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Out of Character Discussions / Mel's Bed
« on: May 20, 2005, 05:10:47 PM »
Quote from: "Dray", from "Elberrin's Bow"
He made his way to the mess hall, but not before ensuring that Mel was truly asleep on his little cot.

For some reason I've pictured Mel slepping in a hammock inside the tent. A small one (on the order of five feet long) strung between two of the tent's support poles.

Do you care about this, Dray? Can I have a hammock?

I'll be your best freeeiind... 8)

In Character Discussions / Jarmok Visits Julius
« on: May 17, 2005, 01:37:53 PM »
Early May 4 (the day after Jarmok Questions Kit and the morning before Dinner at the Stump)...

Jarmok goes to the council house to find Julius. He will wait inside if it's open and Julius is not there, and will wait in the bushes across the street if it's not open (whether he's there or not).

General Info / Seasons
« on: May 17, 2005, 12:27:56 PM »
Is this the info you're looking for, Johan?

General Info / Seasons
« on: May 17, 2005, 12:27:56 PM »
Wildfire, I was wondering if you could please post the season names?

I realize that we're in Sythus (spring) now, and we just left Venric (winter), but I really had to dig for this information when I was posting my "Jarmok goes to the stump" post. Could you post that information along with month names, and dates upon which we change from season to season (if such is how that works here in Threshold)?


In Character Discussions / Mel Visits Iviellos
« on: May 13, 2005, 01:41:23 PM »
Mel would like to track Ivan down, preferrably in the Big Top, but if the occasion presents itself elsewhere he'll carpe the fricken diem...

So, I'm thinking, another day or so and we're pretty well sure that we'll have fully investigated this part of the  Dwarven hold that we've been looting - I mean, charting [Mel grins impishly]. The next obvious bent would be to investigate that portion of it that's on the other side of the chasm, but getting there will take some doing. I think it'll take something like a full day just to jungle-hike around the chasm to the far said. Any single jaunt over there will likely be an adventure that would take days; not something that would bring us back by nightfall.

This brings a thought to mind, and coupled with another thought the first thought seems downright plausible. I think.

Although this side of the Dwarven facility is damaged, it could still be very much usefull to us; My thinking is that we should perhaps turn a bunch of dwarves loose in there to correct the defects (the damaged traps, the broken smithy...) and air the place out. It could be usefull as a more permanent base of operations. I mean, it's a lot more defensible than the beach is, and if the dwarves put some effort to it, they could seal off the centipede nest, and make the system a great base. There's storage areas, living quarters, forges, anvils. Granted, we can't all live there, but it could be very usefull. The presence of that sauna could even be usefull for medicinal reasons. The whole east wing could be put to use as an infirmary! Plus, it's more defensible than the beach.

I have this vision of building a bridge from this side to the other side. I would, were I a dwarf, build a proper gateway or door at the southern wall of that great hall, perhaps a stairway leading upwards to the forest and down toward the bottom of the chasm (we should investigate that to see what's there - probably not much more than fallen debris, relatively new forest growth, and a lot of centipededs; have you noticed that there seem to be a lot of nuisance critters running around over there? Centipedes particularly. There were like, thousands of them in that nest. Why do you suppose they need nests? You'd think...Oh, sorry).

Part of me wonders when the militant humaniods from the deep are going to attack us again. If anything, they are likely building their forces now; I think it'd be a good idea for us to make use of the Dwarven facility. Like I say, it's more easily defensible than the beach, and if we can at least build a temporary bridge to the other side (say, a rope bridge...they can seem very unstable but they'll surprise you too. A single strand may not be very strong, but put them together and...) er, then who knows what might be found as usefull over there.

Me and the gang can get across a rope (Elb can shoot it across and I'll cross, tie off a larger, stronger rope for the get the idea), but while we're investigating that side a better bridge can be in the works and within a month we'll have a decent fortress. One, I think, that'll be more easily defended than the beach.

True, the dwarves might not think it's decent [Mel frowns and lowers his voice rediculously, cupping his chin in his hands to carricturize a beard] "It fell once, it can fall again...oops, I tripped, don't help me up - I'll only fall again." but the truth is that this facility is very much more defensible than the beach. Did I mention that?

Wow, look at her...Hey, you know that druid chick you sent to help us? She's awfully pretty. Pretty skitty...prettish skittish. pbpbptttt ahahahaha!!

Ohh! Look! T'Riad's balancing on a stick! Excuse me, I've got something that needs pushing...

Character Info / Mel's Free Time
« on: May 12, 2005, 05:13:07 PM »
Mel generally uses his free time freely.

He has no set schedule, no pattern by which he lives his life. Arising in the morning whensoever sleep may wear off, he goes off somewhere to relieve himself; as long as this is not on anybody or anything of value, he's none too discriminating.

Off to the mess tent for firstsies he'll eat what he can of what is available and eavesdrop on anyone foolish enough to have a conversation nearby.

Should he find someone eating alone he will go and sit with them so as to increase is circle of contacts. He will do a little information gathering, finding their interests and engaging in their own expertise (so as to glean anything that might be either interesting, important, or amusing).

Should that person be offensive or brusque with Mel, Mel will be as pesky as he possibly can so as to annoy that individual out of thier appetite(s).

Should any particular activity capture his fancy (like exploring the chasm) he will seek to enlist allies and cohorts to wander about. In a bored state he would visit parts of Base Camp that he's not familliar with, so as to broaden his diminutive horizons.

He will occasionally wander into a random tent, and if there is anyone there and awake, he will say "What? This is not my tent!" and leave. In this endeavor he takes great care to not walk into a "ranking official's" tent.

He will also endeavor to set up practical jokes on his friends (like the "blood-in-the-bread" joke (thanks, Quartz) and generally cause mayhem.

He rarely passes the opportunity to ask inane questions of T'Riad - the monk's pursuit of balance being so darned whacky that Mel can't resist (But if there's balance in the universe, why do we need levers?)

If at any time during his daily wanderings he should pass near the mess tent, he will likely gravitate towards it for seconds, thirdsies, lunch, midday snack, supper, dinner, midnight snack, and to secret scraps of bread, cheese and smoked meat for early-morning munchies.

Mel will also go out of his way to visit any animal pens there might be. He watches animal handlers and asks lots of questions the way an insatiable toddler might, learning what he can easily learn about any given animal that might be on-hand (horses, ponies, wolves, birds...).

Mel will often participate at Beachstock as a performer (story-telling or instrument-playing), but might just entertain himself dancing and laughing with party-goers of any race.

Life is like many humans - too darned short.

In Character Discussions / Jarmok Questions Kit
« on: May 10, 2005, 11:46:33 AM »
Duthash Albyr Syncath [May 3rd, 237 VY]

The rescuing of the pilgrims was not satisfying for Jarmok; they had gotten there too late for most, and those that did survive would likely have night terrors for the rest of their lives. Jarmok knew only too well that particular award for survival.

He tried to not think about the poor souls who were lost, and the poorer ones who were saved. He lay on the floor near the fire in his little cabin; he hadn't been able to sleep in a bed - other than while convalescing with the gypsies - since he could remember. His leg and shoulder ached and oozed thickening blood, but he knew that they would be mending themselves soon and would likely be gone but for some minor scar tissue by morning.

When the rat had exploded in the subterranian temple, Jarmok thought it was frighteningly odd, but in the caves, when the lizard-thing exploded, that was different. The waif, he was now sure, was the cause of that. But she seemed afraid of herself. No one, he thought, should be alone and afraid of themselves. She is in need of a friend now, that much was clear, and she needn't be as skittish and frieghtened as she was. If Jarmok was any judge, she was not fully grown; little more than a child, despite her appearance.

As he considered how best to help her, yet keep secret what she obviously wanted to retain, sleep overtook him as he watched the flames caper lightly in the fireplace.

Crisp early morning air and a sharp pain in his head wakened Jarmok before the sun breached the eastwall. He looked around, his head fuzzy and sat up, then, succuming to gravity's brutal force, he fell down through fronds that tore at his face and hands. He tried ineffectually to grasp some purchase, but what little there was to be found was fleeting and harsh. He only did himself more damage.

Stunned and bleeding, but on the ground at last, he found himself laying prostrate beneath a broad southern fir. How it came to pass that he was in that tree, he could not guess...although shards of a dream of flying pierced his mind rather suddenly. Something odd was clearly afoot.

Whatever the case, it was near-dawn and he should be up and about already. Intimate with all areas of this forest, he rose stiffly and returned to his cabin. Dressing - but leaving his sleeves short so that the fresh wounds upon his hands and lower arms might be more rapidly healed by the morning air - and gathering his weapons, he left on his daily tour to the westwall; he was late, but that could not be helped.

Threshold was yet quiet, as it tended to be. Maal, Jarmok thought, would doubtless be touring the southern fringes about now. Jarmok picked up his gait, jogging toward the Rosewalk. He had already missed the sunrise, but he could at least poke around the forest for signs of the rat-man. He needed to collect Maal and go looking for him, he reminded himself, time was of the essence.

Jarmok was surprised to see the familiar cuvaceous form of Kit walking through the early Sythus morning towards the Rosewalk ahead of him. She was alone, and it was unusual for her to be about this time of the day. His thoughts of last night came unbidden to his mind, and her current solitude punctuated his conviction that she seemed to feel very much alone. Again he picked up his gait to catch up with her; opportunity had surfaced, and he would be remiss if he did not seize it.

He ran up behind her, holding his gear close as was his wont: a hunter must make no noise. That lesson, driven so repetitivly by Mercer, was now more an autonomous response than an effort. He pulled up short just behind the girl and said, "You hurt rat and lizard? Is secret?"

House rules / [poll] Critical or Marginal Success for a Skill Roll
« on: May 09, 2005, 02:22:03 PM »
I don't recall whether we've had this discussion in the past, but...

Along the lines of critical hits and misses in combat, I think that there should be the opportunity for critical successes and failures in other skills.

Just to add to the spice...

Critical Success: if you roll a natural 20 on any given skill, you roll again. If that second roll would be a successful one, then you have garnered a critical success. If that second roll would not be a successful one, then you now have a Marginal Success, which is handled as a regular success.

A Critical Success on a Heal check is additional healing that occurs. A critical opposed skill check adds 2 to your opponent's DC (for instance if you're hiding (skill modifier = 5), and roll a critical success, your oponent's spot DC is going to be 27, or 2 above the modified 25 that you rolled).

Critical Failure: if you roll a natural 1 on any given skill, you roll again. If that second roll would be a successful one, then you have garnered a Marginal Failure, which is handled as a regular failure, as we do now. If that second roll would not be a successful one, then you now have a Critical Failure

A Critical Failure on a Heal check is reduced healing that ocurrs (instead of 1+ CN bonus in the event of a success, it is now CN bonus -1 - you actually did damage to your patient).

Critical Failures for other skill rolls will be handled on an as-needed basis. Rest assured that something bad will happen. My thinking is that in the event of a critical failure to your Hide check will have you sneeze at a critical moment. We shall see...

House rules / PC Natural Healing
« on: May 09, 2005, 02:07:33 PM »
Untended wounds will heal at a rate of CN bonus per night. Tended by the Heal skill will heal as follows:

Marginal Success: 1+ CN bonus per night (Heal check made each day)

Critical Success: 2+ CN bonus per night (Heal check made each day)

See the defenition of a Critical or Marginal Success for a skill roll in another post.

In Character Discussions / Mel talks with T & Elb
« on: May 03, 2005, 08:39:11 PM »
You know, Dwarves are a peculiar lot, but they're not typically stupid or foolish in their architecture.

I've been wondering about this dungeon that we've been exploring. The secret passage, as such is what I presume the tunnel behind the rock to be, would have been expected to be an emergency exit of sorts. But I look at the map (figuratively) and I see from the boulder a tunnel to a very elaborate trap, after which is a room with a murder wall.

Now, the murder wall, I expect, is there in the event that the enemy finds their way into the back door, but under normal circumstances, the population of that outpost would be expected to be able to get to and fro via that door. Now I ask myself, if I'm an ugly, hairy, smelly dwarf living in that area, how am I supposed to be able to flee through the exit?

I would have to get around the murder wall, yes?

Let's look at the other murder wall: there's a via around it. Hmmm...

I'm starting to think that area of the complex where the grick was living was an unfinished part of the dungeon; the dwarves would have finished that tunnel, for whatever purpose it was intended, and then hidden the via or even filled it in. Although I would think that they hide it, because they would supposedly need to get around the murder wall in "normal" times.

This in turn leads me to think that there must be a via around the murder wall that has the silver battering ram through it, not that it matters. The "armory" at the bottom of the stairs behind crossfire alley would have been there to support the effort to build the tunnel at the far side of the grick lair. The dwarves building this complex obviously lived in the appartments that we found.

So I'm thinking...

Character Info / Would the *real* Mel please step forward...
« on: April 29, 2005, 12:45:15 PM »
Griffen was born in a rural community (country hobbits - much like the shire). Dad runs a weed farm, growing weed primarily for export (slightly better than trash for the community's consumption, but plenty good enough to sell to the Dwarves and Humans). He made a viable life, but Griffen (the youngest of several) wanted nothing to do with it - booaaringggg!

When Griffen became old enough to work the farm, he began to rebel (shirk his errands). He would rise early in the morning and sneak out of the house to live the free life, as he referred to it. In this endeavor, he became very adept at sneaking out in silence and hiding from dad and the brothers, who couldn't really spare a lot of time in searching for him since they had a farm to run. Griffen spent his days running from work and family and exploring the countryside, which he found was teeming with life that one might never see (brownies, gnomes, and elves and such living everywhere from forest to rolling hills...).

The first brownie he ran into was being chased by a fox; Griffen lent his throwing arm to scaring the critter off, only to find that the brownie was more playing with the animal than not. Still, the brownie acknowledged that Griffen was trying to help and befriended him. His brownie (Sylvan) name became Magnus, which means big blunderer (compared to a brownie, Griffen is really quite large, clumsy, and noisy). Magnus spent a fair amount of time in the company of brownies, and their allies, while hiding from his responsibilities.

Eventually, Griffen was given the "my way or the highway" speech and he chose the highway. The parting was actually quite amiable. So much so that he sends money to his family every now and then (and filches a pie on the way out).

As Magnus, he wandered the regions around his home for a few years, learning what he could from the indigenous folk (elves, centaurs, gnomes...) including languages, moving about unseen and unnoticed (move silently and hide), music...and contributing as best he could to their way of life (he had to earn his food somehow).

At length curiosity got the better of him and he wanted to see what city life was like. The answer: "not so good". Going into the city, at the suggestion of his forest friends, he adopted the name "Cam". He found that people were a lot less accepting. He found himself in bad shape and had to help himself to some food. The following morning he awoke with a charming older man sitting in the hay that was Cam's bed. This fellow introduced himself as Gurdion, and told Cam that he was a representative of a group that specialized in helping wayward souls find their way back onto their feet. Gurdion had noted that Cam had filched food the previous night, and assumed that Cam was in need of work. He offered Cam a job within his organization, which was so large that they would surely be able to find Cam's brighter talents and put him to good work. Without options to speak of, Cam accepted.

Thus was he inducted into the IBEW (The Intra-Borough Entrepreneurial Worker's Guild), where for the first few months he did only straight work (this was his "trial membership") in shipping, porting, locksmithing, and a variety of other tasks. In fact, during this time it was Cam's understanding that the IBEW *only* did straight work; the guild was tantamount to a temp agency with clients throughout the city. When the guild leaders felt that he could be trusted, he was indoctrinated deeper into the guild for...special assignments. They provided training, and suggested that he take on a new name: Maxmillion. As Max, he worked in various nefarious trades from smuggling to burglary, plain theft and so forth. He was never very good at muggings, as being very small tends not to be too intimidating. Occasionally, he would also do "straight" work under the name of Cam; a guild's gotta keep its reputation, after all.

The IBEW proved to be a very comfortable home for Max; it was never boring as folks would get rotated through assignments to some degree, and it provided him an opportunity to learn new skills, including some rudimentary training in foreign scripts and the use (tricking) of magical devices, the latter provided by Gurdion, who appeared to also be a sorcerer of some ability. It was through the revelation that Gurdion was a User that Max learned that his mentor was a friend of one (or more) of the elves in the forest; he had been sent to keep and eye on (then) Cam for recruitment purposes - it all tied together rather neatly. Although, Max has yet to learn which elf or elves had been responsible for this introduction.

Lately, Max was given the opportunity to participate in a new venture for the kingdom: the establishment of a mid-sea port. He eagerly accepted this new challenge, and, under the nomen of "Meltin" (Mel), was assigned to a group headed for a sea journey of unprecedented opportunity.

And that's the way it was...

General Info / Time at the Forest Keep
« on: April 27, 2005, 11:29:39 AM »
Time is measure in this game as:

Hands - 1 Hand = 1 Hour; this is the distance that the sun moves in 1 hour

Candlemarks - 1 Candlemark = 1 Hand, used mostly at night or in-doors. A candle has demarkation lines on it, and it takes a Hand for the candle to melt from one line to the next.

Days (or suns to some more primitive groups)




Death of an Elf  :twisted:

General Info / Happy Birthday!
« on: April 27, 2005, 10:07:11 AM »
I was thining this morning that the FK game started just about this time of year; it's "birthday" must either have just passed or is immenent.

Checking the log, Session 1 ocurred on April 25, 2003. FK is two years old the-day-before-yesterday!


Happy birthday to you, (come on, you all know the song) Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear FK, Happy birthday to you!

Blow out the torches!

Now the Keep gets to open it's presents:

Look! A whole horde of occupants! Won't that be nice? There are men-at-arms, clerics, general worker-bees. Awww, you shouldn't have. *sigh*

What's in this big package? Ohh... a new ballista for the south-west tower! Prettyyyy.  :)

Look at this big package over here: what can it be? Ooohhh...lots of rocks! Just like the ones that the humans were trying make the main walls from! Just what I needed.

I'd like to thank all the people who came to enjoy my birthday with me; it was nice to get together as friends and allies for a change. Thanks to the delgates from the giant-kin from the mountains - I'm *so* glad that you could come and not kill anyone for a change.

And to the Orcs, I realize that this food is not to your tastes, but I'm very gratefull that you haven't tried to eat any of the party-goers. Too bad Himo and his band couldn't be here; the spiders say that they're all tied up at the moment.

Let's agree to get together like this every year - no matter who controls me (the keep).

Character Info / Jarmok's Manner
« on: April 25, 2005, 10:26:06 PM »
You've now seen that Jarmok is clearly not from the Threshold area. He speaks in poor, broken common and has only a tenuous mastry of the language.

This is perhaps the result of his apparent seldom use of the tongue. He seems to preferr to communicate in gestures, grunts, and as few words as possible (although what's the tail and what's the dog may be open for debate).

When tracking Jarmok keeps close to the ground, sometimes moving about with his hands as much as his feet, looking as much animal as man. When he pauses he tends to a crouching stance instead of standing tall.

Jarmok is intensely private, not joining the group in the tavern / inn during "quiet time". He heads off in one direction or the other and melts into the foliage at the edge of Threshold (any edge that they are near at the time when they part company). It may often be that you don't notice that he's gone until he's gone; he neither parts nor greets in other than minor gestures (a nod of the head most usually) and rarely makes eye contact. He most often walks looking at the ground and occasionally glancing skyward.

It is difficult to tell if Jarmok is freightened, nervous, or simply wound over-tight.

It would be easy to equate his apparent desire to remain apart as aloofness, but his anxious, overly-shy nature might lead the careful observer to conclude that there are other motivators that drive this enigmatic citezen of Threshold.

Although he carries a magnificent battle axe, his long bow and arrows are crude, his two hand axes are dissimilar, his studded leather armor is worn and mis-matched. His body, while very clean, is not very sheveled (I just made this word up as the antinym to "dissheveled"). His thick black hair is invariably pulled behind his head through a nondescript leather collet and falls in a barely tamed tail down beyond his shoulders.

Character Info / Jarmok's Daily Routine
« on: April 25, 2005, 07:16:37 PM »
In days of peace and content, Jarmok will rise before the sun and go out on something of a walk-about.

His morning journey will take him southward circumnavigating the largely still sleeping villiage of Threshold, up amidst the trees along the western perimeter of the valley.

From a perch there he will watch the sunrise and listen to the land. After the sun has breached the eastwall (the mountains to the east of the valley) he will continue his trek northerly, completing the circuit around Threshold.

He will forage for forest vegtables to include in a crude stew to be cooked back at his cabin. Also, at intervals he will set traps to snare small game that he will eat (in those same stews or not). If he has the opportunity, he will also go for the big game, which he will take back to his home, and skin.

Being that he cannot use the full animal, he will take the skin to Philip Stagdrake's Leather & Butchery Shop (I imagine that Mercer would have done this if he had more meat than he could use, and that he would do a similar thing with the skin. If Mercer had a different plan, then Jarmok would follow that, perhaps delivering the meat to one inn or another, or in succession?).

Warm evenings are generally spent at his cabin watching the sun dip below the westwall and bathe the sky in iridescence. Cold evenings at the fire tending armor and weapons.

Many nights he spends up on the ridge watching the lights of Threshold as they present themselves and light the various paths until they wink out like the eyes of the dream-bound.

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