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Out of Character Discussions / Post Thoughts - Session 5
« on: June 10, 2005, 08:45:29 AM »
Absolutely, but I wouldn't want to leave anything behind us as we move forward.

And BTW, I would submit that we should get a small cadre or dwarves in to start sealing off the centipede nest. that's going to have to happen anyway, and they can be doing that immedeately.

Out of Character Discussions / Erinalia's animal companion
« on: March 01, 2005, 03:11:26 PM »
Quote from: fraz
...but I'll be at Johan's place on Fri night, so I can take a look at his copy (assuming he has one).

Me have.

House Rules / Character generation
« on: February 13, 2006, 10:35:20 AM »
So for clarity:

The "Advanced Studies" skill is a Class Skill *and* you get +2 Aptitude bonus for it? Or is that "and" an "instead"?

House Rules / Character generation
« on: February 13, 2006, 01:39:03 PM »
So let it be written. Thanks for the clarification.

Game Log / Session 15 - What the Heck was That?!?
« on: March 08, 2005, 03:30:09 PM »
Quote from: himo
I belive that we also entered the cabin in this session and slep there for the night during wich the owner fought the koblts. 8)

You slept in a cave, and the "owner" never left.

Rob - try to check your spelling...

Game Log / Session 15 - What the Heck was That?!?
« on: February 23, 2005, 04:19:46 PM »
Need Content.

Essentially, after kobold attack, we find that this did not actually happen. Befriend a single kobold.

Find an orc party killing a wolf.

Kill the orcs.

Find a baby wolf.

Meet a big, ugly, stunted, hairy, fellow.

Game Log / Session 14 - Good Morning, Melzak
« on: February 23, 2005, 04:13:55 PM »
Need Content

Essentially, awaken in the morning, Melzak shows up with an apparent bodyguard.

Talk, talk, talk.

"Let's go Northeast!"

3 days pass until the Kobold fight.

Game Log / Session 13 - Zombies in the Dark
« on: February 23, 2005, 04:12:21 PM »
Content Needed

Essentially, fight a bunch of zombies while still in Dannobar's quarters.

Escape, leave tunnels and chasm, head north a wee bit.

In the AM, Brescht & Coris are spotted. Give them a day to rest.

Brescht & Coris attack in the night - they are shapeshifters!

"Coris" escapes.

Move west so as not to sleep with a dead shapeshifter.

Game Log / Session 12 - Death to Dannobar
« on: February 23, 2005, 04:11:29 PM »
Eleventh Session: June 5th, 2004
Sap/delvers moon +18 continued...

Himo is not far from the entrance, but he has had time to look around a bit. He reports that he saw Orcs, Gnolls, Goblins, Ogres, and ONE elf.

The group decides that they should go up and check out one of these caves up on the wall, and they pick the closest one to them. Entering the cave, it forks right away. Belwar starts to have second thoughts, and he expresses them. His concern is that if they find something from which they have they have to run, it would be nice to know the layout of the camp first. That way, they don’t all run right into a larger problem. BUT, since they are already up in this cave, they decided to check it out first.

This cave is a natural one, having no worked walls of floors. The company explores only a short distance before the group begins to hear a slow, rhythmic rumbling; as of a fair sized group of things sleeping and snoring. The group withdraws.

Back out of the caves, the group talks. They say that Dannobar is most definitely in a cave somewhere, not down in the masses around the fires. What they decide to do is talk to one of the drunk humans, and see if we can get some information as to where Danobar’s quarters are.

The first human approached by Valen gives the group the general direction. They go that way, and ask another barely coherent human, who points them to the correct cave.

They enter the cave. This cave is worked. It is not up to Dwarven stone masons quality, but it differs from the other one in that *someone* has put some time into squaring the corridors.

Before long, they find a room that seems to be someone’s bedroom. There’s a very large book on the table, which Belwar takes. They leave the room.

The next room that they come upon has got Gnolls chained to the wall. The room after that appears to be a torture room. In this room, there is a man hanging in a gibbet who identifies himself as Kohr. He is frantically trying to get us to let him out of his cage. He said that he was put there for saying things about the ?boss?. When asked where the keys for the cage were, he said that “Urgoth has them”
Belwar smashes the cage, and Kohr comes out. Valen ties Kohr’s hands together, and leads him out, as he said that he can take us to Danobar’s room. Kohr said that he REALLY just wants to leave. If they find him, they will kill him anyway, so he’s got no loyalties to Danobar. The group tells him that as soon as they find Danobar’s room, he can go. He asks for something to defend himself with, and he would be happy with just a torch.

The group gets to Danobar’s room, and Kohr said that BOTH doors along the wall lead into Danobar’s room. Belwar, Valen, and Kohr stay at the first door, Zurn and Himo go to the second.

When ready, Belwar throws open door whilest at the same time Zurn throws open his.

Right away he notices that Danobar is sitting at a table with Melzak. Belwar throws an axe that heads straight for Danobar, but the evil cleric moves. The axe buries itself in the chair.

Valen, from behind the stodgy dwarf, hurls a magical sling stone at the cleric, but also misses. Zurn and Himo rush into the room. Himo is able to loose a crossbow bolt at the cleric and hits him in the shoulder.

At the beginning of this next round, Belwar hacks Danobar, downing him. Melzak casts a color spray at Valen and Korh, knocking both unconscious, then the gnome flees the room. GM ignores Zurn’s initiative and gives it to Himo instead, who chases Melzak into the corridor and manages to shoot him with another crossbow bolt. GM apologizes to Zurn.

Danobar is dispatched easily, but Melzak escapes after casting a color spray. Himo gives chase, and manages to catch up enough to shoot an arrow that his Melzak in the shoulder. Melzak turns around and casts a spell Himo’s way. Himo is suddenly very uneasy about chasing anymore, so he comes back to the room.

The group quickly rummages through the room, and finds a small bag of gold, an old scroll, full plate armor, and a large mace. Looking around the room, there is a shrine of some sort, with the circle of squares on it, and a painted circle on the floor in front of it. The bed is small. All in all, the room is very Spartan.

Suddenly, the doors slam shut. Sounds can be heard from beyond. Belwar smashes the door, and most of it goes away. Through the big hole that was left, the group can see dark figures? Zurn recognizes them as zombies.

The battle begins.

Game Log / Session 11 - Into the Hole
« on: February 23, 2005, 04:10:50 PM »
Tenth Session: April 24th, 2004
Sap/delvers moon +15 continued...

The group stood at the hole wondering what they should do. Belwar got tired of the talking, so he volunteered to go down the hole.

Himo was sent to get some rope. On his way, he ran into Brescht, and together they looked over the bodies of the ogres, and found three medallions. There were two medallions on one of the ogres; he was wearing them as bracelets.

A deep crimson medallion made of an unknown material that is flexible and warm to the touch. The chain is also an unknown material that stretches slightly. This medallion is ovate about a foot wide (shoulder-to shoulder) and a hand tall (chest to abdomen).

A wooden pendant carved from cedar. A crude wolf’s head is carved into one side and a Joshua tree is carved into the other (identified by Valen). Valen also submitted that the wolf is often used as a symbol for perseverance and will while the Joshua tree is often a symbol for tenacity and will. Both symbols are routinely used by sorcerers. The necklace is interwoven vine-like tendrils that behave like a Chinese finger puzzle, accommodating the wearer’s neck comfortably (one size fits all). This pendant is three inches in diameter.

Himo came back after a “Family Circus” type of errand with the rope.

The group lowers Belwar down. The hole goes down about 150 feet. At the bottom there is a pile of dead stuff: there is the Gnoll that Zurn knocked down the hole, and two dead ogres. On the Gnoll and ogres, there are two more circle of squares. There are also other creature skeletons down there. Belwar thinks that they might have been food for the group of Gnolls.

The rest of the way seems clear, so Belwar tugs the rope and gets pulled back up to report.

Being that it was so late at this point, the group decides to get some sleep before climbing down the hole in the morning.

Sap/delvers moon +16

The group gets up, has some food and goes down the hole.

Travel uneventful for a day. Belwar and Zurn notice that the tunnel is a little strange. It’s most definitely not natural. It’s about four feet wide, and about 8 feet tall. There is no variation in the pitch of the floor, it just goes straight. The dwarves of the group know what kind of engineering that it takes to do something like this. It’s clearly Dwarven engineering, but FAR from Dwarven quality. The group decides that it must have been ogres who did the actual work.

Sap/delvers moon +18

After two days, the group comes upon a room (larger open area than the rest of the tunnel) which was apparently used as a rest area. There’s a pile of hay in the corner. It smells really badly here.

The group travels about half an additional day when all of a sudden crossbow bolts came out of what seemed to be nowhere.

The bolt struck Belwar square in the chest and splintered, doing no damage but rocking the dwarf slightly.

The group approaches the source of the arrows, and sees that it is 6 Orcs, In three rows of two (two across the corridor, three deep)

The two in the front are kneeling, and the rest are standing. They all have crossbows and the front two lines are firing. As crossbows are fired, fully loaded ones are handed up from behind

Before long the front two Orcs die at the hands of the group.

As the Orcs in front fall, the ones behind push them out of the way, and kneel themselves and the two in the back take over so that there are always at least 4 of them firing.

The Orcs quickly fall and the group is on their way again.

Himo was sent up to creep along the corridor and scout out what was going on (move silently -  which he failed at) he finds himself face to chest with four Orcs, who are apparently standing guard at the end of the tunnel. Himo greets them and they greet him with barely concealed contempt. They do not bar his way out of the tunnel, however.

The Orcs step out of his way, probably due to the strange pendant that he wears.

Zurn, Valen, and Belwar are left behind in the corridor, and decide that they should make it look like Valen is their prisoner, because the players saw how easy it was for Himo to get through the Orcs at the end of the tunnel, but they realized that it must have been because of the circle of squares, which they only had 2 of now. The dwarves put on the pendants.

They get up to the Orcs, Belwar leading the way. The Orcs look indifferently upon the group. Belwar realizes suddenly that no one left in the group speaks Orcish, so he tries to get the Orcs to move with hand gestures (nice ones, not obscene).

The Orcs don’t seem to care too much for moving. Frustrated, Belwar decides to fall back on more traditional anti-Orc methods.

Belwar drops the end of Valen’s rope, and brings down his axe on one of the guards. The guard crumples, as Belwar turns to attack another, but misses. The Orcs are easily dispatched by the group.

Looking around, there seems to be many small groups of goblins, humans, Orcs, half Orcs and Gnolls sitting around camp fires, eating, getting drunk, and getting rowdy. They are no longer underground, but in what seems to be a valley. The walls of the valley sloped up at a fairly steep angle. There are cave entrances all over the walls at different heights and locations. The funny thing is that no one seems to have noticed that we just carved our way in.

Game Log / Session 10 - Hi, I'm Zurn and this is my Pal, Melzak
« on: February 23, 2005, 04:06:40 PM »
Need content, please.

Game Log / Session 9 - Belwar Stalks... (clank clank clank)
« on: February 23, 2005, 03:43:40 PM »
Ninth Session: March 13th, 2004
Sap/delvers moon +15 continued...

Belwar wonders what the heck to do now... Danobar coming along screws everything up.

The column is a full day away already. The column is stopped and resting now; Belwar takes Himo and Brescht aside to get a plan together.

Belwar takes Himo and Brescht to "scout ahead" nudge, nudge, wink, wink, along the road. There is no moon, so Brescht cannot see anything.

Brescht makes a point: The fact that the only people here that can see is Belwar and Himo. If there were to be an attack on the column by creatures that aren't human, as it has been... Tonight would be the night to do it, because no one else can see. Luckily, the soldiers have made 2 good sized fires and torches around the perimeter. Luckily? Now we can't see past them into the darkness!!

Belwar and Himo decide to scout outside of the fire light... but which way to go? They could come at the group from any direction. This was a great place for an ambush.

The two decide that they will scout further down the road in the dark about 40' away from the road. Belwar wants to stay within sight of the fires.

Belwar FAILS a spot check DC15!!!
Himo succeeds!

Himo becomes aware of someone wandering through the forest (His cat tipped him off) He tells Belwar about it. Belwar tells Himo to lead the way...

Belwar Stalks... (clank clank clank)

Rolling a move silently - DC15
Belwar succeeds! (Miraculously)
Himo Succeeds!

The man that is walking about is Dreblar!! The man with the circle of squares! We follow. He turns south... and the east... and then north again... dumb griznuq can't see!

Belwar snaps a stick. Dreblar stops. Starts walking away from the sound of the snapping stick. Belwar decides to go after him. He runs away, and falls.

Belwar grabs Dreblar by the throat. Dreblar pulls out the circle of squares saying Danobar said you wouldn't hurt me!. Belwar takes the symbol.

Belwar interrogates him, but doesn't get anything of use. Belwar gets sick of the man's whimpering and hits him. WHAM.

Himo blows their cover!! He says, "Calm down, it's Himo and Belwar"

Dreblar gets all happy knowing that it's Himo and Belwar. He’s blabbing and yapping. He wants to keep Himo and Belwar out in the woods, away from the camp!

Belwar wants to know where Danobar is. Now that Dreblar knows who we are, he is pretending to not know anything, and that he was wandering in the forest to "use the Privy" and got lost.

Belwar drops the sniveling wretch and starts to walk back to the camp. Himo wants to keep this guy alive... Belwar would just as soon leave him in the woods. Himo helps Dreblar along, leading him because he can’t see and walks him into a tree! Belwar suggests dragging him.

They start to see fires.

Dreblar wants to stay behind. Himo was leading the man with a dagger to the back. Belwar is beginning to hate this guy. Belwar hits Himo's Elbow pushing the dagger into Dreblar back.

Belwar: You really ought to be more careful with those." Keeps walking toward the camp.

Himo stops and bandages and HEALS!!! This guy!

Belwar has to Roll Spots... DC 12
... 1 Fail
Rolling Spot DC10
...8 Fail
8 YAY!
As Belwar gets closer, he hears screams from camp, sounding like a battle.

Himo drags Dreblar, and Dreblar pushes him away, and gets agitated. Himo decides to leave him alone finally, and heads to the camp.

Belwar sees a lot of Orcan mayhem. Belwar takes out the Circle Of Squares, and keeps it in his left hand. In his right hand is a throwing axe (great axe is too big to be useful in one hand. Belwar is looking for Dannobar.

Spot DC16

Belwar sees Dannobar tending a wounded soldier.

Belwar finds the nearest fight and joins.

Belwar shows an orc the Circle Of Squares and he snarls and Runs. Belwar attacks !! rolls 3...

Belwar sees Danobar healing a soldier, but the soldier dies... Looks like Danobar is helping people DIE!

Belwar sees Brescht amongst a HUGE number of orcs and soldiers. Brescht seems like he can handle himself for a few minutes.

Belwar: "couldn't save him, huh?"
Danobar: "Oh, NO! I couldn't! Where have you been???"
Danobar insists that Belwar go fight someone. He kneels down to "Help" someone else, and Belwar goes and yanks off the Circle of Squares. It disrupts the spell. Danobar turns his attention on Belwar, and suddenly Belwar cannot move!!

Himo Joins the fray, and begins attacking things. Himo Fires his crossbow at a charging orc.

Himo rolls a 16. that hits! for 5 damage. Suddenly a bunch more orcs come to fight Himo.

Dannobar takes his symbol from Belwar, as well as the other from Dreblar. Belwar STILL can't move! He then contemplates what to do with Belwar...

Himo has 5 orcs closing in on him, but Himo's got the initiative. Himo casts a Color-Spray. Himo drops a whole ONE orc...

All 4 remaining orcs attack and MISS Himo!

Danobar disappears behind Belwar, who still can’t move.

Himo casts another color spray, downing 2. The remaining 2 attack and miss!

There are a number of orcs closing on Belwar while he stands there.

Himo downs the last 2 and 3 others that happened to be looking!

Belwar is getting attacked by 3 orks. they clang at Belwar’s armor... no damage though. Suddenly, he can move!! AND can attack. Belwar kills one!

Himo gets missed once, twice, thrice.

Belwar gets attacked, one miss, one hit (2 points) miss, hit(3) hit(6)

Belwar attacks: and misses

Himo attacks with his master work long sword. Orc dies! he then gets hit and takes 8 points of damage. The other 2 orcs missed.

Belwar gets missed 5 times, but then got hit for 12 freaking points!!

Belwar attacks and kills one! attacks again! kills another!

Himo tries to flee, and is hit. The soldiers engage the orcs that had attacked him. Himo heads out into the woods.

DM rolls some dice... hate that...

One orc drops his weapon and runs from Belwar! Another hits Belwar, bringing Belwar to the ground!!! <-1 hit points>

Himo readies his crossbow.
Rolls a spot dc18, he makes it, and sees Belwar being overcome. Himo attacks and hits an orc around Belwar! They are both surprised to see a crossbow bolt come out of nowhere. They look in Himo’s direction, but they are engaged by some soldiers.

Himo reloads and shoots again at a new target.
Rolls a spot DC 19, and fails with a 2.

Himo looks for some fighting that he can use his crossbow in. finds an orc, and shoots. He misses!! He does hit a tree though!

Things get quiet as the orcs all die. Not much to be heard but the groaning of the wounded.

Himo goes over to Belwar, who is badly hurt! He attempts to heal Belwar. Doesn’t work though.

Danobar comes over to "Heal" Belwar... not good... Himo says ok... Oy.

Himo tells Danobar about Dreblar, who again pretends to not know him. Danobar says that he can't cast any more "healing spells" today ... good... Tomorrow would be a different story, however...

Brescht surveys the camp. There are only 3 soldiers left. Belwar is moved to a cleaner part of the camp. 2 soldiers make a cot to take Belwar... the group cannot stay there for the night.

Game Log / Session 8 - Collumn or Keep?
« on: February 23, 2005, 03:41:36 PM »
Eighth Session: 2004
Sap/Delvers moon +14 (Continued)


Belwar can’t decide what his next course of action should be. I can't decide what my next course of action should be! If he is to go with the column out of the keep, he wouldn’t be there to help defend the city. If he stays in the city, he wouldn’t be there to help defend the column.

The column is to leave in the morning. What Belwar wants to do is take the column out and into the trees, to return when whatever is supposed to happen, does happen. Problem is though, that if there are others in the group who are in on the ambush, they may blow our cover. In the best case, they might just run away.

Coris wants to take Dreblar into custody tonight and try to get him to talk. Belwar likes the idea. Belwar says it would be nice if there were some way to search him without him knowing. Coris likes the idea, and says that what should be done is everyone should be searched, so we would know if there are any others with the symbol.

Sap/Delvers moon +14/+15

Belwar wakes in the night hearing a tapping, so faint that he questions whether or not he hears it. He gets up and inspects it. He realizes that there is a rhythm to the tapping; A pattern. Belwar leaves the inn and follows the noise. Belwar follows it to Danobar's door. The tapping stops. Belwar then hears a bird call, but can't tell which direction it came from. Belwar does not know what he should do. Peeks into the window and sees no movement, but a light coming from the room with the round rug, which goes out abruptly.

Belwar decides that he is going to talk to Brescht. He explains what he witnessed, and why it's significant.

Belwar and Brescht talk, and they decide that there's nothing to do about it but get more sleep. Belwar heads back to the inn, and on his way, hears a door close from Danobar’s apartment's direction and a VULTURE flies by!!! Vultures are not nocturnal. Then again, neither are Dwarves and here we are...

Belwar peeks through a window into Danobar’s apartment, and sees nothing... He decides to just go to bed.

Belwar gets in bed, and someone knocks on the door... ugh. – Who was it?

The group goes down and there's breakfast waiting. Eat and head to the inner bailey. Much is going on. 30 folks are in line with horses, additional 20 soldiers standing around with swords and spears. Captain Coris is there, Commander Bob is not.

Belwar decides to not explain to Coris what happed at night.

Coris asks how we should do this, just search Dreblar first? Belwar says maybe not. Search a few others first so as not to arouse suspicion.

Two or three people get searched, and have nothing in particular. Next is Dreblar. He's got all the same things, AND a pendant of polygonal shapes, and a VULTURE in the middle!!! AH-HAH! The Circle of Squares!

Belwar tells Coris about the happenings of the night. Coris says that he would think that that pendant would be the one in question, but we should not take it yet, and we should search everyone to see if there are any others. There were not. Dreblar held the only one.

Brescht seems to have a cough... And a head tick that goes in the direction of Danobar’s apartment... Strange...

Belwar sees Danobar walking in wearing full metal plate and comes clunking over to Belwar and Coris. He's got a mace and a symbol of the crow over the field of barley, that he had given Belwar. Danobar wants to join the column...

Belwar Casts a glare at Coris as if to say WHAT THE...?

Coris sends Danobar off with a soldier to find a horse for Danobar to ride

Belwar wants to go look in Danobar's quarters. Coris puts Brescht in charge while we're gone. Himo is asked to come along. The group goes to Danobar's, and Belwar bashes in the door again. Nothing is amiss in any of his rooms. Belwar knocks on the slab with the butt of his axe. Knock, Knock! Nothing happens.

Group leaves the place, but doesn't lock the door... If Danobar is leaving town, the next thing to happen would be that some things are going to come out from under the slab. Coris wants a wood right to put a post in top of the slab up to the ceiling to keep the slab from coming up.

It's beginning to look like the column is going to have to just go...

The column leaves. Brescht and Belwar walk.

Brescht seems to be leading the column.

Nothing unusual happens that day. The column stops at the rest area off the side of the road.

Game Log / Session 7 - A Hole in the Floor
« on: February 23, 2005, 03:39:11 PM »
Seventh Session: October 24th, 2003
Sap/delvers moon +14

Himo does bag himself a deer... but he gets lost. [An elf lost in a forest. Can you imagine???.] Himo knows that there are things in forests that can smell dead animals, like owlbears for instance, and decides that he may be better off leaving the dead dear while he searches for the road. That way the scavengers would not be attracted to him. Eventually, he does find his was bay to the road, and thus, back to the keep.

Belwar gets up early and helps the inn keeper set up.

Commander Bob comes by the inn, followed shortly by Danobar. Commander Bob asks Belwar to help the cause by either going with the contingent or staying at the keep to help defend in case there was an attack.

Belwar tells Danobar that he should be with the contingent. Danobar shies away from the idea, saying that his services are more needed in the keep, as Belwar had expected. Belwar says that he had heard the soldiers saying that they were nervous, and would feel much better with a spiritual leader like Danobar. Danobar decides that he would make a speech to the troops in the outer bailey. Belwar tells Commander Bob that the group would have to confer before he could agree to anything, but something could most likely be worked out. Commander Bob and Danobar leave.

Danobar asks for help from Belwar to move a podium into the bailey. They go to Danobar's quarter. In the middle of the room with the podium, there is a large circular rug, with a brazier on it. The Brazier needs to be moved for the podium to be carried out. Danobar moves the brazier, and moves the edge of the rug a little bit with a leg of the brazier. Belwar notices there's no mortar between the stones under the rug. Danobar quickly covers and moves Belwar along.

Belwar leaves to go look for Himo.. POOF - there he is.

Brescht is on the wall again talking to guards... almost giving orders.

Belwar wants to talk to Brescht, but decides to  send Himo instead. The wall is too high and stuff... Belwar likes the ground.

Himo climbs the wall and talks to Brescht. Brescht and Himo come down and Belwar explains what Commander Bob had asked Belwar that morning. Belwar says that maybe we should all go with the contingent and try to get the troops to insist that Danobar go. Brescht suggests that maybe we clue Captain Coris, and Commander Bob in.

The group goes to "Brescht's apartment"

Belwar explains the situation.

Belwar elects Brescht to go find Commander Bob

The two come back and Belwar explains to Commander Bob, who is very skeptical of the story, but agrees to search the room while Danobar is giving his speech.

Doors are locked and the only windows are in the wall facing the speech. Belwar breaks the door down.

They go to the rug, and move it. The section of the floor beneath the rug is a large 5' diameter slab, with no handles, or anything else to move it. Its way too large for any of this group to move it. Belwar knows the slab would need to be moved for anything to come out. They also notice that there are no scrape marks on the floor, which means that it was lifted up from underneath, and also lowered back into place for underneath.

Belwar asks Himo if he knows any sort of spell, which he does, but the slab is way too heavy. Belwar Shows that the different tones when the stone is tapped in different spots can show that it is hollow underneath. Commander Bob is amazed. Belwar bets that this is how the ogres came in this way and there may be more beneath.

Commander Bob says we need to talk to Captain Coris about this. The group makes things look good again, and leave. Himo offers his mending abilities to fix the door... looks good! Offers to fix Belwar's chain armor... Belwar declines. The group finds Captain Coris in the keep fortress... building 24. The group has a long conversation with captain Coris. Much deliberation occurs.

Game Log / Session 6 - Whispers of Treason
« on: February 23, 2005, 03:37:10 PM »
Sixth Session: October 17th, 2003
Sap/ Delver’s Moon +11 (continued)
After the fighting, Himo has requested a long sword; he is given one of the recovered masterwork weapons.

Danobar has entered the Inner Bailey to assist with the wounded. Among some of the guards that he is tending he also heals Brescht a bit.

The companions prepare to turn in, but Himo wants to take a closer look at the entrance to the Inner Bailey. Upon nearing that building, Himo hears some harsh whispering nearby. He cannot make out what is being said, and he returns to the inn to retrieve Belwar. By the time both men return, there is no one nearby.

Sap/ Delver’s Moon +12

Rest. Danobar visits Brescht again and heals him some more. The Captain of the Guard (Commander Bob) enters the inn in the morning; he looks terrible. He wordlessly goes to the innkeeper and orders a beer.

Belwar speaks with him and learns that he and Coris have been talking all night. Coris wants to send half the men out from the Keep towards the city of Gorna beyond the eastern fringe of the forest. They are concerned as this will leave the already flagging Garrison with only a handful of men for at least two weeks, if the contingent can get through at all. Bob resignedly leaves and heads out of the inn (presumably for his quarters for some rest).

The companions spend some time investigating the perimeter of the wall. Brescht actually mounts the walls to tour them from above. Himo accompanies him, while Belwar is left below.

Wandering about, Belwar notices that one of the private apartments has its door ajar. This is one of the apartments that Belwar knows is vacant. He edges closer and hears a conversation from within. One voice is familiar.

Unfamiliar Voice: “I just don’t want to be caught up and killed with the rest of them.”

Familiar Voice: “Don’t worry, as long as you keep this symbol with you they won’t kill you. Just head off and don’t return.”
UV: “I hope that Dreblar can make this work.”
FV: “We have it all well in hand. You will be rewarded. Just keep the Circle of Squares close at hand.”

Belwar then hears footsteps headed towards the entrance to the apartment (the folks inside appear to be leaving) He acts nonchalantly, an pretends to be surprised when Danobar and one of the Keep guards exist from the apartment. The Guard is named Dreblar, and Belwar is only vaguely familiar with him. – Question for Johan. Is this correct? Why would Dreblar have said “I hope Dreblar can make this work”?

Belwar strikes up a conversation with Danobar, expressing his concerns about how things are going. Danobar offers to lend spiritual guidance to Belwar, and they agree to meet at Danobar’s apartments the next morning. [Not such a bad thing, even if untrue!]

Sap/ Delver’s Moon +13
Himo accompanies Belwar to Danobar’s apartments. They are both welcomed in and Danobar presents Belwar with a symbol to help in the dwarf’s spiritual journey. The symbol is that of a raven awing over a field of barley. His god is apparently the god of agriculture and spirits (beer). The two visitors sit patiently while Danobar talks about his religion.

Night finds B&H just leaving Danobar’s residence. Himo decides to leave the Keep and go hunting, and Belwar heads for the inn, where he finds Brescht eating and tending his weapons. Belwar tells Brescht of the conversation that he heard between Danobar and Dreblar. Brescht can’t believe it! Danobar is such a nice fellow!

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