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House rules / So for the Humans among you
« on: January 23, 2006, 01:18:10 PM »
Y'all no longer have "Cross Class" skills.

All skills that you can use cost a single point for a rank.

Let's see how that works.

Any humans in that game currently (Dray) should reallocate your skills accordingly.

In Character Discussions / A New Day Dawns
« on: January 17, 2006, 01:48:30 PM »
Recent events had energized Jarmok, but they had thoroughly drained him as well.After watching Kossuth settle beyond the westwall he went into his cabin and lit a fire, settling into Mercer?s chair comfortably. He fell asleep early in the evening.

The morning of Duthash Zinnyas Fehy [8 May] came early. It was only false dawn, but Jarmok felt thoroughly rejuvenated. His evening fire was nothing more than a pile of ash and a lump of charred log that hadn?t been completely consumed.

Jarmok stretched languidly and stepped out onto his west-facing porch. Sythus smelled?alive was perhaps the best way that he could put it. He gathered his gear and went out on his morning patrol to meet Kossuth as that fiery orb climbed above the eastwall.

The morning was quiet and Jarmok lived for the solitude of that hour. Nothing stirred in or around Threshold this morning, and Jarmok greeted Kossuth from his perch above the Fortmount, as he was wont to do, eating of the young red and black berries that grew on the brambles in that area. Watching night turn into day solidified the learnings that he had enjoyed only these last couple of days. Change was everywhere in nature; such was the random order of things.

People started moving like large ants in the town far below him. Carts silently rumbling northward towards Little threshold, people barely seen through the mists of the morning Fogveil began going about their daily business. Maal entered the Thornhedge.

Then an odd thing caught his eye: Ashe was out and about, carrying a heavy-looking pack on his back. Ashe usually emerged a little later in the day. Seeing his mentor?s old friend, Jarmok remembered the Ring that he wanted to see. He wondered if Ashe knew anything about it.

One way to find out. He thought as he picked up his bronzewood battle axe and bounded down the hills that surrounded the Fortmount to intercept the old herbalist. Jarmok was running along the road from the area of Julius?s house and approaching the Wolfsong just as Ashe was beginning to cross it. He noiselessly padded up behind the herbalist and drew along side him.

??morning.? He greeted the elder.

Character Info / Fodkier's Character Survey
« on: December 21, 2005, 05:11:06 PM »
The original questionaire can be found here.

Basic Stats:

Player (you) Name: Steve Conlon

What is the character's full name? Nicknames? Fodkier (Fod-Keer)

What is the colour of the character's hair, eyes, and skin? Black (but very short, so as not to attract bugs and lice and stuff), Brown, and Ruddy, respectively

What is the character's general appearance? Fodkier is a tall, lanky fellow with hard, angular features, very short black hair and a few days? worth of stubble. He wears tight-fitting somber clothes of earth-hues and covers them with browned leather armor and a gray cloak. He carries a morning star, a throwing axe, and a short spear. Upon his belt depends a dagger and a small pouch. His only other obvious possessions are a backpack, blanket, and a water skin.

He keeps his equipment neat and well-maintained, and takes a Spartan attitude towards belongings (owns only what he needs, and those items focus on the functional with little or no regard for the decorative). He dresses in plain, simple garb of earthen colors (browns, dark green, grays?)

He does not present as a particularly clean person. Typically his armor and cloak are smeared with mud and dust, twigs and such. When you get to know him, you realize that he goes out of his way to keep his cloak and armor in this condition, extolling the edge that it gives one in disappearing into the forest.

What is the character's age? Early 20s

Where was the character born? ??

Describe the character's family. Introductory paragraph.

Has the character begun his/her own family? No. No current prospects, either.

Has the character ever done anything else (besides adventuring) for a living? In Fodkier?s youth (starting from a young lad), he often ran messages for people from his native area. He did this for the reward of money, valuables, training, or food. He was a good runner, having long legs, and it was a tactic needed for survival. He is too proud to beg for handouts, but he would beg for a job. He grew up delivering messages or goods from one party to another (whoever would pay). Shelter was never an issue; you can always find a place to stay out of the rain or snow. Over time he earned enough to keep him healthy, and to purchase basic arms and armory (people might sometimes try to take whatever goods he might be moving), and necessities. He also got the reputation of reliability.

At one point, having done this sort of work for many years (early teens at this point), he was entrusted to deliver a message from one body to another (GM?s choice of third parties). This delivery would have been a several day journey. En-route, he was beset by a third party (GM?s choice again), who didn?t want the message to get through. He ended up hurt, bloody, traveling over-country (as in, not on the road) and stumbling upon the camp of the ambushers. He listened enough to find out what was going on, circumnavigated the camp (eluding a couple of sentries on the way), delivered the message along with the bit of intelligence that he had gathered from his ambushers, and ?saved the day?. He spent some time thus in the employ of the message deliverers, and that often met with the sussing out of moles, or hot beds of rebellion or even inter-clan raids being planned, or what have you (this all depends upon the rural / urban setting of your campaign, of course). A higher order scout was impressed with these abilities that he saw and took him into his group (Employ? Guild? League? Scout Division? Whatever) and there he learned ?proper? fighting, additional skills, blah, blah, blah. The work was good, the pay was good, the learning was challenging?

General attitudes & approach:

When or how was the character educated? School of life, baby!

What are the character's political and religious beliefs? Fodkier doesn?t really hold with religion (but to each their own), and politics are for the nobles.

What is the character's moral code? Fodkier is an honorable sort. He?s not necessarily motivated to help everyone who is in need (people should learn to help themselves first), but he will help the victim of a crime, based upon honor. He believes that people should be held to live with the consequences of their actions. He would try to help someone who is trying to help themselves, or who has been hurt and is currently physically compromised. Honor, above all other things, dictates his actions (it?s really what kept him out of trouble for so many years).

Does your character have any prejudices? Aristocracy; people in this class seem to place higher value on presentation than on the underlying person. Ceremony is superfluous and serves no real function.

How would your character handle an insubordinate servant? (If you're a "wouldn't have servants" type, then an insubordinate hireling.) Fire them. We don?t need contention here; if you can?t follow directions, then you should be somewhere else. No hard feelings (on my part).

What would the character die for? What would they be willing to sacrifice the lives of their friends for? Fodkier has never run into anything on the belief-o-meter that?s worth dying for.
More psychological stuff:

Who is the one person your character trusts the most? Himself. Most other folks, even if they don?t admit it, have self-serving ulterior motives. Elder scout, perhaps.

How would your characters parents describe him? My vision:
?Fodkier who??
?You remember ? the lanky one that used to be here.?
?Was he ours??
?I think so.?

What was the best moment of the characters life? Worst? Best: Delivery of that so important message that ?saved the day?. Worst: The first item that he failed to deliver (as he was way-laid).

What flaws does the character have? Is he quick to judge people? A slob? Fodkier is neat, but not necessarily clean. Placing function above the aesthetic, Fodkier would have no problem using a short rope in lieu of a belt.

What advice would you give your character? If you keep away from everyone like that, you might not get hurt, but huff-puff, you won?t get loved either. (A line from ?The 10th Kingdom?). Some people are actually trustworthy.

List the 5 most important people in the character's life. Parents (seems contrary, I know, but they are as much influencers as anyone), Elder Scout, That bastard who caused him his first failure, The livery attendant (who often lets Fodkier bunk in the stables).

What is the character's "big secret", and what will happen if it is discovered? He actually roots for (and will help) the underdog. He has a soft spot for orphans or neglected children.

"Hey, I've got an interesting job for you..." Name 3 jobs that your character might find interesting.

We?ve been citing smoke columns from the mountains; go see what?s up.

This princess needs to be gotten to southern nowhere, and it needs to be anonymous. She?ll be traveling as your concubine (but watch it) while you ostensibly delivering this prized horse to Sir what?shisname.

Noble approaches: ?My son thinks he knows everything. He?s been pampered and knows nothing of the outside world. I?ve given him a task to deliver this thing here. Could you go with him and demonstrate to him what it?s really like in the outside world? I?ve hired these other people to try to stop him ? rough him up a little, but no permanent damage ? I?m hoping that he?ll come away having had some hardship (real or perceived) and appreciate what I?ve given him. He needs humility. The destination is a few months off; far enough for him to have to endure some elements. I wouldn?t be too concerned if he had to walk most of the way *wink, wink*.

How will the character die? What would you consider a good end to a life well lived for this character? Scouts live notoriously short lives; if Fodkier is able to grow into the point where he is able to help or to inspire young, upcoming kids to be successful scouts, he?ll consider himself to have been successful.

Informal "about this character":

What might someone seeing the character for the first time think? Derrelict. Vagabond. Uncultured.

Does the character have any goals? Get tomorrow better than today.

What is the character's personality? Quiet. Often sarcastic. Pragmatic. Loyal to his friends, but likes to keep his name out of the proverbial papers (a behind-the-scenes sort). If he renders aid to someone (be it physical or inspirational) he requests typical payment: money, food, bed, anonymity, or ?I?ve lost my waterskin, would you have one that I can take?? He would rather that people know him and appreciate what he?s done for them, so that at some time when he?s in need, they?ll be likely to give him a hand (hiding place, a spot to sleep, a meal?). Fodkier is perfectly happy to play second fiddle or third flute, but he is capable of taking the lead if it?s necessary.

Any reoccurring mannerisms?

What is this character's "thing"? That is, what action, activity, saying, motion, mannerism, etc., would be considered their "trademark", such that if I were to do it, others would say "oh, now you're acting like [this character]"? It's ok to have more than one, but they should be something that is exaggerated or strongly associated with your character.

What is her first reaction to a situation? That is, does she run in, swords-a-swinging, or always attempt a peaceful parley, or examine every fact and mitigating circumstance in great detail before making a decision, etc.? Look for the hidden ambushers; what you see is often only a portion of what you get.

What would be the ultimate magic item for this character? Fodkier carries everything that he owns, and travels light. I suppose the ultimate magic item collection might be:
A ring of warmth to keep the winter winds at bay.
A cloak of hiding (elvin kind).
Something that will allow him to see and hear things at a distance (a pair of binoculars and one of those high-tech radar dishes that the CIA uses in all the movies).
A phantasmal mount (now *that* would be a cool thing).

What would be the worst curse this character could ever receive? One that robs him of his vision and hearing.

Note any other notable aspects of your character, or anything else you'd like to add;
More In depth stuff:

What special qualities does the character possess? NOT your PHB-skills, but what else can the character can do well? Does he get along well with other people? Is he skilled at taking care of business? Prioritizing tasks? Planning ahead? Fodkier tends to judge a situation based upon its tangibles. How high is the cliff? Is it craggy? Lots of handholds? How many people? We?ll never make it ? let?s find another solution. He?s not one for motivational speeches or the notion that hope and belief can move mountains. Dwarves move mountains, and they do it with picks, shovels, and rail systems. Even if they don?t actually exist. Earthquakes move mountains too. He tends to see the humor in many situations where humor might not otherwise be seen. He?s good at reckoning distance and time.

Are there certain things the character just cannot do? Get close to people; perceive himself realistically, etc. That is, what do people who know this character well critisize about them? Understand the value that people place upon etiquette, ceremony, and aesthetics.

What does your character hate? Loud, obnoxious morons. Bullies. Actually, bullies who only pick on small weaklings.

What does your character love? Mead, and watching people in the tavern drink, sing, and dance. Observing the merriment at the seasonal festivals.

How does the character perceive government? Those who are opposed to the government? Government has its place, but that place is not in the day-to-day dictation of the lives of its people. Rule firmly, but with mercy.

How did the character gain his abilities? What motivates him to act as a hero now? Let?s get this straight: Fodkier is not a hero.
?Oh, my husband was just killed in front of me by a band of orcs!?
?Gee, that?s a shame.?
?What will I do now.?
?Well, I?d suggest you make your way pretty quickly over that hill and to the other side of the lake that?s on the other side of the hill. Do it fast because the orcs will be back looking for desert.?
?Will you take me there.?
?No, I?m on a schedule.?
?Can I go with you??
-3 days later ?Where are you taking me??
?No where. You?re following me, remember??
?Well where are you going??
?That?s a month away!?
?Three weeks, five days, two hours.?
?I?m not going all that way.?
?Ok. [shrugs] Maybe I?ll see you on my way back.?

How did his peers treat the character as a child? His elders? There were no particularly onerous folks around. Fodkier has led a rather nondescript life to date. There are assholes, and there are kind people all over the place.

What does your character hope to accomplish by adventuring? If he actually leaves his ?job?, it?s just to see the world.

Why is this goal more important than his safety? (i.e., Why would you take up adventuring, rather than being a nice, safe accountant?) Safety is an illusion, and it?s a fleeting one at that.

What is the character's kryptonite? What is their weakness or what will paralyze them with fear?

What does the character do to relax? He whittles by the fire at night. He makes crude figures (dogs, cats, trees?), which he ends up either throwing into the fire or giving to some kid somewhere. At night, if nothing?s going on, he might make animal noises (owls, raccoons?) into the darkness to see if there are any answers.

Describe the characters ideal mate. Low Maintenance. Maid Marian, perhaps.

What is in your characters's pockets, right now? Two feet of twine, an old button, a crust of stale bread, and a map to untold fortune (which he made for giggles).

What do they normally carry in their pockets that they don't have right now, but wish they did? A hook for fishing.

What is the silliest thing your character has ever done?

General Info / Chronology
« on: December 21, 2005, 01:48:19 PM »
I wanted to try to put a chronology together for the various inter-session activities. I realize that this has been spoken to a number of different times, but I thought that this might make it easier for me, at least, and some other folks might find it helpful.

I have tried to include pretty much all the threads, but might have missed something for someone. Feel free to edit as appropriate.

Also, for the sake of my sanity, I figured that I'd color-code different folks' character lines. I chose the colors rather arbitrarily; if you don't like the color, feel free to change them.

Not Charcter-Specific (or I ran out of colors)


Editor's to do list, for after the links are fixed:
- Color for maal
- Color for Himo
- ...more to come. Feel free to jump in and add things. I wanna get this fixed and updated. - Griz[/color]

Sythus [Spring], Valley Year 237 

Gorrish Arek Arkus [22 April]:
Session 1 - A Cold Sythus Morning
Intro Jarmok, Kit, Laren, Maal & Ragnar.

Gorrish Gyth Arkus [28 April]:
Session 2 - The Rat Trap
Jarmok, Kit, Laren, Maal & Ragnar capture Rat-Men.

Laren talks privately to Kit.

Ashe's First Night with The Rat Pack: Kit & Laren.

Gorrish Gyth Basque[29 April]:
Around the table.Laren, Kit & Maal.  <-- I can't find this thread.

Gorrish Gyth Aryor [30 April]:
Jarmok approaches Maal on the edge of Threshold:<-- I can't find this thread.
Jarmok noted Maal in the early morning walking about Threshold and approached her to discuss hunting down Rawling, the Ratman.

Duthash Albyr Voldyn [May 1st]
A Visitor for Kit.

Duthash Albyr Fehy [May 2nd]
Jarmok's Odd Dream: running about forest, viewed from an odd, close-to-the-ground vantage. Woke up on wood pile, back hurts.

Session 3 ? Visions in the Night.
Jarmok, Kit, Laren, Maal, Ragnar & Haf battle troglodytes in the mines.

Duthash Albyr Syncath [May 3rd]
Jarmok's Odd Dream: Flying about Threshold. Woke up in a tree.
Jarmok Questions Kit.color=#ffcc00]<-- I can't find this thread.[/color]

color=#ffcc00]***Stopped here, will pick up again later. If you'd like, go for it.[/color]

Jarmok leaves his chest plate of armor at Thornhedge for Kit to fix.
Maal goes shoppin' fer weapons
Jarmok Approaches the Gypsies
Laren and the Apron.
Laren goes to see Ashe.

Duthash Albyr Arkus [May 4th]
Kit Visits Julius.

Jarmok visits Julius to talk about the Protectorate using the abandoned guard house.

Dinner at the Stump: Kit meets with Laren, Maal & Jarmok.

Duthash Albyr Basque [May 5th]
Session 5 - A Passing
Session 4 ? Rats in the Forest (The Hunt)
Jarmok's Sabbatical

Duthash Albyr Aryor [May 6th]
The Hunted Hawks
Session 6 - Bandits in the Brambles (Bramblethorn)
A Dusty Return
Ashes to Ashe's
Ragnars report
Evening (into Duthash Zinnyas Voldyn [May 7th]):
By The Light of The Emerald Moon
Jarmok's Sabbatical (Continued)
Merriment at the Thornhedge

Duthash Zinnyas Voldyn [May 7th]
Waiting for Kyle
The Ring within the Brambles
Jarmok Returns
A New Home
Secrets and Truths

Duthash Zinnyas Fehy [8 May]
A New Day Dawns
Session 07 - A Chamber of Horrors

Duthash Zinnyas Syncath [May 9th]
Session 07 - A Chamber of Horrors (cont)
Ragnor's Return
Kitchen o' the Stump
Laren's Nerves

Duthash Zinnyas Arkus [May 10th]
Sayer Ain't the Only Scribe
Session 8 - Fires in the Night
Past, Present, and Future
Writing a Report
The Walking Wounded
The Young Girl Limps Away
Dark Servant, Good Deed

Duthash Zinnyas Basque [May 11th]
Session 09: You Can't Handle the Tooth
The Slave Unaware

Duthash Zinnyas Aryor [May 12]
Session 12: The King of Bling

Duthash Dracum Voldyn [13 May]
Calling upon a Friend
Session 10: Vervishkuk
Evidence of an explosion
The Weary Road Home
Session 11: A Council Complete
Kit's Life

Duthash Dracum Fehy [14 May]
Kit's Life (Continued)
Lost in a Dream
The Sorrows Can Swim

Duthash Dracum Arkus 237 VY [May 16]
Wolves on the Hunt

In Character Discussions / A Quiet Suggestion
« on: December 07, 2005, 01:27:29 PM »
As the company seemed to be disintegrating there in the forest, a small, hollow voice came to Arlen's ear just loud enough for him to hear.

"You know, I just had a thought." Beloved said, standing close beside the young half-elf. She barely came to his waist. "I might have a way to protect you from the Wendigo curse, should your companion manage to infect you."

In Character Discussions / Jarmok's Interrogation
« on: December 03, 2005, 08:57:27 PM »
"What want?" The lean outlander demanded. His prisoner, bound in sitting position in the dimly lit detention chamber, remained stoic and silent, but stared quizzically at his interrogator. Jarmok put the cigarette back into his mouth and inhaled deeply. A long trail of smoke poured from his nose.

"What want?" He demanded again. The end of his cigarette glowed once again. Frustration was becoming evident on his long features.

"Dark fly snake rat wolf arrows attack!" Jarmok exclaimed. "What go now?"

Emotion touched his prisoner's face this time. Somewhere between humor and incomprehension. He stared into the mirror, and the camera behind it, and mouthed something at the supposed onlookers. "WTF?" He seemed to say. "Did he just ask anything?"

The other members of the Protectorate, hidden behind that mirror and next to the camera, snickered. Shoulders shook. Sayer chuckled behind a smooth silk handkerchief, a tear rolled through Dale's rough beard, and even Maal's stoic features trembled.

"What?" Laren asked plaintively. "What's going on? Someone lift me up so that I can see!"

Why me? Jarmok thought plaintively. He knew that he needed this prisoner to talk. They needed information, and he needed to get it. Maal would no doubt use her spear to get it. He had to try again.

"People food dead rat wolf not." He began patiently. "Peace Threshold home happy. Should be. Attack not. Ordered who?" There. That should be pretty clear, he thought satisfactorily.

His prisoner appeared to be cracking. He was breathing heavily and shaking his head. Jarmok thought that the man's face was becoming flushed as well. His mouth was impossibly tight.

"Snake Man?" Jarmok pressed. "Fly snake man not, yes?" The man began to cry. "Why teeth take man fly snake?" He took another drag on his cigarette while his companions fell on the floor of the observation room.

Jarmok's head cocked slightly. "What hear?"

Suddenly the prisoner broke apart and fell to the floor, laughing raucously.

"Funny think?"

In Character Discussions / Jarmok Returns
« on: November 28, 2005, 03:54:23 PM »
Duthash Zinnyas Voldyn [May 7th]

He had wisely returned to his own form before approaching Little Theshold. He was still nauseated by the transformation, but the headaches seemed to be getting less severe with each iteration.

The field workers that he approached had surprisingly little to say to him. Many of them had not seen anything at all; given their work and the fact that the lights had graced the sky so late in the night, most were sound asleep and were unaware of the lights.

They did, however, tell him about the goings-ons of the last days. Of the bandits that had been seen skulking about, and that Maal had been there with some other folks - people whose descriptions Jarmok did not recognize. Except maybe the wolf. He reminded himself.

The tracks that he found littering the area had verified the reports that he got: there had been quite a bit of activity in the south reaches of Coryndar Fields yesterday. Maal's prints were evident, as were several others, a large wolf and a large stag included, but for the most part they all seemed to melt into the dense bramble as though the thicket had not even been there the day before. He couldn't explain it.

But perhaps Juilius could. Any such activity would surely have captured his attention. Maybe Ashe's too.

Thus it was that he had run the distance from Little Threshold to Threshold proper and arrived at the Council House amidst the crowded streets. Closing the noise outside, he greeted the young lady busy at her desk as usual.

"Julius?" He asked. He berated himself inwardly; he was getting tired of so poorly expressing himself. This tongue might be foreign to him, but it would likely be his tongue for a long while. He determined to learn it better, but in the meantime, he would just make do as best he could.

Game Log / Session 18 - Island-Hopping
« on: November 02, 2005, 01:08:53 PM »
Forest Keep Campaign
Session #18
Into the Swamplands: Part 1
[Saturday 25 June 05]

Sprouting Grass/Egg 1:

After cooking and packing up the extra spider meat for the road, the party continues on, traveling into the swamplands in search of the swamp-witch. They travel the whole day and eventually rest fitfully that night.

Sprouting Grass/Egg 2: Morning:

The party travels further into the swamp. After about an hour of traveling, the path flattens.

As the party makes their way northeasterly it is apparent to Valen, Himo, Mirri and Arlen that this part of the forest is less well-traveled than the area around the Wendigo lodge. This is evident in the presentation of undergrowth that, in the early part of the morning is less dense but becomes thicker as the sun climbs to its zenith.

To Zurn and Belwar it seems that the forest has closed in upon them to some extent. Perhaps it’s nothing more than the encroaching spring and the presence of new leaves on all this shrubbery. These wiry, willowy plants seem to be nearly a month ahead of the trees in terms of foliage.
Before the sun is a hand past its height the ground has become wet and your feet slog as you trek onward. The day is uncharacteristically warm and the errant mosquito flits nearby every now and then.

The ground gradually becomes more and more wet, and the undergrowth more dense. This, combined with the rocky terrain that presents boulders the size of small houses, often force you to pass through a given area serially. At length you are forced to march single-file through the thickening terrain.

The more nature-oriented of the group notes that there is a suspicious lack of wildlife in this swamp (no birds, squirrels?) all is eerily quiet.
They soon come upon an area of raised, dry, firm land akin to a small island (GM’s Note: “Room 1”) in the swampy land. There appear to be three paths leaving the island.

The group elects to take a twisting path that initially leads south-easterly, but before too long bends back northward. As they proceed onward, they at length come upon another islet (“Room 6”). Upon this islet they find the desiccated body of a human man. This body appears to have been mummified by way of drying. A quick search of the man turns up a pouch containing 5gp and longsword (which Arlen takes).

They take the 1:00 path away from the island

After leaving the island the party trudges eastward the atmosphere becomes increasingly stuffy it becomes harder to breath.

At length, another path merges with the one that they are traveling. They pass a beaver carcass, similarly mummified to the man they found earlier.
A third islet (“Room 2”) is found as the day turns towards night. They camp on this islet.

Sprouting Grass/Egg 3: Morning:

The party wanders onward following the paths southward however, they soon find that the winding paths are beginning to lead them out of the swamp they turn around and backtrack until the path turns east however, the east path soon turns south again so the party turns about and backtracks again

After exhausting all of the paths, the party finally backtracks all the way back to the beginning [room number one] here, the party takes the left fork instead, heading northwestward.

They continue to follow various paths through the swamp and finally end up camping on yet another isle.

Sprouting Grass/Egg 4: Morning:

The party wanders further into the dank swamp they soon come across another island gnomish mummy w/damaged pouch (3 platinum)
The path widens and they soon come across another island (“Room 12“). This one is much larger (four or five times larger) than previous islands.
As the party spreads out upon this island, a huge spider (bigger than last) that had been unobserved in the trees above suddenly grabs Zurn, lifting the dwarf from the ground! Arlen immediately backs away while starting up his now familiar "kill the spider" song.

The battle starts up.

Arlen fires twice, hitting both times.

Zurn casts bless, but is bit by the spider and soon falls limp [with reduced STR] the others continue the battle defeating the spider in good time.

Zurn is down and cannot get up. His injury is relatively minor, but he is too weak from the spider's poison to even stand [STR reduced to 1].

The others check on him, but there is little they can do for him. Arlen helps remove his armor, so that the dwarf can at least move his limbs.
Looking about this large islet, there are five wooden carved statues of spiders. These statues / carvings are quite large, appearing to be carved out of full-grown oak trees, and are covered with overgrowth; they are spaces around the perimeter of the island at even intervals. The party also notes that there appear to be parts of three humanoid bodies there. Investigating, Arlen and Himo find treasure:

Three vials of clear, thick liquid
Ring, platinum w/ gold filigree
108 cp
254 sp
130 gp

Arlen casts detect magic:

The three vials of clear liquid [magic] similar aura faint low lvl magic platinum ring [magic] diff aura faint low lvl magic longsword [non-magic]
Arlen, Himo, Valen, Belwar and Zurn divide the coins evenly: 26 gp, 50 sp, 21 cp each.

The leftover coins (3 cp and 4 sp) are given to Mirri, who is the least interested in treasure.


[XP awarded. Arlen achieves 3rd lvl.]

Sprouting Grass/Egg 5: Morning:

Arlen casts identify on one of the potions (Zurn's): it is a Sweetwater potion! He then casts identify on the platinum ring: it is a ring of spell storage (which is then given back to Himo) Zurn drinks the Sweetwater potion, and although he is not instantly better, he does feel better and a little stronger.

Belwar impulsively downs one of the unidentified potions (assuming it to be Sweetwater?). The result is not quite what he expected: the potion burns his throat on the way down. His mind spins and he sees tiny bursts of light; pain wracks his body and he is driven to hands and knees.
All of the potions seem identical, so it should have been Sweetwater...
hmmmm... perhaps Sweetwater is not powerful enough to cure the Wendigo's bite?

The party determines to not stay upon this islet any longer, and as Zurn is still unable to walk (still too weak, although he’s feeling much better!), a cot is made for the Dwarven priest.

Mirri and Belwar carry the cot with Zurn, but Belwar has become increasingly ill-tempered and is somewhat rough in carrying the foot of the cot. He soon is relieved my Mirri.

Thus the party leaves the island at mid-day, heading NE find another(?) dead gnome nothing of interest.

Sprouting Grass/Egg 6: Morning:

After recovering his spent spells, Arlen casts identify on Himo's potion (the last one of the three): it is Sweetwater! Himo drinks the potion (thinking perhaps that Belwar's unidentified potion was not Sweetwater after all). He suffers the similar effects as Belwar, though, and passes out from the pain. It seems that they are beyond the aid of a simple Sweetwater potion.

To be continued:
[DM's note: left off at room 23]

Game Log / Session 7 - Boom! Boom! BOOM!
« on: October 24, 2005, 12:00:30 PM »
Day 9 - Early morning (Really late night), the newly sleeping group of explorers and citizens of Outpost bay are awakened by a concussive blast.


Rushing out from their tents, the structure that houses the Explorer's equipment is afire!

Garbhan looks to the corral and his horse housed therein. All seems well on that end of the settlement. It seems that the supplies center is the only structure hit.

Chaos reigns for a bit until Torlan takes the lead. The Companions are tasked with keeping watch over the animals and the Corral.

Garbhan suffers first watch with Mel, but there are no issues and the night passes.

10th Day
The companions make their way through the dwarven hold, across the ravine, and back into the western keep. A residual stench of acrid smoke hangs in the air.


At the bottom of the shaft the odor hangs heavier. The group moves onward towards the dwarven keep, found earlier that week. They are surprised to find that the Ghost Lord is not there, nor is the gate tower that had been there during their previous visit. Something, or someone had been here during their absence, and caused a great deal of additional damage.

In the field of bones, the companions discover the ghost of a female dwarf who appears to be mourning over the body of a skeletonized dwarf. Upon approach, she disappears into a wisp.

The group decides to re-explore the keep, using a grappling hook to gain access to the bedrooms of the second floor.


They hear and feel a concussive blast followed by a prolonged rumbling cacophony.


T'Riad and Mel leave the dwarven compound and investigate the noise while the others remain.

Arriving back at the shaft, T & M find that the shaft is filled with rubble and debris. The shaft is impassable and the companions are apparently trapped. Head back to the other companions and discuss this harsh discovery.

Recognizing that we have to find another way out, and that this other way likely lay within the stronghold itself, they decide that they must explore within. Also, they decide that they should begin at the beginning; they go back out through the window, and enter via the main door.


As they enter and traverse the hall, one of the tapestries comes to life, or more appropriately, the rod to which the tapestry is attached animates and attacks the group. It quickly becomes apparent that none of the group's attacks are being effective despite repeated solid blows delivered to the rod. Descretion becomes the better part of valor: the group flees through the far door.

Explore further into the keep.

This needs a combination of Dray's descriptions and Wildfire's maps...where did we go?

Mithral Dagger
Onyx Stone (149 GP - Appraise (11) Dwarven Keep)

The companions come upon a door with a very tough lock; it take's all of Mel's ability to open it. Upon entering the room within, the group sees that this is a large room that is littered with bleached dwarf bones - Dubbed: The Hall of Bones


fade to black...[color=#444444:6fd9a0cd6f][/color][color=#444444:6fd9a0cd6f][/color]

Game Log / Session 6.1 - Snoozefest
« on: October 18, 2005, 10:50:18 AM »
It is the morning of August 8th, 571 CY. The former nights? beachstock was one for the record books, lasting almost until dawn. For those of you who enjoyed the ?spirit? of the previous evening, you wake up in the mid-morning hour, a little groggy and slow.

The morning that greets you however is bright, sunny and cool, as most have been this past week on the island. With the exception of the rain two days ago, the weather has in fact been quite pleasant on this Isle. The breeze coming across the Inner harbor and into Outpost Bay have swept across Outpost Ledge, keeping you and the other new inhabitants cool during these summer days.

As each one of you makes it to the mess hall at various times of the morning, you are greeted by an Oeridian man at the entrance.

?Security meeting this morning in the mess hall, please stick around after eating.? The short man tells each of you.

The mess hall is crowded with adventurers, all enjoying the break in the normal routine, waiting for the meeting to begin. Each one of you finds your comrades. T?riad, who had awakened at dawn, had learned of the meeting and saved everyone a seat. Each of you grabs your favorite of the two choices usually served for breakfast and has a seat to talk to the others.

It starts to quiet as Lord Torkanius makes his way to a small platform in the corner of the mess hall. Ivellious Naivo and Tretorn Kayb are with him. Torlann takes the stage first and raises his hands to hush the crowd.

?Good Morn my fellows. This meeting will be the first in a weekly routine to keep all of you up to date on what we are discovering and doing on this Isle of Brennon. I surmised this would be an excellent time each week, as most of you would need the morn after Freeday to rest from Beachstock anyway,? he said with a smile. This got a lot of tired nods in agreement and a few laughs.

?So without further ado, let us give all of you an idea on what?s going on. We?ll start with Security. Ivellious,? he gestured towards Ivellious who took the platform as Torlann stepped down.

Ivellious was in his normal commoner?s outfit all were used to seeing him in. He did have his weapons on him as usual.

?First and foremost let me thank each and every one of you for being so professional this past week. I haven?t had any trouble whatsoever leading this group of fine adventurers. Considering that we number almost 150 individuals who were hastily gathered in Dullstrand without any formal group training, this is saying something.,? he said looking over the group.

?We have been very fortunate hear on the Isle. We had no idea what we would encounter so many hundreds of leagues away from our native land. As Torlann will later comment on further, this Isle lay unexplored for all known human history. We consider ourselves very lucky to not have encountered anything we haven?t been able to handle.? As he stated this he looked at the group, seeing a few hints of new worry from the clueless who hadn?t thought of this.

?But not to worry. As Tretorn Kayb will discuss, we plan on bringing in a force that will eventually multiply our soldier number by 10. And we don?t plan on bringing them here by a long boat ride.? He said, this got a few snorts of disbelief, and a more than a few people wondering what he meant.

?Sure steal my thunder.? Said Tretorn dryly.

?Sorry sir. So as you will soon see, it will not be your duty to forever guard the beach, the docks and the tents. Soon we will let you loose on this Isle. This Isle, that is the size of a small continent. One that has secrets, mysteries and most importantly treasure that lies in wait, ready to be discovered.? He got a few smiles from that.

?But I digress. On to our security report.? Ivellious took out a parchment that he unrolled, then put on a pair of reading glasses, which was an odd sight on an elf. Someone actually let out a remark of surprise. He looked up from the parchment and said with a smile, ?Years of squinting out at the horizon can catch up to you when you try to see close.?

He didn?t really seem to need the parchment however, for he barely glanced at it during his report.

?After our battle with Sahuagin on the shore, Azarian Orndier, our high priest, personally went into the sea and explored the Bay for two days. He found no signs of a colony in the nearby area. It is our hope that they were a contingent of warriors on their way elsewhere, or that there unfound colony is so few in number that they dare not reveal themselves. Either way, we will be building a defensive wall along the beach as soon as we can. Until then we will keep  men posted along the beach as we have done this past week. We will keep a vigilant watch for any threat from the ocean.? He glanced down at this report as a couple of people talked quietly.

?As you all know, we eliminated the two Girallon who attacked us. We have successfully conveyed the message to their colony in the mountains to the southeast that they are not to hunt here. Although they are intelligent creatures, as you can guess, they are ruthless and evil. I personally will keep track of these creatures and make sure they do not encroach upon our land. But know this, if you see any sign of them, you are to not engage, but to report to headquarters immediately. The Girallon are a powerful foe, and I will lose no more men to them if it can be helped.? He glanced down on the parchment.

?Someone or something doesn?t want us to explore the northern ridge beyond the river. We have had our grappling hooks dislodged and thrown from above. We have had no sign of who the repellers might be. As it is imperitive we discover as much information on this isle, including who the natives are, I will be assigning a group to make a trip around the ridge. I don?t believe whoever it may be is openly hostile or why not just attack from the advatantage above?? He glanced again down at the parchment.

?Mel?s team has discovered a dwarven complex within the rise south of Outpost Ledge. It has been cleared of the few beasts that had taken refuge there. However, they encountered a few hobgoblins that appear to be native to the Isle. I have also discovered signs, trails, tracks and possibly constructs of these hobgoblins. To me, these hobs could possibly represent our greatest threat to the Outpost at this time. It is my belief that they are more intelligent and industrial then the filth walking about our own homeland. If any are encountered, and the opportunity arises to capture one of these hobs, please take every advantage to do so. I have many questions for them.?

?As we get more supplies off the ships in the next few days and weeks, I will need more of you to keep guard here on the ledge. For this I apologize, but as I mentioned earlier, when we get more men, you will be the first to be let loose on the Isle.? He said with a smile, it was obvious to everyone that Ivellious thought of the Isle of Brennen as one big playground yet to be explored.

?I will be assigning a large group of you to head over to the dwarven fortress we passed on our sail here. Azarian Orndier most likely will be leading the group. We need to find out what happened to the dwarves who are rumored to have come here from our homeland a thousand years ago.? He again looked at the parchment, he seemed to be getting to the bottom.

The tower at the center of Outpost Bay is believed to once belong to Brennen himself, a Heirophant Druid Sorceror.? Ivellious stressed each word of Brennen?s title. ?A man who, legend tells us, departed from our land before the great Cataclysm, to seek out the limitless power of nature.? He paused and looked over the men assembled. With a laugh he said, ?We will NOT be going over there.?

This got a few chuckles in agreement.

?For now, that is all I have to say. Remember that if you have a question on anything that the quartermaster is always available in headquarters.?

               *   *   *

With that Ivellious stepped down and Tretorn Kayb, the tall aristocrat wizard took the platform. He too used reading glasses to read over a parchment. Unlike Ivellious however, he did not appear to be comfortable speaking to a large group. The hand holding the parchment was shaking slightly and he kept pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

?Thank you all for the fine work you have done thus far.? He said, a hint of nervousness in his voice.

?Let me get you up to date with the construction that has just recently begun and tell you in detail the plans we have for the upcoming weeks.? He stopped, looked at everyone awkwardly, then continued.

?Er, heh, we started out by setting up 100 tents along the shoreline to house all of the adventurers and most of our laborers. This was completed in a timely fashion and all appear to be as comfortable as possible during the evening hours. Just want to note here that these tents should be able to handle a high wind should a storm fall upon us.? He stopped awkwardly again and smiled. No one seemed concerned about wind so they just stared back at him.

He was about to quickly continue when a familiar Orc voice said from the back, ?Duh, it can?t handle my wind.?

Everyone burst out laughing at Grushnek?s comment. Even Tretorn seemed to loosen up a bit.

?We have setup a barbed wire fence along the shoreline, this will eventually be replaced by an expansive stone wall that will guard all of Outpost Ledge. It is the Council of Dullstrand?s eventual hope to make a large city on this very spot and not only a trading post. For you see,? and he paused hoping for dramatic effect. ?Our dwarves have indeed discovered a platinum vein within the very mountains south of us.?

There were a few gasps of shock and pleasant surprise from the crowd.

?Now that we have confirmed it, you can be certain the Council will triple its? efforts beyond what has already been started, in order to get a foothold here.? He paused while looking at his parchment.

?As you have seen, we have cleared almost the entire square mile of flatland that is Outpost Ledge. It is our intent to use as much of the land as possible for the footprint of the city. It is a large endeavor, and will require far more men, supplies and equipment. As Ivellious eluded too, we cannot wait for all of this to come here by boat. We have another option at our disposal, and its? construction has already begun.? Tretorn looked about, as if mentally preparing himself for a great tale.

?Almost a hundred years ago, an adventurer who called Dullstrand home was a thousand miles to the west, exploring the ruins of Jheh?Kat, a city ruined by the Great Cataclysm. Within the city he, Lord Hedron and his fellows discovered a powerful artifact, formerly lost even in legend. With great difficulty he brought the many pieces of the immensely large artifact home, to Dullstrand, for study. It took the Council, and a team of wizards over two decades to uncover all of the secrets of this artifact. Those secrets, along with the artifact, have been brought to the Isle of Brennen.? He paused, looking about the room and realized he still had everyone?s complete attention.

?The Artifact is known as the Quantifice, in ancient Suloise that means, ?the Passage?. The Council and I have nicknamed it, ?the Door?. This large stone artifact will be constructed where the first building foundation is now under construction. It takes about a month to complete. When it is done, I will be able to use this relic?s power to summon dozens of men and hundreds of pounds of material from Dullstrand each day.?

As Tretorn paused there was a loud buzz from the crowd as all discussed the ramifications of this.

?As you can see, within months we will have hundreds of more men, within the year, thousands. The Council already has a team of wizards ready to transport here to help with the city?s construction. They will use there magic to half the time it takes to normally excavate, create materials and construct structures. We will soon be far more comfortable and in a more civilized environment.?

?But let me get back to what we will be doing this month. It is our plan to build a more permanent building that will not only house this artifact, but give the adventurers a better place to ward off the elements. Until the city has proper barracks built, this structure will serve as your mess hall and barracks, complete with fireplaces, latrines, mess hall and cots. You will not have to sleep in the cold this coming winter.? This also seemed to please the crowd.

?It will also serve a dual purpose in that the adventurers will be nearer to the artifact for it?s protection.?

?In other related news, the dock construction goes quite well, our first dock should be completed within the next day or two. Ships will be able to start unloading major cargo very shortly, therefore speeding up our efforts.?

?We also have an incredible find in what Mel?s team has discovered. The dwarven complex on the southern ridge could prove to be a valuable storage facility and sanctuary should a harsh storm arise. When Mel gives us the all clear, I will have some of expert dwarves inspect the complex for its? eventual use.? With that, Tretorn rolled up the paper and looked at Torlann.

?With that, I give the floor back to Lord Torkanius,? he said and stepped down.

               *   *   *

Torlann returned to the platform.

?As you can see, there is much to be gained here on the frontier of civilization. All of us are a part of history. One day your grandchildren?s children will look back and envy this time of adventure. Tales will be told of your heroism and daring. The generations of your lineage will appreciate you, the founding fathers and mothers of wealthy families on the Isle of Brennen. Thank you for what you have done thus far. Now let?s get back to work.?

With that he stepped down, and the first meeting of the Security of Outpost Ledge was over.

Game Log / Just a Note
« on: October 03, 2005, 12:03:53 PM »
To let all know that I've re-written Threshold Session 6 into a more cohesive, inclusive post.  :)

All I did is add a bunch of words, really.  :(

Out of Character Discussions / Episode 06: Bramblethorn - A Conversation
« on: September 21, 2005, 11:52:28 AM »
I just read the post for session 6 of Threshold. Thanks, Fraz for taking such fine notes.

One of those fine notes that this: There were eight creatures spotted by the field workers, but I don't think that we ran into eight inside the Ring, did we?

One in the tunnel, another in the temple next to the Ring. My memory was that there were only four in the Ring, but reading the log suggests that there were more.

Anyone have a clearer memory than me?

And just for clarity, when Mac spotted the plant moving in a threatening manner, what the hell was that? Another creature? One of these creatures with power over existing plants?


Character Info / Dannobar
« on: August 18, 2005, 01:21:09 PM »
Dannobar is the resident cleric at the Forest Keep. He is an aging man with thin, white hair, who is overweight to the point of being just shy of obese. His voice is a deep baritone and he is a very likeable fellow who is always genial and talkative.

Dannobar is well liked by the men of the keep.

Or, at least he *was* until Belwar and his gang of cronies killed him.  :evil:

Out of Character Discussions / No thoughts, No problem
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I got kind of tired for want of inputs for the latest MSI log, so I posted the story to the front page. If we should have changes, we can affect them...

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