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In Character Discussions / Belwar makes final arrangements
« on: June 27, 2005, 04:34:50 PM »
This conversation would have taken place on the last island where we left off, just before bed. I can't remember how the night watches went... but here goes anyway.

Belwar takes Valen aside to speak with him quietly. Belwar's manner does not seem to be completely enraged as he has been lately.

"I need tah ask a favor of yeh. This bite is gettin tha better of me. I'm startin ta feel dumber as time goes on, and tha more we wander this accursed woods, tha faster time runs oot."

Belwar stoped to see if Valen understood. Valen remained quiet (for a change!)

Twill be soon that I no longer have the sense to breathe withoot a bein reminded. My own ineptitude in battle will get us into trouble, and I'll not be havin the deaths of us all hangin over my spirit. If we do not find this witch, or if we do and she does no help, You must understand what ye hafta do. You must put this to rest while I sleep, else the rest of ye will fail on account of me."  Belwar paused a moment.

"Keep an eye on the elf too. I imagine he be sufferin simlarly. He's liable to start spouting colors like a mad painter."

In Character Discussions / Watching gage
« on: June 14, 2005, 12:17:08 PM »
Elberrin took note of Gage's strange departure from the party. AFter a couple of moments, he makes some thin excuse about being tired and casually departs as well, following Gage's path.

In Character Discussions / Elberrin's Concerns
« on: June 14, 2005, 06:58:05 AM »
Elberrin approached Ivellios privately the first chance he got.

"I have been giving thought to the dwarven stronghold and what that ghost told us, and there are some things that just do not seem to make sense to me.

Given the size of the stronghold, if that's what it was, there were many dwarves. The size of the force that killed them must have been huge. We know that there were a decent amount of Suwhatevers, as we fought them too. We sustained some casualties, but not many. There must have either been many more of them, or more hobgoblins than them.

I find it strange that there would have been any conflict between the suwhatevers and the dwarves at all. For these things to have left their waters to go fight in the mountains, there must have been some serious motivation.

Secondly, I can see not reason for such a conflict. There must have been something for them to gain by killing the dwarves, but what? They obviously didn't want the stronghold, because they would have cleared the bodies and most likely desecrated the statues."

Elberrin thinks on this for a few moments and says "The Dwarves had said that it was strange that the steam room was there, as it is not something a dwarf would use. I rather doubt that a hobgoblin would care much about it either, but the Suhagin on the other hand might... The stonework was clearly dwarven, but why would they build a steam room for the suhagin? Perhaps they wanted the platnum vien that is rumored to be on this isle, which would be mined by dwarves. Maybe the suhagin took over the stronghold and enslaved the dwarves?"

The thought was odd and Elberrin seemed far from convinced of that. "Do the Suhagin even CARE about money like that?"

Character Info / Lor'hion Redleaf's History
« on: May 24, 2005, 02:01:57 PM »
Storyline developed by Blackspear.

Lor?hion is related to the Arkhen noble family through his mother's bloodline.   She was the sister of the last Lord, Tallis Arkhen.  Tallis and his sisters, Lur'hanna and Seryna, were assassinated by Deltharites nearly a year ago.   It is widely believed that all direct descendants of the Arkhen line have been murdered.   Furthermore, the blame for this tragedy rests on the shoulders of Lor?hion's favorite cousin, Theryn Northwind.   Theryn was also related to the Arkhens on his mother?s (Seryna) side and he had been like an older brother to Lor?hion.   The two cousins often spent the summers of their youth together, hunting and fishing around Arkhen Castle and playing numerous pranks on the castle staff and servants.   They were inseparable until Theryn went to study at the Shadan Basilica and Lor?hion became an acolyte of Flaern.   Driven by different religious beliefs they slowly drifted apart until they hardly had any contact with each other.

Theryn was heir to the Northwind Trading Company and the Northwind family fortune.    He devoted his life to Shada and became a Holy Knight.  He was very well thought of and by all accounts was very successful.  No one knows why, but during the past few years, Theryn had become increasingly edgy around others.   He was frequently reprimanded by his superiors and eventually the Preceptor expelled him from the Shadan Order for refusing to undergo the Rights of Purification.

During the invasion of N'arth it was Theryn Northwind who murdered Commander Alec Stonebreaker and opened the gates to the citadel.   This allowed the Deltharite forces to take the day.   During the battle, Theryn was seen using the legendary falchion Trollsheart, the Noble Weapon of N'arth and heirloom to the Arkhen line.   It is now rumored that he ordered the assassinations of the Arkhen family and that he may have even killed his mother himself.

At the time of the assassinations and invasion, Lor?hion was deep in the wilderness of Northern N'arth undergoing a druidical right of passage.   To become a member of druidic society, an acolyte of Flaern must train for years at Elliira's Glen with a mentor.   Once the mentor is satisfied with the student's progress, the acolyte is sent into the wild to commune with nature for a year.   During that year, the acolyte is not allowed contact with any humans and he must survive with the knowledge that he has accumulated during his studies.    At the end of the year, the acolyte returns to Elliira?s Glen, to meet with the Arch druid.   If the Arch druid is satisfied with the acolyte's experience, he will be initiated into the order as a druid.   The initiation is a truly spiritual experience.   Those who have discussed it describe it as becoming one with Flaern and leaving their former selves behind.    

During Lor?hion?s initiation, he saw a vision of his cousin slaying their uncle, Lord Tallis Arkhen and taking Trollsheart.   He further witnessed Theryn aiding the Deltharites in the assault upon N?arth.    Lor?hion then observed a peasant wielding Brendan De La N?arth?s sword against many Deltharite assassins.   Finally, Lor?hion heard an angelic voice say ?Find Quenton Silverthorn and aid him on his quest.   He will lead you to Trollsheart.  You must protect it for the true Arkhen Line.?

Days after the initiation, Lor?hion awoke to the sound of dripping water.   Groggily rising from his cot he stared at the rain running off the thatched roof of his hovel.   By his bed were two gifts left for him by his mentor and the Arch druid herself.   His mentor Seamus had fashioned him a necklace with a brown bear claw of spell holding.   Knowing that Seamus frequently took the form of a brown bear, Lor?hion was touched by the symbolism of the gift.   The other gift was what all acolytes dreamed of receiving.  It was a drab looking grey robe.   This robe could change colors like a chameleon and would allow Lor?hion to move about the land virtually unseen.   It would also serve as a symbol of his rank as a druid of Flaern.   Lor?hion was elated that he had finally become a druid!   Then like a clap of thunder, memories of the initiation flooded back into his head.    Lor?hion sat in shock and disbelief as the pain of watching his uncle get hacked down by Theryn steadily grew?.

In Character Discussions / Laren and the Apron
« on: May 10, 2005, 07:50:53 AM »
Laren gets up early as usuall, but not so early as to catch Garret in his shorts again... Laren shudders...

Coming up to the stump, he taps on the window, standing on his toes, just peering over the sill trying to get Garret's attention.

In Character Discussions / Laren goes to see ashe
« on: May 09, 2005, 01:01:26 PM »
This would happen after a good night's rest after the killing of the kobolds.

Laren knocks on Ashe's Door at about mid morning.

In Character Discussions / Ratom-bomb
« on: May 09, 2005, 12:52:12 PM »
This would have been after the fight where the second rat this week exploded...

Laren's mouth drops and his eye's widen after the rat blows up.

"SEE?? You all see that?!? That's what happened last time!" Laren looks at Jarmok "What the hell are you doing to these things??? How do you make rats explode!?"

Laren looks at kit, "And what the hell is that buzzing?!?" Laren waits for some replies but gets none.

"You all SAW that, YES???"

In Character Discussions / The life of an ogre
« on: April 29, 2005, 08:06:24 PM »
This discussion would have been started by Lor'hion at the start of his watch the night after he caused the groth of the flowers.

"Quinton, I have been thinking about the problems that you are facing due to the guilt of killing the ogre children. You had said that they were innocent, and I believe that it is possible you are correct."

"But you see, their society is evil. there is no hope for them to grow up otherwise. And even if they were to somehow retain their innocence, they would never be accepted into the world. They would be hunted and killed no matter where they went."

"If anything you did them a service by saving their souls while they still basked in the light of good."

Character Info / End of Laren's first week
« on: April 26, 2005, 08:17:26 PM »
The folks who have spent the most time with Laren during the first week will notice very small changes since the first 5 days. Laren seems to be proccupied, always looking off into the distance. It seems to get more pronounced while outside in the city.

He will look one way, then the other, and sometimes behind him. If asked, he'll just say that he thought he saw someone he knew, but was wrong. He will then quickly change the subject.

In Character Discussions / Rat-bomb
« on: April 26, 2005, 08:11:42 PM »
This conversation would have taken place the first night in the rat-house, after Kit, unbeknonwst to the rest of the party psionified the rat.

Laren's jaw drops as the rat seems to tear into Jarmol's leg, withdraw and EXPLODE! Not being *quite* as shocked as he appears, (Laren has seen a lot of wildly strange things!)  Laren allows a couple of seconds to pass, just to add to the drama.

"Jarmok, I don't know what's coursing through your veins, but I think it dissagreed with the rat's digestive system."

Character Info / Laren's Off-time
« on: April 25, 2005, 08:04:29 PM »
Laren is always doing what it takes to play people's emotions, one way or another. His favorite thing is to make them laugh, impressing and inspiring awe coming second, and at times he will offer a little philosophy, but most of the time it's got an air of jest.

He likes to spend his time relaxing when he can. Gaming, dicing but never gambling. He can usually be found at the bar, but he never drinks more than just a couple. Now and then he will tell a story just a little louder than normal to get a larger crowd. He only tells stories that end happily or comedically.

Laren is a very supersticious individual.

In Character Discussions / Laren talks privately to Kit
« on: April 25, 2005, 10:37:10 AM »
Laren ask kit to have a monent to talk with her in private.

In Character Discussions / All the right herbs
« on: April 25, 2005, 07:23:00 AM »
Sometime after breakfast, Laren decides that he would like to go for a stroll down to see Ash. Laren gets to the place, opens the door and goes in.

In Character Discussions / Garret's thoughts
« on: April 25, 2005, 07:15:08 AM »

The day is quite young as Garret begins to prepare for the morning rush, which he doesn't expect to be too busy. Laren strolls up to the counter, climbing (literally) into a bar stool. "Good morning Mr. Garret!

Out of Character Discussions / Logs
« on: April 25, 2005, 06:52:11 AM »
So what's up with the logs, are we ready to post?

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