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In Character Discussions / 04.20.2132 - Southaven
« on: April 27, 2008, 11:54:22 AM »
(OOC: Hey, let's not talk about my skills at capturing teenagers. OK!)

"Well, we can check it out at least. Then maybe we'll ask around Pratt's farm. He may still be working there. At the very least maybe someone knows where he is. If all else fails we can just look for the cheapest tavern in town. They probably heard of him."

In Character Discussions / 04.20.2132 - Southaven
« on: April 26, 2008, 11:00:21 PM »
"I've got aunts, grandparents, cousins, hell a whole family is out there that wants nothing to do with me. I'm living at the orphanage my entire life. So, yeah, you would be living at the orphanage if you had an aunt 'or something'. Just 'cause they're family doesn't mean they're gonna step up and do what's right. By the way, you are the only 'orphan' I know of who has both folks still living." Xavier was a bit surprised by how irritated he was. Perhaps this whole mission to get back at Jared's dad was just Xavier projecting his feeling about his own family. Maybe Xavier would work on his own problems instead of ... "Ahh, mate it! Never mind. I'm sorry I snipped. So, any idea were your dad might be holed up these days?"

In Character Discussions / 04.20.2132 - Southaven
« on: April 26, 2008, 09:54:49 PM »
"This place smells like apple blossoms and dog shit!" stated Xavier. "I don't know if I should bake a pie or check my boots."

Xavier hoisted his gear up onto his shoulders. He then helped Jared with his own overstuffed pack. "So, this is were you grew up, huh? Bigger than I expected." Xavier started walking. "So, how 'bout you show me around the place, J. If we can't find your dad right away then we're gonna need a place to stay while we look for him. Hey! Where did you used to live? Maybe you've still got some family there ... an aunt or a cousin, maybe?"

In Character Discussions / 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
« on: April 21, 2008, 10:47:15 PM »
"I'll be there too, Jared." Xavier kept his eyes locked on the top of the wagon. "Your mom was right working against the government. She could use all the help she can get and I think we need to get the rest of Whisper involved, too. We need to do something other than hiding in the haystacks waiting to get caught." Xavier sighed.

"But right now we should be getting some sleep. We can talk more tomorrow. I've a feeling this Mr. Church is going to be a tough-ass tomorrow. Well, he'll try. No way he can compare to Shanteel, hehe. Night, Jared."

In Character Discussions / 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
« on: April 21, 2008, 05:42:36 PM »
"Yeah, I think my mom was my age when she had me. She must have been Renee's age when she died. I think my dad was just a year or so older. It's funny, you know, I don't even feel sad about it. Guess it's hard to feel sad about people you never even knew. I think all I really ever feel about it is anger. Anger at the government for destroying my family. Anger at Shanteel for being such a goat mater. Anger at the Karh'Thul for snacking on my folks. Just ... angry, but a good kinda angry. A productive kinda angry."

Kingdom of Safe-Haven / GOVERNMENT: Crime And Punishment
« on: April 21, 2008, 05:01:33 PM »
There's a good way?

Kingdom of Safe-Haven / GOVERNMENT: Crime And Punishment
« on: April 21, 2008, 03:57:55 PM »
Hey, how about prostitution? Is it legal once you've reached adulthood? Judging from what I've read about soldiers visiting Shantytown (SP) it seems like it may be.

In Character Discussions / 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
« on: April 21, 2008, 02:45:27 PM »
"Let's just say they won't be grounding me again!" Xavier's statement was accompanied by an angry stare.

Jared shifted uncomfortably, "Heh, your just kidding, right?"

Xavier didn't reply. Instead he shifted and turned onto his back. He lay there looking up at the top of the wagon. "Yeah," he said calmly. "I'm just kidding. I never actually knew my folks ... or their families. I'm told my parents had "illegally consummated their relationship". I was the result. So, yeah, I'm a bastard orphan." Xavier seemed amused by the term.

"Anyway, my dad was taken to prison and then served in the military. He was killed by Karh'Thul in his first year of service. My mom was sent to prison after my birth and then did her term of military service. She, too, was killed in battle by Karh'Thul."

Xavier noticed Jared's expression become slightly fearful. "Now before you start thinking that I'm doomed to be killed by Karh'Thul too, let me tell you that neither of my parents were particularly well trained in combat. Also, being former prisoners, they were chosen for the more dangerous missions."

"Neither of my parent's families wanted anything to do with me. I was either "that slut's child" or "the offspring of that bastard". So I was raised in the loving care of the orphanage. Guess you could say Shanteel is the closest thing to a parent that I have ever known."

Xavier laughed a bit. "Maybe he and your dad can start a Father-of-the-Year club?"

In Character Discussions / 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
« on: April 20, 2008, 07:45:52 PM »
"Finally!" exclaimed Xavier, almost in relief. "You've finally found your anger. You were doomed to be a mousy little kid until you found it. Now you are ready to unleash it. It's the only way to move on after you've been hurt so badly."

In Character Discussions / 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
« on: April 20, 2008, 04:41:28 PM »
"So he turns in an entire resistance group including your mom, breaks up your family, sends you off to an orphanage, and then spends the rest of his life a lazy drunk? Does that sound right to you? Every life he's touched is suffering every day while he sits on his ass and drinks. Not right ... no way, no how." Xavier looked to see if his words were riling up his friend as much as they were intended to.

"He should suffer, too. Don't you think?"

"Maybe not hurt him physically, though I'd be more than willing to do that. You could tell him what you think of him. You know really tell him what you think of what he did and what he has become. And, you know, then maybe work him over with an axe handle."

In Character Discussions / 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
« on: April 20, 2008, 12:13:32 AM »
"Say it, J. What you were thinking just now. Say it!" Xavier reach over and grabbed J by the front of his tabard. "Your mom's not gonna be in jail forever. When she gets out you want HER to deal with him? You talk to him, I'll make him listen. Maybe you say something that gets him to clean up, maybe he don't. Either way you got to start thinking about what's gonna happen to your mom when she gets out."

In Character Discussions / 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
« on: April 19, 2008, 11:45:52 PM »
"Now you're talkin'! I knew you were going to be into this. Tell you what, I'll work with you on your combat skills and tactical planning if you teach me a bit about ....," Xavier wiggled his fingers around in the air again "that stuff and teach me about blowing things up." Xavier reached out to shake his friend's hand. "Deal?"

"Oh, and one more thing. There's a reason why we're headed south." Xavier paused a moment and looked directly at J. "I figure Karh'Thul ain't the only demons down here that we can deal with. If you want to stop in and see your dad we can do that. You tell him whatever you want to tell him and he won't lay a finger on you. He tries and he'll be swallowing teeth with his ale."

In Character Discussions / 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
« on: April 19, 2008, 10:50:32 PM »
"Great 'Thulian dung-piles! Are you serious? That's matin' awesome!" exclaimed Xavier in an excited whisper. "Can you just do that anytime you want to? Oh, wait! ... " Xavier glanced over at J's pack. "Yeah, you should probably be really careful about the particular skill while haulin' around all that stuff."

"Any other tricks? What about your pack? Just what can you make with all that stuff?"

In Character Discussions / 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
« on: April 19, 2008, 09:56:25 PM »
"What?" asked Xavier. "You don't look very confident. You didn't think we were just going to go wandering around out there until we stumbled into Karh'Thul did you? Did you?" Xavier shook his head. "This is why I asked you to come with me. Someone needs to teach you how to survive out here. You'll see, we're going to come back in the end of summer and we're going to be warriors. Real, experienced, Karh'Thul ass-kicking warriors." Xavier punched his fist into the palm of his opposite hand for emphasis.

"Now, tell me about your ... skills."

In Character Discussions / 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
« on: April 19, 2008, 09:29:58 PM »
"Soon as we get there we take inventory. If we need anything we'll pick it up in the village. Then we'll head out. We'll travel south for a day and set up our first camp. From there we hunt for food and get a feel for the land. This first camp will be our fallback in case we run into any difficulties, Karh'Thul or otherwise. Once we've worked up enough supplies, we head further south. We've got to leave the first camp supplied with a couple days food and water. We should also fortify the area and ready some deadfalls, just in case." Xavier's eyes were unfocussed as he related his plan. It was as if he were looking ahead into the future and watching the actions he described take place.

"We make a second camp closer to The Rim. This is where we need to be really cautious. First order will be to find a secure location, preferably a cave or old animal burrow. If we're really lucky we might stumble on an old guard tower or abandoned waypoint. We'll need something with an entrance that we can secure. With only the two of us we won't be able to set watch, so lots of trip wires and a barred entrance is our best option."

"Once we've got our secured base we can start exploring the land around it. We'll need to find high ground where we can set up spotting platforms. Another important task is locating kill zones that we can lure a Karh'Thul into. Securing escape routes is something that we will consider if the terrain allows. If we can build a temporary bridge over a narrow ravine or river gorge we might be able to cross the bridge and destroy it behind us. Or even fight at the bridge and destroy it while the Karh'Thul are still on it. Things like that we'll have to think up as the opportunity presents itself."

"We'll stay at our forward camp until we get low on food and water. Then we will fall back to our first camp. Once we replenish our supplies we can head back to our forward camp and continue the search for Karh'Thul." Xavier seemed pleased with his plan. He lay back on his knapsack with a satisfied grin. "We are going to kick ass! Hell, even if we don't find any Karh'Thul we're still going to learn a lot out there. At the very least we'll get some good hunting in, deer, wild boar, maybe even a bear! That'd be cold. I'd love a bearskin cloak with the head attached."

"Say, we never really talked much about your, um, abilities. You know? Just what exactly can you do with your...," Xavier wiggled his fingers in the air. "Sometimes I think I'm the only one without that particular talent."

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