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In Character Discussions / Meeting on the Rosewalk
« on: September 11, 2006, 07:51:19 PM »
Duthash Dracum Basque VY 237 (May 17)

The recent events had lent itself to exhaustion. Although Maal had fully healed from the skirmish in Rivercliff Keep she had not fully recovered. However, growing up in the Wildlands had taught her that danger does not wait for rest. It is always there in one form or another.

Clan survival depended on the vigilance of watchful eyes. If one was caught sleeping on their watch shame was brought to that person and would not be forgiven for a great deal of time. This could be considered a fate worse than exile.

Having committed herself to her morning scout about town, she roused out of bed in the predawn morning to tread, what was now, familiar roads.

The weather the last few days had grown unpredictable. One minute there was sun, the next minute, rain. Regardless of what the weather brought, Maal geared up and headed out. This morning seemed darker than others and Maal knew that there was cloud cover.

The eastern side of the town was quiet but particular attention was given to it since this was the side that the dark ones attacked from. It was also the direction that the ruined Keep was in. Vervishkuk had still not been found and could very well be waiting for his chance to strike. He had taken her down before and no doubt he could do it again. Only this time she was alone.

Satisfied that nothing was threatening she decided to move along to the other parts of town. As she approached the Rosewalk Bridge she could see a lone dark figure standing in the lantern lit mist of the river.

In Character Discussions / Seeking Solace
« on: July 25, 2006, 01:20:46 PM »
On the way to Ashe's house Laren got lost in his own thoughts. He reviewed all the events of the past weeks trying to digest the gigantic meal he had been served. It was nearly overwhelming. The only way out was through.

Much to his surprise he found himself at the door. Above his head the sign that read "Ashe's Herbs" was creaking slightly in the mountain breeze. The lantern lights escaping the windows were fairly dim and Laren could see Ashe through the distorted glass panes.

He seemed to be washing the blood from the cloth used in healing Kit. Laren could see that many of the cloths were hanging by the fire and the room was in disarray. Laren noticed that Ashe was analyzing the backs of his hands.

Kit was lying face down on the bed in complete upheaval. The blister had swelled even more since he had last seen it and had even started to split a little. Kit's face was in constant contortion trying to deal with the pain of it all.

The early morning birds began to sing their sweet melodies and for a split second Laren actually felt at ease.

In Character Discussions / The Sorrows Can Swim
« on: July 06, 2006, 01:07:10 PM »
The night was still and quiet. A cool mountain breeze tickled the trees and they laughed with their rustling. Thick fog was rising from the river in ghostly fingers and hung over the slumbering town. The flame from the Spike of Fire made the fog glow slightly with a golden light.

In the distance Laren could see the large lanterns of the the two bridges connecting The Foot to the rest of the town. Ahead of him he could see a luminous purple mist along the stretch of road that passed before the Temple of Shadows. It was thick and menacing and looked almost exactly like the purple mist in his dream.

To the north end of Threshold, Laren could see smoke echoing the light of the moons. It wasn't a conflagatory smoke like the other night but rather smoke from a chimney. It seemed to be wafting up from The Stump. Apparently not everyone was sleeping this night.

In Character Discussions / Wolves on the Hunt
« on: June 27, 2006, 08:25:11 PM »
Duthash Dracum Arkus 237 VY (May 16)

Kym had woken early. It had been days since she had hunted and the need to run had overtaken her. It was a few hands before Kossuth would rise but the birds had already begun their morning song. She descended the stairs in her hunting clothes to see her father, Zarion, sitting at a table eating breakfast. The lantern was dim and it cast an eerie glow on his face. His long slightly grayed hair, extended sideburns, and  predacious features made him look particularly wolfish. As he took a bite of food from his fork Kym could see markedly pointed canine teeth. She had always known they were there and she too shared this trait but she took keen note of them this morning. It was a sign of family heritage and she was suddenly overwhelmed with pride that she was her father?s daughter.

?You?re up early.? Zarion said.

?I was restless?couldn?t sleep.? Kym replied.

Zarion looked up, ?That?s the night calling you. You?ll get used to it.?

?Dad, when is Mom coming back?? Kym asked.

?When the time is right. Her work is very important, as you know. But I miss her too.? Zarion said trying to convince himself.

?She been in Kaaryn?Zyth for so long I figured that she?d have returned by now.? Kym said with a bit of questioning in her voice.

?She?s safe. If anyone in Mahiya is safe it?s her. Worry not, Kymberly.? Zarion looked upon his daughter and said, ?You look like your going out to hunt.? Zarion said. ?Are you going to run with your pack??

Kym smiled as her worries were alleviated and said, ?Yep. And if I could borrow your bow?I?d sure like to.?

?You know where it is. Don?t hunt on the east side of the river. It?s very dangerous right now.? Zarion warned. ?By the way, have you gone hunting with Maccabeus and his brother yet??

?Actually, that?s where I?m going right now. The ring is?where is the Ring?? Kym said with a furrowed brow.

?South of Coryndar Fields so I?m told. It?s surrounded by brambles that may not welcome you. So be careful. Call to him first. I?m sure he?ll hear you. If he doesn?t, his brother will.?

?Okay Dad. I?ll be careful.? Kym had hesitated for a long time asking her next question but couldn?t hold back any longer, ?Dad, have you seen the Blood Tear??

Zarion took another bite from his fork and said, ?That?s why I?m awake.?

In Character Discussions / Fear and Doubt
« on: May 28, 2006, 08:20:14 PM »
The morning after "Dreams of a Tortured Soul"

Zurn woke to the marching of armored guards passing by the chapel. He had slept that night with one thought in his head: Saving Dannobar. He knew that they were walking into the mouth of the beast and that the others would be put at risk by doing so. He didn't want his own devotion to Ehlonna to bring the others to doom. Though his time in knowing them was brief, they were his friends and he cared for them.

He also didn't want to disappoint or betray Ehlonna by not trying to redeem Dannobar who, although became misguided, was still loved by her. He would not be able to accomplish this task alone though. He knew that Vallen would go with him to do this but that would still not be enough. He needed the others. He admitteded to himself that he had fear and doubt about it all.

He had never been charged with a quest like this before. Gorna was a sleepy farming town. Aside from the recent excursion through the wilds, the most adventure he had seen was helping to ensure a decent crop for the townsfolk. He wondered if he could meet the challenge.

Okay, if you read Interlude 02 - A Conversation on the Edge of a Swamp (Forest Keep Game Log you may have come to the conclusion that I have:

The Little Girl is really Beloved.

1) She's very short and having a conversation on the edge of a swamp. Her camp was on the edge of that stinky swamp.

2) She remarked on the book and that we don't know what it's for. No other Female except Lady Corryn knows we have the book.

3) She remarked on Arlen's singing voice. Now, to my knowledge Arlen only sang when he heard Beloved sing. In fact, he sang back to her as a sign of friendship. Also, it was Arlen that talked with her the most.

4) Beloved would be the only one (besides the stunted fellow, Corryn, and Coris) that would know we were attacked by a Wendigo.

5) Beloved would be the only one that would know that we were too far away (distance and time) for a cure to the Wendigo disease since she was the one that gave us the clues to how it was to be cured.

Beloved should be renamed to Betray.

Any thoughts?

House Rules / Trading Languages for Skills
« on: April 16, 2006, 11:39:41 AM »

[PHB Pg. 9] You apply your character?s Intelligence modifier to:

-   The number of languages your character knows at the start of the game.

[PHB Pg. 82]

-   You can purchase Speak Language just like any other skill, but instead of buying a rank in it, you choose a new language that you can speak.
(I?m assuming that in this instance you spend one skill point to learn the language and do not assign any further points to that language skill. Effectively, any language costs 1 skill point)


A character, upon creation, can use their intelligence modifier to assign bonus points to intelligence based skills (Appraise, Craft, Decipher Script, Disable Device, Forgery, Knowledge, Search, Spellcraft) instead of languages. These points are considered to be ranks in a skill (there is still the limit of 3+level of ranks in any skill).

For example:
Lord Manhammer has an intelligence of 18 with a +4 modifier. He can choose to use his modifier to purchase intelligence based skills instead of languages. Since Lord Manhammer doesn?t like to talk he puts his points on skills. He decides to put all four points into Craft (weapons).

When Lord Manhammer reaches 4th level he bumps his intelligence up to 19 and at 8th level up to 20 giving him a modifier of +5. He can take that 1 point difference and assign that point to another intelligence based skill or a language. He assigns it to Craft (weapons) again giving him a rank of 5 in that skill (but he could choose to learn a language if the inspiration moves him to do so.).

Game Log / Threshold Interlude 01: Demands and Promises
« on: April 15, 2006, 09:50:01 AM »
Threshold Interlude 01

?I want it!? the voice screamed.

?It will be in your hands soon, my lord. We?re working on the location as we speak.? The feminine voice countered.

?Perhaps I should send out my own to find it. They do have a knack for such things. And what of the book? Oh, let me guess, you?re working on that as well?? The man hissed.

?We are.? she replied.

?The chalice is useless to me without the book! I need the candles as well if I?m to read the script within the tome. I told you this when you were hired. If you can?t deliver then??

?You will have it all, I promise.?

?You truly don?t understand. I don?t want your promises?I want results! I?m going to raise the stakes. If my loyals return with anything that I?ve hired you to find before you do?well, the results won?t be pleasant for you and yours...I promise. So you better get going?the sands are slipping by.?

Character Info / T'Riad Shy'Eve - Friend and Enemy
« on: April 05, 2006, 02:31:05 PM »
Friend and Enemy

?Again?, I said. Falion Du?Gren lay on the floor stunned that he had been struck so hard. I did hit him with great force because he was not performing to his potential. He sprung up and immediately positioned himself defensively. I went after him with a series of blatant strikes that allowed him to block easily and strike back. But he did not strike back. I could not allow this. I easily penetrated his blocks with a series of strikes and then I delivered the crushing blow to his chest. He fell down and gasped for air. The large practice room was filled with his wheezes and coughs.

Standing over him I said, ?Why do you not attack me? You defend but you do not attack. Explain.? Falion stood up on his shaky legs and ignored the pain that I knew he felt and said, ?Because I do not want to hurt my master and my friend.?

?When you are in here practicing with me there is nothing but your enemy. Am I not worthy of being your enemy? Think you so little of me not to know my risk while we engage in our katas*? Your enemies out beyond will not be so merciful. They will not wait for you to suppress your sympathy. I knowingly endanger myself Falion?you need not worry about hurting me.? I said.

Falion again stood at the ready for the next kata. His loose clothes were slightly wrinkled and his hair was mussed a bit but he was prepared. I moved in launching a series of quick strikes which he easily blocked. Damn him! He wasn?t striking when he could. Well, I had to drive the point home. I tightened my fist and when he was vulnerable I punched him right in the forehead. He stumbled back and lost his footing. He landed graceless bouncing his head off of the wooden floor. In addition to that I had split his forehead open and there was blood flowing from the wound. I now had to scare the boy. I wasn?t really mad at him at all but I had to make him think that I was. I had endured the same feeling when I was learning this art. I was fearful of the power that I was acquiring, as was he of his. I could easily see his reticence as a compliment to me but that would not protect him when he was being challenged for real. So now it was a matter of ?tough love? as my master would say.

?Strike me! Why don?t you strike at me? You see me as your friend but right now I?m not! I am your enemy! Hopefully that punch will knock some sense into you!? I shouted. I didn?t want to yell at him but I figured that it was the only way he would hear me. He sat up, touched the front of his head, and looked at his own blood. He glared at me with fire and fury. ?Now you understand my words, yes? Come to me you pathetic whelp! Show me what you?ve learned!? I hissed. It was so very odd to be saying these things to a boy who was essentially my son?I loved him. However, he needed to learn and this seemed to be an effective way to teach him.

He jumped up onto his feet. The blood from his head was flowing over his temples and down the sides of his nose. His hair was now free and wild. He looked positively savage and nearly out of control. ?If you let your anger unbalance you be assured that you?ll be lying back on that floor.? I warned. He didn?t listen.

He came at me throwing his fists and feet in precise fury. It challenged even me but soon he became sloppy in his execution. All it took was one overthrown punch. I grabbed his arm and flipped him over on to the floor. He slammed hard. Amazingly he didn?t make any sounds of pain but I knew he was in it. Still holding his arm, I came down with an elbow to his face. I landed with my elbow just touching the end of his nose. ?Do you see now that your rage has unbalanced you? Listen to me next time Falion. Seek discipline and you will find your freedom. Your barbaric outburst could have very well cost you your life in the outside world.? The tension in his arm dissolved and I released it and stood over him.

Again he got to his feet. ?Master, I was wrong to strike in anger. I do not understand why you speak of enemies that I do not have.? he said. I smiled at his naivet?. He truly did not understand the harm that he could face once he left the safety of his home. ?Falion,? I said ?the world beyond our monastery is not so safe as within it. There are others that would seek to harm you in some form or another.? Still he looked confused. ?Master, why would I ever need to leave my home? Everything I want is here.?

I suddenly felt the emotions that he would endure upon realizing that he would need to leave to a world that was unknown to him. I felt it because I went through it myself so many years before. He reminded me of myself at his age. ?There will come a day when what is here will not be enough to satisfy you. I understand that it is hard to believe right now. However, you are young still. What you do need is all here?now. But like the child that grows to large for the womb you will feel the need for growth beyond your home here. That day has not arrived yet. Now, let?s continue with the lesson.?

I could see that he still did not fully comprehend his need to travel beyond. I knew that he would sit in contemplation of the inconceivable departure. He would never truly understand my words until he was at the moment of revelation.

He bowed and immediately went into his defensive stance. I bowed back and went into mine. I moved towards him with controlled aggression. I sent punches and kicks at him with testing speed. He blocked them all with near perfection. I left myself unguarded to see if he would seize his chance. To my pride, he did. He landed his fist on my jaw and sent me back a step. That was perhaps one of my happiest moments. My student and son had gone beyond what he thought he was capable of.

He stopped immediately and bowed his head in apology. ?I..I am sorry master. I did what you said and?? he said tripping over his words. I shook my head and cradled my jaw with my hand making sure it wasn?t broken or misaligned. I hadn?t been struck like that for a long time. He was stronger than I thought. ?I laughed and said, ?No, no. Do not apologize. Remember, I knowingly endanger myself. That was a fine hit Falion?one I won?t forget for some time. How did it feel??

Falion, who later would be known as T?Riad Shy?Eve, looked up and smiled. ?To be honest Master, it felt liberating. Is this wrong?? he said. ?No Falion, it is not wrong to feel what you feel right now. Only when you exploit the art for personal power are you then out of balance with yourself and are blind to enlightenment. You would then become imbalanced with Xen?Chi. Greed is just as powerful as anger and it can consume you?like a blazing fire. I would consider that to be wrong. Enough of this talk for today. Shall we take a mid-day meal my enemy and friend??

*A ?kata? is a series of martial attacks and defenses.

In Character Discussions / Alone
« on: April 03, 2006, 11:44:32 AM »
[The timeline of this post is immediately after Session 11.]

T?Riad ran to the branches of the huge fallen tree as fast as he could. He didn?t want to get caught in the fire or the wrath of the invaders. The island was burning up and he didn?t know where his friends were. He decided that he would stay hidden in the large branches and wait for the beasts to leave.

He hoped that his companions found safety from the attack. It would be foolish for him to go out and look for them at this point as it would almost assuredly get him killed. As he crouched into the branches and leaves to conceal himself he felt a burning sting in his arm. He looked over to see a bolt embedded in his flesh. He was still bleeding but not badly. He knew that once he pulled the bolt out that situation would change. He figured that the burning of the wound was caused by a poison of some kind. Hopefully it would run its? course and be done soon.

He watched on at the ensuing chaos knowing that he was powerless to stop it. Then he wondered if he had the chance would he stop it? The lizard people had been kind to him and Scale did protect him on more than one occasion. He reached into his pouch and pulled out the large crocodile tooth the elder had given him. He recalled the dream-vision that he had with the great city and the meeting with Klargaireus. He wondered if the priest was here now destroying these folk. He was of too even a mind to vow revenge on these creatures. However, he would not grant them exception either. T?Riad was a soldier of universal justice. As these beasts gave no mercy so shall they receive none from him.

T?Riad watched on as the village went up in flames and the cries of brutal murder filled the smoky air.

In Character Discussions / Calling upon a Friend
« on: March 13, 2006, 08:12:58 PM »
Duthash Dracum Voldyn (May 13th)

Wolf gives a quick growl of warning waking Maccabeus with a start. The bubbling water continues to churn and feed the young Vallenwood. Looking around, Maccabeus realizes that he's held aloft in the branches and leaves of the tree! He looks down and sees that he's nearly two humans high. Wolf is on the ground looking up at him quizzicaly.

In the druid tongue he hears, "Worry not, friend of the are safe within my care."

Maccabeus can see that the leaves of the tree are full spread and of a brilliant green. The bark is a reddish brown with a tint of greenish blue to them. It is a most unusual color bark that Maccabeus has never seen on a tree before. The branches are unusually thick for a tree of its' limited height and age. Then again, for a tree that was planted so recently, the quick growth of this one was equally unusual.

Wolf extends his thick neck up and stares expectantly at Maccabeus.

Out of character discussions / Regurgitating Melzak
« on: March 08, 2006, 08:33:15 PM »
From "Between Two Disciples"
Quote from: blue:7027b34867
That Melzak was a priest to a self-styled demi-god named Vorntoque the vulture king. Vorntoque was destroyed by...well, he was destroyed and Melzak was killed[/color]." His eyebrows raised and his eyes rolled, as though he was looking off to the left. "That was well over a decade ago."
Belwar may be interested to know:[/i]
From Session 12- Death to Dannobar
Quote from: blue:7027b34867
When asked where the keys for the cage were, he said that ?Urgoth has them? (See Belwar?s character background here.)[/color]

This leads me to believe that Urgoth is in the stronghold. Now, this may have already been known but I want to state it for the record. I don't know anything about Urgoth but I think he definately had a hand in guiding the nasties into the tunnel under the Keep. He's probably at work doing other things as well. So while Belwar may not have any vested interest in redeming Dannobar's soul he just may be interested in vengeance. Personally, Belwar wanting to exact his brand of justice frightens me.

Any thoughts on all of this?

In Character Discussions / Dreams of a Tortured Soul
« on: March 07, 2006, 07:36:51 PM »
This conversation takes place after the discussion in the tavern regarding the plan to redeem Dannobar's soul.

The night grows late and the tavern begins to shut down for the evening. The early spring night is mild as the days have gotten warmer. The scent of new blossoms faintly drifts upon the calming breeze. The sounds of peepers echoes through the night singing their praise of the breaking of the winter chill.

Zurn looks up to the twinkling stars in the great inky beyond. He closes his eyes and breathes deep and thanks Ehlonna for the pleasure of the scented air. "Aye, this vision of Dannobar's fall inta tha' darkness has me fumbled." he says to himself. "Dannobar surely would repent if'n he could. And Ehlonna...oh, my sweet Ehlonna is most troubled by his capture. Dannobar be a poor tortured soul tha' would take back all o' tha' nasty things he done." Zurn thinks. "Ehlonna methinks be callin' upon me to help a brother in need. I wanna help the man but it seems ta be a folly at this point. Still, it be tha' good an' proper thing ta be doin' feels right ta me. Valen spoke freely of his vision. Me, I'm not open as that. I mus' talk to Valen aboot the message Ehlonna send ta him."

Zurn walks into the shadow of the walls of the keep and waits for Valen to exit.

I'm not sure when Valen is actually going to exit since he may be caught in a conversation with Belwar in "Cetainty of Death, Small Chance of Success...". If it does take a while then he'll go see Lady Coryn and talk to Valen later. So, what's the timing on this? Johan...Dray?

Character Info / Balian Winters: A Bloody Knuckle Beginning
« on: March 07, 2006, 03:38:21 PM »
Balian Winters: A Bloody Knuckle Beginning

It was a pain that he had felt before. Somehow it felt good this time. He could feel the blood dripping from his head and mouth. He spun around swinging his fist knowing that it would hit something. Luckily for him it was the side of someone?s head. The bruised and blurry figure fell to the floor in a torn mess.

As for messes, Balian wondered how he had gotten into this one. One minute he?s having a quiet drink and the next minute he?s in a brawl. Perhaps it had something to do with mug that this now fallen figure had crashed over his head. At this point the reasons weren?t important as to why he did it. This knocked out person, Tydon, was bleeding on the floor. Balian knew he would have to clean up this smeared mess. ?At least I won the fight?, he thought, ?that alone is worth the trouble of it all.?

The bartender, Dalton, threw a rag at Balian and said, ?Balian, I?ve known you since you were a small child, how do you get yourself into these sort of scraps?? Dalton was much like a father to Balian. After Balian?s father left his mother, Dalton was the one that he looked to. Balian?s mother was a serving maid for Dalton and as a child, Blaian spent much of his time running about the tavern. Dalton was always stern but kind and did his best to be mindful of Balian.

Dalton threw Balian a rag and said, ?Here, you made the mess you clean it up! And then clean up yourself. If your mother could see you now??. Balian?s mother had taken ill and passed just a year before. Balian was only now seventeen, young by just about any standard. He had taken residence and an apprenticeship with the local weaponsmith at Dalton?s request. Dalton felt that this might give the wild lad some focus for his anger. Somehow it seems that it hadn?t taken hold yet.

Things had quieted down in the tavern and Balian moved Tydon to the chair outside to give him some air and prevent him from bleeding any further onto the floor. He then began to clean the blood from the floor. While he was down on his knees soaking the blood into the rag he heard a voice behind him say, ?That was quite a display you put on. You seem to have a natural talent for seeing things before you act. That?s an interesting gift.?

Balian was not in much of a mood to entertain a conversation at this point in the night. Wanting to avoid this talk Balian continued to scrub the floor and without looking up he said, ?Yeah, what do you want? A fight? I?ve had my fight for the night. Come back tomorrow. I?ll be happy to entertain you.?

Cooly the voice said, ?Fight you?! No my lad, I want to train you.?  

?Train me? What am I a bloody dog? Are you going to teach me tricks? Get outta here ya wanker!? Balian said snidely and he continued to clean the floor.

The voice said, ?In that case, I?ll take the fight now. Stand up and we?ll do this where no one else will get hurt.?
?I told you, come back tomorrow. I?m done for tonight.? Balian replied.

?First rule: A fight never waits for you to be ready. You must always be ready!? Suddenly, Balian felt a crushing in his ribs. He rolled over half winded and coughing. ?Maybe you?re not as sharp as I thought! Anyone else would have seen that coming!? Balian looked up to see a bald man wearing simple clothes standing over him. ?So you think you can afford to turn your back on me now? Like I said, let?s go outside where we can do this without hurting anyone else.?

Balian got up, his ribs aching, and began to walk towards the door. His vision was somewhat blurry and blood was still trickling down his face from the broken mug. With out any warning Balian spun around and rushed towards his opponent. The man came down upon the back of Balian?s head with an elbow knocking him to the floor at his feet. Balian then grabbed the bald man?s feet and flung them up bringing the man backside down to the floor. He then jumped on the man and threw his fist towards his face. The bald man tossed his head to the side just before Balain?s fist made contact. The fist went thundering through the wood floor. Suddenly, Balian was cold-cocked to the left side of his head and he rolled over unconscious.

Balian woke up with his fist wrapped in bandages and a splitting headache. He was in a room unfamiliar to him. The lantern was burning low and it was dark outside. With his tongue he could feel the split on his mouth from the night before. It stung a little but in a peculiarly good way. The door creaked open and the man that had beaten Balian quietly poked his head in. ?Ah, you?re awake! Good. I want to talk to you. How?re you feeling?? he asked.

?My head and my hand hurt? Balian replied.

?Well, let me introduce myself. My name is??

?I don?t much care what your name is. Just let me up and we can both be on our way.?

??Churchill. Davis Churchill. I?m offering you a chance??

?There?s nothing you have that I want! Now leave!?

??to put your skills to use. Your fighting skills that is. I saw you fight in the tavern and you have a sense for the moment. But right now you?re wild and unrefined. I can teach you to become an artist of sorts. You would train in my company amongst your peers. There?s also pay to be had. I?ll give you good meals and lodging for now. All you have to do is say yes. What?s your mind??

?I have a job. I?m apprenticed as a weaponsmith.?

?HA! A weaponsmith? Please, you and I both know that?s not something that?ll feed the beast.? Davis leans closer and says, ?You want more Balian?you know that smithing isn?t what you want to do for the rest of your life. It?s a good skill but it won?t give you the life you crave. You know this?don?t you? So why don?t we end the verbal fisticuffs and say that your working for me now??

Balian listened intently to his words and said, ?Sounds like a decent offer. Things that sound too good to be true usually are though. Why me? Why would you even give me a chance?? Balian asked.

 Davis replied, ?Because I see some of myself in you when I was your age. I was given a chance?which was all I needed. It?s time for me to give back. Chances are like rope Balian?you can either hang yourself with it or climb to greater heights. What you do with this chance is up to you.?

?Well, against my better judgment?I?ll take the offer.?

?Great! Pack your things we leave right now.?

?To where??

?At first I?m sure that you?ll call it hell! Let?s move!?

In Character Discussions / Of Roots and Races
« on: March 06, 2006, 02:12:04 PM »
After being fully satisfied that Arlen was clearly losing his mind from the encounter with the Wendigo and regretful that he even mentioned the shapeshifter to him, Zurn gets up from the table in the tavern and walks outside.

"I be needin' some distance weapon", Zurn says to himself. "To many times I was caught with me breeches down needin' to strike from away and couldn't. I won't be lettin' tha' happen agin".

Passing through the courtyard he sees Urgrosh practicing his martial skill. Zurn thinks to himself, "Raised by tha' dwarves he says. Heh, and he be tellin' me that I'm not a dwarf if I don't know my clan? Jus' who does he think he is, Moradin? He might think he has the heart of a dwarf but he's got the brain of an orc!" Zurn stops and watches him for a second taking extra note that he wears the crest of Ehlonna. "Then agin, he doesn't really know me or me origins. He doesn't know that I be walkin' Ehlonna's path too. There needs ta be some explainin' and askin' methinks..."

Zurn makes his way to the weapons arsenal in the Forest Keep. He opens the door and says, "'ello? Be there anyone here?"

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