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General Info / Lur'hion Redleaf
« on: March 24, 2005, 07:37:05 AM »
So I have my Druid all generated, and he's got a name, Lur'Hion Redleaf.

Other than that, I've got nothing. Greg, you and I are going to have to put our minds together for a background. I'll converse with you via email, and once we have his background squared away, I'll post it in the Character info Forum.

Character Info / Laren
« on: March 21, 2005, 08:56:02 AM »
Laren stands only three feet, four inches, and is slender for his height. he's light-hearted, but always seems to be thinking about something else. An agile mind with a wandering eye. He's almost always humming or whistling a tune, usually a dance ditty, and he likes to make light of every situation. Always generous if he thinks it might better his own situation, and likes to make people laugh.
"Quick with a joke, or a light-up your smoke, but there's some place that he'd rather be!"
He says "Garret this mead here, is filling me!" as a trickle runs away, down his leg.
"Well I'm sure that I could pee behind the bar, if I could get out of this keg!"

Uh... *cough*... Sorry... :p

He loves to eat, he loves to dance and he loves to sing. He never outwardly shows any sign of stress or concern, and he feels it?s a sign of weakness. If asked his profession he will reply "Making merry!" and he will off the asker a drink, mainly to change the subject.

He?s always trying to reason things out, and only resorts to violence when all else fails, always trying to divert his enemies as opposed to fight them.

A loyal group member but a spiteful adversary, devious and begrudging. Not above hitting below the belt. (It?s as high as he can reach!)

One of the more interesting parts about Laren is that he's doesn't seem overly nosey. He seems perfectly happy with not knowing what he doesn't know. however, this is just a tactic. He knows that most of the time, when someone hints at something, it's because they want to share it, and thinking that Laren did not pick up on the hint, they will elaborate in their own time. Patience is a virtue. This is why Laren often seems to miss the obvious, sometimes making people question his intelligence. This is all part of the plan!

Out of character discussions / The Sky
« on: March 13, 2005, 07:45:56 PM »
This vast blue sky hovers over me so far away, though I feel less threatened by a jagged cavern ceiling only inches from my head. Though not long ago was I walking by my father's side through the twisting tunnels of Derkenwold Hall, it's memory seems distant; burned by this sun as it laughs at my every error.

The Elf watches the sky at night like the stars were a woman bearing beer. The humans seem to look to the sky when times grow difficult, searching for something, though more often then not all I see come from the sky is freezing rain, burning sun, and bird droppings. The Druid named Valen seems to enjoy the sky more than the any other in the keep. Sometimes in the morning, I swear he sits and converses with it.

Far better the ground that I walk under than the ground I walk upon.

-Belwar Fireforge

Out of Character Discussions / Character Info
« on: March 13, 2005, 07:41:35 PM »
Hey guys, we've been posting the backstories of our characters and descriptions for the other campaigns. i would like to do the same for Threshold as it matures. i would suggest that if you do post backstories that you post the story that you tell everybody as the facts and the telling could be different.

Matt, could you make a section in the Threshold chapter for character descriptions and backstory?

« on: March 13, 2005, 07:39:01 PM »
Didn't you read the subject?

General Info / MSI Rumor Mill
« on: March 13, 2005, 07:35:57 PM »
This information has been ascertained by the three heroa during the journey to the Isle of Brennen. It is important to remember that these are only rumors!  

Centuries ago, after the Twin Cataclysm and at the time of the great migration, a clan of dwarves abandoned the chaos that destroyed their home in the Crystalmist Mountains. They journeyed on a great pilgrimage east to the end of Greyhawk, some stayed where Dullstrand now lies, but most took a journey that most dwarves wouldn?t dare, across the ocean. Some say they made it to the Isle of Brennen.

The Isle of Brennen has never been approachable by ship due to an impenetrable dangerous reef that would destroy any ship that would dare come close. The currents outside the reef have been deemed cursed, as they have been known to draw a ship close to the reef, only to push ships with jarring speed into the jagged barrier.

Spellcasters have attempted travel to the Isle with many types of magic, none have ever returned, it has always been a one-way trip.

Men have tried to fly creatures to the Isle, they have always been met and eliminated by a ferocious green dragon.

Ships have also battled many aquatic races who have preyed upon any daring to explore. The unfortunate explorers, far from home, have many times been defeated by the militeristic and unmerciful humanoids from the deep.

Bronze Dragons have been seen leaving different areas of the eastern coast of the Flanaess, never to return. It is thought that they come to the Isle of Brennen to die. It is thought that they go to an ancient burial ground that is guarded by one of their oldest.

It has been said that the evil monks of the Scarlet Brotherhood already have a foothold and claim to the Isle of Brennen. They are rumoured to use the Isle as a training camp and military base for a new contingent of warriors who will be unleashed across the Flanaess.

A clan of elves abandoned the Lendore Isles centuries ago and are now living on the Isle.

Admiral Shakahr, Fleet Commander of the Combined Forces of Dullstrand, and captain of the Flagship Endeavor has been known to be demanding, strict and unforgiving to the men who serve him. It is thought he forced his son Trekell, now missing with nine others, to stay at the Isle.

Lord Torlann Torkanius has been caught in embarassing perdicaments with a Dullstrand Councilor's daughter, and was forced to lead the troops as Outpost Commander or lose his rank amongst the knighthood.

The Isle is named after a Druid Heirophant who lived close to a thousand years ago. He was an introverted but powerful spellcaster whom was known to surround himself with creatures summoned from other realms.

The Merchant Oceanic Federation Assembly (MOFA), a major contributor to this venture, is not only interested in the Isle as a Mid-way shipping point of the Solnor Ocean. They also believe there is a large vein of platinum in the mountains of the Isle.

The Isle is a haven for a pirate fleet consisting of vessels that are capable of traveling underwater.

General Info / Rieuwood
« on: March 13, 2005, 07:31:44 PM »
The closest forest to Dullstrand (the city from which our hero's made birth) is 325 miles away, approximately a two-week walk (at base movement of 30 feet). This forest comes up quite a bit in the game log.

RIEUWOOD (Common Year 591)

This forest lies entirely within the northwest region of Sunndi, the kingdom which Dullstrand is an eastern seaport of. The Rieuwood Forest, and its mighty Ipp trees, stretch between the Hollow Highlands (west and northwest) and the foothills of the Glorioles (northeast). It is heavily patrolled and defended by gray elves and many rangers, in case Ahlissa, an antagonist kingdom, ever invades across the Grayflood River in the north (border of Sunndi).

Rieuwood has seen many a battle over the past few decades. Warfare went on for a few years (577 CY to 580 CY) when Herzog Chellor invaded from Ahlissa. Twenty thousand men, dwarves and gnomes fought the Herzog back for the three years in a nasty guerilla warfare campaign. During the liberation of Sunndi, three years later in 583 CY, the nation was almost lost, when arose the powerful Almor Commandant Osson, who led Herzog?s army back to Rieuwood where his Glorioles Army was defeated.

General Info / The Moons of the Forest
« on: March 13, 2005, 07:01:45 PM »
This chart shows the phases of the moons:

Out of Character Discussions / Logs
« on: March 09, 2005, 01:08:19 PM »
So what's up with the logs, are we ready to post?

Out of character discussions / the task at hand
« on: March 07, 2005, 04:58:07 PM »
When last we left, I don't really remember what we were doing other than going to find the Bog Witch... whom fraz and muj don't know yet as a "witch" ...

I would bet that she is the best bet for what is ailing belwar and Himo... I don't think that we could make it anywhere else before stuff gets bad.

House Rules / Character generation
« on: February 24, 2005, 11:50:26 AM »
(From a previous post in a differnt forum):

* Develop your character's physical traits, including the name, race, sex, etc. of your character.

* Character generation: roll 4d6, discarding the lowest roll.  Roll for 7 abilities, discarding the lowest.  Characters will gain maximum hit points when advancing levels (no die rolling for hit points).

* Develop a loose and flexible background for your character.  Is he wealthy?  An outcast?  Socially connected?  Also please make a simple, loose outline about what this character's goals are: what does he hope to achieve?  What does he hope to gain?  How do you envision his role in a party with four other people?

Example: Lucky Larry grew up impoverished along a river-side town.  He scraped out a living by running as a messenger. Running allowed him to grow strong and hardy over the years.


If you are human, you gain the following bonus feats:

* Specialized training: Select any one (1) cross-class skill for your character class.  This skill permantly becomes a class skill for your character.  Example: Lucky Larry, a Fighter, selects the skill "Perform: dance".  This skill is now treated as a class skill for this character.

* Advanced studies: Select two (2) of your skills that have a minimum of one (1) trained rank.  You gain +2 bonus on the first skill, and a +2 bonus on the second skill. (q.v. feats "Acrobatic", "Alertness", "Athletic", etc.)  Option: give this feat your own cool sounding name, but may wish to note, in parenthesis, that this is "advanced studies".  Example: Lucky Larry selects a +2 bonus to "Perform: dance" skill rolls, and a +2 bonus to "Jump" skill rolls. The fighter renames the feat to "Legs of the Runner (advanced studies)".

Out of Character Discussions / Character generation
« on: February 24, 2005, 11:50:26 AM »
So I'm thinking...

I am trying to break old habbits. I've always had a character that's been  fairly well "Balenced" in my mind. a decent melee weapon, some sort of ranged, and fair armor. This usually means some sort of fighter.

I know that we've all been playing a long time, some more than others, and we know how to seperate what we know from what our characters know, so I'm not going to be all secretive about what my character is. If you want to remain in the dark about whatever I end up with for a character, do not read further! Based on the info that Drew has given me, Here's what I have been thinking:

Psionics is something that I have never really had much experience, nor love for... however, it's a lot different now than it had been. I have borrowed the book from Drew, but I have not had the time to read it just yet. I plan on doing some of that this weekend. Because it's easier, I would like to ask questions from you guys that the book would answer... Can a psionicist be just a regular-seeming character? can they use weapons/armor? I think I would like to do something like a battlemage/psionicist. What sorts of problems would a class like this run into?

Character Info / Belwar
« on: February 24, 2005, 07:08:52 AM »
Belwar Fire-Forge comes from the Dwarven Mountain Stronghold of Derkenwold – (a stronghold known to the outside world as Eastwold).

Although the Dwarves of Eastwold were well-respected in every aspect in which Dwarven stronghold is ever respected, they were particularly known for their metallurgy, and Clan Fire-Forge was top of the class.

Stroud Fire-Forge was the Anvil-Master of Eastwold. He was charged with the production and quality control of every piece of metal that left the forge from the finest weapons and armor to the simplest picks and shovels.

Stroud was always proud of his son Belwar, and brought him to the forges every day to learn the craft. Belwar showed a healthy interest, and at an early age demonstrated a promise befitting his family legacy.

In addition to Anvil-Master, Stroud also held a position as patrol tactician – a role even more vital than Anvil-master. All the anvils in the world, couldn't produce anything with ore to smelt, and without the patrols, there’d be no mining.

The tunnels beyond the Stronghold proper were filled with dangers, wild and otherwise. There was always the risk of the malicious races of the under dark coming for land and riches, as well as the native denizens, including the dreaded Hook Horrors! Stroud's job was to discover these threats and neutralize them.

Stroud would pour over tunnel maps created by the mining teams as they dug, and determine which areas were most hospitable to the various creatures that would cause problems. He could tell you that areas rich in this element would attract creatures of that type, or what sorts of things might be found in which tunnels based on tunnel shape and size and proximity to hot springs, and so on. He was a naturalist of the subterranean realm.

All Dwarves of Eastwald were required to serve in the tunnel patrols, and Belwar was no exception when he came of age. Although Stroud hated to see his son in harm's way, he knew it would do more harm to shelter him from it.

Through it all, Belwar continued his studies in metallurgy, and became most infatuated with the making of weapons – chief among those weapons was the famed Dwarven Greataxe. There came a day that he forged a perfect Greataxe, that he even impressed himself. This axe was too good to go to the stronghold armory, he decided, and put it aside.

After many years of exceptional service from father and son, Stroud was elevated by the Council of Eastwold to Patrol Chief, and awarded command of the entire military force of Eastwold. Belwar took over Stroud’s duties as patrol tactician and Anvil-master. Belwar gifted the Greataxe he’d made to his father.

Unbeknownst to the Fire-Forges, the vote to elevate Stroud was not unanimous. The position had been held by a Stonehammer for over 300 years, and it was expected that council member Garran Stonhammer’s son Bardek would ascend. However, Council Elder Farnor endorsed Stroud, and ten of the remaining eleven followed suit. Garran however, said “nay”.

Garran argued that his family had honorably held the position and never let the Stronghold down, but his objection went unheard. The Council felt a change was necessary, and Bardek would continue on, but only as Stroud’s lieutenant.

Stricken with jealousy, Garran instructed his son watch Stroud intently, and search for any opportunity to call Stroud’s ability into question, and dishonor him in the Council’s eyes. Stroud saw through their plan, and continued to perform as he always had. Not interested in the games of the petty Stonehammers, Stroud let them play at their game, but kept a detailed log of everything Bardek would do or say.

Bardek’s efforts yielded nothing; Stroud adhered strictly to protocols, and made good decisions. Bardek realized he was looking for flaws where none existed. This was unacceptable to Garran, who continued to push his son to find a reason to call Stroud into question. Garran made it clear that he would accept no failure.

Desperate to please his father, Bardek turned to Urguth. Urguth was an uncaring, deceitful, ruthless sort, who thought nothing of slitting throats for profit – facts that were well known, but nothing ever lead back to him. Evil though he was, he was careful. If anyone could remove the problem of the Fire-Forges, it was Urguth. Bardek met with Urguth briefly, gold changed hands and the two parted ways.

Time went on, and Bardek continued his games, even though he knew it would be fruitless. Meanwhile Urguth set his plans into motion. What he had planned, only he knew.

Belwar and Stroud were out in a patrol one day, and discovered evidence of Hook Horror activity. Belwar was taken by surprise - This was not the kind of habitat the Hook Horrors favored. ...or so he'd thought. Perhaps there was a lesson he hadn't learned properly, or something Belwar didn't know about the area the creatures found inviting. Either way, their being there undetected was a failure on Belwar's part.

It was obvious that the creatures had to be dealt with, they could not be allowed to live this close to the stronghold. The patrol split in two, Stroud lead one half, Belwar the other. Belwar’s team circled the area to come from another direction. As they approached, there was a sudden clamor from Stroud’s team’s direction.

Having lost the benefit of surprise, Belwar was left with no choice but to charge in. As Belwar’s team battled, he realized something was wrong. His father’s team had not joined. He fought off thoughts of what might have happened, and focused on the enemies. The Hook Horrors were defeated.

Belwar rushed to his father’s location, only to find the tunnel floor had given way to the vast caverns below. Belwar know the caverns, and he knew that a fall from that height was deadly. Belwar sent the remaining team members back to Eastwold to report and get more patrolmen to come back and retrieve the bodies - Belwar headed down to the caverns below to find them.

Some hours later, Belwar found the rubble from the floor above. He found the bodies of his father and the patrol members. Stroud had landed on a stalagmite that pierced his back and protruded from his chest. Belwar removed his father from this stone spike, knelt beside it and said a silent prayer to Moradin for the souls of the deceased. He then began removing the bodies from the rubble, and collecting all their personal items.

He noticed his father’s notebook, and put it into his bag. It would contain many pearls of wisdom that ought not to be lost. However, he could not find his father’s Greataxe. Belwar figured his father must have dropped it before falling, and it must have remained in the tunnel above.

Before long the rumbling of empty ore wagons heralded the return of his patrol. The group was coming to retrieve the bodies. It’d begun to sink in that his father was dead, and if Belwar had planned the attack better, it may not have happened. He also berated himself for not knowing the tunnel floor was weak. It was Belwar’s job to know that sort of thing. Had he done his job, the team would not have gone that route.

The bodies were brought back to Eastwold to be prepared for burial. Belwar assisted the mortician Angorge with the preparation of Stroud's corpse. As they prepared Stroud for his burial, the mortician lingered over the wound the spike had created. It was an odd shaped wound for a round stone spike. Upon inspection, Belwar concurred. in fact, it looked more like the wound left by a thin, narrow blade. That notion was of course, absurd. Dwarves almost never wielded such a blade, and none on the patrols had.

Belwar decided that he probably just didn't notice the unusual shape of the stalagmite - obviously he'd been a bit distracted. It was definitely a strange shape for a stalagmite, but it didn't seem important. Belwar decided that rubble from above had hit the spike first and broken it, leaving it an unnatural shape.

Stroud and the other fallen patrolmen got their proper burials, and life went on. Belwar continued in his role; Bardek was promoted to Patrol Chief as Garran had wanted to begin with. Belwar’s self-doubt began to get worse. He faltered on almost every decision, and Bardek took note. Things began to go wrong on frequent patrols, and Bardek attributed all of them to Belwar’s decisions. Belwar was convinced he was incapable of performing this job. Bardek suggested that he never was, and he only succeeded before because Stroud was there to cover for his son. This thought shamed Belwar, and his depression worsened, and self-confidence waned further.

Bardek told the council that Belwar needed to be removed from his post. The council did not remove Belwar from his position, but granted him a leave of absence. He was to take as much time as he needed to morn and pull himself together. Belwar agreed.

Belwar spent several days mourning before getting tired of feeling sorry for himself. He began going over his notes and studying the tunnel maps. Then he remembered Stroud’s journal. Surely there’d be more valuable information he could get from studying that. He began reading through Stroud’s field notes, and noticed entries regarding Bardek and his behavior. Stroud explained that he knew Bardek and Garran were out for his removal.

One entry caught his eye. The patrol was exploring a new tunnel, and had come across evidence of a Drow body from centuries before, apparently wounded by something in the caverns, and left for dead. The company took the dead Drow's chain shirt to be melted down, and Bardek took the corpse's weapon. A rapier - A narrow, thin blade.

Reading Stroud’s thoughts about Bardek and Garran, pieces began to fall into place for Belwar. He realized that Bardek was there every time something failed for Belwar. Stroud wasn't covering for Belwar. Belwar’s strategies were failing now, because Bardek was making them fail. Immediately Belwar’s mind went back to the stab wound on his father’s chest. Belwar became enraged.

Belwar left his quarters in search of Bardek, whom he found in the tavern, joking and otherwise enjoying himself with friends. Bardek’s levity further enraged the angry tactician. He loudly and brazenly accused Bardek of the crimes Belwar suspected of him. Bardek laughed loudly, calling Belwar’s mental state into question. By this point, Belwar was sure that Bardek had been spreading all kinds of rumors discrediting Belwar and his mental state to anyone who would listen. Much of the crowd of onlookers laughed with Bardek. Others looked on with pity in their eyes. Belwar left angrier than before.

Late that night, Belwar had an unexpected visitor. Urguth came to Belwar’s domicile. Belwar had known the man by reputation alone, but had no idea why he was there. Urguth explained that he had a story to tell Belwar. Belwar invited him in. Urguth explained that he’d come to atone for his deeds. He explained that he’d been tricked by Bardek into believing that Stroud was working to undermine the council and assassinate the elders. Bardek convinced him to strike preemptively, and paid him with money that he said came from the Elders themselves.

Furious, Belwar reached for his axe, but Urguth pleaded for his life. He explained that he would do everything he could to bring honor back to the Fire-Forge name and avenge Stroud’s death. He also pointed out that if Belwar killed him, he’d be killing the only eye witness of what really happened. As a token of good faith, Urguth told Belwar that the floor of the tunnel that had fallen out from beneath Stroud’s group was compromised by Bardek, and if Belwar brought this accusation to the council, they would investigate. They would have a cleric find the truth from Bardek.

Belwar was nervous with excitement and anxiety about what he’d learned. He was unable to sleep that night. Tired of tossing and turning, he got out of bed. He noticed a note that had been slid under his door. The note was from Urguth, and it said to go to the tunnel where the ground had fallen at a certain time. Being so restless, Belwar decided to go early and wait for Urguth there, even though it was several hours before the note said to be there.

As Belwar approached, he heard voices talking. He got closer, and realized one voice was Urguth, and the other was Bardek. Bardek was complaining to Urguth that his job was to kill both Belwar and Stroud, but he’d failed. Urguth then told Bardek to calm down, and it would be taken care of when Belwar arrived. Belwar had the upper hand though. The two were talking loudly and not paying attention to their surroundings. He’d have no problem getting close enough to strike.

With one powerful swing, Belwar cleaved Bardek’s head from his shoulders. He then turned to face Urguth. To Belwar’s surprise, Urguth was not alarmed – In fact, he was wickedly grinning ear to ear. Belwar asked what was so funny. Urguth explained that he’d just whiteness Belwar murdering the Patrol Chief, and would be bound by honor to report it to the council. He’d tell the council that Bardek had told him that he feared for his life after Belwar’s outburst at the Tavern, and that Belwar had threatened to dispose of him, just like he’d arranged to get rid of his own father.

Tired of the talk, Belwar snarled and attacked. Urguth stood laughing as Belwar’s axe slid harmlessly through Urguth’s visage. Urguth’s maniacal laughter faded as his image flickered away. Belwar was left standing alone over the decapitated body of Bardek. He knew he had to reach the council before Urguth did.

Coming through the last tunnel before the Stronghold, he was stopped by Angorge, the Mortician who had examined Stroud’s body. Angorge explained that the council had already talked with Urguth, and were launching an investigation. He also explained that he was part of a group who had suspected corruption in the council, even back before Stroud had been promoted.

The group had been working on gaining enough information to prove their suspicions and were working with Elder Farnor. Belwar told Angorge of Stroud's journal, told him to retrieve it from Belwar's domicile. Angorge thanked Belwar, said that it might be the piece of evidence they sorely needed. He told Belwar that it would be best of he left the Eastwold for some time, and travel to a nearby Keep. Angorge feels certain that the group would be able to sort everything out, but it would take tome and finesse. When the time was right, he would send word to Belwar that it was safe to return.

General Info / Current Events
« on: February 23, 2005, 07:57:18 AM »
Current Events

Current Year: Valley Year 237

?   Seven years ago (VY. 230) the independent state of Maruchek joined the City-state Alliance becoming the fourth city-state. *Wildfire?s Note: the other city-states are Rhohannus, The Tri-State of Vychia, and Kazbourne.

?   Recently (Queltoin Albyr Voldyn VY.236), the city-state of Rhohannus has declared war on the Wildlanders. The Prince- Garron Ravenwood- feeling that since the Wildlands were once a part of the Old Kingdom that it is, by right, his to reclaim. Some of the Baronies in Rhohannus are sympathetic with the Wildlanders feeling that the Clans were there long before the Old Kingdom and have simply claimed what was theirs? all along. The divide between the Baronies of Rhohannus in this regard has caused a civil war. The neighboring Tri-state of Vychia (consisting of the Duchy of Jarla, The Duchy of Kerr, and The Duchy of Aldebaron) and the city-state of Maruchek have yet to determine their official position on the matter.

?   Inexplicably, many clerics (of all faiths), and arcanists have died off from an unknown illness.

?   There is widespread speculation that the armies of Xanthakos, known as Shadow Riders, are planning to wage war once again.

?   Last Brak on Pimurz Gyth Syncath vy.236 a great voice echoed across the land announcing, ?I HAVE AWAKENED!!?

?   Last Rynnyx on Verindock Dracum Aryor VY.236 the moon of Istisha briefly deviated from its standard path and a beam of green light shot down and struck somewhere in the northwest.

General Info / Brief History
« on: February 23, 2005, 07:56:19 AM »
Elsenban History

Wildfire's Note: The history as detailed here is a brief overview of major events as they are known by the typical commoner. There are usually more vivid details surrounding historic events but these would have to be researched by the individual or passed on from a knowledgeable individual. Some events overlap but are mostly chronologically written. This is by no means a complete history but it is what most commoners know.

At the forging of the land The Valley of Mist was a hallowed ground some sages say was the soul of Mahiya. It was a valley with such beauty that even the gods wept at seeing it.  The four talismans;

    The Horn of Mahiya,
    * The Medallion of Paladine,
    * The Crystal of Sardior,
    * The Obelisk of Takhisis[/list]
    ...were kept here and were the most holy of divine objects.  Without explanation the talismans were suddenly gone (about 700 years before "The Great Rejuvenation"). The Valley fell into oblivion. It became a place of the darkest nightmares with morose beauty.

    The Kingdom of Vychia expanded as far south as the Dragonteeth Mountains, as far east as the Emerald Gulf, and as far north as present day Ghoul Swamp. The Empire of Xanthakos (Land of Shadows) grew in equal power. These two great cultures were in a constant, foul rivalry.

    Many centuries later the Talismans were found by "The Chosen" and, with much struggle, returned to the Valley of Mist. The Valley was transformed back to its' original beauty. This rejuvenation was the catalyst of the Shadow War. It was such a significant event that the Calendar is now measured by it. (Wildfire's Note: Many Scholars believe that it was the design of Takhisis clerics to steal the Obelisk and hide the Medallion, the Crystal, and the Horn, especially the Horn).

    The Shadow War, which was fought between the Kingdom of Vychia and the Empire of Xanthakos, was a harsh and bitter war that lasted for 20 years. It was eventually won by Vychia but at a terrible price on both sides. The Vychian royal line was severed, the borders shrunk and chaos was law. The Elven Land- Kaaryn'Zyth was the front for many battles and the elves became extremely reclusive from human contact believing that as a race they couldn't be trusted. (Wildfire's Note: The elves to this day are extremely xenophobic towards humans and carry an extremely racist attitude towards them. The people of the present day city-state of Kazbourne (which is very close to both the Kaaryn'Zyth and Xanthakos) also have a racial bias against the Elves and to a lesser degree any non-humans and many citizens have sworn a blood oath against any and all Xanthakians).

    Quickly after the war, Arcanists became the ruling power. (Wildfire's Note: The Arcanists during the Shadow War were building their power and influence knowing that they would be looked to for leadership. The arcanists became drunk with power and they sought to take control from each other. Thus igniting the Arcane Wars in Valley Year 35

    Over time, the Arcanists began to destroy each other. In one last stroke for power, opposing arcanists met in an attack obliterating each other in year 47. The Tortured Land is the result of that final battle. Much of what was known about magic was then lost. (Wildfire's Note: The Tortured Land is a place of great danger. Many go in The Tortured Land and few of them return from it. Those who do survive are mad with fear).

    The once great Kingdom of Vychia fell into severe decay. The usually quiet but watchful druids decided that this dark time was their chance to set the stage for the future by picking up the pieces of this broken land. They brought the magic arts back from the brink of extinction but did it with their influence. The "Elementalists" became a new revolution in magic. It was still magic but it was magic of the four divine elements. The Kingdom was reformed into three city-states and there was a new understanding and respect for the ways of nature. It was indeed a social revolution. The old Clans of the Wildlands reclaimed their sovereignty and returned back to the clan life that once was. Hope replaced despair and times were now on an upswing. (Wildfire's Note: Even now, magic (not divine magic) is greatly mistrusted and in some places Arcanists and Mages  (DM Note: 3.5 ed. 3.5 Sorcerers are Mages and 3.5 Wizards are Arcanists in my campaign) are actively "witch hunted". Many Elementalists view "old art" arcanists with suspicion but have a measure of respect for their magical endeavors. Mages- intuitive spell casters- are fairly recent. It seems that magic being redefined by Druids somehow tapped an intuitive magical reserve in some people. There is a theory that the Mages form of spell casting was the original foundation of studied spell casting it just happened that it was a for many years a dead art.

    During the recovery of the Kingdom, the Empire of Xanthakos was also in decay and took many years to recover- quiet all the while. (Wildfire's Note: Not much is known about the rebuilding effort of the Empire as not much information ever comes out of there).

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