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General Info / N'arth World history
« on: March 26, 2005, 12:36:03 AM »
Thanks.   It is longwinded, but believe it or not its the short version :lol:

General Info / N'arth World history
« on: March 23, 2005, 12:59:24 AM »
The following is a bulletin point history of all the major events since the creation of N'arth.   It is not comprehensive, but would be akin to what a young Shadan scholar or Zyrithian acolyte would know after studying the history of N'arth.
Players are not expected to know all of this stuff and most characters would only know bits and pieces of this history.   This is what I use to keep my mind screwed on straight when dealing with historical questions and timelines in my world.  :lol:

Welcome to N'arth!  


History of N'arth
I. The Creation:
* Delthara created the world as her play toy.
* Delthara quickly got bored with the chores of maintaining her world, so she created underlings to care for it in her stead.
* Her underlings peacefully performed their duties for many eons, while Delthara kept her attentions fixed on other heavenly activities.
* Many of the underlings grew in power and schemed to rule the world for themselves.
* Eventually Delthara returned her attention to her first creation.    She was appalled at the lust for power displayed by her servants.   Seeking to teach them all a lesson, she punished her underlings and killed her most powerful servant.   She continued to torture the remaining servants for centuries.  
* As time went on, Delthara's servants began to not only fear Delthara, but to resent and loath her.   She showed herself to be a cruel, ruthless, vindictive mistress.  
* Finally the servants banded together in an effort to subdue their hated mistress.   Led by Flaern, the servants defeated Delthara and entrapped her in her own world, leaving her with powers more or less equal to their own.
* No longer beholden to Delthara, her former servants began to take on the status of gods.  Each god established their own followings and fortified their bases of power.
* Soon they began to war amongst themselves vying for dominance.
* Delthara meanwhile licked her wounds and began to plot her revenge, starting with Flaern.

II. The Discovery of Flaern
* Many millennia after the creation of the gods, the world was populated with Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Trolls, Ogres, Dragons, Wyverns, Centaurs, Fey Folk, and others.  Each race was a creation of one god or another, used to serve that god?s whim.
* In an effort to strengthen her power base, Delthara ordered her High Priests to clear her lands of non-followers.
* The priests began a campaign of religious genocide against all who would not commit their souls to Delthara.   Many fled the homeland of the Deltharites.
* First, the persecuted souls fled to the land of the Dwarves.   Not wanting to risk the wrath of Delthara, the Dwarves gave the stragglers passage on a small fleet of ships and sent them to seek the aid of the Elves.
* The Elves were also afraid of the Deltharan zealots and refused to shelter the refugees.   The Elves replenished the travelers? supplies on the condition that they took on the less than reputable elves, who were no longer welcome in Elven society.  Once that bargain was struck, the homeless souls set sail once again hoping to find a place they could call their own.
* During that fateful voyage, Flaern presented herself to the leaders of the lost people.   She offered to give them refuge if they became her followers.   After much deliberation the leaders agreed to follow Flaern and her ways.   She led them to her home, a beautiful and wondrous island far out to sea.
* In the early days of this new relationship, Flaern and Elliira Arkhen developed a genuine trust for each other.   Elliira became the first priest of Flaern.

III.   The Clearing of the Isle
* Flaern explained to Elliira that she had been the victim of Delthara?s insidious plots for many years.   Delthara had constantly sent new creatures to attack Flaern in an effort to weaken her.  
* To counter Delthara, Flaern had created many creatures herself.   All had failed her.   None more so than the wyverns.   Flaern had created the wyverns with every possible power.   She even taught them how to use her own power to cast magic against Delthara?s minions.   Still they failed her.
* The wyverns were commanded to destroy all of Delthara's creations living on the Isle.   They easily bested the ogres and trolls, but showed mercy upon them and allowed them to live when they surrendered.    
* When Delthara learned of the defeat, she created the ultimate creature to destroy the wyverns.   The evil goddess unleashed black dragons upon Flaern and her wyverns.
* Faced with this mighty threat the wyverns cunningly defended Flaern, but they were overmatched by the dragons.   Furthermore, the trolls and ogres recommitted themselves to the conflict and aided the dragons in a decisive victory over the wyverns.
* Fearing for their lives, the wyverns refused to fight for Flaern any longer and went into hiding.
* The minions of Delthara began to destroy Flaern.
* Flaern spent many years looking for someone she could trust to help her.   After watching the lost wanderers for some time, she was convinced that they were powerful enough to aid her.  
* Flaern?s first quest for Elliira and her companions was to destroy all of Delthara's servants.   Once that colossal task was finished, they were to destroy the wyverns.
* The leaders of the former refugees banded together to form a mighty company of six.   They were the druid Elliira Arkhen, the Elven wizard Elysian Myritar, a swordsman known simply as Durnan, a cunning rogue named Darian Ambermantle, Braendan De La N'arth a paladin, and leader of the company Ethan Blackhawk a skilled guide.
* Flaern taught Elysian Myritar how to use her life force to power his magic.   She did this in an effort to make sure that Elysian would remain her follower.   Otherwise he had to depend on the power of Shada for his spells.   Elysian however elected to combine the powers of both gods and he became truly powerful.
* Under the tutelage of Flaern, Elysian created six weapons of power, that would become known as the Noble Weapons of Flaern.   For Elliira he created Trollsheart a falchion of fire, Durnan was given Wyvernstar a mighty claymore, Darian received Stalker a rapier forged of the sharpest steel, Braendan was given Delthara's Bane a bastard sword of holy might, Ethan recieved the Blackspear, made from the first black dragon that Ethan slew, and Elysian created for himself a spellbook of wondrous power that became known simply as the Book of Myritar.
* The company of six used their skills and new weapons to attack the minions of Delthara.   They were very successful.   The company drove the trolls underground, forced the ogres back to Ogre's Hold, killed numerous black dragons and accepted surrender from the wyverns.   This however was not enough for Flaern, who demanded the eradication of all the creatures of Delthara and the wyverns.
* Durnan refused to honor Flaern's request.   He found that being master of the wyverns was a very comfortable position.   Ethan was about to be crowned the King of Flaern when he was slain by Draaken Korliss the last and greatest of the black dragons.  Darian found that establishing an economic empire was more to his liking.  Elysian became engrossed with his study of magic and began to openly worship Shada.   Braendan, also a devout follower of Shada, became King of the new nation, which was to be named N?arth in his honor.   Braendan was quickly distracted with his new office and no longer attempted to follow the directives of Flaern.   Only Elliira remained true to her pledge.   She founded the order of Druids to serve Flaern.   Flaern, much to her dismay was powerless to stop these betrayals, because she was the goddess of life and could not harm a living creature.   At least for the time being the strangle hold of Delthara had been broken.
* The surviving members of the company of six became nobles and ruled the realm of N'arth under Braendan's leadership.

IV.   The Sundering
* The followers of Azyrith were discovered by the Deltharites.   They fled from Delthara to N'arth.   The Zyrites were welcomed and their wizards established a school of magic near the Tower of Shada, the school of wizardry founded by Elysian Myritar.
* The two schools of magic prospered through shared discoveries.    Soon their magical devices were sought by peoples from around the world.   There was even a black market for the magical goods in the land of Delthara.
* The nation of N'arth also prospered.   With desirable magic and other crafts, N'arth became a major trading center for most of the known world.
* The Shadan Wizards were glad to have the Zyrites as compatriots, but they withheld one powerful secret from their magical brethren.   They knew the secret of magestone and they did everything in their power to hide it from the Zyrithian Wizards.
* Zyrithian Wizards hungry for knowledge and power spied upon Shadan training sessions and learned of magestone.   This discovery eventually led to war between the two schools.
* War raged across the land prompting King Ethan VII to create the Maces of N'arth.   The Maces were a unique fighting force trained to defend the King against magical attacks.
* Eventually the war reached its climax when the mages used so much of Flaern's energy that the Isle broke apart in a tremendous earthquake.   Thousands died in this terrible tragedy which became known as the sundering.

V.   Post Sundering
* The magical renaissance of N'arth was over.  The Age of Discord began.   The wizards were a semblance of their former glory, for they could no longer imbue their magic with the power of Flaern.   Much of their knowledge would be lost.
* With the decline of the wizards, N'arth's trade fell apart.  
* The Navy of N'arth was not prepared to patrol the vast amount of new islands and coastline.   Consequently piracy became a major activity for those ship captains who could no longer find honest work.   Eventually they formed a loose confederation known as the Pirates of Blackport.
* Wars between the Pirates of Blackport and N?arth were waged off and on for centuries.   The Navy of N'arth could defeat the Pirates, but never break their backs.  
* The Age of Discord continued for more than 1,000 years.   During this decline N'arth became an increasingly agrarian society.   The people of N'arth had lost most of the skills that made them famous during the renaissance.    
* The last De La N'arth King was assassinated without an heir.   The remaining noble families warred over the succession.   None claimed the thrown, but they all plunged the nation into further misery.
* A legend surfaced that the throne would be reclaimed by a lost descendant of the De La N'arth Kings.   This descendant would reveal himself by wielding Brendan's sword.    
* Recognizing weakness in their ancient enemy, the Deltharites attack??
If you actually made it to the bottom of all of this, post a comment and let me know what you think    :D :lol:

General Info / N'arth Campaign 3/22/05
« on: March 22, 2005, 03:18:02 PM »
N?arth is a divided land.   A once proud and fierce nation, it has been reduced to bitter battles and petty squabbling from the lowest peasant to the most pompous noble.   Everyone tries to increase their own wealth and status by stepping on anyone who gets in the way.   For centuries, the people of N?arth have fought against each other.   Wyvernstars fought Arkhens and the Druids of Flaern, Shadan Wizards dueled with Zyrithian Wizards, De La N?arth Kings aided by the Maces of N?arth warred with Myritars and both schools of wizardry.  Utter chaos spread across the sundered land.   A once unified people, reduced to a mob of individuals united only by their will to survive.  
Now N?arth?s survival is threatened.   The dreaded Deltharites have resurfaced from fairy tales and legends to lay claim to N?arth in their goddess? name.   Starting with the assassinations of nearly every noble, the Deltharites weakened the ruling class of the nation.   Sowing lies and discord, the assassins provoked Lord Ambermantle to attack Lord Wyvernstar.    Ambermantle shattered his forces against the might of House Wyvernstar.   Sensing the moment of opportunity, the Deltharites launched their attack.  Aided by the traitor Theryn Northwind, the Deltharan minions quickly invaded the capitol city of N?arth.   With a powerful drug made from red trillium, the priests of Delthara poisoned the populous of N?arth and gained their submission.   Upon securing the capitol city, the Deltharites set siege upon both centers of magic, The Tower of Shada and the Flame of Azirith, effectively neutralizing any aid from the once mighty wizards.   At the same time, the Deltharites infiltrated Castle Myritar and poisoned the elven rulers.   All is nearly lost for the people of N?arth.
Nearly lost, but not completely.   A peasant hero, with tainted ancient bloodlines, has claimed the Sword of the De La N?arth Kings.   This unlikely hero has rallied the remnants of three armies to defend the imperiled nation.   Young Quentin Silverthorn has accepted allegiance from three of the four remaining noble families.  Lord Darian Ambermantle, Lord in Waiting Larkin Wyvernstar, and Feldyn Stoneaxe, emissary of the Myritars, have all recognized Quentin Silverthorn as their rightful King.   The Arkhens have not officially recognized Silverthorn, because their sole surviving heir is but an infant.
Quentin, accompanied by his most trusted companions, Vecklyn O?Ryan, Larkin Wyvernstar, Elizabeth Blackwood, Alleryan Moonbeam, and the indomitable Flea set out to find a cure to the red trillium poison.   After much wearying travel and many hard battles, the group succeeded in their quest.    With the aid of the master herbalist Falkirk, Quentin was able to make an antidote consisting of white trillium and ground ogre?s teeth.  However, this success came with a great loss.   Quentin?s closest companion, Vecklyn O?Ryan, was mortally wounded in a battle against the forces of Ogres Hold.    
Armed with the antidote to the Deltharan poison, Quentin Silverthorn has taken sail with the infamous Pirates of Blackport to rescue the Zyrithian and Shadan Wizards.   Meanwhile Alleryan Moonbeam will attempt to free his compatriots on the Isle of Myritar.  
What fate belies the courageous peasant and his companions?    Will the Pirates of Blackport betray him?   Can he save the wizards before they are defeated by the Deltharites?    The survival of N?arth is dependent upon Silverthorn and his compatriots.    Stay tuned for the next episode of the N?arth Chronicles.

Out of Character Discussions / Logs
« on: April 25, 2005, 11:32:56 PM »
please post away :wink:

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