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In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: November 03, 2011, 05:38:54 PM »
“Ye’re welcome.” The man gave a better smile and a nod. “Enjoy yer time out here young man, and keep the sword handy just in case. Should yeah need anything at all just run ‘bout a mile up the road and hang out where the road jigs from east-to-west-to-east around a slow hill. My wife er I will spot yeah.”

With that he pulled the latch on the door and departed quietly.

(OOG DM Notes: Temmit still has the following things to consider:
    the remainder of the sketches to view, of which there are three (total of 8 from satchel).
    *Six small journals of your fathers remain unopened. (You may remember that Temmit already investigated the larger 7”x10” journal with cracked leather and mystical glyphs)
    *A clear but dull 4” crystal you may want to bond with.
    *Don’t forget Renee is going to stop bye.

How you want to proceed with all those items above is up to you. We can take them one post at a time, a few large posts, or a single large diatribe scribed by Johan after he resolves any questions with me via email.)[/color]

In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: November 03, 2011, 08:15:57 AM »
Rob Peters was nodding as Temmit spoke but also putting up a staying hand.

“He did indeed pass a few months aftah putting Jennifer and I on our path. But you take that there coin Mr. Janalinus and you do sum good with it. If yeah won’t be spendin it on yeahself, pass it on to anothah in need. I am sure you have more than a few friends at the orphanage who could use some help. Again, it’s the least my wife and I can do for’yeah being part of this bizarre plan.”

Rob Peters put his hat back on.

“Well, its late and I should be headin back. I left ah skinned rabbit hangin on your porch shouldjah be hankerin for a meal,” offered Peters. At Temmits opportunity to politely deny the offer Peters interrupted him. “And if yeah don’t mind me huntin on your family’s land I will be in this area for the next couple months. Game is good around here,” he finished.

With that he gave the young man a wink and turned to the door.

In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: November 02, 2011, 10:04:13 PM »
CONCERN is the emotion you get from your empathy check.

Peters looked visibly disappointed for the confusion it caused Temmit.

“For that I apologize on his behalf, for I’m sher Mr. Fella didn’t save a drunk at the tune of fifty thousand pieces of gold fer nuthin. Perhaps you are going to understand it layter?”

Rob then took something from his other vest pocket. It was a small leather folder, as Temmit took it he noticed the words Bank of Safe Haven stamped on its cover.

“That there is the leftovers of our good fortune. I had your name jointed to the account. It’s not much, just a couple hundred gold pieces left, but it’s the least my wife and I can do fer your bein involved in our own salvation.”

(f you flip open the front cover it is a savings account with over ten dozen withdrawal entries. The remaining balance is 638gp, 26sp, 98cp)

In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: November 02, 2011, 05:49:29 PM »
Rob Peters remained calm and collected, not paying any mind to the sword Temmit had lowered.

“Near in as I can tell. Mr. Fella was a retired boat-maker livin in Lakeshore twelve years back when the tale of your family’s tragedy was reported in the papers. I imagine he mustah read that, then felt hard on your sufferin as any man would. ‘(A)pparently he had the coin and decided to do something ‘bout it.”

Rob Peters spoke while rotating his hat in his hands, the rim spinning slowly.

“That being said, how the blazes the man came ‘bout this picture of you grown up is well beyond my understandin.”

Peters blinked at Temmit, hoping for an answer.

In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: November 02, 2011, 01:32:40 PM »
Furthermore. I now have a vast library of notes after reading all of the ICD's Temmit was involved in (took about 4 hours). I will do my best at maintaining the consistency of the timeline; in other words, nothing I scrybe herein should create a conflict with all the threads that take place at later dates.

In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: November 02, 2011, 08:24:31 AM »
OOPS, I see the confusion. I misspoke. I should have said that Rob Peters is first mentioned (introduced) by the GM in this thread. Temmit would of course carry this entire thread as memory going forward.

In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: October 31, 2011, 05:36:49 PM »
It was a letter, and in an instant Temmit determined it was most definitely NOT his father’s handwriting (nor did it try to disguise itself to be). Temmit flipped it over before reading it, examining it for some kind of POOSH stamp or other marking. It was blank on the back.

Temmit flipped it back over to the writing but couldn’t for the life of him start reading. Something in the back of Temmit’s mind told him to focus on the creases where the fold’s had permanently left their six criss-crossed indentations. He could almost hear his own voice criticizing him on his own ineptness to see the obvious. He continued to stare, determined to conquer this feeling. And then he spotted it. This parchment was folded in exactly the same manner as the picture. It was as if this letter had been folded inside the parchment of Temmit’s picture.

‘They came together in the POOSH,’ Temmit ascertained with relief, his mind quieted with the insecurity abated.

He read the letter…

Dear Mr. Peters,
We do not know each other. My name is Henry, and I am a retired craftsman in Lakeshore and an admittedly eccentric philanthropist.

I have a favor to ask of you, but before I voice it, let me briefly tell you why you were chosen. Mr. Peters, it was I who discovered you that night in ShantyTown. I was the one who brought you back to your wife and deposited you on the doorstep of your home. You said to me, “if only I could catch one break, I would change it all. I vow I would change it all.”

Well Mr. Peters? Here is your chance. I need you to deliver a message for me. And for that favor I will reward you handsomely, I will give you that chance to change it all. But for this chance I ask you to do something extraordinary; for this chance, I will need you to trust your fellow man.

For no ordinary message will it be, nor, will it take just a short time to deliver. You see Mr. Peters, it will take over a decade to make good on your end of this bargain. For I need you to deliver the picture enclosed in this letter to a young man ONLY when he returns home. Not before. It is imperative that you obey this key part of the request. And it is in this I ask you to trust your fellow man.

His name is Temmit, he will return home at the end of SummerSecond, twelve years hence.

If you agree to this contract Mr. Peters, then your first step is to report to Bank of Haven. I have an account setup in your name. The account contains fifty-thousand gold pieces, enough money for you and your wife to start anew in the South. Upon your arrival at the bank and acceptance of this account a chain reaction of pre-designed events will occur, all to make your transfer to the South a safe and pleasant one. You simply have to accept the account as testament to your acceptance of this contract.

Henry Fellow

In Character Discussions / 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
« on: October 30, 2011, 02:43:10 PM »
Natasha returned the girls’ very serious tone. “Miss Auvryndyr, I am impressed in your anger management skills, so let’s test them. I am going to pretend to be Fresenius and state some of the things he will be stating before you in the court room. Are you ready Miss Auvryndyr?”

At Shannon’s nod Natasha continued.

Natasha stood up straight and posed as the stuffy bureaucrat. Shannon almost laughed but caught herself, knowing that Natasha was a very serious lady and the comedy of her pose wasn’t intentional.

“On this day of grace from Lord Kaine, SummerFirst Fourth-Warday, Twenty-One Hundred Twenty Seven Years post Establishment-Safe-Haven (07.25.2127) Shannon Auvryndyr shall the transferred to the permanent charge of the Our-Commons Orphanage, Shanteel Draven Headmaster presiding. All associated incrimination involved with this case will be absconded from her permanent file and will appear only within this case as a matter of government record. Our Commons orphanage charge will be forgiven at Miss Auvryndyr’s 18th birthday on WinterEnd Fifth-Restday of Twenty-One Hundred Thirty Five Years post Establishment Safe Haven (04.29.2135).”

Natasha paused to judge Shannon’s reaction.

Characters / Shannon Auvryndyr
« on: October 30, 2011, 02:24:26 PM »
To make the timeline consistent with all threads Shannon has been involved with, your birthday would not be in 2122 ESH, but 2117 ESH. Making her 10 when involved in "Girl In Hell" and 15 when involved in all current posts at the end of the year of 2132.

29.Winterend (April).2117

In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: October 30, 2011, 12:18:40 AM »
Your gentle prodding of his mind received a wave of emotion you didn’t expect…it can only be described as affectionate adoration, as if your mind has stepped into the embrace of a father figure.

“Haven’t been to the Priest bowl fer over three years now boy, so no way I’ve followed yeah from there,” Peters began. He bent over and picked up the unfolded parchment that had landed at his feet.

“My wife spied yeah from our woodland home a few miles from here. While we can easily see travelers on the road, the opposite isn’t true. Our house bein positioned in such a way that it’s far enough and hidden enough to keep away from a wandering eyes.” He stopped and looked down upon the face on the parchment and gave it a half smile.

“Anyway, after yeah had passed the house, she came down here last night to greet yeah proper; a kind of welcoming of the new neighbor. But she found yeah asleep on the floor. Well, she knew yer image as much as I…having studied it these past ten years. So she placed a blanket on yeah and returned home, and when I came back from a hunt this morning, she happily reported yer appearance. So here I am.”

Peters drew another piece of paper from his pocket. He then stood for a moment and studied the boy. Upon making a decision, he unfolded this second parchment. As Peters did so, Temmit noted that it was exactly like the first, with the same creased edges, worn from years of residing in the man’s possession.

“Yeah see,” he said while looking down to this new piece of parchment, “Temmit, yeah have changed our whole lives.”

Peters held out the newly revealed parchment, offering it to him with a smile.

In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: October 29, 2011, 07:05:31 AM »
Johan, it's been two years since Dray has been vested in this campaign, it isn't your fault you lost a bit of sense on how it's all played out. I myself have had to reread ALL the threads in order to get perspective on the timeline of all events.

Let me throw out some dates to give you perspective, if you want to alter anything in order revise the timeline to reflect your own ideas, please give me suggestions:

01.15.2117 - Temmit born

07.10.2120 - Temmit (age 3) is sent to the orphanage after his family is "killed by a falling tree when traveling in their wagon (the report of the truth was not made)".

09.05.2131 - Temmit (age 14) meets Renee of Whisper Guild.

10.10.2131 - Temmit (age 14) is recognized by Renee as having latent (magical/divine/psionic) ability, she has him interviewed. Temmit succeeds and joins Whisper Guild.

04.05.2132 - Temmit (age 15) is promoted to 2nd in command ("lieutenant") by Renee in the Whisper guild. They are the best of friends.

08.20.2132 - Temmit (age 15) "returns home".

12.21.2132 - Temmit (age 15) In a guild meeting (Meeting of the Minds), Emma is selected to take over
the guild since Renee will be turning 18 at WinterEnd.

The lines in the color "red" above are the ones that you have liberty to change since these dates haven't been established in any ICD threads. But as you can see, this timeline gives Temmit and Renee time to meet each other; time for Temmit to be recognized as gifted; time for Temmit to join in the guild and become Renee's best friend so he can be assigned as 2nd in command.

In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: October 28, 2011, 01:20:04 PM »
THIS "Return Home" thread occurs four months BEFORE Temmit is involved with the following threads;

    Let's Start With Lunch
    *Meeting of the Minds
    *Renee's Concern

Following along the timeline of these threads, you can see that four months from now (now being this thread), Temmit is Renee's second in command. I don't believe Temmit would have gone back to the city (at the completion of this thread), met the guild, and achieved this status before the end of the year. Therefore, Temmit has indeed already met Renee and has joined the Whisper guild. How many months or years ago prior to this thread is up to you.

By default of the guild's acceptance of only gifted children, Temmit would also (therefore) have some form of psionic talent. But yes, he does not yet have Smokey.

Agree? Thoughts?

Also note, I will respond to this post after I check a few items. Loving this thread![/color]

In Character Discussions / 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
« on: October 27, 2011, 09:30:57 PM »
Natasha Marks looked her client calmly and waited for her rant to end. When Shannon seemed finished, Natasha continued to just stare, showing no sign of emotional response or sign of forthcoming verbal reprimand.

“Shannon, what do you think will happen if you lose your temper and say anything remotely similar to what you just said?” Natasha asked plainly.

In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: October 27, 2011, 08:24:28 AM »
The man had a kind and patient face, it cracked a smile under the thick mustache. “Name’z still Peters,” he replied without malice and in the same slow draw.

“That draw’n of you came tah’me from the Post just ‘bout ten years ago,” he continued while picking the drawing up off the floor. “Judgin by your age now, I reckin your ‘bout fifteen. So ya’d mind tellin me how that’s possible? How someone ten years ago knew exactly how a small boy would look as a young man in his future?”

In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: October 25, 2011, 05:34:53 PM »
It was addressed to Rob Peters. Return addresses are used without question, POOSH won’t deliver without one. The return address is on the paper, it is:

Henry Fellow, Retired Boatmaker, Age 62
17 Chapel Road

…and no, in all of your travels, nor in ANY point yet in time (remember this thread takes place a year ago), do you recognize this name.

For future reference, Lakeshore (you may remember) is the beach-front town on the lake just northwest of Our-Commons.

In regards to “priest law”, that is just slang for “the unjust religious law of the land”. This tenant is felt more profoundly the farther away one gets from Our-Commons (which you may remember is at the heart of the kingdom of SafeHaven). Out here, about 40% of the population is disgruntled with Fresenius and his government. With that disenfranchised attitude, strangers are initially mistrusted until what side they’re on can be determined.

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