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In Character Discussions / Gnomenclature
« on: November 13, 2013, 09:10:14 PM »
OOC: This thread is open to any that wish to partake

Zurn was glad that their new guest was relatively unharmed. Enough pain had been wrought by the foulness that filled this valley for too long. Worshippers of foul deity, no good things would have come the prisoners they had kept. The fact that this gnome was still alive could well have been testimony to the benevolence of the divinity that watched over him.

The halls were now finally clean of the wretched undead stragglers that remained around the shrine to Ehlonna that had now blessed the once defiled passages. Dannobar was now finally at rest and embraced in the arms of the forest mother. When the Garachi moved here, if they moved here, Zurn hoped that the shrine would be revered by them in some way.

Once the Garachi inhabited this place then the ancient temple to Moradin would be open and available. Restoring a temple to the Parton Father of Dwarves filled Zurn with sense of ancestral pride. Though he did not directly worship Moradin the deity was still close to him in other ways. He savored the thought of exploring the old temple. The wisdom that might be contained within those halls!

Now though he had immediate interest in other things- namely Faznar. He was interested in his story. As a survivor amidst the gargan he must indeed have a colorful tale to spin!

As the group set camp as they had so often done Zurn tended to the their wounds in turn. Currently it was Faznar’s time. He genuinely reveled in the healing aspect of his faith be it by hand or bandage. It also opened up the chance to get to know his party members just a little better.

“I dunna think’n we been introduced properly, eh? Although what’n be right and proper out here if’n this ain’t?” Zurn asked as he wrapped a cut on Faznar’s arm. “My name is Zurn. And who ye be an’ how in the old wise mountain did ye git yerself out’n here?”

Out of Character Discussions / 3.5 to Pathfinder
« on: July 08, 2013, 09:47:27 PM »
3.5 to Pathfinder

As most of you know, I’ve been researching the Pathfinder Game System. It’s D20 based and is the next evolutionary step of 3.5 if Wizards of the Coast had continued to carry that torch.

I’ve decided to loose the Pathfinder arrow and put it into effect. For those familiar with 3.5 I have no doubt that you’ll appreciate the differences. For those less familiar with 3.5 it’ll be an opportunity to expand your toolbox. For those that know virtually nothing about any of it, it may present an opportunity to fondly relive your first days of ever playing.

So what exactly does this mean?

It means you’ll need to retool your 3.5 characters a bit to comply with the Pathfinder system. Now, before anyone twists their knickers about this let me say that this will be a nearly seamless conversion. The game system mechanics are pretty much the same. It will also mean some research. It does not mean you’ll have to buy new books. All of the Pathfinder information is on and accounts for all of the information in the Pathfinder books. Since 3.5 is so very similar to Pathfinder the material developed for 3.5 is available for use in character creation and evolution but does not override Pathfinder. While the 3.5 material is not available on the specified site, it’s certainly available online and, of course, in books you already own.

In this conversion you have an opportunity to retool your character(s) if you’d like. I’m not talking about changing races and classes just in case you were wondering. I’m thinking more like feats, skills, skill ranks (which change a little bit in Pathfinder as noted below), etc. If your character wasn’t what you thought they’d be or there are other additions to the game that you prefer, have at it.


Races have changed only slightly from the base statistics in 3.5. That said, Pathfinder offers several variants to each race that allow you to depart from the base stats.


I encourage you to review the classes in Pathfinder as there are some changes from 3.5.

To touch lightly on some of the changes:

Class Features- These change in some ways but not in others. Please review the class of your characters in Pathfinder to note the differences. Naturally there are variant options in the supplemental books and these are also listed on the noted website.

Experience Point Progression- Pathfinder offers 3 different tracks of level progression: slow, medium, and fast. For purposes of existing campaigns we’ll be taking the fast track. It aligns most closely to the 3.5 advancement. Now, when converting your character take the better of the two between level and actual experience points. For example, let’s say in 3.5 you’re 3rd Level (which requires 3000 xp) with 3100 xp. In Pathfinder you need 3300xp to be 3rd level. When you convert your character to Pathfinder you’re still 3rd Level but with the minimum amount of xp’s to qualify. Now let’s change your 3.5 xp’s to 4500. In Pathfinder you’re still 3rd level but you keep the xp’s you have since they are more than what is required to be that level.

After looking at the difference in the experience needed for level advancement (level 8 is the big shocker and where it really changes) you may wonder “WTF? How will this work?” Pathfinder calculates xp’s a bit differently than 3.5. It reverts back to the old flat rate of experience for creatures rather than the sliding scale of 3.5 and is far more generous in regards to the point at which high level characters stop getting experience for creatures weaker than the PC’s.

Favored Class- Each character gets a favored class. You’re not bound by predetermined favored classes like in 3.5. Rather, you get to choose your favored class (“I want my favored class to be Science…”)! One caveat, Prestige Classes are not to be taken as a favored class. That’s a no-no. So what’s the bonus of a Favored Class? The bonus is, every time you level up in that class you can gain either 1 hit point or 1 skill rank. There are variants of favored class bonuses per race and class listed also if you wish to explore these options as alternatives to the normal bonus to hit points or skill ranks and all are interchangeable.

Feat Progression

These are now every other level rather than every three…hip-hip-hooray! The list of feats is vast. Some are broad in application others narrow. Many, if not most, feats in 3.5 are also in Pathfinder and Pathfinder has added many of their own. The number of feats can be intimidating at first glance. Breath deep and try to focus.


Some skills have been combined into one skill (ex. Hide + Move Silent = Stealth). So if you don’t see skills that you know are in 3.5 then odds are they’re not gone but they’ve got a new face and name. Also, your skill ranks are no more than your level (but you get all manner of bonuses by ability modifier, feats, race, etc). For class skills that you have ranks in you gain a +3 bonus. If you are not trained in a skill you can still make a skill check (provided you can use the skill untrained, see the skills list) but you do not receive the +3 bonus.

Bass Defense Bonus

This is a concept that was introduced in 4e and it’s one I like a great deal but it will be a slight bit different in this application.

The basic concept behind this idea is that as you increase in level, so does your armor class. As the game is currently designed, your armor class doesn’t scale with your level but the difference is compensated for in the way of magic items. What if you don’t have a campaign world that operates that way? What if magic items are a rare thing and your Armor Class, even at higher levels, is the consistency of Jell-O? That means that a Glabrezu Demon who is +20 to hit (and has multiple attacks) is going to be roasting the party’s chestnuts on an open fire even if their levels claim them as an even match. Not entirely fair methinks.

As you, hopefully, know every class gets an increase in it’s base attack bonus at specified levels. In 3.5 and Pathfinder these are broken down into slow, medium, and fast. Martial based classes are on the fast track, martial / support hybrid style classes are medium, and non-martial classes are slower. Well, pay attention to that bonus because that’s the bonus you get towards your Armor Class.

By virtue of experience in fighting you learn how to attack but you also learn to defend. So why wouldn’t your AC increase? It only makes sense to me. So not only do you get a Base Attack Bonus (BAB) you also get a Base Defense Bonus (BDB). This is not noted on any pre-made character sheets so you have to figure this bonus probably in the Miscellaneous Modifier box of your AC equation. You may notice that a class eventually gets multiple attacks. Only the first number applies to your AC. If you multiclass, add the two BDB up and apply it.

Hero Points

I don’t know which game first came up with the concept but it offers players a little extra oompapa to perform heroic deeds…with success.

I was first introduced to Hero Points in the original Star Wars RPG only there they were called Force Points (naturally). What Hero Points allow a player to do is bump the pinball machine a little.

Need a reroll? Use a Hero Point. Need a bonus to your roll? Use a Hero Point. Need your character to cheat death? Use two Hero Points. Need to act before your turn? You guessed it. Stuck in an adventure rut and need a clue to get you back on the trail of the villain? Definitely use a Hero Point. Basically you can use Hero Points to accomplish something impossible…or so far beyond the normal capacity of characters that game mechanics allow. It’s tantamount to the Blues Brothers being able to save their own asses because they were “On a Mission from God”.

Hero Points are awarded for various reasons and there are even feats that operate from them.

This is something I like and I’m certainly willing to put in place but I want your feedback on it. Not everyone may like this idea. In order for them to be used, the majority of folks has to want them in the game. Be warned, there are no downsides to having them except the suspension of disbelief in a gaming environment.


If you have questions about any of the aforementioned information please, please, please ask. I’m here to help make this easy for you. I know it’s been a while playing this system for some of you and all of this information must be daunting to take in. I get it…I really do. Ask for help or advice if you need it. You can ask here or send me a PM.

Game Log / Session 24-A Up the Mountain Over the Chasm
« on: March 03, 2012, 05:17:10 PM »
Session 24: Up the Mountain Over the Chasm (Part 1)

Qwydeon Zinnyas Voldyn  VY 237 (June 7)


Your nomadic life in this part of the world has been volleying you back and forth from Threshold to the Valley wall for weeks now. The view of the trail has been the same but those that have hired you as a guard escort have been different. Many are pilgrims to see the legendary Valley of Mist and pay homage to their respective deities. Others have been merchants on a less noble endeavor to make some coin from the pilgrims. Still, others are students and teachers on their way to see the vast library at the main temple. Whatever their persuasion or cause for their trip, they all have paid honestly for your expertise in protection. So here you are at the partially constructed entrance to the most blessed of places never having gone in. Many of the tradesmen here that are constructing the entrance know your face and call you friend. The mammoths that are used to aid construction have developed a fondness for you and often rub your head with their massive trunks.


Your last few weeks in Threshold have been quiet to say the least, that is, except for the training sessions you’ve had with young man Kyle and his friends. After the Fortmount was emptied of its inhabitants, Julius asked if you would keep watch over it until the Protectorate had returned in full force to see to its full use. So there you’ve stayed as the steward of the keep. Every day the boys come and complete their assigned tasks and as payment you train them to fight. You often hear them talking about who exactly you like more and which one you’ll kiss first. Of course, you then promptly beat that thought out of them when it comes to sparring time.

A coupe of day ago your friends in the Protectorate embarked on a journey south to the Valley of Mist. It‘s a mission of profound importance but Julius thought that having a skilled warrior of your caliber in the town was equally important. A day after they left, Julius came to you with concerns that they would, in fact, need your guided spear. So south you traveled to a Wildlander place of legend.


You stand on the edge of the most divine location in all of Elsenban. For a priest, any priest, there is no other place that would compare save the heaven that awaits each soul. In your bones you can feel the sanctity before you. Your heart even feels drawn to the Valley giving you the sensation of having been there even though you know that you have not. What you do know, besides the common knowledge of the Valley, is that a great library housing thousands of tomes and scrolls in the great Temple of Nyx’Ianar waits at the far end of the Valley. To visit such a library is perhaps the finest pleasure for a priest of Sardior second only to the temple itself. Yet there is urgent purpose to this visit to the Valley of Mist and perhaps the vast library will have to wait.

Not only does your desire to dissect the library call to you but also the chalice. It calls not with a voice but with a yearning felt inside much like a thirst. You sense that it is fractured and wishes to once again be whole…but to what importance?


For any member of your clan and kin it would be no small event to visit this place of legend, nearly myth, known in the common tongue as The Valley of Mist. Few, if any, of your kin have been to this place although others have spoken of your grandsire speaking of it. Here you are now walking the same path as he probably did so many years before. Thoughts of coincidence versus destiny have gnawed at you in the back of your mind. You know that Ashe would say there’s no such thing as an accident.

Although the excitement of visiting what is surely a most sacred land fills you it is shadowed by the purpose of the visit. The salvation of Whispers life and the survival of the Goldleaf Grove is being carried by you. The violation to the unique trees by agents of Zyxu can only be cured by the planting of a Vallenwood Acorn within the grove. That acorn can only be found in the Valley. So down the dusty road you walk taking the same steps perhaps as your grandsire before you.

General Info / Saving the Fey
« on: February 15, 2012, 06:15:48 PM »
Here are the Game Logs and ICD's in chronological order to date that comprise the mini-epic "Saving the Fey". Reading these will give anyone playing this adventure, either from the start or joining in the next table session, almost everything they need to know to be caught up.

One thing that is missing is the full game log for Session 23 which I hope Johan still has in his vast resources of Game Logs. Johan, if you don't have it perhaps you and I can recount the session?

Game Log: Session 15 "Nettle Demons"
ICD: Nettle Remains
ICD: Word from the Wise
Game Log: Session 23 "A Journey for a Whisper"
ICD: Chalice of the Holy Grail

In Character Discussions / Following the Trail
« on: November 24, 2011, 08:21:57 AM »

  Following the Trail  

[Reference to Session 14 Part 2]

{This thread involves Jarmok and Sayer if Phin wishes)  

Duthash Gyth Basque VY. 237 (May 29)  

OOC: Johan, setting the mood, feel free to edit anything that I presume in regards to Jarmok


Kossuth had not yet risen over the horizon. The scent of late spring flowers coasted on the morning breeze and the sounds of a waking city were just beginning. From his window Jarmok could see the silhouette of enormous white cathedral in the distance. The height of its towers were surpassed by only the mountains themselves it seemed. The tangled web of streets of Kurr seemed confusing compared to the roads that ran through Threshold, as did all of the buildings. Looking at it too long one could have gotten dizzy it seemed. Perhaps it was a different sort of “forest”. One with buildings instead of trees…but not even close to natural.  


The suite that was lent to Jarmok was perhaps larger than the cabin that Mercer had given him back in Threshold. Utilitarian drapes and elegant tapestries lined the walls to shield from the cold stone in the winter retain their coolness in the summer. There was a desk for which to write and a sitting area to converse in comfort. It was by all measures, a nice place. It was not home though and it certainly wasn’t the forest and fields that he felt most attuned to.

In Character Discussions / Darkening Shadows
« on: July 28, 2011, 06:33:31 PM »
Darkening Shadows

Duthash Gyth Basque VY 237 (May 29)

OCC: This thread picks up after Once Home

The clothes Laren wore seemed clumsy. They were relaxed enough to offer a healthy amount of movement but the cloak, the pants over his pants, and the shirt over his shirt made him feel like he was wearing blankets. Gurden could see it on his face.

“Dunna ye be thinking that ye can be goin’ without this extra fluff. By the time I be done with ye, you’ll be a spitting image of Oddy...smell o’ him too.” Gibble had informed Laren that a clothing shop down near the docks, Hefters Finery, owned by Gurden Hammerhill-a tailoring loving dwarf-was the place to go. While Gurden wasn’t in the “family” he could be trusted to not ask questions and not answer them either- The Hawk Ring made sure of that.

Gurden, like many of his dwarven race, was a thick and sturdy fellow. His black beard, while not unkempt, seemed a bit wild as was the horseshoe of hair that stretched from ear to ear. He wore simple functional clothes and a tailors’ measure around his neck. At least three of his fingers had thimbles on them and Laren could swear at times he saw four and sometimes even five. Gurden was a tailor for laborers, fishermen, and laymen and he dressed the part.

Laren noted that the disguise clothes he was wearing over his own weren’t new by any stretch. They had rips, patches, and stains of food and mud that created a rainbow of crusty filth. The smell of the clothes, while not completely overpowering, stunk of rotten fish that had been left to bake in the sun. If, in fact, anyone that wished him harm could recognize Laren through the disguise they might have difficulty getting past the stench fog that was surrounding him.

“I have to admit…this be some o’ me good work!” Gurden said with a wide smile and a juicy sneeze.

Out of character discussions / Junior Names
« on: May 07, 2010, 01:20:39 PM »
My apologies for not remembering the names of your characters, Griz and Phin, but I'm going to be writing an ICD about returning to the Keep...please verify...

Phin = Poq (cleric...although he's just an acolyte not really a big priest...but he's studying...)
Griz = Kung-Pao? (front line monk)

Game Log / Session 23 "A Journey for a Whisper"
« on: January 04, 2010, 08:21:05 PM »
Session 23 "A Journey for a Whisper"

Qwydeon Albyr Basque VY 237 (June 5th)

Brief has your time been in Threshold, brief but not uneventful.  Shortly after your arrival you made friends with Ragnar. Ragnar was of a race you’d not ever seen before. He was quiet but showed an acute sense of dignity. It has been two days since you’ve last seen him.

Almost 2 weeks ago you aided Ragnar, Maccabeus, and his Wolf brother in eliminating what has come to be called the nettle demons from the brilliant gold grove overlooking the town from a southern cliff. There have been rumors and whispers about town of various going-ons including some wolves being found in The Fortmount keep.

Mostly though your time has been taken by the continuous games of skill over at Doubeck’s Festhall. In the many betting games at the large pavilion you’ve won some, you’ve lost some, but always there is the fun it.

Your travels and thirst for knowledge have brought you south to the Valley and back again. Many caravan’s have you helped to escort and much time have you had to study what has become the uncommon art of arcane prowess.

In one hand you hold a mystical doctrine and in the other, a large black candle handed to you from your friend Xen K’Stalis. Both of you were members of the  now disbanded Coven of the Eclipse. Each member of the coven was seeking to help bring the waning art of true arcanism back out of darkness so its light could once again be seen.

The journey continues everlasting.

Your time in threshold has been brief although certainly not uneventful. In only a few days you’ve, left your home of Rhohannus, battled creatures of darkness, touched upon the mystery surrounding the mass death of  established clerics, made acquaintances, and become the High Priest of Sardior in Threshold with a trio of acolytes. What else could Sardior have planned for you…perhaps the gift of rest? In your heart you may feel that the plans are otherwise.

Regardless, your acolytes have been working vigilantly at dusting The House of Crimson Eyes and once again making it a place where those that choose to can pray and learn. In some of your rare quiet time you’ve looked through some of the books in the church library. Many are impressively old and some are even from other lands and places. There are scripts that recount various histories and instruct on different crafts. The largest section of texts are devoted to aspects of Sardior. Some instruct on ancient rituals and yet others are more philosophical. All in all, cataloging all of the books and scrolls will keep the three acolytes, Gertrude (female dwarf), Neega 9femake ½ orc), and Tander (male gnome) busy for many days to come.

You look into the mirror and staring back at you is stranger. Do you know this person? Does this person know you? Only time will allow both of you to become familiar to each other. Metaphorically, many sentient creatures experience the struggle of self realization through much of their lives. For you, it’s less metaphorical and more literal.

The elf in the mirror looks back you quizzically. It’s looking for answers to this unfamiliar situation. You look at the elf expecting to see a crystal skinned Maenad but only the elf stares back. The weight of being part of two worlds and a member of none bears down upon you like a heavy backpack. Was reincarnation as an elf a sick joke placed upon you or was it a gift in disguise?

You look around Ashe’s house for any sort of distraction but none present themselves. Time passes slowly and the night’s silence is deafening. With a hopeful sigh you glance back into the mirror. The elf stares back.

The survival of the Goldleaf Grove is upon you and those you choose to take with you to the Valley of Mist. The sickness that has been infused into the trees not only affects them but also the delicate fey creature known as Whisper.

Having returned from his audience with Zebulon and imparted his enigmatic words to you, Ashe has also played a part in this critical mission. Great things are upon you and seemingly made just a bit easier with the good company of your brother, Wolf.

Through the past night, Vallen has sung its songs of wisdom and dirges of sorrow at the state of the beloved grove. Through all of it is the hope of  return.

The majestic Vallenwoods of the Valley of Mist, it is said by those mysterious words, hold a seed to be planted in the grove to cure the defilement of the blessed grove and its warden. Now the time has when you must go there and bring the seed back if the grove is to have any chance of survival.

Wildfire's Note: To whoever writes the game log, feel free to edit the title under the "subject" to be more than just "seesion 23".

In Character Discussions / When the Going Gets Tough
« on: September 08, 2009, 07:54:50 PM »
This is a post that takes place 3 years before current time and follows "Dray's Past; Kit's Future"

When the Going Gets Tough

Verindock Arek Fehy VY 234 (20 October)

Haleth looked at Dray lying on the ground. Secretly he felt sorry for the lad. He just lost his best friend and her family. He thought that maybe he should lighten up a bit on him given the trauma he had just been through. Then again, the world was filled with people that would not show mercy and would certainly not give quarter to personal loss. Haleth had to teach the boy resilience and tenacity.

“Get up feather boy!” Haleth barked mockingly. “Just because you let your guard down to my backhand does not mean today’s sword lesson is over. Now quit pansying around and get on your feet. The longer you lie down the harder I’ll hit.”

Dray could feel the blood pouring from his nose even before he hit the wooden floor from the brutal backhand. He had quickly learned that Haleth was relentless in his training and rarely pulled punches. He kept reminding himself that the first week was the hardest. That once he got through it the training would become easier.

Dray clearly didn’t know Haleth very well in this regard. For now it was the second week of his weapon training and he hurt even more than the first week.

Haleth swung his wooden sword in quick sweeping arcs with feline dexterity as he waited for Dray to find his balance.

Out of Character Discussions / Threshold Clean Up
« on: July 18, 2009, 11:42:28 AM »
Hey guys, I'm doing some Threshold admin in preparation of getting fully back on the horse and getting it into a gallop. I'm organizing the Sessions and Threads on my Master Calendar sheet (which you will be getting a players copy when it's updated) and noticed the mysterious case of Session 20 in the game log. "Tripwires" was originally posted as 20 but really, it's biggy.

What's the mystery? It's not there. It's part of the Cliffside Crypts Series (part 5 I believe) and in the session Ragnar valiantly sacrificed himself to save the party...well, sort of.

Does anyone have a record of this session that can be posted?

In Character Discussions / Word from the Wise
« on: July 06, 2009, 07:31:54 PM »
Word from the Wise

Qwydeon Albyr Syncath VY. 237(3 June 237)

Ashe had left the Dale of Wolves behind him. He was now in flight and heading back to his home, Threshold. He had with him the deep knowledge that would enable him to impart the location of the where the next Vallenwood would be born to Maccabeus. This paramount knowledge would be essential to saving The Goldleaf Grove and the protector, Whisper, that resided in it. Time was now of the essence.

His trip to the Dale was perhaps not the wisest choice he had made considering what was at stake. However, having been so close to the Dale and recently enlightened to the curious ways of the rugged folk through Maccabeus, he took the chance that two days more would not demand a heavy price. He hoped he was right.

Ashe soared over the forested hills of the Wildlands and once again admired the beauty of the land. With his sight he could see a great distance and in fabulous detail. The majesty of flight never ceased to inspire him.

Soon, Ashe was passing by The Tower of Zebulon, the original destination of his journey. He thought it to be ironic that his grandson, Liam, once sought his words of wisdom and was now imparting them to him. The difference was that Liam had inherited the knowledge collected from ages of beings and was the voice and hand of Mahiya. Liam was many and one at once…he was Zebulon. Thoughts of this state of being mesmerized Ashe to no end. His father, Zachary, had also become Zebulon after rediscovering the sacred Horn of Mahiya. Zachary was also instrumental in bringing the Valley back from darkness. Ashe regretted that his legacy may not be quite as polished as Liam’s or his fathers.

The moment of regret passed him by as quickly as he had passed the tower. There was no place for it now. He had other things to see to that were far more important than what could have been.

OOC: I will be continuing this thread. I figured small doses were better.

Game Log / Session 30(?) Water and Fire
« on: March 01, 2009, 08:44:57 AM »
Forest Keep

Water and Fire (session played on 28 February 2009)

Sir Whitestrike- Himo
Loopy- Austin
Tavish- Wildfire

-Flower Opal 16 (June 16)

We (Sir Whitestrike, Loopy, and Tavish) are sitting in the inn at the Forest Keep eating breakfast. Whitestrike is briefing Tavish on the last few days findings. Among them a watchtower that Whitestrike and Loopy had set on fire and a shirt with a missing button….it seems it’s the shirt that belonged to the button found on the way to the Well Cavern.

An Elf by the name of Targyl enters the inn and approaches us. He is a well dressed elf and carries a finely crafted staff with an owl carved at the top.

Targyl informs us that he is part of a contingent of researchers in the Keep and that they have, in fact, discovered a cure for the poison from the Well Cave that has made us weak. They do not have the reagents though. He asks us to find the reagents for our cure. How can we say no?

Targyl needs the fiery feather of a phoenix. These legendary birds can be found at the volcanoes to the southwest (about 4 days travel). We are cautioned not to eat the birds for they may cause heart burn.

We are given a sack that can withstand the heat of the fire feathers. However, a second bag is given to act as an insulator to the first bag since the heat of the fire may set other things around it ablaze. So, the second bag must be filled with remarkable water found between two waterfalls in the river 1 day of travel east and then almost one days travel south.

Targyl winks at Tavish and secretly hands her his address and departs from the inn.

We finish breakfast and gear up for mountain travel. I am more or less already prepared…the other two spend their time trying to figure out what rope and pitons are. What would they do without me?

Given the fact that Whitestrike and Loopy took soooo much time at Pike’s shop, we decide to set out on the next day.

-Flower Opal 17 (June 17)

We travel one day east on the road towards Gorna. We share stories, laugh, and stay alert along the road. At setting time we reach an established outpost of soldiers and bunk up for the night.

-Flower Opal 18 (June 18)

We set out in the morning and the travel through the underbrush of the forest is difficult…at least for Whitestrike and myself. Loopy, being a Druid doesn’t seem to acknowledge the challenging terrain…bastard.

Towards the end of the days travel I, with my unerring sense of my surroundings, smell smoke. Since I’m the scout I creep ahead to check out the source of the smoke. With my keen eyesight I see a few humanoid uglies gathering wood and making a fire. There are three tents and one half finished stone building. I also hear the sound of rushing water…we must be near the river. I begin to move towards the river in a direction that leads me away from the camp. To my surprise a net trap springs up and rusted pots and pans bang together making a ruckus. Hrm…they’re pretty cunning for ugly folks.

One of the wood gatherers rushes to the sound…as do Whitestrike and Loopy. I continue my path to the river, albeit rushed. Crap, another trap…more pots and pans. Suddenly, I’m attacked…wtf? I’m only spying…what’s the harm? Anyway, he slices me decent enough…dammit. Whitestrike and Loopy enter the forbidden zone and the valiant knight…gets hung up in a trap. Loopy makes the plants angry at two of the uglies and they’re slowed down.

Well, to make a long story shorter, we win the fight with the Hobgoblins. We check the camp out and notice they’re not very clean…big surprise, eh? However, we do hear some of them returning. We get ready to deep six these guys. Two Hobgoblins arrive with supper…a nice fresh stag. That was nice of them. Whitestrike challenges one to a duel and the other bravely runs away. I shoot the runner down, Whitestrike wins the duel.

We burn the three tents and get the water.

In Character Discussions / On the Border of Darkness
« on: December 21, 2008, 08:20:50 AM »
On the Border of Darkness

OOC: This is a historical post that Dray and I have been discussing. It details an important piece of the onset of the Shadow Wars as Aelath experienced them. It is with great pleasure that this thread is forged as it offers up some detail of a pinnacle point in Elsenban history. I hope those that read it, enjoy it.

Qwydeon Arek Fehy VY 3 (June 20)

Crusindiar was a haven of trade and diplomacy among many of the races that inhabited Elsenban. Located on the edge of the elven lands of Kaaryn’Zyth, it was the gateway for all who wished to pass into or out of the rich and beautiful forest. The city was the jewel on the crown of commerce and diplomacy for many races.

The society of Crusindiar was a mixture of  Elven, Dwarven, Gnomish, Halfling, and Human. All things different than that found in one races culture were celebrated by the others. Elves honored Dwarven traditions, Gnomes took part in Halfing sports, Humans often spoke with a smattering of words pulled from many languages (which later came to be known as Minglespeak), and racial trade secrets were not so secret.

There was no other city in Elsenban that could match Crusindiar with its triumph in diversity.

*   *   *

The rumors were true- Xanthakos was blowing their horns of war. It was whispered in Crusindiar that they had been striking fast and hard along the southern borders of Kaaryn’Zyth and were marching north towards Crusindiar. Tension had grown in the city since the King of Vychia, Gabryal Marstenstone, had not responded to the elves request for aid in the battles that were quickly mounting. War was upon Kaaryn’Zyth and Xanthakos was ferocious in its pursuit and strength.

*   *   *

Ru’Lian stood at his window and looked down to see the beautiful multi-cultured city of Crusindiar. He had lived here for many years and had seen it grow from when it was just a trading village. Long ago he left the elven capitol of Z’Zandoria to help build the place this now was. It filled him with pride to see that this had become a city without boundaries in its achievements. So long ago he had dreamt that such a thing could be possible and now here he was on the eve of its destruction.

“How could they abandon us so easily…how could…” Ru’Lian asked himself in confusion. A tear came to him as he witnessed the oncoming carnage with his inner eye. He would stay to defend and knew well that it could mean death. Crusindiar was worth fighting for.

From outside his mind Ru’Lian could hear a knock on the door to his study. He had sent for his nephew, Ael’Ath Ha and he well knew that he had now answered the call.

“Aye…you may pass.” Ru’Lian permitted with a somber voice.

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Unlocking the Door

Duthash Dracum Basque VY 237(May 29)

Bastion stood on the steps of the temple and surveyed the grand building. The ornament and subtleties of the architecture held symbolic meaning that was certainly not lost on the priest. The windows of The House of Crimson Eyes were a deep ruby color befit of Sardiaor himself who, when manifested, took on the visage of a Ruby Dragon. Bastion thought for a moment that he saw a brilliance emanating from inside. Yet, Julius had told him no one had been inside for nearly a year. Perhaps it was a sign from Sardior himself?

With each step that Bastion took toward the large double doors he felt more and more at home. There was a comfort growing from within him whispering that he was where he was meant to be. He looked down at the key in his hand knowing that it was more than just the key to the temple. He looked at the door before him knowing that it was more than just the entrance to the building. He knew that unlocking the door would unlock the path to his future and his path to further understanding of truth.

Bastion could sense that the mountain river valley that cradled Threshold held a blessed magic of its own.  

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