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In Character Discussions / 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
« on: November 23, 2011, 09:55:51 PM »

“I just ask because, well, to successfully work a farm one needs to be familiar with the lay of the land right?” Michael asked.

“Sure, I suppose.” Harrison replied.

“And SouthHaven being near the border, has a substantial wild dog and wolf problem?”

[color=#00ff00]OOC: Harrison has never mentioned his mother’s magic use to anyone.[/color]
[color=#00ff00]OOC: I not sure I like the new format, I can't seem to space my sentences.[/color]

Game Log / Game Session 4A - War Games
« on: November 22, 2011, 06:38:54 PM »

[color=#00ff00][b]Turns earlier that same evening…[/b][/color]

Leslie sat, invisible, on a main beam within the rafters above the huge mess hall.

She had snuck away from the [b][i]’young kids’[/i][/b] camping area after the Outer Rim Defense soldiers had left all the [b][i]’the little kids’[/i][/b] to their own devices. Feigning an early bedtime, she retreated to her tent only to turn invisible inside it and then head in a straight-line over to the celebration within the mess hall. Once past all the students, it was an easy climb up to the beam, [b][i]‘the central fireplace could be scaled by even Temmit,’[/i][/b] Leslie thought with a giggle.

Whenever she found Marcus antics boring, she watched Temmit. Something about the older boy made her feel all squishy in her stomach. She didn’t understand why she was so nervous around him; perhaps it was because he was the coolest boy in Scribes.

Marcus did a lot of moving around, something that she noticed Temmit was also aware of. Marcus was acting like a politician before Council Election Day; combing through the students and giving people polite smiles and friendly conversation. It was quite contrary to the personality that She, Temmit, Xavier, Renee, Harrison and Shannon were exposed too. A few days ago her and her Whisper friends had compared notes at lunchtime. Each of them had the same story; that whenever any one of them had the unfortunate circumstance of being alone with him, he was incredibly vile. And he claimed he was a boy on a mission to find a group to cause trouble for the government. The Guild members however, saw right through this ruse. He meant to weed them out, and most of them were sure he worked for Fresenius in some fashion. Watching him, she was chilled by the creepiness of his dual personality. In the public at large he was friendly to everyone, and everyone was his friend. How did Xavier put it? He was [b][i]‘the man’s man’[/i][/b], whatever that meant. Shannon had thought it was funny.

Leslie sat up in alert as she watched Marcus suddenly make an unusual move.

In just a few ticks a gang of five boys had suddenly formed around Marcus. Their gathering around him was so inconspicuous that Leslie hadn’t even noticed the group form; at least not until the group, with Marcus in the lead, was walking in a straight line for the side exit. The passage was a simple door guarded by the yet still unknown Judge and Leslie watched with anticipation for the Judge’s reaction. To her astonishment, the Judge allowed Marcus and his five friends through the door without even a word! Leslie quickly looked for Temmit and realized he must have gone to the outhouse on the other side of the building. [b][i]‘Was Marcus going to double back and around the Hall outside to go get him?!’[/i][/b]

[b][i]’Wait no!’[/i][/b] Leslie said to herself as she stopped in her tracks while climbing down the stone fireplace pillar. [b][i]’What if he is after River in the barn?’[/i][/b] she suddenly worried. She made a quick decision and scampered the rest of the way down the fireplace. She had to keep her movements slow as she weaved invisibly between the students. If she moved too fast she risked being detected. [b][i]’Then it would be Leslie Marks in need of rescuing,’[/i][/b] she thought with a shiver.

She made it to Shannon, one of the few people in the guild who knew of her ability to turn invisible. Leslie just hoped she didn’t scare her out of her skin.

Much to her surprise, when she touched Shannon’s arm, it was if the older girl knew she was already there. Leslie whispered in her ear, “Get Temmit from the Outhouse and run to the barn, I think River is in trouble from Marcus.” It was all she dare say. She quickly moved back against the wall and slowly weaved towards the steps down to the kitchen. With luck, she would be able to scurry up and out the basement bulkhead without being detected.

[color=#00ff00](OOC: Okay, I am going to send both Wildfire and Johan a “Google Docs” invitation which you will receive via your respective emails. I will explain all the logistics in and around this situation. You can then ask me questions before your characters try to work out this predicament with posts in this actual thread. As your characters involve other characters (Xavier, Lucien & Harrison are also in the Hall) we can invite the players to this Google Docs as required. As you guys are working out how to get out to the barn, I am going to finish posting Leslie’s route to River (since we know it is already successful).[/color]

In Character Discussions / 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
« on: November 22, 2011, 01:11:56 PM »

[color=#00ff00](OOC: This is a continuation of 2127.07.25 – A Girl in Hell)[/color]



The myriad of stairwells, corridors, and passages became a dizzying frenzy as Judge Nathaniel Criss guided the attorney, Nataska Marks, and her charge, Shannon Auvryndyr, through the majestic cathedral. Shannon stared at the back of the Judges’ armored feet as they followed. Lost in her own thoughts, she ignored all the artistic creativity of the Faith of Kaine which was abundant around her.



They had just departed her parents’ trial. The remainder of which had left Shannon dazed and in emotional confusion. For it was after her attorneys’ warning that Shannon had expected to be challenged by Fresenius and his cohorts. She was terrified that they were going to throw angry words of false accusations and blasphemy at her while her father looked on in shock and despair. Instead, much to Natasha’s surprise (Shannon noted) the trial proceeded without her father’s presence. Instead, the Council woman Mindera did nothing but spout bloated legal jargon that no one in attendance seemed to pay any attention too. Even Shannon, with her acute linguistic capability, couldn’t manage to follow the archaic legislative words describing the entire case in minute detail.



Shannon actually became bored with it; an apathetic emotion that snuck up on her life a thief from an alley. Upon her discovery of the rogue she mentally shook herself as she stood listening to Mindera’s monotone voice. She decided to prepare an eloquent speech for this assembly, one that would allow her to convey her complete disappointment with the government and its leaders but didn’t directly perjure herself before the court. As she weaved the narrative in her mind, she had smiled at its brilliance. Finally, at the close of the trial, Fresenius had offered her one last opportunity to make an official statement before all in session. As they all watched she steeled herself for the moment of truth…



…but one last look at Natasha Marks reproachful glare shut down her tongue. Within her attorneys’ gaze was the warning she had made to Shannon in the waiting room, [b][i]‘Miss Avryndyr, if you can promise to refrain from speaking out of turn, I promise you that you will have a final conversation with your parents’[/i][/b].



“No…your…your Honor,” Shannon had replied to Fresenius. The word of his title burning in the back of her throat as a few tears escaped her eyes. This was the world’s justice, and beyond the torment of losing her parents the small girl also lost something even as precious, she had lost her faith in her fellow man.     Shannon sighed as a Quintescent Cleric came from an adjoining hallway and strode aside them on a parallel route to somewhere in the massive building. The smelled of odd powders and fumes from wherever his laboratory resided broke her out of her memories of just a hand ago. When the cleric turned down a side passage Shannon was thankful to be able to breathe fresh air again.



At some point Shannon lost sight of any of the large windows which gazed upon the splendor of the park outside. She wondered if they had completed their journey of the upper thirty floors and were now traversing the dungeon levels below. Sure enough they turned a corner and she recognized the passageways. She shivered at the memory of being lead down into this very same dungeon when she had been jailed during that first night after her parents’ arrest.     “Almost there,” said the Judge from inside his massive plate-mail helm.    

In Character Discussions / 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
« on: November 22, 2011, 07:40:02 AM »

Natasha sized up the child for a moment and then finally gave her a simple nod. “As you wish child,” she stated and half-turned, raising an arm to guide her away from the nature-filled waiting room.

[color=#00ff00](OOC: the remainder of the actual trial is bereft of any drama. Shannon's parents would no longer be in attendance and Shannon’s involvement within it would be incidental. I would like to pick this up in a new thread that gives Shannon one last time to see her parents in [b]2127.07.25 – A Child’s Goodbye[/b].[/color]

[color=#00ff00]I realize that this is a bit in contrary to the warning Natasha just gave Shannon, but it is indeed the case.[/color]

[color=#00ff00]Okay with you if we call this one done?)[/color]

In Character Discussions / 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
« on: November 21, 2011, 06:09:42 PM »

“Okay, judging by this file and by your mission here, your father has decided he can’t care for you,” Michael returned. He had said it gently, Harrison noted that he wasn’t trying be mean, but just understand his predicament.

“Your mother managed a farm down in SouthHaven right? A really successful one was it not?”

In Character Discussions / 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
« on: November 21, 2011, 01:03:22 PM »

After a few turns the boys quickly realized that Lorainne wasn’t going to be down immediately. They couldn’t hear anything at and wondered 'where the cold' this woman’s room actually was.



Michael finally broke the silence by talking to Harrison. “So I hear you just got to the orphanage only three months ago? Sorry to hear about your Mom Harrison, I truly am.”

In Character Discussions / 07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth
« on: November 20, 2011, 03:33:10 PM »

Michael leaned in and whispered to Harrison. “As I said, Lorainna was the liason between your father and the sackers (hookers). I am hoping to find out from her [i][b]why[/b][/i] Jonah was transferred to SouthHaven. It seems to me that a transfer from Shantytown to a shrine in SouthHaven is a demotion for a crime boss.”

Michael thought for a moment to allow his train of thought to finish.

 “So why the demotion? What did he do?” he continued. “And perhaps in that lies the leverage you need to hold over Jonah’s head until your transfer papers are signed.”

“But to be honest with you Harrison? This is your life, I don’t mind asking questions of this woman but if you need to ask anything at all, you just pipe right in okay?” Michael finished.

Game Log / Game Session 4A - War Games
« on: November 17, 2011, 07:57:42 AM »
(OOC: don't miss the new post above as well. This all occurs the night after the big WarGames battle.)

River raised an eyebrow to Leslie in response. His initial thought was to grab her, jump on Ruse back, and charge out of the stable. But if Fresenius heard that anyone other than a Deaconess touched the charger, let alone rode it, he and Leslie would be jailed and Ruse put down. He simply couldn’t risk it.

‘Stay hidden,’  he signaled in guildspeak.

(OOC; Wildfire, I recently decided that the more experienced characters in Whisper Guild would have a form of sign language to talk to one another. This language is limited to two simple-word sentences should you want to use it in any post.)

Leslie nodded but didn’t seem committed to the promise. River raised a finger to scold her and she thought for a moment, then nodded again. River noted that her shoulders shrugged, indicating she had acquiesced to his command. He turned and stepped out of the stall.

Marcus had five other boys with him, each of which River knew. River took note of each just a moment before they noticed him. Ronald Young (age 15, Protectors House) was laughing alongside Jeffrey Collins (same age, same house). The two ‘Protectors’ were best friends in school and both heavily involved in student government. Just behind the pair were Marcus and Stu (the stooge) Fallcrest (age 16, Builders House). The hall monitor seemed to be in his glory, his brown nose held high as if he was on his own personal government mission. And closing the sliding stable doors were Stan Meeks (age 15, Providers) and Ryan Shirk (age 15, of the Clergy). River understood why Ryan would be involved with Marcus, the boy epitomized the Kaine Doctrine to its very core and almost loved Fresenius to a point of awkward oddness. But Stan was someone who was out of place to River. Stan was a quiet kid who didn’t seem the ‘thug’ type.

As their eyes settled on him, he wondered where each of them had acquired the longswords which were now carried in a scabbard on their backs. Despite the confidence in his own abilities, River felt a bit disadvantaged. They were six and with weapons, and he was one with only powers he couldn’t use.

“Ah there you are,” Marcus exclaimed in a smarmy tone.

…stay tuned, still more forthcoming, I’ll signal you guys when its okay to post…

Game Log / Game Session 4A - War Games
« on: November 16, 2011, 10:19:09 PM »
The battles went very well and years of military school had paid off for every one of the 202 students. Another contributing factor to the victories was the Whisper Guild members being scattered about the four different regiments. With their leadership and encouragement, the waves of Outer-Rim Defense soldiers (playing the part of Kahr’Thul) were defeated time and time again. It was only when the spider machines advanced on them (with the young children driving) did the students actually see real battle.

But in the end, the entire invading Kah’Thul army had been vanquished and, more importantly, no one on either side had been killed or even seriously injured.

It was now night, the evening after the battle on the third day of the new year. River stood alone in the stables, his back against the wall of one of the stalls. He had been brushing out Ruse, Kristen’s Deaconess charger and had stopped to take a break. The other students had long since abandoned the stables, along with all of their equipment, and gone on to the mess hall where a celebration was being held in their honor. River lacked the enthusiasm for so many people and decided to stay behind to take care of the dozen or so horses. They kept him far better company than the foolish children from his school.

His long-time friend Ruse nuzzled him with her nose. He smiled knowing that he was going to have to brush her out an additional time if he wanted a good report from her going back to Kristen. He continued on happily.

When Leslie appeared out of nowhere behind him, he nearly jumped out of his skin. The girl was getting very good at her stealth and he had no idea how she had gotten into Ruse’ stall with him seeing her come through its opening.

“What are you…” he began but she put up a finger to her lips. The look in her eyes stopped his speech as much as the hushing motion. He suddenly heard a group of boys enter the other end of the barn. He turned his head and then took a few steps to the gate of the stall to hear them better. They were laughing and carrying on about someone mating a horse. It sounded like that there was at least five or six of them. Although neither River nor Leslie could see them from their vantage point, there was also no way to leave the stall without being seen.

He looked back at her for a signal as to what was going on. Something told him that this wasn’t simply an innocent story of a few boys wandering away from the party.

His instinct was verified when he saw the fear in the little girls’ eyes, one of those baby blues still seeing from under a large yellowing bruise that the poor kid had endured only a week ago at the hand of a kidnapper.

She mouthed the name ‘Marcus’ silently and a chill went through River. He quickly surmised that Leslie must of taken it upon herself to trail Marcus and had come here to warn him. And Leslie wasn’t skittish, she wouldn’t have come if she thought Marcus had simply wandered in here in happenstance, Marcus was definitely up to something.

“Shannon went to get Temmit,” she whispered.

“Why is Marcus specifically targeting me?” he replied in the same hushed tone.

As if on queue he heard Marcus yell out, “River? You in here?!”

…stay tuned, more forthcoming…

In Character Discussions / 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
« on: November 16, 2011, 08:43:00 PM »
(I have no qualms with her vocabulary, in fact, I see Shannon as a prodigy who may have had intellect at an extremely early age.)

Natasha has listened to the rant of the precocious child with a raised eyebrow and a half smile.

She responded to her question, “Most likely right after the trial, but I warn you, whatever time you will be granted to speak with them...well, it will not feel like enough. You have to be ready to say good bye to them Shannon, perhaps for a long time.”

What Shannon heard behind Natasha’s warning was a message of hope she believed her lawyer truly meant to give her: ‘you won’t be saying goodbye forever’.

“One more thing Shannon,” Natasha continued before Shannon could reply. The child nodded and looked up at her with a wince, anticipating some final portent of doom.

“You need to not trust people so quickly,” Natasha said while crossing her arms. “For instance, you have absolutely no idea who I am, yet I can feel you are almost ready to tell me your life story. You also had absolutely no idea who Nathaniel was and yet you immediately trusted the man despite the fact he shared your jail cell.”

“But…” Shannon began.

“But nothing Miss Auvyrndyr,” Natasha interrupted in a stern but calm voice. “you have no idea who is on which side after only an hour of conversation. Make sure you really know someone before you tell them any secrets or who your alliances are with okay?”

Shannon discovered something at that very moment, she discovered that there were actual sides.

In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: November 15, 2011, 06:08:49 PM »
Yes, let us end this here. I will talk to you offline to discuss what's next.


In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: November 06, 2011, 09:13:53 PM »
The next sketch was simple.

It had no mystery.

But Temmit still stared at it for an hour.

For it was of his father Noah Janalisus.

(Last image forthcoming, you have 15 to 30 minutes to post).

In Character Discussions / 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
« on: November 06, 2011, 04:43:56 PM »
“Miss Avryndyr, if you can promise to refrain from speaking out of turn, I promise you that you will have a final conversation with your parents,” stated Natasha much to Shannon’s surprise.

She then added, “I can make that promise because it’s already owed to you due to the efforts of two men in that very room," she said pointing a thumb behind her without looking.

“Who?!” Shannon asked almost too loudly, her jubilation at this turn of events getting the best of her.

“I can’t tell you Shannon,” Natasha said with both a smile and a calming hand. “But no that not everyone in this land is evil.”

In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: November 06, 2011, 04:32:24 PM »
Temmit was no exception to the training of the Scribes house, before looking at the remaining three images he briefly reviewed the others already studied in his mind.

    An image of Nalla by the backyard well.

    *An image of the Warden Council Keep under siege by a military-esk Kahr’Thul with Ulstag as the leader.

    *An image of some estate IN the Outlands.

    *An image of the city of Our-Commons.

    *An image of his mother, Nalla, and himself.

Three out of five posed speculation, but although Temmit’s mind was tired, he somehow avoided the distraction of pondering these and withdrew the sixth picture from the satchel.

This next exquisitely detailed sketch by his father (OOG: I have named him Noah) was the most confusing to date. It appeared to be a drawing depicting a battle in the Outlands, the combat nearing its end. The vantage point was from high above, looking down as if the artist were the Lord Kaine himself, watching the landscape below. The blanket of Outlands Pine was continuous everywhere with a major exception; a chasm on the land and through the wood. It began from the upper left-hand corner and ended at the lower right-hand corner of the drawing. At the end of this channel in the lower right appeared to be a structure of some sort. The building, with a length extending parallel with the chasm to the northwest, was in complete ruin. Fire and smoke billowing upward from it. Many black figures throughout the wood were advancing on what appeared to be what was left of a Safe-Haven military surrounding the structure.

This image, like that of the siege depicting Ulstag at the Warden Council Keep, made no sense to Temmit. His history teachers (OOG: instructor associated with the Clergy House) never spoke of a battle beyond the Outer Rim and in the actual woods of the Outlands.

Temmit squinted more carefully at the fine graphite lines upon the parchment. What at first appeared to be ruined siege engines in the scar to the northwest of the structure on more careful review actually appeared to be ruined parts of the structure itself. And related to that observation was the fact that there were hundreds of ruined trees laying within the chasm, all pointing to the structure. Some of the ancient pines were also knocked over at the edge of the gash, and others were on fire. It was if this wasn’t a chasm at all but…but some kind of gash created by the structure itself! As if the thing was flying and then crashed into the wood!

Buildings don’t fly! Temmit heard his mind tell him.

(OOG: If the last line violates artistic license and copyright issues (in other words, you don't want me to cross this line yet): please feel free to delete it from this post.)

In Character Discussions / 08.30.2132 - The Return Home
« on: November 06, 2011, 03:33:21 PM »
So here's my thinking:

...and my answers in a more masculine color...

1)Longer is not always better (at least, that's what I keep telling my wife). I don't want to drag this thread out to dozens of pages; I think that I'd rather close this at a "good" time (might not be right now...lemme think as I type), and open other threads as needed;

Quality is better than quantity.

2)I'm thinking that as far as the pictures (sketches) are concerned, we've already opened that can of worms here, so let us delve through those in this thread, then close;

Remainder of pictures forthcoming, it’s always a pleasure to confuse Temmit.

3)Let's talk about journals in the e-mail, and then I can try to understand some of what's in that dark, twisted mind of yours and I can summarize like I do so often;

Outline of journals forthcoming in an email, I will give you the highlights of the six books and allow your own twisted mind to process the information in any way you wish.

4)That curious dull but clear crystal, I think, should warrant it's own short thread; I have no idea at this time how to handle that, but sometimes that's for the best;

It took twenty pages detailing something that resembled child-birth for Kit to bond with her crystal….not that I am accusing you for slacking…Slacker.

5)Make sure that Renee brings lots of coffee and condoms...I'm planning a party.

Birth pills exist but condoms don’t….gee, GM must be a guy.

That work for you?

I live to entertain.

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