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Character Info / T'Riad's Time Off
« on: May 10, 2005, 08:52:15 PM »
T?Riad?s Time Off

T?Riad starts the day in the dawning hours washing his face and body thereby cleansing himself of yesterday?s dirt. He stretches out by going through a deliberate routine of steady movements. During this he starts to meditate and puts himself into a trance.

After he finishes stretching his mind and body he goes for a run. Not a jog, but a full tilt sprint around the outskirts of the camp and through safe parts (away from the perimeter) of the flatland above the beach always keeping the camp in sight. He then returns to his tent and gathers a particular weapon in rotation from day to day (Kama, Nunchaku, Shuriken, Sling, Quaterstaff, and Hands?Note: he doesn?t gather his hands but instead will practice with those in lieu of a weapon). He goes through a series of Katas (attacks and defenses) with the weapon and routines that require strength and dexterity.

He then washes himself down again and fills a quarter barrel with sea water and brings (this quarter barrel of water is of course fairly heavy) it to a sparse section of the camp and proceeds to slap the water out of the barrel.  

When he finishes these exercises he sits and plays his pan pipes with his eyes closed and mentally prepares himself for the day ahead?whatever it may bring.

Out of Character Discussions / General History update
« on: April 30, 2005, 01:25:53 PM »
At request (and need) i have placed dates on some of the historical events of Elsenban/Threshold. may they serve you well.

Game Log / Dark Memories
« on: April 30, 2005, 12:28:16 PM »
although this is not an official log it does recount a past event in this colorful campaign.

Dark Memories

as remembered by Quinton Silverthorn -Paladin of Shada...

The winter had been harsh.  My friend Vecklyn had been poisoned. My remnant army near the city of N?arth was quickly loosing faith and morale to the winter and the Deltharite occupancy. My companions and I were strung out and famished. The sinister legions of Delthara had their claws around the throat of my people. We were nearly broken. I felt responsible for leading my friends to this.

The Red Trillium poison that was killing Vecklyn and thousands of others would be lethal unless an antidote was found. Desperation had set into me. I would pray to Shada for some sort of guidance but in the end I would follow my heart. I now understand that was Shada?s way of speaking to me. The antidote for the poison was in the recipe of White Trillium and powdered Ogre?s teeth. White trillium was found in the dismal Blackwood. The Ogre?s teeth were in Ogre?s Hold. As perilous as the Blackwood is, one can travel through it and collect the White Trillium and not disturb too much. However, Ogre?s are not going to offer their teeth so easily. Although I knew what we were in for, nothing could have prepared me for what would happen.

We set on the shore of the Ogre realm with the warning from the fisherman to be there when he came to retrieve us or he would leave us stranded. Time was now a critical factor. With the guidance of Elizabeth Blackwood, who as a young orphaned girl took the name of the Blackwood, we traveled through the Ogre lands keeping low and silent. Although accomplished in his field, my major concern was for my friend Flea for he was still a boy. Although he had seen much in his young life I still felt protective of him. Vecklyn was poisoned and had to have the cure. Alleryan, like me, needed the antidote to save his people. Against better judgment, this endeavor was absolutely necessary.

Ogre by Ogre we collected their teeth while sneaking further into peril. So far, the only Ogres we murdered were soldiers. This was how I justified my actions. Hunger soon became a state of mind and the frigid, howling wind became our lullaby. Time was falling away. We didn?t have nearly enough teeth.

Hopelessness and suffocating frustration began to set in. My heart grew uneasy and sick with failure. Alleryan, my elven brother of Shada, tried to help my spirit but the weight of the situation was breaking my heart and mind. Growing up as a farmer peasant my only concerns were my aged parents and ensuring a good crop. Now the lives of many like me were in my hands. Resentment, in addition to everything else, took hold. I had never asked nor wanted to be the heir apparent to the land of N?arth. At that time I wished I had never picked up the Mighty Sword of Brendan De Le N?arth. I cursed my blood for all of these matters on me. I didn?t want it to be me to bear these burdens.

The sword was the vessel for all of the wisdom of my fathers. They would speak to me through it. Some were benevolent, others mocking, and some silent. The spirits inside the sword would fill my head with guidance and even argue with each other as to the best course of action. It was absolute madness and it started to pull me in.

Then it happened. While traveling, a caravan of unarmed Ogre?s passed our way. ?What a stroke of luck!? we said with relief. Without any hesitation we came down upon them. I slaughtered every living Ogre I could see, as did we all. The screaming, the blood, the anguish was everywhere. I was not myself. Every last one, including the children, was dead. With the hilt of the sword of kings I started to brutally bash the teeth out of the Ogres? mouths. The pressure of past events came out in an eruption of unbridled rage. I started to delight in cracking out the teeth. It offered some release from the great weight on me. I was outside of my mind. With furious anger I screamed while using my sword as a barbaric tool. This elegant weapon, this sword of legendary greatness, the sword that was once wielded by the man for whom the land was named, the sword of my ancestor, was little better than rock for what I was using it for.

The voices of old within the sword were shouting in revelry. After weeks of vicious mocking by my ancestors, I finally received the approval that I was seeking. I was driven further into my actions. Then my medallion of Shada, the symbol of my very soul, began to glow. It was dim at first but it quickly grew brighter. The green light became all I could see. As I struck the last blow into an Ogre the light dimmed. I looked down and saw the mangled face of an Ogre child.

I fell backwards onto the ground, breathless. Warm waves undulated through me and I could feel my heart beating. I began to realize what I had done. I briefly became what I hated so much. I did to the Ogre?s what the black hearted Deltharites had made into ritual. I had preyed upon the weak and the innocent, something I had sworn to protect. My spirit was cracked like the very land of N?arth. I was torn between what I knew was right and what I had to do. Tears streamed down my face in anguish over what I had done. I became painfully aware of the horror that my people had suffered from the Deltharites for I was the cause of such horror to these defenseless creatures. I compromised my beliefs in virtue to fulfill my need to help my countrymen. I was nothing. At that moment I was afraid that I wasn?t going to die for fear of having to live with this for the rest of my life. There would be no release. Even now I can still see the face of the young Ogre. What joys did he know? What fears? I wondered what his laugh sounded like. He loved his parents the same as I loved mine. At that moment I would have gladly given my soul to undo my actions but it would never be that easy. The grief was all consuming. Some may say that the child would have grown to be a malevolent brute and that it was perhaps better that he not become that. I am not a god and should not pass the judgment of one. I realized that I had briefly lost the compassion that made me human. I had become the monster. I now began to understand my power.

I got off of the ground and stood up. My friends were looking at me with pity, I think. I sheathed my sword and, without a word, began to walk to the coast. No one said anything the entire journey back. My heart was sunk. The dark cloud of regret was fogging my mind and I wanted to run from myself. How could I have been so blind? How did I not see that coming? How did I become this monster? My mind was dizzy with sadness and remorse. The tears were freezing to my face. The hunger, thirst, and cold from before could not even be felt. It was as if they never were. Walking back I could see the green moon of my beloved Shada ahead of me. Ironically, I was walking toward her. It was as if she was rising to cast the forgiving light upon me as she knew I wouldn?t give it to myself. I was walking back to her. I was trying to return to the grace that I once had through her. The night was silent and the air was still. In my mind I could hear the pleasant laugh and the dissonant dread screams of the Ogre child.

We reached our campsite where we had stayed when we first arrived on this jagged shore of wooded cliffs. Elizabeth started a fire to keep us warm. I stood at the cliff?s edge watching Shada rise. Alleryan was sitting near the fire warming his slender hands. Vecklyn was pacing about. Flea was throwing rocks into the water below. At length he said, ?Even Ogre?s have parents?? That statement hit me like hammer. I was then frighteningly aware of the gravity of my actions. I did to others what had been done to this poor boy so many years ago when his parents were ripped from him making him an orphan. How many orphans had I created? How many lives did I destroy in the pursuit of a cure. I could not begin to fathom.

?We have to go back for more teeth.? Alleryan stated.

?No! I will not go back! Alleryan, both our people depend on it but I will not go back! Destroying evil by becoming evil is a road I will not travel again no matter the cost! I did it tonight and I am in oblivion!?

Alleryan then replied, ?I?ve traveled here from Myritar to get a cure and I will not go back without it. My people need me to help them and by Shada I will!?

I thought a minute about what he said. I felt sorry for his situation. However, my intention was no less than his. I also wanted to help my people. I knew that what we did was wrong and I couldn?t understand how he couldn?t see it. I broke the silence, ?Didn?t you feel it Alleryan? Didn?t you feel the evil of it? We butchered those innocents for our own gain. How can you call yourself a priest of benevolent Shada and still not feel the wickedness of that? Desperation has gotten your better judgment, just as it did me. Didn?t you see my medallion? It wasn?t shining in honor, it was shining in shame. It was a torch of reason in during our dark act when we had none. No. We will not take that way again. There is no virtue in it. I know that without us you can not do this Alleryan. But if we abandon the qualities that set us on this course to begin with, we?ll have betrayed the people for whom we fight. That is something I won?t do.?

Vecklyn speaks up, ?Alleryan, I feel the need you have. You may not believe it, but I do. No one here wants the cure more than I do. After all, my life depends on it. But Quinton speaks the truth. I can?t, in good conscious, continue on this harvest if he feels it?s wrong. I trust him in this.?

Elizabeth, after putting some more branches on the fire said, ?I go where Quinton goes. He needs me to help him and help him I will. If that means finding another way, then his guide I?ll be. I don?t do this because I have to. I do it because I want to.?

My friends trusted me to lead them and somehow that made things worse. I didn?t believe that I could lead and I was angry at myself for any false hope that I inadvertently gave them. I took the medallion from my neck and wrapped it around my hand letting it dangle a bit. I then pulled out the sword and knelt to one knee holding the sword upright and began to pray. This was the closest thing to comfort I could find, but it seemed to be all too distant.

From the heart of the green moon a blue light emerged. Slowly the light began to take shape and form. It was a man. He was dressed in fine white garments and stood proper. He was wearing a crown and an elegant green robe. He had a grey, finely trimmed beard and broad shoulders. He extended his hand as though to pull me up. I reached out and the sturdy gentle hand lifted me to my feet. A warm smile appeared on his face. He spoke in a deep, echoed voice, ?Do not lose hope child, for it is all we have. You must believe that you are on the right path despite the pitfalls. You briefly lost your way but this will forever be what you measure all of your actions by. No one can say that they haven?t strayed at least once. However, a measure of one?s strength is whether or not they can find their way again. I suspect you will, but it is in your hands.?

I listened in quiet awe at who I knew was Brendan De La N?arth, or at least his spirit. Whispering I said, ?My Lord Brendan, I feel as though I?ve failed. I?m blind to what others see in me. My efforts are scattered and I?ve brought us to the edge of ruin. My hope is almost gone. I don?t know what to do. I want to be what I can to my kinsman but I fear that?I fear that?? I started to lose what little composure I had and I stumbled to speak my mind. I took a deep breathe and continued, ??I fear that I?m unworthy. There are those that would prove to be better for this than I. Ancestry should not make me a guardian of the people. It should be honor and love that does that. Tonight I have lost those.?

With a laugh he said, ?Recognizing that makes you nobler than many of your fathers before you. Don?t you see? It was no accident or mistake that you have the Sword of N?arth or that you?ve taken this charge. Your remorse in your actions lends itself to future mercy and wisdom. You will only be capable of that by offering it love to yourself first. That is where your power is. You have much to offer Quinton. The fate of your people depends on you and those you keep. Put this night behind you but do not forget it. This night will forge you into what you will become.

After speaking, he faded out. My eyes righted themselves and I looked out beyond. Like a beacon in a sea of darkness, Shada was shining over the water and at last I knew who I was and what I had to do. Like a flower after the chilling grip of winter, my hope began to blossom once again.

I looked around and saw everyone staring at me, quite puzzled. I assumed that they saw me talking to what appeared to them to be no one. I turned back and held the sword up in front of me with my arm stretched while admiring Shada. I whispered to myself, ?I will never be on the wrong side again.?

Alleryan came to me and spoke, ?Quinton, I think I just saw your soul. Do what you feel is right and may her light shine down upon you all the while. I trust you.?

We all then sat around the humble fire that Elizabeth afforded us and began to eat our meager meal of dried meat and cheese. At last we were a sort of family again. After some time of hearing the fire pop, Elizabeth said, ?Quinton, I think I know where there is an Ogre burial ground??. The group of us slowly looked at her dubiously. Elizabeth cocked her head to one side and shrugged her shoulders with a sheepish grin. I then thought to myself that I hadn?t turned the ground for some time.

In Character Discussions / thoughts of challenge
« on: April 29, 2005, 07:28:22 AM »
As the sun peeks over the ridges surrounding Cove Bay T'Riad swings and spins his quartestaff with blinding speed and precision. occasionally he tumbles, kicks, and jumps never faltering in his mechanics. thinking about the rumors of this forsken place and the events of the past week T'Riad thinks to himself during his exercise, 'we were all sent here for a reason by the fates that be. not for money, not for conquest. this advent will be the chance for everybody to shed their old skin and grow a new one. we are here to face the challenges and either endure them and become stronger or give in and die in some form. such is the way of nature, such is the way of balance.' spinning his quarterstaff off into the sand T'Riad instantly grabs his kamas and seamlessly moves into a different Kata (a series of attacks and defenses) technique.

Game Log / N'arth Session 2 - "Ancients Ruins, Fresh hope"
« on: April 27, 2005, 01:25:49 PM »
Session 2 ? Saturday April 9th 2005

Characters involved in this session:

?   Quinton Silverthorn
?   Lor'hion Redleaf
?   Flea ? Trusted sidekick, 12 years old. Skinny. Street rat footpad.
?   Larkin Wyvernstar ? heir to Wyvernstar throne
?   Alleryan Moonbeam ? Elvin cleric from the island of Myritar
?   Elizabeth Blackwood ? ranger serving army of N?arth

 ?When the pickle meets the mayonnaise?Game time: February 28

Our heros were still on the ship, ?The Lyzalea Arkhen? floating past the town of Caldwell. They ate mostly stale biscuits and gruel. They drank water that was less than fresh, even to the point that it had a greenish tint. This was especially difficult on Lor'hion and Larkin, who were already ill due to the movement of the ship.

The air was springy, which felt strange given that winter was still upon them. The air was coming up from the south and was very welcomed after such a harsh winter. The trip was about halfway to its end.

Game time: March 4th

Quinton asked Garret if it would be possible to train with the crew, as his muscles ached to be exercised. Garret exchanged words with the weaponmaster who said it was fine. Quinton trained with the crew and when he finished he went down below deck looking for flea, to talk about giving the book of Delthara to the wizards in the Zyrethian tower.

Flea was just finishing up a game of stones when Quinton came downstairs. He offers a game to Quinton who takes the boy up on the offer. They talk over the game about using the legendary Spellbook of Myritar as leverage to help win the war against the Deltharites by giving it to the Shadan Wizards. Flea believing this is his ticket to fortune was reluctant and said that he?d think about it. Lor'hion was sitting by himself on an upturned barrel, turning a coin over in his hand. He appeared to be studying the thing. Quinton loses the game as Flea made his point. Flea then offers Lor'hion a game. Lor'hion says ok, but Flea had to roll up his sleeves. Lor'hion had seen Flea take stones from his sleeves during the game. Flea grinned wickedly, and packed up the board.

Quinton left for a scheduled meeting with Captain O?Malley about Quinton?s mention of the pirates becoming the army of N?arth. The Captain argues that it?s not likely going to happen. He said that the pirates would fight along side N?arth against the Deltharites, but after the Deltharites were gone, there would be no reason for the pirates to not go back to piracy. He says unless Quinton can offer them something greater than what they can get stealing from merchants, than there would be no reason for the pirates to go legit.

Quinton is angry about the decision, but there was nothing much he could do. He left the meeting unhappy.

The man in the crow?s nest sounds an alarm, and points out a Deltharites ship. The crew begins to run here and there, all with special tasks. This was obviously something they were used to. From down below came a man with a Deltharite flag, which the pirates hoisted up the mast. Maybe if the other ship thought they were both on the same side, they wouldn?t both the pirates. The ruse worked, and the pirates made it to their destination in once piece.

Quinton and Garret exchanged formalities and the group departed the ship. Once on the land, Lor'hion is much happier, though he found it difficult to keep his pace. His legs still seemed think he was on the ship. He was very happy to be amongst the trees again. His owl friend whom he named Hootie, even though he knew it was not his place to name a free creature of Flaern, but the companions seemed to think it should have a name. Lor'hion climbed the closest tree to sleep for the night. The hushed murmurs of the group saying he was ?weird? were amusing to him. There were far fewer enemies in the trees than there were on the ground.

As the group got ready for bed, Flametongue flopped his bedroll down next to Quinton?s. Flametongue began to talk about how to get into the tower. He said that the best way to go would be through the ruins of Zyrthia. However, the going would not be easy, for the ruins were full of undead. This sat unwell with Quinton. As a paladin, he very much wanted to rid the world of undead.

Lor'hion realized that night that he could have purified the food and drink on the ship for everyone. He chalks his oversight up to the fact that he was feeling ill from the endless swaying of the ship. Perhaps Flaern was testing him, or perhaps he had gone too long without paying respects to Flaern. She had funny ways of reminding him sometimes. Tonight he would pray.

As Quinton?s night watch came to an end he needed to wake Lor'hion. Rocks seemed to be the best idea that he could come up with. He managed to wake Lor'hion with a boulder to the head. Lor'hion?s descent was quick, and his stop abrupt. However much he loved the earth, it tasted badly.

As he realized what had just occurred, Quinton said ?Lor'hion??

?WHAT?? Lor'hion replied loudly with little regard for his sleeping companions as he picked moss from his teeth. At least they hadn?t chipped.

?It?s your watch? replied Quinton. Lor'hion amused himself with ideas of slipping herbs that made one gassy into Quinton?s water skin. As his watch wore on he cooled off a bit. After all, he couldn?t imagine someone with that much armor climbing a tree. The thought was chucklesome.

Close to the end of his watch, Lor'hion slipped away for a quick hunt. Within minutes he returned with four fat rabbits. He started a fire and began to prepare the rabbits. He skinned them and tore their meat off of the bones, making kabobs. The skin and bones he buried along with a gold piece to say thanks to Flaern. He silently mused that she probably got a giggle at his expense falling from the tree. A druid, falling out of a tree. The thought actually began to strike him as slightly humorous. The visual must have been priceless. Quite a strange fruit.

He cooked with a smile for the rest of his watch, which didn?t seem to last the whole allotted time, as his companions began to wake. Flea was the first up, staring at the food in the flame. The others woke as the food was ready. Lor'hion did not eat with the group, though he did set aside a modest portion for himself. The food would do his companions more good, as they were not as accustomed as he to hunting and eating what was available in the woods, at least to his knowledge. He also indulged in a tune on his flute. For a short time, the group could forget that they would be trudging through a ruined city filled with undead.

The day gets going and so does the group. Elizabeth and Lor'hion scouted around as the group marched. As Lor'hion stepped off of the road he seems to disappear. Elizabeth would go much further ahead to blaze a trail. Lor'hion stayed fairly close as a silent unseen guard.

The group began to talk about how long it would take to get to the ruins. At this point it was about mid day. Flametongue announced that the ruins were perhaps a day and a half away. Lor'hion suggested that perhaps night was not the best time to arrive at a haunted ruin, and perhaps they should travel the rest of this day, and stop halfway through the next, so on the third day, they could get to the ruin at mid-day.

Flametongue is anxious to get to the tower with the antidote to the poison. Quinton explains that the best way to help the tower would be to make it there in one piece, and that means being as safe as possible.

This night Lor'hion would sleep a little closer to the ground, but still in a tree. Quinton poked Lor'hion with a stick to wake him this time, and he noticed that there seemed to be a rope around Lor'hion?s waste, to make sure he didn?t fall from the bough. Before Quinton went back to sleep, Lor'hion asked him about the sword that he carried. Lor'hion had heard a bit, and guessed a great deal based on how Quinton treated the sword. Lor'hion noticed that Quinton took great care of the weapon.

Quinton goes on to explain all about the sword and it?s legacy. Lor'hion finds that a lot about what he had guessed was true. Not only true, but very similar to his own situation.

Again at the end of his watch, he hunted. He saw a fox who was also hunting. The fox caught a rabbit, and Lor'hion caught the fox. Again Lor'hion cooked, and again flea was the first one awake. Flea asked what a fox was. Lor'hion was very surprised that flea had never seen a fox.

Again the group began to move, and about mid day, Quinton asked Lor'hion how old the forest was. Lor'hion explained that the trees sang an ancient song of many winters. Quinton then asked if he thought that the white trillium plant would grow in this climate, and would it harm the ecosystem of the forest. Lor'hion knows of this flower, and says that in this climate this flower would do well, and he could help the process along a bit as well.

The group spreads seeds around in a large area, and Lor'hion begins his spell. Before long, the white trillium had sewn, sprouted and grew to almost full height. The flowers had white petals, a yellow center with a red ring. This whole process took about an hour.

As they had discussed the day before, this would be where the group would stop for the day anyway. Once again they tried to forget about the task at hand. It seemed more difficult this time of course knowing just how close they really were to the feared ruins. There would be no fire that night.

The morning came and the group got moving after a swift breakfast of stale bread. They go to the edge of a cliff, which they would have to descend. Elizabeth demonstrated traversing.

Flametongue said that the best way to get in would be the south gate. The group entered the ruined town, and almost immediately they saw a pile of bloodied human remains. Larkin, and Elizabeth ready their bows.

As the group went on when all of a sudden came this wild eyed dead lady, screaming and running straight at Lor'hion. Lor'hion is more than a little curious as to whether or not this woman was alive. He studied her for a moment. She seemed to be about to swing her iron gate bar at Lor'hion, so he stepped slightly to the side. He put his hand on his sword hilt, and prepared for a battle. Before he knew it, the thing was falling over dead, filled with arrows and daggers. Lor'hion seemed unbothered by it, and turned to keep going.

Continuing along, the ruins didn?t change too much. Before long, an arrow flew just over Lor'hion?s shoulder. The group spun around to see four soldiers all firing bows. They also seemed less than alive.

Larkin, Flea and Quinton rush the things while Lor'hion and Elizabeth fired arrows. After a couple swings, one of the soldiers let out an awful shriek, causing Larkin to turn and run screaming. He ran in the direction of Lor'hion. Lor'hion, being only about half the size of the frightened man steps well out of his way. They would have to find him later.

As the battle goes on, things began to look badly for Quinton. Lor'hion rushed in to cure moderate wounds on Quinton. Quinton called upon the divine power of Shada to guide his magnificent sword, and the remaining two were finished.

Quinton laid hands on himself, and healed. The group turned back and began the search for Larkin. Lor'hion silently wished he had prepared a Speak with Animals spell so that he could have Hootie help in the search. Fortunately they didn?t take too long to find Larkin. He was on his way back to the group, and quite relieved to see them. He tried to apologize, but Quinton told him to forget it.

They turned back around and headed in the direction of the Temple. With the aid of Flametongues guidance, the group entered the underground entrance to the temple. Following Flametongue through the dark halls the troupe came upon a hatch marked with the symbol of the Zyrethian wizards.

General Info / A quiet evening in Threshold
« on: April 27, 2005, 12:51:56 PM »
A wispy mist reaches up from the Fogveil and the grand peaks of the surrounding mountains have become silhouettes. Kossuth is beyond the western wall but its? light is still shining out. The fading glow dances off the web-like clouds high in the sky brilliantly illuminating them in shades of crimson and ochre. As the light in the west fades to east the moons of Istisha and Akadi also kiss the clouds to paint them in indigo and emerald.

The lights from the houses in the river valley freckle the darkening land. The soothing sound of peepers cascades through the air blending with the slow steady gurgle of the river. The statue of Havigaard on the high hill standing in honored glory is washed by the lights above and the Spike of Fire in front. The flaring jet of flame that screams from the Spike toward the sky is a constant reminder that the gods are watching. The Rosewalk and Wolfsong Bridge are now lit for the night so that wanderers may have a guide to them in the dark. The Circle of All is in a ghostly light from the Spike of Fire above it and the play of the moons beyond the clouds. The trees around it seem to offer a quiet protection to the stone circle and the stone circle is as a revered father to it?s wooded kin. The swirling reflections of the sky and moons play as a liquid kaleidoscope on the water of the river. The rocky cliffs slip into their slumber in the shroud of newborn leaves and shadows.

The smell of moist ground blends together with the fresh mountain breeze and the smell of young flowers. The cool air sweeps through Threshold flexing the weak hold of the Venric season. Soon the old season will have no power and will finally relent to the young season. Such is the way of nature.

The sounds of laughter and music echo through the night speaking of carefree times and the blossoming of yet another Sythus season. Outside of the taverns  Mahiya sings it?s own music and paints it?s own picture. It?s a sight that, if seen, would never be forgotten.

Game Log / N'arth Session 1- "The enemy of my enemy is my friend&a
« on: April 27, 2005, 12:42:49 PM »
Note: This log starts at a changing point in this adventure. events of the past will be in a series of recollections from Quinton and others in this epic.

Session 1 "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

Saturday April 2nd 2005

Characters involved in this session:

?   Quinton Silverthorn
?   Lor'hion Redleaf
?   Flea ? Trusted sidekick, 12 years old. Skinny. Street rat footpad.
?   Larkin Wyvernstar ? heir to Wyvernstar throne
?   Alleryan Moonbeam ? Elvin cleric from the island of Myritar
?   Elizabeth Blackwood ? ranger serving army of N?arth

The introduction of Lor'hion Redleaf
Lor'hion had just come back to his order at the end of his year wandering alone. There was no doubt that he was now a full druid. During his rite of passage, he was presented with a vision. In the first part of his vision he saw Therin Northwind, Lor'hion?s cousin stealing the family heirloom ?Troll?s Heart? a falchion forged by Elysian Myritar himself, created to fight against the trolls in the fight to defend Flaern. Therin struck down Lor'hion?s (and Therin?s) uncle, as well as his own mother (Lor'hion?s aunt) Lyzalea Arkhen.

Lor'hion knew that he had to go and get the falchion back, and stop his cousin. As children, Lor'hion and Therin were close, but as time passed their paths separated. Lor'hion went to learn from the order of Flaern, and Therin went to learn of Shada. They began to avoid each other because they no longer saw eye to eye.

During his vision, Flaern told Lor'hion that he would have to seek out Quinton Silverthorn, for he could aid Lor'hion in the quest. Lor'hion was shown a vision of Quinton.

?Death from above?Game time: February 22nd

Quinton and his friends are staying at the Salt and Sand Tavern in the fishing town of Fishkill. Quinton speculates that there might be about 500 people in the entire town.

The salt and sand is the only tavern in the entire town, which makes finding Quinton easy on Lor?hion. Lor'hion has been in this town once before many years ago.

Quinton and his friend Alleryan were talking about a book that they had. The book was called the Book of Delthara.    The book was stolen by Flea in a previous adventure with Vecklin O?Ryan.    Evil eminated from the book and caused much consternation within Quinton and Alleryan.

Quinton asked Alleryan if he would read the book because Quinton can not read, having been raised as a peasant farmer.    Alleryan said that he would *really* rather not? however, he would if Quinton was certain that it was what he wanted, and only if Quinton stayed and watched over him, for he feared the sheer evil of the book. Quinton agreed.

Alleryan read the book in a slowed and halting manner, sometimes stopping to pray to Shada. Staying true to Shada and shrugging off any fear, Quinton gives Alleryan comfort as he reads the dark passages. The book turned out to be the holy bible of the Deltharites. It explained that the Deltharites are trying to bring their goddess back with enough power to destroy the world. The Deltharites believe that they will be rewarded in the afterlife for serving Delthara.   They willingly forsake this life for the promise of the next. As Alleryan read, Quinton realized that the Ogres who Flea had stolen the book from were *tracking* it.    The ogres had ambushed Flea and his companions ever since he stole it.    They were even brazen enough to attack Flea in the city of N?arth.

Quinton peeked out the window to make sure nothing was amiss. The only thing that he saw was a man coming toward the tavern from the north, which seemed strange to him. The only way in from the north was from the water. The man must have come via boat.

The man had long brown hair which he kept in a neat pony tail. He stood only five feet ? four inches tall, 120 pounds soaking wet. The man carried himself with an air of confidence that was uncommon for an average traveler.

When Alleryan was done reading the book, he began to pray fervently to cleanse his soul. Quinton took the book from his disturbed friend and looked deeply at the cover. He then took his sword (the sword of Brendan De La N?arth) and put the blade up to the cover saying ?I?m coming for you? to the book as a warning to Delthara. The voices of his fathers before him all rang out in an indistinguishable cacophony. Not wishing to hear any criticism or advice, Quinton sheathes the great sword of Brendan.

Quinton left his friend to his praying and went downstairs to join his friend Larkin. Larkin seemed to have something against his liver, and he was trying to kill it with ale. Quinton greeted his friend and went up to the bar. He ordered two ales and a bowl of chowder.

Lor'hion came into the tavern and saw Quinton at the bar. As he looked at Quinton, Quinton turned and saw Lor'hion. Quinton went back to his table carrying the two ales and his chowder. Lor'hion ordered two ales, water and a bowl of chowder. He brought it all to Quinton?s table, gave Quinton and Larkin the ales, and asked if he could join. He was welcomed.

Lor'hion explained the reason he was looking for Quinton. Quinton made some assumptions about why Lor'hion was looking for troll?s-heart.  Mainly that Lor?hion must be of Arkhen Blood or he could not wield the legendary  falchion.   Therefore, Quinton believed that Lor?hion was trustworthy and agreed to let the druid accompany him on his travels.   Lor'hion remarked on Quinton?s astuteness.

Quinton and Lor'hion have a bit of  conversation about good vs. evil, until Larkin grows too confused for words. Lor'hion realized that at some point Larkin had gotten himself yet another ale? burp.

A wily youth with eyes older than his age comes into the tavern and exchanges looks with Quinton, orders some food and comes to the table. He tells Quinton that they would have to leave within the next three hours in order to meet their transportation.   A ship sailed by the Pirates of Blackport.

The rest of the party eventually came to the table, save for Alleryan. Lor'hion was introduced to everyone. Quinton explained that they would have to be going shortly. They were headed for the Zyrethian tower.

Quinton went back to check on Alleryan and brought a bowl of chowder with him. Alleryan was still praying, kneeling bent forward with his forehead touching the floor. Quinton knew that they had to be leaving soon, but he let the elf continue his prayers, leaving the bowl of chowder next to him on the floor.

Quinton asked  Lor'hion about the flute he wore hanging from his belt. Lor'hion played  the flute and before long the tavern was alive with patrons. The room that could comfortably fit fifty was now packed with over a hundred.

Quinton went back up to check on Alleryan who at this point had finished praying and was just finishing the bowl of chowder. Coming down the stairs, Quinton gave the rest of the group the signal that meant it was time to leave. Lor'hion stopped playing and the crowd got upset. Fortunately Throm, the innkeeper, took up a song and everyone joined him.

Getting Larkin moving was a bit of a problem. With the snow, and the slowly moving Larkin, it took nearly an hour to get to the water. Flea paid the man at the rowboat. The man explained that there would be two trips to get out to the fishing boat. Getting in the rowboat, Larkin very nearly flipped the boat over! Quinton sharply thumps him and chastises him. Larkin glares at Quinton with a hurt look.

 Once aboard the fishing vessel, the whole group was taken far out to sea, where the captain signaled with his lantern to a larger ship.

A large skiff met them and transported them to the pirate ship.  Flea paid the captain (Garret O?Malley), and the party was lead down below the deck.

The second day on the water, someone is sent down to get Quinton. The captain wanted a word with the leader of the group, and whomever Quinton thought should join. Quinton then said that everyone would attend. The messenger warned that the room would be very cramped, but lead on.

Quinton and the captain talked about terms of passage. The captain explained that he would not be taking the group all the way to the tower, but would be stopping no closer than 30 miles south, and leaving the group to their own vices. He explained that he would rather not be seen by the Deltharite Navy that was patrolling the waters near the Zyrithian Tower.

The group agrees. Quinton explains to the captain that he would like him to join him and fight for N?arth. Captain O?Malley just laughs.

The Captain explains to the group that they could come up on deck during certain times, but if they are asked to get below, then they are to do so without hesitation.

Looking about the ship, it?s pretty large, with three masts. There were ballistas on the deck which were about ten feet by ten feet.
Lor'hion and Quinton go to the bow as Quinton wanted to pray. Lor'hion joined him for some chat before the praying. Lor'hion asked why they were heading to the tower, and Quinton explains that the Deltharites have been poisoning the food supplies of certain areas with Red Trillium (a plant) poison. Distilled red trillium is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.   The Deltharites have concocted a temporary cure for the poison, but it lasts for only one day before another dose is necessary to avoid the harmful effects of the red trillium.    They have successfully controlled the populous of N?arth by poisoning the water supplies of all the major cities and strategic outposts.   Now most of the citizens of N?arth must comply with the Deltharites or die from the red trillium.    

Shortly before the invasion of N?arth, the Deltharites managed to poison both the Zyrithian and Shadan Towers.  This effectively neutralized  both schools of magic from aiding in the defense of N?arth.    Unable to find an antidote, the wizards sent emissaries to Quinton and the Army of N?arth to ask for aid.    General Caldwell explained to the emissaries that Quinton had gone in search of an antidote and they could find him at Falkirk?s cottage on the other side of the Blackwood.

Eventually Quinton tracked down Falkirk a former royal herbalist.    He knew of an antidote, which was made of White Trillium and ground Ogre?s teeth.  

Lor'hion remarked that he was under the impression that Ogres were rather attached to their teeth, having no idea of the subject on which he had just touched. Quinton went on to talk about how they got the teeth, and explains that the experience made him question everything that he had believed in. When they went to the Ogre village to gather the teeth, Quinton and company chose to take the teeth from the mouths of the Ogre children, who were playing. Quinton?s problem was that the playing Ogre children were innocent. He did not believe that the children were born Evil. He realized that evil could not be destroyed by more evil and that he was only perpetuating the terror that Delthara delights in.

Lor'hion explained that he saw things differently. Even if the Ogre children were not evil, there would be no way for them to grow up otherwise. Killing the children would be a far less cruel fate. Quinton wasn?t so sure.  

Out on the western horizon suddenly appeared seven small black dots, flying in a V pattern. As the dots came closer it became evident that there in fact were nine. Slowly the nine black dots turned into nine black dragons, and they seemed to be heading for the ship! The whole crew cowers except for Quinton. (Lor'hion: Yeah, I know, I failed the will check. It wasn?t my fault, blame my players? dice!)

As they closed on the boat, out of nowhere came another black dragon about 4 times the size of any of the others, and attacked the nine! He quickly beat the dragons into submission, killing all of them. The larger black dragon (Draaken Korliss) turned toward the ship, clearly seeing it. Quinton got the sense that the dragon acknowledged him. After a moment, it turned and flew back in the direction of N?arth.

Quenton had encountered the legendary Draaken Korliss once before.   They met on a road north of N?arth.  The dragon was disguised as a human traveler in a dark hooded cape. Quinton had seen Draaken Korliss fly over him only a few minutes before the fateful meeting.   When they conversed Quinton sensed an overwhelming amount of power and pure evil within the mysterious traveler.  Therefore he correctly assumed that he was speaking with Draaken Korliss. The one thing that betrayed his identity was the deep yellow eyes with slit pupils. They had acknowledged each other with mutual respect.

The two travelers conversed for a long time about many things including the Deltharites, the history of N?arth, the line of De La N?arth Kings, and the gigantic sword strapped to Quinton?s back.    Draaken Korliss explained that the Deltharites and Delthara herself had gone mad with power and that he, Draaken, sought to destroy their world killing plot. Quinton thought this to be an extraordinary turn of events considering that Draaken was a once an honored champion of Delthara. Quinton then reflected to himself that it was odd that both good and evil could work together if bound by a common goal. They actually found a mutual respect for each other and they both agreed that N?arth was a better place without Delthara and her followers.    This left Quinton wondering if Draaken Korliss was no longer subject to Delthara? s power.   Draaken had quickly put to rest any stray thoughts about an enduring alliance by telling Quinton that as soon as Delthara is beaten back that he?ll return to the Blackwood and remain in what is truly his forest. Quinton stated that when he was actually crowned King that he had no intentions of routing out Draaken, unless, of course, Draaken became a menacing threat. Draaken stated that centuries of building a reputation has paid off as that is more of the threat than he is. Draaken and Quinton shook hands as respected rivals and, strangely, as friends then parted ways.  The next day the mighty black dragon answered his question by planting a Deltharan navy interceptor into the plains near Quinton.   This clearly explained that Draaken Korliss was no longer subject to Delthara.

General Info / Threshold Places
« on: April 22, 2005, 10:03:31 PM »

Inns & Taverns

IT1) The Griffon?s Nest: Inn
-Proprietor: Daniel Rasthavyn (Male Human)

IT2) The Cliffside Inn: Inn
-Proprietor: Lander Leofric (Male Gnome)

IT3) Hunter?s Lodge: Inn/Tavern
-Proprietor: Zarion Wolfjaw (Male 1/2 Elf)

IT4) Dragonfly?s Kitchenrest: Inn
-Proprietor: Carolyn ?Dragonfly? Waterton (Female Human)

IT5) Thornhedge Inn: Inn
-Proprietor: Keltan Kym (Male 1/2 Elf)

IT6) Caravan?s Pavilion: Caravan Stop / Inn
-Proprietor: Trisk Thorvald (Male Human)

T1) Tenrings Tavern: Tavern
-Proprietor: Galanor Ravenwood (Male 1/2 Elf)

T2) Mushroom O? the Stump: Tavern/Game Hall
 -Proprietor: Eldan & Garret Thornbramble (Halfling Twin Brothers)

T3) Oak & Acorn Pub: Tavern
-Proprietor: Donard ?Oakarm? Spinel (Male Human)

T4) Doubeck?s Festhall: Tavern/Meeting Hall
-Proprietor: Sangalor Doubeck (Male Human)

T5) The Grape & Vine: Tavern Winery
-Proprietor: Mryx Y?Chazey ?Ghost Eye? (Male Elf)

Stores / Merchants / Crafters

M1) Ore & War Forges: Weapon and Blacksmith
-Proprietor: Darius ?Stormhunter? Grogan (Male 1/2 Orc)

M2) The Killing Shot Fletcher Shop: Fletcher and Bow maker
-Proprietor: Ariana Snowfire & Sys?Ania Snowfire (Elf Sisters)

M3) Annalee?s Provisions: Food Market (fruits/vegetables/nuts)
-Proprietor: Annalee Vox Ulsun (Female Human- Wildlander decent)

M4) The Green Glass Stitchery: Clothing
-Proprietor:  Margoree ?Spinner? MacTavish (Female Human)

M5)Bearded Beasts Leather & Butchery Shop: Leather and Meat Market
-Proprietor: Philip Stagdrake (Male Human)

M6) Ashes Herbs: Herbs and Spices
-Proprietor: Ashe Pryessant (Male Human)

M7) Dragonbones Metal Shop: Gold and Silversmith
-Proprietor: Torrent of Clan Thunderfist (Male Dwarf)

M8) Godseye Jewels: Jeweler
-Proprietor: Nuan Ki?Vish ?Rubystar? (Male Elf)

M9) Squire?s Mounts: Mounts and Pack Animals
-Proprietor:  Suath Mythcinderton (Male 1/2 Elf)

M10) Valley Carriages: Vehicles and Overland transports
-Proprietor: William Edomira (Male Human)

M11) Wedge & Wheel: Cheese and Dairy Shop
-Proprietor: Persimony ?Percy? Runestone (Female Gnome)

M12) Braided Breads: Bakery
-Proprietor: Simone Belshazzar (Female 1/2 Elf)

M13) The Knightstar Armory: Armorer
-Proprietor: Agar of Clan Thunderfist (Male Dwarf)

M14) Darkwood Coffers: Woodworker
-Proprietor: Kyle Dervish (Male Human)

M15) Mugs & Jugs: Glassblower and Pottery maker
-Proprietor: Kurth & Draka  Furgonarg (Male & Female 1/2 Orcs)


M) The Circle of All: Mahiya
G) The Hiddenmount: Grumbar
A) The Temple of Open Skies: Akadi
I) The Shrine of The Crystal Fountain: Istisha
K) The Spike of Fire: Kossuth
P) The Alter of Virtue: Paladine
S) The House of Crimson Eyes: Sardior
T) The Temple of Shadows: Takhisis

Geographical Locations / Places of Interest

The Fogveil Vein ? the river

Goldleaf Ridge ? a plateau on the southwestern part of Threshold that brags of golden trees

The Foot ? the center island

Littlefoot ? the small island north of The Foot

Copper Ledge ? the island to the southeast of The Foot that grows trees with copper leaves

Defender?s Gorge (aka. The Scar) ? the chasm in the southeast that is stitched by the Overspan
The Blessed Brook ? the short tributary to the Fogveil in the northeast that is fed by The Crystal Fountain, a natural spring

The Chisel / Hammer Drop ? the stream that carves it?s way to the Fogveil (thereby creating Defender?s Gorge) in the southeastern part of Threshold. The waterfall is called the Hammer as it constantly pounds the rocks below.
Angelhawk Bridge ? northernmost bridge

The Overspan ? southernmost bridge; natural

The Rosewalk ? easternmost bridge

Wolfsong Stretch ? westernmost bridge

The Overlook of Havigaard ? place of renown in the southern part of
Threshold. It is a featured high point

The Fortress Mount ? a keep used for soldiers of the Tri-State of Vychia in the northwestern part of Threshold. It is a featured high point

The Shambled Tower ? ruins on the southwestern cliff of The Foot.

General Info / updated terminology
« on: April 22, 2005, 09:04:05 PM »
i updated the history section on Threshold. it was just a matter of termonolgy: wizards = arcanists and the rediscovery of the Valley of Mist is known as "The Great Rejuvination".

that's all. so, you don't have to pick through the post trying to figure out what changed.

House Rules / guidline not rule
« on: April 19, 2005, 10:07:27 PM »
one of the things that i think should be relevent in raising skills is the use of that skill in adventures past.

i would like for characters to try to raise the skills that they used between levels.

if you want a new skill that requires training then a character must seek it out (either in an adventure or thru adventure offtime). this tutelage is required. this training is probably best done with other party members. However, if no party member has that skill then the character must seek it out elswhere.

for example: in the opening adventure Kit jumped into the river to save a drowning boy. on the next level that Kit reaches she might add some skill points to swimming. (Dray, this is an example and is not necessarily expected.)

Since you're in a town there's a good chance that there is someone who has that skill.

That said, it's up to me (the DM) to challenge (at some point or another) many, if not all, of the skills that any character has.

this style of skill progression is more of a strong guideline than a hard and fast rule. it does lend to permitting

House Rules / Mage (not Sorcerer) dice
« on: April 07, 2005, 08:25:28 AM »
FYI: in Threshold, 3.5 Sorceres are called Mages. Also, i'm not fond of "wizard" either (i keep seeing some skinny dork in a pointy hat and robes 3 sizes to big with glittery moons and stars). so, in Threshold, Wizards are called Arcanists. However, for game speak terminology purposes i'll stick with convention.

now, to my original point (and i do have one). i'm adopting Johan's d6 increase to a Sorcerers hit dice. they really are underbalanced against the wizard (and hence the other classes as well). the chronic lack of bonus feats against a wizards i find is really the source of the imbalance.

Perhaps an alternative would be to give the Sorcerer's the bonus feats that a wizard gets...but i like keeping them (Wizards & Sorcerers) different enough to make them apparently different.

House Rules / the ability to roll your abilities
« on: March 28, 2005, 08:56:11 PM »
here is my method for generating abilities:

roll 4d6 then choose the highest 3 rolls and reroll the lowest at your discretion. the reroll MUST be kept. roll for each ability (6 rolls).

example: Drizzt rolls 4d6 he scores a 6, 2, 3, 3. he ditches the 2 and has a 6, 3, 3 left. feeling lucky Drizzt rerolls one of the 3's. he scores a 5! he now has a 6, 3, 5 giving him an ability score of 14. upon generating 6 scores Drizzt is now free to assign the scores to the abilities as he sees fit.

if instead of rerolling a 5 Drizzt rolled a 1 he would have to keep it giving him an ability score of 10.

Out of Character Discussions / past into the present
« on: March 27, 2005, 10:00:16 AM »
i was looking over the N'arth map and thinking about how interesting and potentially useful it would be to have a map of N'arth BEFORE the fracture. this would be instrumental in detailing the history of the land. also, it would lend itself to the location of ruins and generate a feel for antiquity. like the sense you get when watching LOTR and you see the remnants of civilizations past. it's actually something that i'm in the process of detailing for Threshold.

i know that you're busy with getting other things underway with your camp and this is low on list but it is something to consider for a future endeavor.

Out of Character Discussions / never too many maps
« on: March 27, 2005, 09:42:03 AM »
thanks for the map. it will be helpful.

if it should come to pass that you would like a "wildfire version" let me know.

General Info / Deities and Domains
« on: March 25, 2005, 07:12:38 AM »
Deities and Domains

The eight deities are the divine representatives and personifications of their realm of influence. Some represent more of the philosophies of life while others are more physical in their influence. Each represents the attitude of their realm in both physical and philosophical ways.

For the purpose of definition, the deities are separated into two chapters. The major chapter notes a broad spectrum in authority while the minor chapter notes a more specialized authority. This in no way lends itself to rank among gods?they are all equal in power much like members on a council. Also, there is the alignment of ?nature?. By definition it is neutral but it is a different sort of neutral. It is not neutral in the matters of good and evil it is neutral in the way that elements and animals are neutral. It is not good, bad, or undecided. It just is what it is. For example, a raging storm is non-moral. It has no ethics that guide it, as it acts on its own physics. There is no vindictiveness or righteousness in its action. The nature alignment is not able to be taken by mortal individuals. Only the gods are able to act with perfect nature neutrality. Mortals are always persuaded by something and will perform with certain biases thus preempting any sort of nature neutrality.

Different races have different names for the gods. A racial based god is still actually the god as profiled here. Gods appear as the race envisions them. For example, Corellon Larethian is the god of elves and is chaotic good. In essence it is still the god of good, Paladine ? the elves call that deity Corellan Larethian and picture the deity as an elf. Orcs call Takhisis by the name of Gruumsh and picture it as a one eyed Orc. Furthermore, there is no specific gender to the gods.  Both gender references are essentially correct. Again, it?s all in how the races envision them. For instance, if one were to say ?Bring me strength Paladine ? mother of all that is good.? or ?Guide my sword great Paladine - father of the virtuous!? both would be correct. Regardless how the Player?s Handbook dictates the domains per deity, the domains as described by accompanying list remain dominant (for example, Corellon Larethian most closely resembles Paladine. So a cleric of Corellon Larethian would choose the domains available to Paladine). On the deities chart is a conversion list. If a character wants to use the name of a ?standard mythos? deity (so as to reflect another culture or place) the equivalent ?celestial mythos? deity is given.  

Mahiya is the deity of nature. It represents all that is natural like life, death, plants, and animals. Anyone of any alignment can accept Mahiya as their personal deity. Respect for the ways of nature must be in influence on this acceptance.  Deliberate abuse from a venerator will surely draw baneful retribution.  Now, the relation between the element gods and the god of nature is a complex one. Mahiya is the world and is fabricated by the elements. It is the recipe of the four element gods acting as one. The four element gods are likewise born of Mahiya. The elements are Mahiya and vice-versa. So, one view of it could be that they are parent to each other. Mahiya is what grants spirit to the elements individually and what is created by them when they act together to create living beings. Mahiya is essentially the foundation for everything. Nothing would exist without it. It could be argued (as many worshippers do) that Mahiya is the high god amongst the other gods. However, Mahiya, being of the ?nature? alignment, is not interested in dominance or power struggles.  It is as it does, nothing less and nothing more.

Paladine is all that is good.  It is the protector of the weak, the innocent, charitable, and a promoter of peace. What it stands for is the beneficial traits in all creatures. It is the positive influence that it sheds which followers believe is the best way to live.

Sardior is a mercurial sort. It isn?t good nor is it evil. It is largely unconcerned with the struggle between the two as it is mostly a matter of perspective. What?s good for one isn?t necessarily for another. So, why get involved in the war of morals? It seems that it only leads to aggressive disagreement and usually mortals die. Many followers take the approach of  ?leave me to mine and I?ll leave you to yours and we?ll be fine.?

Takhisis is not evil, although others who do not understand it would say so.  Domination is the method used to gain advantage. Why shouldn?t someone who has the ability and advantage move ahead? After all, might means right.  Oppression will build the resolve in people to become stronger. That is the key to survival for everyone.

Kossuth is the embodiment of fire. Fire is quick in comparison to the other elements in its? longevity. It is also a cleansing element albeit with its? apparent harshness. The domain of war fits in its? influence as war is much the same way as fire. The progression of Kossuth across the sky is signature to it?s mechanics as they affect the world.

Akadi is the deity of air. It reflects the instinctive nature in living creatures as the first instinct upon birth is to breathe. Many subjects of Akadi are very free spirited and sometimes undisciplined much as the given persuasions of air.

Istisha is the spirit of water. This is a favored deity of many healers and cripplers because of the healing power of water and its? destructiveness. It is an element that will through subtlety or sheer force eventually find its? way to its? destination.

Grumbar is essence of stone and rock. It is slow to change but with that comes much wisdom and knowledge. The other elements carve their story into its? face. It is an element that is strong and patient and almost always trustworthy.

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