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General Info / Map of the area
« on: October 16, 2010, 11:31:27 PM »
Here's what the area you're traveling in looks like. The map is to scale, and can be printed (scaled to fit) 8.5"x11" landscaped. (Right click on it, and save it.)

Game Log / Chronology
« on: October 16, 2010, 11:18:05 PM »
Updated 12/16/2010

Game Log / Session 4
« on: October 16, 2010, 11:14:58 PM »
Sorry, It's been a very long time since this session, so the stuff I'm remembering here is only the big ticket items... IF you happen to remember something else, feel free to pitch in.

The party had left Maragarn's village to continue the quest to eliminate the apparent evil in the... Somethingorother woods to the north. I can't find a mention of what it's name is... However, I do remember that the party was heading for the old Temple of Skarth.

Now... I do have a document that says the followinig:

It’d been a long time since you had seen anything even closely resembling battle, much less a goblin. Fortunately, they didn’t seem like too great a deal to dispatch, because judging by Eswarth’s reaction, they weren’t exactly uncommon.

As you and your new companions walked, you did a good amount of thinking. It was of some relief to you to have found that cremation was the preffered method of disposal for the centaurs. Would have been a shame if they’d seen it as anything less than honorable.

A veteran from the battle of twelve nights! Whatever’d killed him must have been something indeed! Something you definitely would never want to meet, yet somehow, you expected that you would.

Once again, your wandering thoughts brought you to the small length of rod that sat in your pocket, and the fact that Su’tharc called it a “he”. It wasn’t every day someone referred to an inanimate object as he or she, or suggested that it had wants of its own. Ironically, your friend Collinsworth bumped against your leg as you walked. Maybe it was every day, after all.

Even still, even if this little rod were alive, or a he, or… whatever… Why you? Why would something presumably had spent so much time inside the arm of an ancient Centaur want to travel with Charon?

Well, whatever, you thought. The fact remains that it wasn’t alive. Perhaps it was just some useless piece of metal, and Su’tharc simply didn’t care where it ended up. Then again, if it is what the Half Orcs were after, it had to be worth something… And as soon as they realized you were missing from the City, which was probably about a month ago, they’d likely be looking for you… You silently hoped that the Half Orcs would never get their hands on either the report you’d sent to the council or the one given to the Temple.

The taint on the air was gone, and for the first time in a while, a chest full of air didn’t feel dirty. Even the stink coming off of the goblins a few nights prior wasn’t as unpleasant.

As if the spirits of great warriors coming back to warn was strange enough, they had to use the bodies of the enemy, only to find that they didn’t know how to work the strange vocal cords. Almost made one wonder at the wisdom of burning the dead. Then again, if the dead Centaurs could raise old Orc bodies, why couldn’t Orc bodies raise dead Centaurs?


Three weeks had passed since leaving the Centaur city. By and large, the weather had been steady, and the road clear. The pace had been brisk, stopping to rest at regular intervals and to catch a meal when the dried meats and cheese that was packed were of no one’s fancy.

It’d been a week since fighting the goblins along the way and all seemed quiet. Mornings were cool with dew covered leaves. The rays of sun that poked through the forest canopy showered the ground in little dots if light that dances as the leaves swayed in the breeze, so high above the ground.

Early morning, day 29 out of the centaur city. The sun had not yet risen. Halfway through the last watch…

If a spot check of 15 is made, rustling can be heard off the road to the west. A listen check of 15 will then reveal distant guttural voices.

Assuming this is investigated…

Two kobolds are apparently bickering to one another in their native tongue while dragging the carcass of a freshly killed deer, moving east. The deer has two small spears sticking out of it, one in the flank, and one in the side. The one in the side pierced organs and was the killing blow. The one in the flank would have only slowed it down.

Eswarth would understand the conversation they’re having as bickering over who had the killing strike.  They were also talking about how happy (two generic gargan names) would be at having this fresh kill.

Knowing a few things about Kobolds, Eswarth expects these three would be servants to other, bigger gargan.

If they’re followed, they will lead to a small clearing.

The three kobolds drag the deer carcass for about a half mile, before they start calling out in their guttural language. They appear to be a little lost. After a moment, a reply comes back from the same direction they were going.

They start to drag faster, half running.

In the clearing, there are two half Orcs, sitting boulders around a large fire. They appear happy about the deer. These are the two half orcs from town that Charon had met.

This clearing is large, around 100’ in diameter. There are four tents, and two small bed rolls laying out on the ground.

As I recall, the consensus was to kill them, as I have another document (printed, not electronic, so I can't cut and paste it... but I'll paraphrase.)

As the party approached the woods, the traveling became more difficult. Undergrowth became thicker. By the time you reach the edge of the woods, it's very inconvenient.

Eswarth notices with no real surprise that there are no Ironbark trees. Fir'Ath notices the same about Knuckleroot.

The travel was fairly difficult. Eswarth and Charon notice more of the same taint they'd detected in the Ironbark. The rest of the group just feels an uneasiness.

After the first day's travel, the group stopped, and during Eswarths watch, Balori, a druid appears. She's got the body of an elf, but skin of bark.

She said "Brother," Her voice was like a breeze through the leaves of a sapling, a hushed whisper. "Shepherd of men. You lead your flock toward cursed pastures. There is something foul, that goes against the laws of nature. Have you come to right this wrong?"

I'm sure Eswarth said something just as wordy and flowery.

"The help of your noble race is precious. My name is Balori, I shall help you, but I shall not be seen by your flock. Follow the road..." - she made a gesture in the direction you've been heading - "And I will  help where needed. Stay sharp shepherd, for wolves do lurk."

She stepped backwards, and melded into her tree.

The morning comes, the party moves on, day is event-less.

Zombies attack during the 2nd watch. (330 XP to all involved (Not sure if xp was awarded for this!?))

One more day of unhindered travel.

Balori comes back during Eswarth's next watch.

She motions toward a hill and the side of the hill splits and the growth receds, showing a large door about fifteen feet tall. The taint grows sharply, clearly comes from behind the doors.

The entrance is to the underground temple of Skarth.

She warns to be safe and leaves again.

The group gets up eventually, and starts to open the door. it's very tough to move and makes a lot of noise. Anything intelligent inside is definitely aware of someone coming in now.

That's all I have, so the rest is from memory.

The group investigates the temple, but find the first floor deserted. There's an alter, and several rows of pews. (I don't remember if anyone found any relics or anything, so let me know if you have anything like that written down anywhere...)

A search in the lower floor revealed a couple things. One, there's a large stone sarcophagus in the middle of a large room that was presumably for "Skarth" the high priest. The lid has been removed, and lay cracked in two on the floor. It's unclear if it was opened from the inside or out. There is nothing inside. Second, there was a hole in the wall. Something had tunneled into the temple. The group followed the path, which went for a while, and then came to a small bridge that went over a small stream. There, they were attacked by frog-men-like things.

Defeating these things, the group moves on. The tunnel opens into a large room. The tunnel enters the room from the west, there are two larger tunnels to the south and the east, but they've been caved in. The tunnel is now the only exit from this cavernous room.

Someone (Eswarth?) detects evil and finds a shit-ton of it. There are zombies galore, and one Ghoul. They are all eradicated. Some are killed, I think some were turned, and a bunch were controlled by charon.

With the dead stuff... well, dead... The group leaves. The taint is gone for now. It's unclear if the Ghoul was the remains of Skarth, or what.

The group goes upstairs, and the rest is covered in the ICD "Thanks and a warning"

In Character Discussions / Satyr tracks (Completed)
« on: October 16, 2010, 07:54:05 PM »
Hah! I just re-read this thread...

Quote from: #00ff00
You fuck... :LOL:[/color]

Out of character discussions / Junior Names
« on: May 07, 2010, 04:25:09 PM »

Sort of a second-string monk, by the way. DPS, not a tank.

In Character Discussions / Chalice of the Holy Grail?
« on: March 31, 2010, 09:33:00 AM »
Bastion's eyes widened, and his voice caught in his throat. He recovered quickly, as he knew Dale's eyes were still upon him.

"I may have some idea of what this is," he said. "But I need to read up on it, when we get to the valley.

A thousand thoughts skittered through his mind as he wrapped the chalice in a cloth and tucked it away into his bag. If this Chalice was what he understood it to be, it could be the most paramount discovery for the church in hundreds of years.

How sure could he be though? One does not announce a discovery like this without being sure of it! Bastion was always very thorough, and he would not make conclusions without removing any and all doubt. There was a chance, however infinitesimal, that he misunderstood. He would check, double check, and triple check before he'd confirm one way or another.

For now, it was just an old, worn chalice.

In Character Discussions / Chalice of the Holy Grail?
« on: March 23, 2010, 03:54:57 PM »
OOC: Just hammering out my next post. Waiting on some infoz from Wildflower.

In Character Discussions / Chalice of the Holy Grail?
« on: February 02, 2010, 09:00:22 AM »
Bastion wore a half confused, half amused look on his face as he considered his God wearing unpolished boots. Really he'd never thought about it before, but in all the imagery he'd seen, Gods were depicted as barefoot or wearing sandals. Boots were obviously more practical, as they prevented injury to one's foot. It wasn't really very wise to go traipsing around barefoot, in Bastion's opinion. Then again, Sardior was a God. Could a God stub his toe? It all certainly made for some interesting pondering! He'd have to write his Mentor back home when he got the chance.

Shaking the thoughts from his head he peered at the markings. He took the chalice from Dale, and began to polish the area around the markings.

Bastion rolled some skill checks: a 26 Knowledge (Religion) and a 18 Spellcraft.

In Character Discussions / Chalice of the Holy Grail?
« on: January 24, 2010, 01:32:18 PM »
Bastion watched as Dale inspected the chalice, and decided that he'd look for answers about it at the valley. maybe someone there could shed some light on it, or perhaps he could find reference to it in a book.

"Perhaps once we find out a little more about that artifact, I'll restore it to it's previous splendor and use it during weekly services back at the temple!"

He went to his saddle bags and found some buffing rags that he'd purchased before leaving home. I'd bought these with the intention of using them on my boots. I had no idea I'd be putting these ol' boots through so much traveling though. Polishing them now just seems like an exercise in futility. Perhaps Sardior knew I'd have reason to use these buffing cloths even still!" he mused.  

In Character Discussions / Chalice of the Holy Grail?
« on: January 23, 2010, 05:04:40 PM »
Bastion pursed his lips and nodded thoughtfully. He said, "You could very well be correct, my friend. My only wonder is that it took us a very short amount of time to discover the secret compartment, and we'd never been in there before. The creature, who easily outsmarted us," he stopped, remembering Dale's initial look of reluctance and suspicion when the apparently helpless man asked for assistance. "Well, most of us," he continued with a friendly nod of acknowledgment in Dale's direction.  "...obviously lived there. I find it fascinating that a creature that was smart and powerful enough to create such illusions wouldn't have known it was there in his (it's?) own home."

"But then again, perhaps the creature never considered the possibility that it might have been there!" Bastian threw his hands up in the air and grinned widely. He was obviously more entertained by all the possibilities, rather than annoyed at not having any answers. He was one of the few scholars who didn't care for debate much, only careful consideration of all facts. In the end, he was not concerned if his original theories were right or wrong. What was important to him was the truth, and he was always ready to entertain the idea that he might be incorrect.

"Be my guest, my good man," he said, smiling warmly as he handed the metal drinking vessel to Dale. "I'd be delighted to hear any possible information you might be able to ascertain!"

In Character Discussions / Chalice of the Holy Grail?
« on: January 21, 2010, 09:58:04 PM »
Bastian's eyes were sparkling with excitement and his face fixed in a broad grin. "Yes, actually. These symbols are symbols of Sardior. These little pockets along the sides once held gem stones, doubtlessly rubies. This would have been used in a number of ceremonies, no one specific rite or anything."

His face grew even more excited as he considered what to say next. "What's truly fascinating though, I can't determine how old this piece is! It's shape and style seem to predate any such item from any of the time periods I've studied." Bastion lifted his gaze and fixed a very dry, almost weary matter-of-fact look at Dale and said, "and I've studied a lot..."

He returned his focus to the chalice.

"But then it's all together possible that it belonged to a splinter group or particular sect I've not heard of."

Bastions head snapped up as if a thought just occurred to him. "You know, I must wonder if it's possible our octopedal adversary may have liberated this from an unsuspecting soul such as we were when we found him along the road? It would explain why it's the only element that speaks of religious influence in the immediate area."

In Character Discussions / Chalice of the Holy Grail?
« on: January 20, 2010, 11:23:12 AM »
Bastion's curiosity was suddenly sparked by Dale's mention of the chalice. Bastion had a vast passion for knowledge, particularly when it had to do with religion and this ritualistic instrument may have been extremely old.

"Of course!" Bastian said excitedly. "Truly, it's origins have been poking at my curiosity as well."

Bastian took the item from his saddlebag and removed the cloth he'd wrapped it in. He turned it in his hand, giving it the first real once-over for what could have been a very, very long time.

OOC: Ready for your description mr. GM sir.

In Character Discussions / Chalice of the Holy Grail?
« on: January 18, 2010, 12:05:40 PM »
Bastian was fumbling with his horse's feedbag, wondering idly what life would be like, if his diet was restricted to oats and hay like that of his horse. He decided it would be unpleasant, and shot a silent feeling of relief and gratitude to Sardior that he was not a horse.

Dale was a bit of an enigma to Bastian, though a lifetime of lust for knowledge and information yielded an education rich enough to give birth to a handful of suspicions regarding the fellow.

Naturally Bastian refrained, as he always did, from making any judgements. He always felt a man should never be judged on his profession, but rather his intentions and actions. Thus far, Dale had proven to be nothing less than honorable.

"Certainly, my good man," he said, dusting the loose bits of hay from the front of his robe. "What's on your mind?"

In Character Discussions / Unlocking the Door
« on: December 30, 2009, 03:06:50 PM »
We done here?

In Character Discussions / Once Home
« on: December 28, 2009, 09:39:56 PM »
Laren could feel his face flush as the reality of his situation began to boil his blood. This once jovial prankster had worn a scowl more often in the last couple months than he had in his entire life. Patience had never been something the gods blessed him with, and he was also never much of a strategist. He wasn't sure what infuriated him more about the situation, the fact that everything he wanted seemed so complicated and so out of reach, or the realization that he wasn't equipped to deal with it alone, and would have to ask companions for help. What if they were to say no?

He wanted nothing less than to slip a dull knife between the blades of Crimson's bony shoulders. He longed to hear the muffled grinding of metal on bone and to help her perfumed lifeless body find it's way to the floor in an unceremonious heap where he'd leave her to stew and rot in her own blood.

His fingers ached as he clenched the the back of the chair that stood in front of him. He realized he was breathing heavily, and the corner of his mouth twitched in a sinister sneer. He was almost horrified at the rage that he had churning inside. Nervously he flickered a sidelong glance at Gibble.  

"Perhaps it's time I bought some bread," he said somberly, his voice smoldering like the embers of a quenched fire. Smoothing over the indentations he'd left on the plush back of the chair, he added "Maybe that pint would do me some good too..."

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