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Game Log / Dark Memories
« on: May 01, 2005, 02:14:45 AM »
Very well done!   I can't throw enough praise at you for this short story.    Its awesome! 8)

In Character Discussions / The life of an ogre
« on: May 01, 2005, 03:07:40 AM »
Larkin wakes up.   He walks over to the fire and joins the coversation by whispering "All change has to start somewhere.   Every avalanche starts with a single pebble...."   He stares into the fire a while listening to the wood hiss and pop as it burns.  
"Before the assassins killed my brother, I couldn't understand his ways.   He and Quinton were the best of friends...always so idealistic...thinking the world held so much potential....
"I always sided with my father during their arguments.   The world was a place to be used for what you could make of it.   The strong ruled and the weak served...
"Then I met Vecklin, Flea, Quinton, and Ambermantle.   I learned what it means to have friends that you can rely on.....    Larkin picks up a branch and begins to absently peel the bark off.   He flicks the chips of wood into the fire as he struggles to put his thoughts into words....

"I am the spitting image of my father.  Not just in appearance, but in actions and thought as well.   But I am better than him.   I have learned that old beliefs and prejudices don't have to exist.   They can change.     I was the sworn enemy of the house of Delthan Ambermantle.   I tried to kill him in single combat....Now, he is my best friend and most trusted ally.   I used to disdain Quinton and all peasants like him.   Now I can see how blinded I was by my father's ambition.   Quinton is the most noble man I have ever encountered.   He is the salt of the earth...
I used to kill druids, because they were my father's enemies.   This day I fight beside one.  
"I changed my ways after being around this rag tag lot of people.   Look at us! We can't be any different!  Yet we're the same.   We all fight for a common cause...
"Look at Flea.   I used to kick urchins like him out of my way every time I went to the city.   I'd spit on them and curse them for living.....  He is the catalyst for my reform.   I saw this tiny wisp of a boy stand up to a Deltharite assassin who had bested me.   He give me a chance to live.... He had every reason to let me die, but he saved my life!

I used to be an ogre.   My heart and mind were corrupted by hate and prejudice...   I am no longer that man...   If I can change, a man of hate and violence, an arrogant fool who believed the world was his for the taking...anyone can change....   Even an ogre....
but it starts with you Lor'hion.   It starts with you and me and all of us.    We become what we believe, what we choose to be, not what society and nature dictates us to be...
Larkin gets up to gather more firewood and makes a silent prayer to Shada to grant him the strength and wisdom to always do what is right...

In Character Discussions / The life of an ogre
« on: May 01, 2005, 07:56:22 PM »
The point is that I can choose to accept an ogre into my company.   Just as I have chosen to accept a peasant, a street rat, and a druid into my company.    You too could make that choice.   It starts with each of us.

Out of Character Discussions / Logs
« on: April 25, 2005, 11:32:56 PM »
please post away :wink:

House rules / Roll, Roll, Roll your stats, Gently 'till you scream...
« on: March 29, 2005, 06:48:03 PM »
Hey Johan,
Thanks for the welcome last week.   As far as rolling characters go, I'm a simple man.   Being a musician I can only count to four and somewhere in my brain, the little engineer thats in charge just had a heart attack trying to figure that out.   :lol:
Just kidding.  

Well not really.

Sorry to rip you on ourfirst exchange.

No harm meant :D

Out of Character Discussions / past into the present
« on: March 27, 2005, 05:33:41 PM »
Eventyually I will.   I intend to play a campaign pre-sundering at some point in the future :wink:

Out of Character Discussions / never too many maps
« on: March 27, 2005, 05:31:58 PM »
I was thinking that it would be nice to have a Wildfire map.   Maybe on real vellum.  I would of course cover the expenses.   However, I don't want it to come at the expense of playing in the Threshold campaign.   ie don't let it slow down your campaign work. :)
I would use the map as a keepsake rather than a game tool.  I think it would be a fantastic addition to my future game room!
When  I get published you can do the maps 8)
Take care,

Out of Character Discussions / never too many maps
« on: March 28, 2005, 08:58:10 AM »
That sounds good.  Would you be willing to use inks?

General Info / Deities of N'arth
« on: March 26, 2005, 02:23:55 AM »
This is my pantheon in present day N'arth.   There are some holes in it if you look carefully.   This is intentional.   Power struggles over the years have caused various deities to die or disappear.   Sometimes their portfolios were picked up by other gods.   Sometimes not.   Example: Azyrith is the god of War and Fire.   He killed Karthos (Karos' twin), god of fire and took his portfolio and domain.
Other gods have lost followers over the years and have gone into hiding to protect themselves from their adversarial brethren.

Their alignment shows their primary disposition and their tendency in parenthisis.   Characters need not have exactly the same alignment, but they should not be diametrically opposed to their deities' primary disposition.

Sorry for how messy the chart came out.   I had some difficulties posting it. :oops:


Deities of N'arth

Deity:      Shada                     
Alignment:   Good (Lawful)         
Portfolio:   Peace & Prosperity         
Domains:   Good, Law, Strength, Protection, Heal         
Weapon:   Heavy Shield or Long Sword               

Deity:      Flaern         
Alignment:   Neutral (Chaotic)   
Portfolio:   Nature & Life                     
Domains:   Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Healing, Plant, Sun, Water
Weapon:   Quarterstaff or    Falchion      

Deity:       Delthara
Alignment:   Evil (Neutral)
Portfolio:   Death & Destruction
Domains:   Evil, Destruction, Death, War, Trickery
Weapon:   Battle Axe or Long Dagger (short sword)

Deity:       Azyrith
Alignment:   Neutral (chaotic)
Portfolio:    War & Fire
Domains:    War, Fire, Strength, Destruction, Chaos
Weapon:    Great Sword or Long Spear

Deity:       Karos
Alignment:    Neutral
Portfolio:    Sea
Domains:    Water, Healing, Destruction, Luck
Weapon:    Trident or Net

General Info / Deities and Domains
« on: March 25, 2005, 11:02:47 AM »
Well done!

General Info / Lur'hion Redleaf
« on: March 25, 2005, 12:08:07 AM »
Matt, I hope the following introduction is helpful and not intrusive.  I took some liberties in spelling out some things about your character.   I hope you don't mind.    Blackspear

Lur'hion is related to the Arkhen noble family through his mother's bloodline.   She was the sister of the last Lord, Tallis Arkhen.  Tallis and his sisters, Lur'hanna and Seryna, were assassinated by Deltharites nearly a year ago.   It is widely believed that all direct descendants of the Arkhen line have been murdered.   Furthermore, the blame for this tragedy rests on the shoulders of Lur'hion's favorite cousin, Theryn Northwind.   Theryn was also related to the Arkhens on his mother?s (Seryna) side and he had been like an older brother to Lur'hion.   The two cousins often spent the summers of their youth together, hunting and fishing around Arkhen Castle and playing numerous pranks on the castle staff and servants.   They were inseparable until Theryn went to study at the Shadan Basilica and Lur'hion became an acolyte of Flaern.   Driven by different religious beliefs they slowly drifted apart until they hardly had any contact with each other.

Theryn was heir to the Northwind Trading Coampany and the Northwind family fortune.    He devoted his life to Shada and became a Holy Knight.  He was very well thought of and by all accounts was very successful.  No one knows why, but during the past few years, Theryn had become increasingly edgy around others.   He was frequently reprimanded by his superiors and eventually the Preceptor expelled him from the Shadan Order for refusing to undergo the Rights of Purification.

During the invasion of N'arth it was Theryn Northwind who murdered Commander Alec Stonebreaker and opened the gates to the citadel.   This allowed the Deltharite forces to take the day.   During the battle, Theryn was seen using the legendary falchion Trollsheart, the Noble Weapon of N'arth and heirloom to the Arkhen line.   It is now rumored that he ordered the assassinations of the Arkhen family and that he may have even killed his mother himself.

At the time of the assassinations and invasion, Lur'hion was deep in the wilderness of Northern N'arth undergoing a druidical right of passage.   To become a member of druidic society, an acolyte of Flaern must train for years at Elliira's Glen with a mentor.   Once the mentor is satisfied with the student's progress, the acolyte is sent into the wild to commune with nature for a year.   During that year, the acolyte is not allowed contact with any humans and he must survive with the knowledge that he has accumulated during his studies.    At the end of the year, the acolyte returns to Elliira?s Glen, to meet with the Arch druid.   If the Arch druid is satisfied with the acolyte's experience, he will be initiated into the order as a druid.   The initiation is a truly spiritual experience.   Those who have discussed it describe it as becoming one with Flaern and leaving their former selves behind.    

During Lur?hion?s initiation, he saw a vision of his cousin slaying their uncle, Lord Tallis Arkhen and taking Trollsheart.   He further witnessed Theryn aiding the Deltharites in the assault upon N?arth.    Lur?hion then observed a peasant wielding Brendan De La N?arth?s sword against many Deltharite assassins.   Finally, Lur?hion heard an angelic voice say ?Find Quenton Silverthorn and aid him on his quest.   He will lead you to Trollsheart.  You must protect it for the true Arkhen Line.?

Days after the initiation, Lur?hion awoke to the sound of dripping water.   Groggily rising from his cot he stared at the rain running off the thatched roof of his hovel.   By his bed were two gifts left for him by his mentor and the Arch druid herself.   His mentor Seamus had fashioned him a necklace with a brown bear claw of spell holding.   Knowing that Seamus frequently took the form of a brown bear, Lur?hion was touched by the symbolism of the gift.   The other gift was what all acolytes dreamed of receiving.  It was a drab looking grey robe.   This robe could change colors like a chameleon and would allow Lur?hion to move about the land virtually unseen.   It would also serve as a symbol of his rank as a druid of Flaern.   Lur?hion was elated that he had finally become a druid!   Then like a clap of thunder, memories of the initiation flooded back into his head.    Lur?hion sat in shock and disbelief as the pain of watching his uncle get hacked down by Theryn steadily grew?.

General Info / Lur'hion Redleaf
« on: March 25, 2005, 10:58:41 AM »
Cool.  I'm glad you're ok with it!   Now I need same basic specs on Angela's fighter.   Is she a straight fighter?  Will she have a kit of sorts?
What weapons does she prefer?   Is there a namyet?  etc. etc.  
Once that stuff gets worked out, I will figure out how she will tie into my camoaign.    

By the way, the clock on Griznuq is driving me nuts!   Is GMT Greenwich Meantime?   If so how many hours are we from England, six?
If not, how do I set it to jive with Eastern Standard Time Zone?
Thanks, Blackspear

General Info / Lur'hion Redleaf
« on: March 25, 2005, 11:12:02 AM »
Ok.  I figured out the clock.  GMT + 7.    I'm content and happy now. least for the next few moments :lol:

General Info / N'arth World history
« on: March 23, 2005, 11:08:48 AM »
Thanks! I can hardly wait to play!

General Info / N'arth World history
« on: March 25, 2005, 05:11:58 PM »

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