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House Rules / hit me with the points
« on: March 23, 2005, 12:38:17 PM »
i'm adopting the idea of giving full hit points (plus constitution hit point modifier) at the raising of every level. i must credit Phineas with this innovation...if he hadn't gotten punked by the dice so many times in the past (so i'm told), this alteration may not have existed!

so, when increasing a character's hit points upon raising a level you automatically get the maximum + const. modifier.

General Info / experience
« on: March 23, 2005, 12:28:43 PM »
Through the course of Threshold, however long that may be, i'll be sending everyone experience independently. i'll get it to you as quickly as possible after the given session. i will be keeping track of the experience that i give everybody so that if anyone is questioning what was given at a session and what their total should be i'll have that information.

Game Log / updated session 01
« on: March 22, 2005, 09:56:43 PM »
Fraz, great job on the log! I've added my input to the nights events...intros, names of places, character names, etc...

i'm not familiar with the cyberspeak of this text which would make words bold and such. would you please make the appropriate adjustments?

[Wildfire's edited draft of Threshold Log Session #1 cut and pasted into the official log sticky by fraz on 22 Mar 05]

In Character Discussions / swamp hopes
« on: March 22, 2005, 07:09:42 AM »
"i hope this swamp wench has a cure for this bloody wendigo bite on Himo and Belwar...i'd hate to have to take them down."

Game Log / what's in and what's out
« on: March 21, 2005, 07:58:24 AM »
i was wondering how open you guys wanted the game log to be. i ask because there were alot of flashbacks and inner visions that no one would really know about.

i'm not sure how you've done the log in the past and until i met you guys i never actually kept one. the info is used as a backreference and it should be understood to not use information that your character would not realistically know. i know it's a bit like asking a jury to "disregard that remark" but we're all professionals here and experienced at staying in character.

Character Info / The Story of T'Riad Shy'Eve
« on: March 16, 2005, 04:55:36 PM »

   Beginnings are times of critical fragility.  Our fates act upon us instantly and forces of which we have no control over set us onto the path of what we will be. In the life of one such child I am but one of many forces.  To understand an action for which I will speak of, you must understand what moves me. There is a universal justice of which we are a part of. We move, grow, and live within it. The justice for which I speak is unwavering in its motions of balance. There are eight chapters that as a whole make the harmony and law that my order strives to be at one with. The five elements and the three philosophies weave together as one to make the law of nature. Sometimes it gives and sometimes it takes, as does my order, as do I. The child that I speak of will later take the name of T?Riad Shy?Eve. At this time in his life that I speak of he was simply floating on the forces that moved him-like a leaf in a breeze. He was not the moon dancer that he would become. His evolution was in its? beginning.

   Ahead on the path I could hear the heavy footfalls of exhausted running. Instantly, I took flight to the trees that grew deep in Rieuwood Forest. Stumbling down the path was an elven man and elven woman. The elven woman was clutching a bundle of green cloth. Not far behind them was a hunting party of ogres. Ogres are not of the sharpest wit but a hunting party is still very cunning and skilled at searching out even the most elusive of creatures. The elves had no chance of surviving this I knew. Short of breath, the man gave the woman a last kiss and told her to run on down the path. With tears watering up in her eyes she fled the scene. The ogres came upon him as he drew his sword. The frenzy of the fight lasted long enough for her to get far enough ahead to make it around a slight bend in the path. It lasted long enough for her to hide the bundle at the trunk of the tree that I was perched in. The bundle was an infant who started to cry at being put down and covered with brush. The mother gave the child one last soothing touch to still his upheaveled spirit. She made her way back to the path but within only a few steps down the path the ogres were upon her. With my martial prowess I could have easily stopped the ogres from harming the woman. I didn?t feel that it was my place to interfere with the harshness of nature at this point. It didn?t take long for the ogres to bring her down. Satisfied that they had their fun, the ogres continued down the trail unaware that there was a witness and a child left in their wake.

I slipped out of my hiding spot in the tree to investigate the hidden child. The fine green cloth was embroidered with gold thread. The threaded picture was that of a griffon and along the hem of the cloth was an elven prayer for protection. Slowly, I unfolded the cloth to reveal a newborn face of innocence. He had raven black hair and deep blue eyes. They were the eyes of absolute trust. I knew already that he was to become a student of mine. ?Falion Du?Gren shall be your name?, I whispered. In the common tongue of the races the words mean ?griffon of gold? or ?gold griffon?.  I knew that he would come to see me in many roles in his life: father, mother, master, friend, and enemy. I saw him as a student, a son, a companion, and a test. I let his parents be taken from him and now it was time for me to give back. Such is the way of universal justice. Such is the way of balance.

Over the years Falion Du?Gren, endured many trials and tribulations. He was always filled with questions and had some troubles quieting his mind and soul. His thirst for knowledge was difficult to quench. He was always eager to learn about more of the world.

The toughest obstacle he had to overcome was in trying to understand why I let his parents die. The night I told him was on an anniversary day of when I found him. Sadness, rage and a sense of betrayal filled him. I remember him pleading for me to tell him why I let it happen. All I said was that he is the one to tell me. He did not understand my motives.  With tears of unbridled, naked emotion he fled from the monastery. Although I worried as a father and mother, I did not seek him out. This was a demon that he now had to face.  Ironically, this was also a test for me. It was a test of moral standing.  I began to second-guess if my decision was in his best interest or mine.  I came to realize that understanding oneself is perhaps one of the greatest challenges in life.

On the fifth night after his flight I was ill with my own troubled mind and unable to sleep. I went to my balcony to meditate and reflect on the angry and bothered ?son? of mine. As I approached the door an eerie, silver light crept through the bottom crack of the door. I opened the door and in the distance I could hear the wolves cry a wild song and the whistle of musical pipes being played by a brother monk. In front of me I could see the silhouette of the tree tops against the gigantic sterling moon. The light of the moon leaked through the branches and autumn leaves to illuminate the ground in crooked patterns. The ingredients of brisk air and smell of fading leaves weaving together with the sights and sounds of the world created a night of perfect harmony. I looked over to my right to a hill clear of trees and saw a sight of perfection and purity. At the top of the hill was Falion Du?Gren practicing his motions of discipline. He moved in perfect timing and grace with the echoing pipes as if he was dancing. I could see that he had achieved unity of mind, spirit, and nature. I knew that he had at last understood and so did I. I shut the door and went back to my bed and slept peacefully.

That morning he returned for the sunrise breakfast and drank only the apple tinted tea that was served with the nut stew and venison strips. He neither speak nor looked about. The other students and masters asked him nothing knowing that it was not them he had come to see. Breakfast finished and everyone except Falion and me left the dining hall. We sat there in silence for some time drinking tea. At last he spoke and said, ?I understand your actions master. My spirit is no longer angry but it is not peaceful either. There must be more.? We sat again in silence drinking tea and I let his words flow through my mind. I came to see that he passed into a new stage in his life and would no longer be the sheltered and fragile innocent that I had found years ago. He was ready to move on to next plateau. Last night I saw the final stages of his evolution into becoming who he is now. I came to the realization that he must progress beyond the security of the monastery and me, his master. Finally I spoke, ?I saw you on the hill last night. You reached a point of purity where your true self was at one with all around you. You have achieved a moment of perfection in balance that has opened a new path for you. No longer are you the child of impatience but a brother of discipline. You have grown from being Falion Du?Gren to T?riad Shy?Eve- Moondancer. The outside world will be your teacher now. Remember, no matter how far you travel you will always have a place here with your brothers and sisters.?
The following morning was much like any other except there was both a sadness and joy in my heart. A sadness at seeing my son leave but a joy in knowing that I had passed a test brought on by myself. It seemed not long ago that I picked up that bundle from the ground. I asked him where he was going to go. He said that he would go to the eastern shore so that he could see the vastness of the ocean for the first time. Before he left he asked me for any words of wisdom. I told him, ?Stay true to yourself. Without that you?ll live a life of lies and have nothing.? I gave to him the signature ring of the ?Order of the Eight?. Quickly he put it on his left hand ring finger. He then handed me the cloth that I had found him in. At that he turned and started down the trail and never looked back. I tightly gripped the cloth and in my mind, look back was all I could do.

Character Info / powers in progression
« on: March 16, 2005, 12:33:49 PM »
if anyone chooses to make a psion in Threshold there is something that i must make clear for you:

When you reach a class level where you gain a new power level, the first power that you choose MUST be from the psions discipline list. for example, Simon the Seer makes it to 3rd level. he gets to choose 2 more powers plus he can choose from the 2nd power level (EPHB pg.20). one of those powers is required to be from the Seer discipline power list (be it a 1st or 2nd power level. see EPHB pg. 73). the remaining power slots can be chosen from his Discipline List AND the Psion/Wilder list.

Any questions?   :roll:

Out of Character Discussions / character info
« on: March 14, 2005, 04:52:08 PM »
Hey guys, we've been posting the backstories of our characters and descriptions for the other campaigns. i would like to do the same for Threshold as it matures. i would suggest that if you do post backstories that you post the story that you tell everybody as the facts and the telling could be different.

Matt, could you make a section in the Threshold chapter for character descriptions and backstory?

Character Info / T' Riad Shy'Eve "Moondancer"
« on: March 11, 2005, 11:25:03 AM »
T? Riad Shy?Eve is an elf of average build. He has long raven black hair and piercing forest green eyes. He usually has a calm and even look on his face although it isn?t void of emotion.

Everything he encounters he sees as a challenge to be overcome or at the very least understood?after all, that which doesn?t kill you makes you stronger.  He is fervently devoted to his monk order ?The Order of the Eight? and seeks only to come to greater enlightenment by maintaining the universal balance. He wears a signet ring of his order on his ring finger.

His clothes are typical of his order but are also signature to him. He wears a hunter green leather gladiator style kilt that is embroidered with gold thread. His shirt is loose fitting and light brown. Occasionally he wears a hunter green kerchief on his head with gold embroidered symbol of ?The Order of the Eight?.

T? Riad enjoys playing the pan pipes to calm his sometimes troubled mind. He also likes to makes others feel good by playing them. He juggles to help keep his reflexes sharp and ready and stays fit by running every morning as the sun rises.

Out of character discussions / Keep it all day
« on: March 02, 2005, 05:04:19 PM »
Hey, i was wondering what the chances are of doing an all day Forest Keep? i know that all day gaming is difficult already but i would really like to get into my character for more than a stretch of 5 hours (1 after Dray stops bantering...).

Out of Character Discussions / herbs & meds
« on: February 25, 2005, 05:00:23 PM »
As the 3.5 forum discussion went about healing herbs:

new skills:
1. Craft Medicine : this is available to those who want to take it.

i'll work up an in depth description of the skill and other things that need fleshing out. This will be the system that i use.

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