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Characters / Shannon Auvryndyr
« on: November 20, 2008, 06:52:44 PM »
Shannon Auvryndyr

Name: Shannon Scytherai Auvryndyr
Birthday: 29 Winterend 2122
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Class: Monk/Psion (Egoist)
House: The Actors House


Shannon tops out at just over 5 feet. She keeps her blonde hair in very good lengthy condition as it compliments her green eyes. She is often seen with dried ink or paint on her hands as she is constantly working on some piece of art. In addition to that she is physically fit beyond the requirements of the school as that is her other major activity when she isn’t crafting art.


Shannon wears her clothes as informal as she can without bring trouble to herself from her headmasters or instructors. She spends much of her time in the city parks sketching, exercising, or selling her artwork.


Shannon is nothing if not passionate. Her passion about things often brings up her acute rebellious nature born to her by the injustices she’s suffered at the hands of the establishment. Sometimes her passion outweighs her judgment and she forgets about consequences and deals with them as they hit.

As her mother was accused of “voodoo”, many of the school kids refer to her as a “witches spawn” though few dare say that to her straight. Because of this only a select few have befriended her and she is often a lone wolf beyond those borders.

The friends she does have are typically members of The Whisper Gang.


Perhaps the dearest and most valuable thing to Shannon is her family. Currently her mother is in prison for her “voodoo” and her father is in for assault. She has often considered purposely committing a crime only to get caught so that she can be reunited with her mother, Sasha, and her father, Dakin. Naturally there is no guarantee that this would, in fact, reunite her with them but again, she often forgets about consequences.

She has vowed to free her parents from their cage and in some way crush the fiends that put them there.

In Character Discussions / 01.02.2133 - Shannon Wakes to the Game
« on: November 19, 2008, 07:28:37 PM »
01.02.2133 - Shannon Wakes to the Game

Classmates awoke in every room across the school district as the noise (of what sounded like thunder) became louder and louder outside the dormitories.

Peeking out their windows, the creation of the racket was blocked from the student view by the darkness of the pre-dawn sky, and moreso, by the incredibly bad weather that had swept in during the winter night. But every student, save perhaps the 5-years, knew what commeth.

The battle wagons.

Once each quarter, a couple hundred of students were selected for "the breech", a coordinated wargame to test all "15-years" and above. A wargame that was always unannounced as much as a "breech" in the outer-rim would be.

These battle wagons were here to take them to the fields, and at roll call, the students would learn who had been selected.

At the sight of the torches posted atop the wagons came into view, your heart starts to race with the anxiety of not knowing...not knowing if today would be your last.

Without thinking Wynonna ran to her wardrobe and began to prepare for battle. “Shannon, come on…today we get tested! You do want to prove your worth don’t you?” she asked excitedly.

“My skills are better tested by putting up with this ridiculous nonsense” Shannon quipped as she looked out to the dismal scene.

“Don’t you seek Kaine’s favor?” the puzzled but not surprised roommate asked.

Shannon had to watch what she said carfully. She liked Wynonna but in the years that they had been roommates she hadn’t built a comforting trust such that she could say what she felt and not get reported.

“Kaine has granted me favor by gifting me with my craft.” Shannon replied as she motioned to her art kit. It was a clever enough response to the question so that Wynonna would not pursue the point…or so Shannon thought.

“But all that is are pictures…that can’t defeat the Kar’Thul. Now here, take your sword and shield…if you’re not out there you’ll get in big trouble.” Wynonna retorted handing Shannon the standard trappings.

Shannon begrudgingly took the weapons and began to strap on her armor. It all felt so clumsy to her. She had been trained to fight without tools and even wearing armor felt too constricting. Shannon well knew who the real demons were and also knew that someday she would tear them down eviscerating them for many generations to come.

Wynonna’s comment bothered her more than just a little. It felt as though she said that her art was worthless. In Shannon’s mind art can be far more dangerous than any blade if applied properly. “Well Winnie, that all depends on how one chooses to use their art.” Shannon instructed with a wink.

After the two girls helped each other dress in their proper garb they headed for the door. Shannon looked back to her desk and the fine kit that rest upon it. A thought came to her. How very effective her art could be in making statements about the authority that be. She whispered to herself a recent lesson from her art instructor, Churchill, “Art is a lie that makes us see the truth.”

Wynonna called from down the hallway, “Shannon….hurry up!”

Shannon closed the door and her mind was now focused…but certainly not on the task at hand.

In Character Discussions / Once Home
« on: September 30, 2008, 06:55:32 PM »
Once Home

Duthash Gyth Basque VY. 237 (May 29)

Laren woke before Kossuth breached the horizon. He was in a well furnished room with a private bath and enough artwork honoring wolves to fill a large chamber in a museum. The four post bed was big enough to fit a dozen halflings his size. The pillow cases were enough so that he could us one as his own sleeping sack.

His sleep was restless however. Random visions of madness and destruction plagued his usually carefree dreams. Memories of his father and mother came back upon him. Behind every thought were the subtle, alien whispers from the Eye; that cursed thing.

On the road to Kurr it seemed as though eyes were all about him, watching, waiting. Indeed there was something…a dragon-like man that swooped in on him…him. It was as though it knew him or was seeking him.

It was the not knowing what any of recent events meant that perhaps bothered him the most. Then again, things were moving so fast and randomly that he barely had time to make sense of it all. And here he was back in the city that his changing times began. He was in Kurr, the place that was once his home not so long ago.

The Protectorate was here on a mission to escort those of faith back to Threshold and route the mystery of Sayers lost transcripts. Laren well knew that being here was, perhaps, dangerous. Crimson, his father’s probable assassin, might well be here. If that was the case, The Protectorate could be in more danger than they even knew. Shrugging off the thoughts, Laren lit his bedside lantern.

Opposite his bed was a set of double doors that led out to a balcony. In the distance he could see the vast lake that Kurr settled along. It was calm and still enough to look as smooth as glass. The waking sky echoed off the soothed waters with its deep, cool colors and in the great distance Laren could see the Dragonteeth Mountains that cradled Threshold.

The sky then began to darken and a tongue of lightning struck in the distance. Slowly the morning light began fade and silhouettes of dragons emerged from the clouds. The ground became black with dots of fires mixed within it. It was a damning vista.

Laren closed his eyes and rubbed them not believing that he was witnessing a living scene from his night’s visions. He dared to look again and found that it was once again the serene morning he was trying to enjoy.

Casually glancing around the room to ensure his own safety, Laren could see the azure glow from the Eye of Portence; that cursed thing.

In Character Discussions / The Dale of Wolves
« on: June 24, 2008, 07:14:10 PM »
The Dale of Wolves

Duthash Gyth Arkus VY. 237  (May 28)

Ashe leaped from the balcony overlooking the enormous waterfall. He plummeted head-first towards the rocky froth below. His grey hair whipped back and his emerald green cloak fluttered behind him like a flag in a vicious wind. He held his arms out and spread his fingers. His face was elongating and his legs were shortening. The symbol on his chest blazed forth and in a flash he transformed into a silver falcon. He caught a burst of mountain wind and was elevated over the thick, wild forest.

The terrain before him was a pleasant cocktail of streams, trees, and hills…oh the undulating hills! He was in the Wildlands and the majesty of it always gave him pause. He knew well why the folks that lived here fought so valiantly for their homeland as its beauty rivaled that of the Valley of Mist. He hoped the honorable folks would win their war with the City-State of Rhohannus and secure their sovereignty. That matter was not his concern though. He had sympathy for the Wildlanders’ struggle but such was not his place to interfere. There were other matters to attend to.

He had come to the Wildlands, in particular, to the sacred Tower, in order to speak with Zebulon about the Vallenwoods. He had to find out where the next acorn would drop so Maccabeus could claim it and save Whisper and her Goldleaf trees. Only one acorn would drop on the Day of the Valley to signify the Valley’s rebirth. It was a production of hope. Ashe speculated that perhaps someday the Vallenwoods would be freer with their children and they would once again claim this land as theirs.

Having gotten his answer from Mahiya’s Champion, Ashe decided he would visit the tribe of Dale Gnomes that Maccabeus hailed from since they were a relatively short flight away. He wanted to pay his respects to Maccabeus’s mentor, Shankaria. The venerable druid prayed to Akadi, a child of Mahiya, for swift winds to bring him to the remote tribe. A burst of wind blew from behind him and continued to carry Ashe over the rich and vibrant land.

(OOC: Johan, I would be most pleased if you were to play the part of the beloved Dale Gnomes in this thread when the time comes)

In Character Discussions / Royal Company
« on: June 18, 2008, 07:55:00 PM »
Royal Company- Kit

Duthash Gyth Basque VY. 237 (May 29)

Kit looked out over the sprawl of Kurr. Her perspective was far different from when she last saw her shadow in this city. Before, she was down amongst the daily folks who were doing all they could to make their living. Now, however, she viewed the sites from the view of Vallensun Keep- the residence of Arch-Duke Corwyn and Arch-Duchess Nicola Vallensun.

Her room was decorated with the quality trappings of a guest room. The architecture of the keep was both utilitarian and decorative, but not extravagantly so, as was her room. It seemed that a place of royalty would have a far more lavish atmosphere but this place was not so vain. The room had it’s ornamental tapestries and odd statues- mostly of wolves. Kit recalled that each City-State was associated with a particular animal. The wolf was the mascot of Kurr.

The morning sun beamed through the blue stained glass windows and it almost gave the feeling of being under water. Playfully, Kit imagined fish swimming by and smiled. She recalled the dolphins from her sea-faring days that the sailors took as a sign of good fortune. On one occasion, Kit actually saw one of the sailors hold a fish out over the bow and a dolphin leap straight out of the water to snatch the plump fish. Kit giggled with the memory and continued to stare out over the city.

The morning had just begun and the many days travel from Threshold left Kit feeling grubby. Stretching out of the nights rest, she looked around for any wash bins and came to realize that there was already a fire in the hearth with a large boiling kettle. Next to it was a bronze bathing vessel that, oddly enough, had dolphins swimming amongst curly waves in bas-relief.

She then heard a knock at the door.

In Character Discussions / 12.12.2129- A Letter and Memories
« on: April 04, 2008, 04:03:31 PM »
12.12.2129-  A Letter and Memories

Shannon looked out the window of her dorm room. It was a snowy, windy day and the walls could not hold back the chill of winter. It had been 3 years since Shannon last saw her parents. Today was a good day to write to them.

She sat down at her desk and turned up the flame on the sooty copper lantern. The light hurt Shannon’s eyes at first but she quickly adjusted to the brightness. Pulling out a piece of her finest paper, ink, and pens, she began to think of what she wanted to say. Unfortunately she couldn’t write exactly what she wanted to say just incase her letters were scrutinized by the POOSH.

Her head tilted as she thought. In a darker corner of the room she noticed a small spider weaving a web. To Shannon, having the privilege of watching a spider spin a web was every bit as fascinating as watching her art instructor, Master Churchill, paint. The spider reminded her of the spider that she used to watch in her room back in the days before her parents were sent away. “Hello little fellow.” Shannon said to the spider. “You look like a spider I knew a few years ago. You’re about the same size. I think you must be related. So tell me Mister Legs…that’s your name…Mister Legs…what pattern will you paint with your silk?”

Shannon talked to the spider in the hopes of taking her mind from the oncoming sadness and anger that she felt about her parents’ imprisonment.

General Info / Threshold Government
« on: March 27, 2008, 09:45:11 AM »
I hadn't realized this was missing until I went to look for it

Type of Government: Republic- The Council of Seven

The Council of Seven consists of one member of each major race (human, elf, dwarf, gnome, Halfling, and half-orc). All of the members hold equal power in the council with one serving as the spokesman. Council members are elected from a vote of all town members in a rotation of seven years. The election is held on the first day of the year (Gorrish Albyr Volden) on the holiday of Bloombring (this is in part to foster the celbration of the start of the continuing cycle). Council members can be re-elected with no ceiling on the amount of terms.

The Council meets once a week to discuss town topics and solutions to problems within the town’s area- in short, govern. All of the meetings are open to the townsfolk and are conducted in a town-meeting style.

The Tri-State of Vychia offers military protection to Threshold. The Vychian soldiers are not under the jurisdiction of the Council but are ordered by a Vychian Captain who receives orders from the Tri-State (usually the Arch-Duke of Kurr). The Council can make requests of the captain but cannot give orders. The Captain then chooses whether or not to execute those requests.

The Council of Seven also acts as judges for crimes that have been committed. Cases are argued before the Council and are then judged in private where punishment is also determined depending on innocence or guilt.

Current Council Members:

Julius Hawkhaven- Male Human (Spokesman)
Tris’Tuan Ryr’Penor “Rainfire”- Female Elf
Kardok of Clan Blackforge- Male Dwarf
Avalon Sythuswind- Female Half-Elf
Svenia Goodwink- Female Gnome
Baruth Steelfist- Male Half-Orc
Nimblyn Manyhands- Male Halfling

In Character Discussions / Reward of Service
« on: February 21, 2008, 09:57:25 PM »
Reward of Service (The introduction of Bastion)

Duthash Arek Albyr V.Y. 237 (May 19)

Jonak sat as his table looking over a sheet of paper. The paper had the wax seal of authentication indicating it was from the Council of Seven of Threshold…in particular Julius Hawhaven. It was a request that had been sitting on his desk for some time. ‘If it is at all possible, please ask any priests under your charge to see their way here’ read one of the lines on the request. At the time of its arrival it was unreasonable to send any priests to the prestigious town since Rhohannus was at war and needed all of the healing it could obtain. With many new priests now on the front and in the city, the request to send priests to Threshold was now fit to be met. Jonak knew of just the right person for the job.

There was a knock at the door. Jonak fully the expected the company. He had asked that Bastion pay him a visit and in all probability, he had now arrived. He wanted to give Bastion, a priest with great promise, a chance to put his faith to the test. Threshold was just the place where he could do this. Many pilgrims would be flocking to the Valley right now and some, would be seeking guidance and protection. There was not a feathers weight of doubt in Jonak’s mind that Bastion could indeed do this…Jonak had faith in him.

Slipping his glasses to the end of his nose Jonak looked up and said, “You may enter.”

In Character Discussions / The First Lesson
« on: January 14, 2008, 07:20:39 PM »
The First Lesson

Dracum Aryor, VY 237 (May 18)

The morning looked like much of any other morning.  The Fogveil was living up to it’s name and the roar of The Hammer was echoing from across the valley that Threshold lay in. The Spike of Fire was blazing in full glory and the Sythus birds were singing their call for Kossuth to shine on for as long as it would.

Ashe had woken extra early this day. He was remembering events of old and new and his thoughts seemed to be wrestling with themselves. He wasn’t sure if teaching her was the right thing to do. He would be forced to relive days that he tried so hard to forget. She needed him though. She needed guidance if she was going to fully harness her raw power. Whether or not he should tap into his own subdued powers he wasn’t sure. Despite his misgivings it felt to be the right thing to do. He surmised that he shouldn’t let events of the past prevent him from nurturing the promise of another’s future.

His brother was not able to control his own energy. He had lost his way and would have paid a dear price and almost did were it not for Ashe rescuing him and bringing him back to balance. Ashe had done a psychic surgery on him and relieved him of his madness. It was an event that Ashe would never forget. His brother’s power was close to consuming him because he did not know how to saddle it. Ashe felt that he had to teach her so that she would not fall into the same precipice of insanity. He had to face his demons.

He gathered his traveling gear and donned his sacred bronzewood symbol. He also took with him his bronzewood scimitar. He opened the door to his house and headed out into the newborn morning.

He passed by the House of Shadows and saw a dark figure on the steps. Unable to contain his curiosity, he approached. “Good morning.” Ashe said. “You must be Severen. Julius has told me that a Priest of Takhisis had arrived.”

“Arrived I have. You must be Ashe.” Severn said with a smooth silky voice.

“I am. What brings you here?” Ashe asked even though he already knew the answer.

“My guess would be that you already know, most honored Ashe.” Severen replied.

Ashe was surprised that Severen had realized the prestige that Ashe held within the town. “Well, why don’t you tell me in your own words.” Ashe said with a matter of fact tone.

“I am here to maintain the balance of representation in Threshold. A call went out and I answered. Balance is important don’t you think?” Severen asked.

“It is of utmost importance” Ashe said. Ashe knew well that Severen, although a priest of Takhisis, was probably knowledgeable in the ways of Mahiya as well.

Ashe looked around the front of the temple and could see dark mercurial images floating about and around Severen. He had been in the Temple of Shadows before and had come to understand that these living shadows were bound to the Temple and under the control of the governing priest. “Your companions guard you well.” Ashe said letting Severen realize that he knew of their existence.

“Yes, they do. They gave their physical lives to remain as watchers of the Temple. It was a noble sacrifice. I admire them greatly.” Severen cooed. “There was an incident at your home recently. I could sense death was near. Is everything…in order?”

Ashe was irritated with the question. With the recent episode, he had come to regard Kit as one of his own. He was now self-committed to aid in her tutelage and occasional protection. He initially felt that this was a violation of that protection. He then thought again on it and realized that Severen was merely fulfilling his role in the balance of things. There were no priests other than those of Takhisis and Mahiya. Perhaps he had a vested interest in those that may die. “Everything is fine…back in order. Why do you ask?”

Severen smiled and raised an eyebrow and said, “Because I’ve offered to perform the rituals of passage for the townsfolk until their own priests arrive. I may be a priest of Takhisis but I am familiar with the death rites of other followings. Death is my province and I understand the needs of people to lay their loved ones to rest.”

Ashe was surprised at Severen’s candidness. He wasn’t intimately familiar with the death rites outside of those as a druid. That sort of thing was left up to the clerics of the deities. Ashe couldn’t resist asking, “Does Takhisis take offense to that? Performing the death rites of those that would be it’s opposition?”

Severen laughed, “To those not within my order that would seem to be the case. Performing rituals of other divinities would ordinarily be considered blasphemous. However, Takhisis and I have an understanding. The nature of that understanding I will not delve into though. So let us say that I’m not bound by the dogma of stylized practice.”

Ashe smiled and said, “I understand. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must be going.”

Severen rose to his feet and extended his hand to Ashe, “We’ll have to have to dine together sometime. I’m sure there’s much to be learned by speaking with you.”

Ashe took Severen’s hand and gave it a friendly shake. “I would like that.”

Ashe turned around and made his way back to the road and walked to the Thornhedge.

In Character Discussions / A Humbled Thanks ( Completed )
« on: January 12, 2008, 09:35:00 AM »
A Humbled Thanks

Maragarn traveled north with the rest of the unlikely crew of companions. He had remained quiet trying his best not to call attention to himself. When spoken to, he would answer with his eyes lowered to the ground and with a short concise reply. It wasn’t that he felt lesser than them but assumed that the others thought he was. It was what he was brought up to believe. He came to see that it wasn’t his skill with shadows that was the “curse” but that rather, it was shackles of how others saw him that was.

Still, he owed the Centaurs a great deal of gratitude for giving him the Ironbark sapling so that he might save his grandsire. Since it was his grandsire that brought the wrath of the gods upon his once tribe of elves, it was a gesture of particular note. Such a fact need not be spoken of to the company that Maragarn kept. The unfortunate part in this is that Maragarn’s tribe probably wanted his grandsire to die if only to be rid of the reminder of the glory they once held.

Maragarn walked slightly apart from the others as he had always been instructed to when in the presence of those from beyond the tribe. However, owing a debt of acknowledgement to the Centaurs, he approached Eswarth cautiously.

He walked behind and to the side of Eswarth and glanced quickly up as he spoke. “I beg your gracious pardon honored Eswarth of the Ancient Race” he said in voice barely above a mumble.

In Character Discussions / A Dark Ally
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In Character Discussions / The Delivery
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In Character Discussions / Thoughts of a Redeemed Soul
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In Character Discussions / The Summoning of Sayer
« on: December 16, 2006, 05:13:27 PM »
Duthash Gyth Arkus (May 28)

The Summoning of Sayer

After the long road, Sayer was escorted to his room to find it in clean perfection. Everything was placed as he left it and all of the linens were crisp and scented. It was a large room by any standard, and afforded him the luxury that the grand keep could offer.

There were oiled cleansing waters and a variety of wines, teas, and steaming water at his disposal. Breads, cheeses of all sorts, and exotic fruits lay on the table and smelled positively divine after being on the road for the past few days.

The windows overlooking the courtyard park were slightly tinted and wavy making the view beyond them slightly distorted. Still, it was a soothing and majestic view of what was probably the model of what a garden should be.

In Character Discussions / Strange and Familiar
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