 to initiative. Going into negative on initiative means losing the weapon giving the opponent an attack of opportunity (this is to reflect the fumbling nature that a critical miss puts a character into). The weaponless individual can then draw another weapon the following round at the expense of a move action.

If anyone has other ideas to handling critical misses then I certainly welcome the comments.

In Character Discussions / Ashes to Ashe's
« on: July 31, 2005, 11:43:22 AM »
After rolling over the Wolfsong Thurgin brings the wagon to a stop and says, "Okay you guys, why don't you go back to the house and get washed up. I'm going to bring Maal, Dale, and Sayer over to Ashe's place...I won't be but a few minutes."

The farm hands jump out of the wagon and start to walk down the road to the right waving their hands and saying farewell. Thurgin turns the wagon down the road to the left. Immediately on your right you see "The Grape and Vine". Thugin says, "Ghost Eye makes a fine wine and on the rare occasion I get a glass. It's a bit pricey for my earnings so when I do get a drink there I make it last a while." Behind the the tavern you see a field full of rows and rows of grape vines. You ride further up the road and see a dark building on the right. It has a tall central tower and placed evenly aroung it are four smaller spires. Thurgin points to it, "That there is The Temple of Shadows. There's a rumor goin' 'round that a dark priest has come to replace the one that died last fall". Across the street on the left is one of the largest buildings in town. Thurgin nods to it and delightfully says, "And that there is Doubeck's festhall. On any given night there'll be a good time there...especially this time of year. If'n your looking to match a skill of sorts to a challenge that'd be the place to do it. "Just up ahead is the Killing Shot. It's owned by the Snowfire Sisters. They make a wicked bow they do. Few can match them at their skill with one. So far they're the ten time champs at Doubeck's. They share the title since they always come to a draw with each other. Many men have been humbled by them...and I laugh every single time it happens!"

A minute or more passes and Thurgin stops the wagon in front of a mid-sized common bulding. Hanging over the door you see a sign with the 'Tree of Life' carved into it. The carving is gilded with gold and copper and shimmers in the afternoon light. Above the tree is the word 'Ashe's' and below the tree is the word 'Herb's'. "Well," says Thurgin, "This is it. This is Ashe's place. I have to be goin' now...but it was great talking to ya. Sayer, did you want a ride back to the bridge? I can take you there." Sayer nods in quiet acceptance. Thurgin turns back to Dale, nods and says, "I'll see you tonight at the Thornhedge, yes?"

General Info / Savage Monster Races
« on: July 30, 2005, 09:33:11 PM »
In the spirit of diversity and spice (not to mention role-playing challenges) I'm open to "savage" race characters. For example, if someone wanted to play an orc, goblin, gnoll, kobold, etc. I'm not opposed to the idea. There are a number of other races detailed in the other "Races of..." books that i'd consider as well. Others, however, I may not accept.

So, if there's an "off the beaten path" race that you think you might want to put in your roster of characters let me know what you have in mind and we'll hash it through.

Character Info / Psionics Handbook Races
« on: July 30, 2005, 09:17:48 PM »
I know I have a post related to this somewhere but I can't find it. So, here is the official list of what I will and won't allow for Races from the EPH. Some I don't allow because I belive that they imbalance and others I don't allow because I don't like them...and I'm not afraid to say it!

I'm making the list because people have been exercising the allowance of a second character. So, I figured that this definition was warranted.



Not Allowed:

*I was at first undecided about the Elan because I didn't care for the aspect of them being Hundreds of years old and having a memeory of that history (it could have potentially upset my apple cart of secrets). So, I decided "What the heck! It's my world and I can play God if I want to". The end result is that Elans are a strain of humans. They have the same lifespan as humans but different racial bonuses as they are detailed in the EPH.

General Info / Racial Variants
« on: July 28, 2005, 06:27:58 PM »
Johan detailed a "Savage Gnome" Racial Variant in the "Character Information" board. This was a collaborative effort from both of us. If anyone would like to use Racial and class Variations for a character (current characters notwithstanding) discuss it with me and we'll work something out.

This Savage Gnome variant brings up an interesting point in the game: Environment. Races native to climates and geographies would certainly adapt to those conditions. Just look at how diversified the human race is.

D&D covers Racial Variants in the "Unearthed Arcana". However, some of the variations (like the Gnome) I think fall somewhat short (heh, Gnome...short) of their potential. This being the case, a player that is creative enough to make fitting variations is welcome to do so.

Another interesting racial twist detailed in the Unearthed Arcana is "Bloodlines" (pg.19).

In Character Discussions / By the Light of The Emerald Moon
« on: July 27, 2005, 01:44:38 PM »
Maccabeus and Wolf spend the afternoon picking about through the forest and hunting for food. wandering throught the forest you see that Sythus is fast taking hold as is evident from the trees and bushes in their bloom.

along the small brooks that feed the Fogveil you see that there are many wildflowers flaunting their brilliant colors. They're familiar to you as these flowers are also native to The Dale of Wolves. Their subtle scent lightly dances in the air lending a sort of peace that allows you to hear Mahiya's symphony.

Kossuth has nearly sunk away and the sky is splashed with a myriad of colors. The moons are rising to shine and are located at different points in the sky. Grumbar is in it's waning gibbous phase, Akadi is nearly at half and is also waning, and Istisha the emerald moon of water is mysteriously full when it should be near new.

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