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In Character Discussions / Grandfathered in ( Completed - Maragarn )
« on: October 15, 2007, 08:57:40 AM »
Players involved in this thread: Maragarn (Wildfire)

Thick fog spilled slowly over the fields of this brisk early spring morning. The air was thick with the scent of budding leaves and sprouting flowers. Already the tribe was up, bustling about.

The herds were beginning to move back north with the warming, and if there was one thing the Satyr had learned in the past fifty years, it was that they had to be ready to move with their source of food.

 The men were busy preparing arrows and spears for the night’s kill or loading carts to be ready for the traveling that would likely begin in the evening. The woman cooked the morning meal on a fire while keeping the children from hurting themselves, or one another.

 “Maragarn,” your father’s voice came from behind you. His voice had an unyielding strength to it. Your mother had said that if your father had asked a boulder to split, it would ask how many fragments were required. “Your grandfather is ill.”

This was something you already knew. He’d been sick for a few days now. Everyone had suspected that it was simply a cold from the changing of the seasons, which was not uncommon. The fact that your father was bringing it up now meant that was no longer the case.

General Info / An old Centaur legend - General knowledge
« on: September 05, 2007, 08:19:37 AM »
I'm presenting some information here, and I'm being upfront about it. information in green is common knowledge. -- I don't know if there's a precedent in the PHB for common knowledge, but I'm treating it as a DC 6 -- All other information is known to Anyone who studied Elven  or Centaurian lore - DC 15 or DC 10 knowledge check respectively.)

( FYI: The Centaurs are a race that is at least as old as the Elves. )

The two races lived together as cousins. When the goblinkin were born in the caves is the Ironbark forest, the Elves and the Centaurs banded together to fight against the goblinkin, who did not respect the forest.

For some time it'd seemed that the goblinkin were defeated. They had not been seen for nearly a century, and the elves and centaurs relaxed. This was a mistake.

For almost a hundred years the goblinkin were underground breeding and growing. They grew into Orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, ogres, hill giants and other such creatures.

Unexpected, the army of goblinkin stormed out of the ground like a swarm of locusts into the forest. They knew the love that the elves and centaurs had for the trees, so the set fires and slashed at roots to add insult to injury.

This battle lasted for twelve days, and was very costly on both sides, but in the end the goblinkin were defeated. The ones who were not killed, fled.

The twelfth night was bittersweet. It was a night to celebrate victory, but also to morn and honor the dead.
This night is observed annually by both the centaurs and the elves. The dead are honored, and thanks is given for their sacrifice.

The trees that were attacked still stand scarred from the battle, in the Grove of Twelve nights, deep in the Ironbark forest.

Its said that during the feast of the twelfth night, the voices of the dead ancestors could be heard singing hymns of pride, honor and victory.

The location of the Grove of Twelve nights has been forgotten, but its whispered that the oldest elves and centaurs still know.

The Twelfth Night was a full thousand years before the emerald dawn.

After the emerald dawn, the elves and centaurs came to understand the nature of magic. It was believed to be a tool to prepare them for something. Many said that the goblinkin would return like they had a thousand years before, greater in number and stronger than ever. Only this time, it would not be just the Ironbark forest. This time they would be coming for the world.

Just like on the Twelfth night, the elves and the centaurs vowed to be the ones left standing.

**NOTE**: It is general knowledge that this is the belief of the centaurs, but it is not a belief commonly shared by other races.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Centaurs, before the emerald dawn were never really seen outside of their own habitat, which to the known world, was only the Ironbark forest. To those who had never been to the forest, they were merely a story.

Their charge to protect their own habitat became somewhat of a legend, and even a clich�. "I'll protect my home and family like a centaur" was a phrase one might hear.

Since the Emerald Dawn, with the perceived threat larger, they've journeyed outside of the Ironbark Forest. Seeing a Centaur is fairly unusual outside of the forest. It's about as rare as seeing a little-person in real life. Might happen every few months.

Generally speaking, they (Centaurs) are regarded as protectors in general. Typically, they are welcomed in towns and inns and such, but they are seldom interested in visiting these places, and never physically comfortable. Some inns and taverns in the major cities have taken steps to provide for a Centaur patron, but that is rare as well.

It's unheard of to meet a Centaur who is not on some sort of formal or personal quest, be it to investigate whispers of goblinkin activity, or some task they're not willing to share. No Centaur simply wanders... at least, that�s the belief.

For the most part, Elves are the only other race the common Centaur would regard as equal, and even then the Centaurs tend to exude a sense of guardianship. Other non-standard races (races wrought of the magic of the Emerald Dawn) would typically be regarded as even less capable to protect themselves than Humans or older races, being that they are so new to the world.

General Info / Additional Info 0.2 - The Kindom of Embar, and the Elves
« on: August 08, 2007, 07:50:27 AM »

General Info / Additional Info 0.1 - The Rumors
« on: August 08, 2007, 07:47:27 AM »
Ok, having given you the little bit that I have, I think it's time for a little more info.
I was talking with Drew this morning, and he expressed some interest in this material. I will share with everyone now.

You're starting off in a world that is 50 years after a pretty earth shaking event. People who used to be nothing more than modest working stiffs, or even less now have "incredible" powers.
The government was very upset by this for a couple of reasons. First, governments in general had always sorta leaned on the perenezerath for guidance and support. This support is no longer offered by the Peren as freely as it had been, since the majority of their organization is out hunter magic users, and those who are left, aren't sure who they can trust, or who really trusts them.

When the skies turned, there was a lot of change. There was a period of chaos, as people found that they had these powers. Some were consumed with greed, others were litterally consumed by their new found powers.

MANY people died. Many villages no longer exist. The world is in a "pick yourself up, and dust yourself off" stage of life. There is a very strong theme of rebuilding in the world.  

As for where you're from, I'm going to leave that up to you. There are a couple of big cities, and countless villages. The "main" city in your region is called Embar. It's a city much akin ot Waterdeep in the forgotten realms. It's a port city with a large market place, and a large "government center". (I hesitate to say "castle" but it amounts to the same thing.)

The continant you're on, used to be all one Kingdom, Embarra Lyorris, lead by one king, Jarem Garrinveldt. During his rule, he'd never relied on the Peren, in fact he didnt allow them into his Kingdom. The morning of the Emerald Dawn, Jarem went missing.

 His Kingdom was divided into 4. Embar (Of which The City of Embar is the capital. sparsley wooded plains in the southeast - Like the hinterlands!), Sedgemere (the woodlands in the north east - Elwynn forestish), Carolmere (Marshlands to southwest. - Wetlands) and Kannic, (Northwest mountain region. - Redridge or southern Westfall).

You're in the Kingdom of Embar, a kingdom trying to hold true to the laws and principals of Jarem Garrinveldt. Perenezerath are not welcome here, but are said to come in under cover.

Rumors: (may be true, may be not)
    In the towns and cities where they are welcome, the perenezerath will come in and arrest those suspected of having magical abilities, and take them to a "secret location". No one sees these people again. It's whispered that they are tested on, that the psionicists are trying to "purge" the magical abilities out of the prisoners. It's said that no one survives.

    *In towns and cities where they are NOT welcome, the tactics are a little less humane. They will simply kill someone who is thought to have abilities, no questions asked.

    *King Jarem Garrinveldt ran. it is said that he's still alive and operating out of a remote location to start a movement against the Perenezerath. His whereabouts are not even speculated upon in Embar.

    *It's said that local government knows where Jarem Garrinveldt is, and can be trusted... but really, who is going to trust government??
    there are many new races the world over, due to the Emerald Dawn.

    *The dead have come back to life in some places. Zombies and Skeletons walk freely in some places, mostly small villages, as in cities, burials are much deeper. But who knows what's lurking in the superiorly constructed tombs and coffins...

This should be enough to whet an appetite for the time being, methinks. Let me know if you have any ideas or need more info on anything.

General Info / Campaign Setting Addendum 0.1
« on: August 08, 2007, 07:42:54 AM »

General Info / Ok, Here I go
« on: July 31, 2007, 10:29:12 AM »
I am putting together a campaign of my own, which you probably remember me talking about.

In the beginning, I'm going to keep the group small... in fact, I'm hoping for some one on one sessions before getting a "group" together at all. Please bare with me as I try this GM's hat on after many years, especially since it didn't fit all that well back then either...

Please read through the campaign setting post before anything else. Some if it is info that was already up, but some info has been changed. I also have the info in PDF format, so if you would like it, please email me.

General Info / The Campaign Setting
« on: July 31, 2007, 10:20:56 AM »

Out of Character Discussions / *pokes his head in*
« on: April 30, 2007, 01:42:33 PM »
/me looks quietly through the crack in the slightly opened door...

In Character Discussions / A small victory, with troubled horizons
« on: February 27, 2007, 12:33:39 PM »
The news that the gargon were heading in the direction of his homeland troubled Belwar greatly. Perhaps even more troubleing to him, was that fact that he wasn't truely certain whether or not he really cared. Truth be told, there really wasn't anything left there for him anymore, except the thought of reclaiming his father's prized axe.

But would he grieve for those who get killed in Estwald? It would be a shame to lose that many lives, and the metals that they were responsible for supplying to the world would certainly be missed, but...

Belwar sighed. He felt a certain obligation to those people, for there were innocents amoung them who did not deserve to die. The fact that there was nothing there for him anymore seemed smaller than it had a few weeks prior. There was evil being done, and somehow, Belwar felt it a part of his responsibility to put a stop to it.

"Corris, " Belwar stated. " It is good to be back."

Now, the keep, on the other hand, *did* feel like home to Belwar these days.

"I worry still for our safety Corris. With the gargon heading south east toward my homeland, I fear they are going with ideas of gathering hill giants, and enslaving my kind."

Game Log / Session 24 - Bones going Home
« on: February 15, 2007, 01:56:39 PM »
Sunday February 11th, 2007

Players in Attendance:
Rob C
Steve C
Matt C
Rob R

Session starts out with a mess of d20 rolls... Sol first, Himo second, Zurn third, Belwar forth (and they really sucked), Mirri Fifth.

Rolling Initiatives! (Not that we know why...)
Himo: 20.
Zurn: 18
Mirri: (surprised by her own existence) a modified 5
Sol: 18
Belwar: 16

GM asked for a few agility rolls.

The group then wonders in what order they'd leave the cave.

Zurn brings up the point of, where would all the Gargon go?? There used to be a countless amount, and now that's not so. At any rate,
The decision is that we're going to go to take the body to where it needs to go.

Belwar takes the lead. Zurn takes the body.

Zurn swears that he saw a silhouette crossing the doorway. Tells the group.

Belwar Suggests someone move silently and wear the invisibility ring. Sol just pushes his way through and goes outside.

*Cave is a fairly steep cliff edge.

Sol says "here kitty kitty" on his way out.

Sol rolls a 22 spot check.

Belwar comes up behind Sol, just as sol turns around to say stop. Belwar doesn't pay any attention.

Sol, having initiative, he uses "one-point" action, whatever that means. He expends his focus and now he's 50% displaced for all missiles.
They all missed anyway.

Javelin goes skittering into the cave.

Himo's next.

Himo Casts Mage armor and moves to the mouth of the cave.

Zurn casts Bull's strength on Belwar.

Belwar runs up to the mouth of the cave and throws an axe. Hit's for 11 damage. This fellow's day is ruined. Slides down the cliff.

Mirri tries to run and jump over them, with great success! Landing DC13, Rolls 14! Amazing! The she hits and does slaughterhouse
damage, and the dood dies.

Sol's turn!
At the end of the night, he decided to take an action first, and THEN do his displacement. Casts a goo spell on his mace - a glowing
grayish cloud.

Mirri takes 9 points of damage from an Orcish Falchion. Also, a Javelin flies by her.

Javelins (3) missed sol.

Himo's turn. Himo wields his staff, rushed down hill to attack! Rob C Busts his head on the table (Oak: AC 25). Takes damage. (We guess he missed)

Zurn moves ahead, looks about assessing the situation. Casts sound burst on 3 targets. Both take 1d8 damage, must succeed on a fort check
to avoid being stunned for a round. Damage is 7 for one, 2 for a second, and 1 for the third. The fort save DC is 16.

Zurn is asked to roll a D8. Rolls a 7. then he has to roll a dc18 Listen check. Rolled a 13. the three all appear to be pissed off and staggered.

We just realized that we alerted the entire chasm... A clarion Gong rings out in the night.

Belwar hits another for 11 with an axe. Down he goes. (Belwar just realized he should be down doing melee... -RP xp!)

Mirri hits one for 5 points.

Sol makes a big deal of the fact that it's his turn... casts expansion. Becomes 6'8 and weights twice what he did earlier.

Sol is now the biggest target! And now he has to make a reflect save DC20! Rolls a 19 with a +1 modifier!!!

Zurn does not make his...

Belwar does not make his...

Himo does not make his...

Those of us who do not take 10 points of damage, Sol takes 7...

There's a howling wind that fills the whole area! (cone of cold). ALL of the Orcs in the area die.

It's really freaking cold. There's driving sleet and ice shards and all that happy rot.

There are two Blue skinned brutes with tusks and horns!

Sol is hit for 5 points of damage from a short bow. two miss. These came from down the hill a little bit to the south and east...
NOT from the horny-tooth monsters.

Himo’s really cold. He wants to shoot bolts at the Horny-tooth monsters. Missed.

Zurn positions in the mouth of the cave and continue to assess.

Belwar rushes and attacks! There are all sorts of criticals involved, Belwar did 48 damage... cleaves the guy in half.

Mirri goes berserk!!@#21!one!!11!
Does 10 points of damage to one of three Gnolls snipers in a copes of trees.

Sol does something else inconsequential. His weapon now sizzles, and walks towards the other horn-tooth. He missed.

The horn-tooth starts to shimmer and fade. Sol swings his sizzling muck stick and he hits!

Himo shoots his light xbow and hits the ogre-magi for 8points.

Zurn holds his action.

Belwar charges the copse of trees where Mirri is. Belwar hits one, does 10 damage. That one falls to one knee.

Mirri hits another, and he dies.

Sol runs over to help Belwar.

Mirri is attacked and hit for 11 dmg! Then the attacker turns to flee! (invoking an attack of opportunity) Mirri hits! 9 damage brings this fellow to his knees.
The Gnoll.

Himo is asked to roll a spot. rolls a modified 25. Sees the carnage that Belwar and Mirri is causing. Casts magic missile at Belwar's target... It dies.

Zurn's turn.
Leaves cave, and heads out to the copse. Realizes he won’t get there in time to do anything, but ascertains the situation. Looks for damages allies.

*Laughter emanates from the chasm floor*

Belwar's turn. Looks about the area, there doesn't seem to be any immediate threat.

The laughter... Multiple... a group of laughter.

Mirri sees a group of Gnolls. Maybe a dozen.

As a group we decide to leave the area.

Zurn cure's Sol's light.

We climb the cliff and head east. Belwar suggests that we bring the body back to the keep and have Coris and Corryn perform the ceremony.

Belwar recovers his axes.

We find some circles of squares. Can't have too many of those.

Game Log / Session 23 - Melzak
« on: February 15, 2007, 01:55:07 PM »
I apologize, I was off that night, and didn't keep much of a log... What I have is below. Please edit this post and add what you remember if you have the chance. I will try to do so later on as well.

Rob c is missing...? Hemo is gathering firewood.

Sol comes to sit by the fire, where Belwar is Seeting...

Sol is looking at Belwar undetected through the sunglasses.

Zurn looks about for Valen, alas there is no sign.

Zurn comes to the fire.

Mirri intimidates at Sol.

Belwar goes to bed, while Sol makes nice. Mirri wants to know where Valen is, Sol says he just got there. shows a black ring on his finger.
Explains that it's a cursed item that teleports him from place to place inexplicatively. Mirri kicks him, and repeats "Where's Valen".

Says he was underground last time.

Sol goes to pee, the rest of us huddle.

Sol is Looting the bugbear while we huddle
5 highly polished gray stones (12 siders)
4 Sacks of gooeyness.
4 small 12" long, 1 inch in diameter rods of soft wood
8 crystal vials, 2 yellow liquid (Bubbly and smells Ar, 6 red (Smells like cinder)
1 day of rations on the bugbear

Belwar cuts of bugbear's arms, finds the ring of invis, takes it. Looks for anything that connects him wiht the gargon in the Chasm... nothing.

Sol asks where we're going. Belwar has no quarms with telling him.

Next day.

We travel and start to travel later into the night, and sleep in a little more, so that eventually, we can travel only at night.

Next day, uneventful...

Thirday, after we set up camp, the camp is hailed.. Zurn is elected to handle it.

"Permission to appraoch the camp?" He's coming from the direction we came from... Diminutive fellow with a big dog... Wicked good spot check shows that it's Melzak!!

Melzak is looking for the book. Belwar explains that it's gone... Melzak is upset... paces, complains and leaves. we let him leave...


two days later, we come up on the chasm... There are only three fires... whereas before there were 10...

We go around, and enter the cave marked "k"

We wander, and have to roll a will check... Numbers are given out.

Matt = no number
Himo = 2
Robr = no number
phin = no number
Andrew gets no number.

AS we make our way up the corridor, there is a tacky slick drizzing substance, and Himo is effected by PHEAR!!

Zurn casts bless on Himo, while miri detains him... Himo's number changes to 4

In Character Discussions / Ins and outs
« on: February 12, 2007, 04:14:49 PM »
Belwar was one of the first to climb to the top of the northern wall of the chasm. He peered into the darkness around him at the top to make sure the area was safe. He saw nothing of concern. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time if danger was there and simply eluded his detection.

He pulled a rag from his pack and began to wipe the gore from his blades. He noticed a chip in one of his throwing axes. His lips pursed, he accepted it as a flaw of human blacksmithing, and continued to clean his gear.

The smell of the fresh mountain air was more than a blessing after the stench of death in the cave. A few deep breaths helped to calm the adrenaline in his veins, as well as the urge to purge his belly.

"I say, Mirri, I much like the way yeh do business!" Belwar nodded at the Barbarian in approving respect.

"I suppose we should be on our way. That bag'a bones aint gettin any fresher."

Game Log / Session 22 - Tense in Tents and intense intents
« on: February 03, 2007, 07:31:11 PM »
Forest Keep � Session 22 - Tense in Tents and intense intents
Friday, December 29, 2006

People present:

Andrew Coutinho - Zuryn Darkbrew
Matthew Conlon - Belwar Fireforge
James Mudge - Mirri Hairballer
Robert Conlon - Himo raindbowmaker
Rob Robbins - Valen Galaphile / Sol

Because we’re all talking right now and I’m not going to remember that I had this though: Can we get a log for the session where you guys got the soil for plant the thing?

Zurn gets a brown leather pouch with a golden thread drawstring. A rampant unicorn dyed on the side of the pouch. Z stoes it away.

Belwar wakes, Weapons cleaned, armor repaired. Clothes mended

Belwar dismisses the dream about meeting the Orc (Greg Lessard’s Character). Too wierd.

Zurn prays and then goes to cores looking for a detailed map of the area. Coris said “Fuck no. Came out here to establish a presence.”

Everyone in the group gathers in the bar. Valen is wearing a wonderful red shirt!

Zurn lays out the plan. We got to get back to the place that we killed Danobar to plan this thing to consecrate the land, so Danobar’s spirit can rest.

Belwar doesn’t really care much, but he knows it would be in the best interests of his new friends to go with them.

Trouble with this is that the tunnel has since been filled in, so we have to find our way overland. This sucks.

It is determined that travel over land to the west is not impossible. we all gear up. We get all the usual stuff, and 2 Mules, (Doris and Mabel)

300’ silk rope
2 grappling hooks
1 litter
Body Bag ( Big Sack )
2 tents

NOTE: Circle of Squares can change into any other emblem that you’d like it to look like.

Travel first day, Arduous and sweaty. We build a fire. Watch order: Valen, Himo, Zurn, Belwar, Mirri.

Everyone makes a DC 15 fort save. Belwar fails, Valen fails, everyone else passes.

Into the first watch, after everyone else was asleep, folks are woken up by a thunderclap right on top of us. Very Kerboomy, we feel the shock. Causes pain. No damage, but RP pain. OW !

We roll our first initiatives in about 8 months. Belwar jumps up forgetting that he’s in a tent; It seems to actually grab Belwar!! ONOS!!

Himo reacts first. Sees a very large feature jumping out of the forest, with a staff, and attacks! He brings down a tent with a flick of the wrist!

His mouth is gaping with tusks, looks like his screaming, but no sound.

Tis a Bugbear!

He’s all epiced out!! Very nice gear, Quarter staff actually Glints!

Himo casts Mage armor.

Zurn casts magic weapon on his mace.

Mirri picks up spear and lunges! MEOW! (ACK! Ac 18!) Modified 11- that’s a miss.

Valen casts Flameblade (3’ flame sword).
His wolf attacks, rolls 21, Hits! Bites the BB for 6 points of damage!

Belwar fails his fucking reflex save, and is entangled - failed his fucking DC 20 check, can’t move.

BB attacks Mirri (ac 15). They make opposed rolls, mirri 17. Their weapons clash, and it reverberates up Mirri’s Spear. He swirls and attacks Mirri again. She rolls 16, and same happens. His 3rd attack misses.

Himo’s turn. Casts Mirror Image. Makes 4 extras.

We all realize that we can’t hear anything

Zurn attacks with his flail. Rolls a … ( takes forever ) (and a little longer) modified 19! WHAM! Damage 5 points from the flail!

Mirri Meows! Modified 19, WHACK! Damage 9 points!

Valen missed, Doggy missed.

Belwar gets out of the tent!! Sort of… It’s working against him. The scene suddenly dawns on Belwar! ONOS! Fight! He throws an axe, hits, and does 8 points. He gets pissed at Belwar, but no one can hear.

Valen is attacked!! (ac 16) He dodges! Second attack lands (Dray’s opposed roll was a 1!)

DC10 will save is made! (phew!) as the attack lands, there’s another thunderclap. KABOOMY! Another DC10 is made. Again a boom!

Zurn is attacked! (What the huh?) weapons collide, and everything’s ok. Another opposed roll, and GM sneezes. Big boom. Flail breaks and Zurn sits down! ONOS!

Mirri takes 10 points of damage!! She was bit from behind by something! It’s like a big pony sized dog.

Himo tries to mend Zurn’s flail, and realizes that it’s not going to work. Casts magic missile at the Bugbear. Two missiles go and do 2 points each.

Zurn gets up and air brushes his pants. Then casts Divine favor, which we don’t wait for… so…

Mirri attacks and misses! Modified 15

Valen is shocked to find that he can attack. And he does. A hit! 8 points of damage!! Wolfy misses.

Zurn breaks in with divine favor’s description: +1 to attack and damage for a minute.

Belwar rolls a god damned 1. He’s getting very mad, and on top of it all, the damned tent is still impeding him.

Valen is attacked, flameblade shatters with another thunderclap. Rolls a 9 for DC10 will save, and is stunned.

Mirri is attacked, opposing roll sucks and is allowed to reroll cause it hit his glass. With a 12, There’s a BOOM!! Spear shatters.

There are too many Himos... the BB attacks one. It goes away. PFFT! Then another. Now 3 Himos.

Mirri is let go by the dog, who howls, and Mirri has to roll something. DC13 will save. Success! PHEW!

Everyone needs to make that DC13 will save - Belwar fails, Himo makes it, Zurn succeeds, Valen fails,

Belwar is now subject to fear for 6 god damned rounds. Valen for 4.

Himo takes out long sword and sneak attacks. (it seems he’s got a level in rogue ) He misses.

Zurn attacks with mace. We wait for damage. Sooner or later we find out that it’s 7.’

Mirri rages! Draws Scimitar, and attacks! Drops his die, gets it back and rolls a 1.

Dray is stunned, but wolf hits!! 8 points of damage! Opposed rolls to see if the wolf can trip. And he does!

BBs move action is to get up. Then he attacks Zurn, and missed! It’s pretty clear at this point, He’s attacking the weapon. He missed again, and then again and AGAIN! 4 misses!.

Himo misses again with a sneak attack.

Zurn gets to attack with mace and missed.

Mirri still raging missed again.

Wolf attacks and hits! 3 points, and tries again to trip. Doesn’t work.

BB attacks the wolf and he is hit! 13 points!! And then he’s missed, then missed again, but the 4th hits for 16…that’s -4. Wolf goes down.

Mirri is attacked by hound, but doesn’t do any damage.

Himo takes another shot at Sneak attack. He hits!! 14 points of damage!! (Belwar is pretty upset now)

Zurn attacks and goes into some sort of dramatic display before rolling damage 12 points of damage.

Belwar is not going to attack during this bugbear’s life /cry.

Mirri misses again.

BB attacks Zurn now. Big boom. Mace is damaged, but not broken. Haft is now bent. Makes his DC10 will save.

BB attacks Himo and BOOM! Makes his DC10 will save.

Belwar and Valen are shaken out of their fear by the thunderclaps!!

Himo almost loses his sword, and misses his dc10! ONOS!! Weapon (sword) shatters, and DC10 will save is made.

Mirri is attacked by doggie, but missed.

Valen is no longer there. His Landscape changes entirely with the last thunder clap, sitting in a baren wasteland on the ground. It�s a decent temperature.

Himo’s turn, casts Magic Missile. Damage is 2, and 4

We notice Valen changed shape! No longer the same… now he’s a troll-ish dwarfish thing.

Zurn attacks with crappy mace. Hit for 9 points.

The thing dies dramatically. Belwar is disappointed.

Mirri does 7 points of damage on the dog.

Valen’s replacement is going to fire his crossbow at the dog. Missed.

Belwar is still impeded by the tent. Belwar attacks the tent. He’s really pissed off.

BB throws something at the ground and a great smoke erupts, filling the entire area.

The dog takes a nip at Mirri, and prepares to run away.

Himo backs out of the fog and readies his xbow.

Zurn cannot see anything, as per the nature of the spell. He goes for where the bug bear was, and swings around. He hits! Whammo!

Mirri hears it, and does the same, downward slash of the scimitar. A modified 17 hits and his damage doesn’t provoke any response.

Sol moves around.

Belwar continues to attack the tent. Spitting, swearing almost rageing!
Himo runs around. Trips on Zurn, but doesn’t fall over.

Zurn shield rushes Himo, though he doesn’t know it’s Himo�

Himo sees this, knows it’s Zurn, tries to side step. Zurn is unhindered, and keeps going.

Mirri attacks and grabs something, but realizes that whatever it is is invisible. She attacks it anyway.

Finally free from the tent, Belwar gathers the destroyed canvas and drops it all atop the fire. He then gets to work setting up the other tent.

Out of character discussions / FK Session somethingorother.
« on: January 03, 2007, 08:37:39 AM »

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