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The Whisper Gang / What they know....
« on: February 20, 2008, 12:59:14 PM »
In the 82 years of the gang's existance, they have discovered or wondered about the following:

    Although the chemistry trade is highly guarded by the governments clergy, occasionally a potion, elixir or oil passes before a member of the gang. And on occasion these substances have detected as magical by an arcane caster. There is no way to declare it sorcery without the use of sorcery, so it has been kept quiet. Note that all typical substances commonly found throughout Safe-Haven were checked after this discovery, and most were non-magical. The healing drought, used in the church hospital, is an example of the exception.

    * Emanuella, daughter to the High Priest and member of the Whisper Gang, has revealed that the Ministers exclusively control chemical production within the church. By snooping around where she is not permitted, she has discovered that the entire curriculum of alchemy (taught at the school) seems to end at the doors to the Hall controlled by the Ministers.

Meanwhile the Whisper guild has connection to an alchemist who can produce its own potions, some of which are used before and after each and every meeting (sneaky draughts - limited invisibility potions).

* SUMMARY, the chemical trade is known, used and hidden by the government, and by the revolution that seeks to discredit it.

* The Holy Flame, used at the Outer Rim and within the Temple district detects a feint magic aura.

* The Sword of Truth exists according to magical symbols hidden throughout a vast array of books within the library. The messenger and the location of the sword are unknown at this time. The fable (perhaps now legend) states the swords last appearance was on 919 ESH (see Battle of Millenguard in the Library forum)

* A hunter's group at one time used to patrol the Outlands. It was disbanded by the Council of 5 about 8 centuries ago. The existance of this group has been stolen from common public knowledge by the government since then.

« on: February 13, 2008, 12:59:04 PM »

The school, from age 5 to 18, is a military school.

Until age 18, each student is expected to wear a school uniform, of which each student has three sets:

    A dark leather sleeveless jerkin over a long-sleeved white shirt.
    * Dark leather pants, that are form fitting and are full length, and has an inside cloth lining. Each pair of pants has adjustable laces on the sides (one size fits all!).
    * Dark Leather boots.
    * A house tabard which is a cloth with the colors and Symbol of the student’s house. The front and back of the tabard extends almost to the knee. (Students of age 5 to 9 are given a blank brown tabard symbolizing their elementary school status)
    * For comfort during cool and even cold months during the school year, each student is given one dress cloak which has a removable fur lining. The color of the cloth is that of their house (or again brown for elementary school kids). Each one has a silver clasp shaped into the students’ house symbol. These cloaks are not only practical for their warmth, but are considered an object of House pride for each student.
    * The entire ensemble is considered leather armor (affording +2 on AC).

From age 5 to 9, students are taught basic fighting techniques. They learn to use the common weapons of war; sword, mace and crossbow. Engrained within each child is the proper manner in which to take care of one-self physically. Not only by training, but good exercise and eating habits are also established at this age. There is a very low obesity rate in Safe-Haven because of this.

Each and every class day a student has a full hour and a half of training in some form.

From age 9 to 12, students train in the tactics of organized warfare. It is at this age that field practice is performed three times a week, despite whatever current weather. Students learn to fight in tactical groups, perform maneuvers as specific units and learn the basic skills of a squadron.

Classes are twice a week but each is four hours long.

From age 13 to 18, a student continues working on the skills developed thus far. And a broad scope including medicinal practices and group command is part of their training. Before graduation, each student must attend (to observe only) an attack on the outer rim.

« on: February 13, 2008, 12:58:44 PM »

    Each student of every age lives in a dormitory in the city.
    * Students wake at 5am to roll call.
    * Schedules vary by age group, but classes generally begin at 7am.
    * Students get a half-hour break somewhere between 9am and 10:30am, again specific time pending on age group.
    * Lunches are given in separate sessions from Noon till 2pm.
    * Another half-hour break is given between 4pm to 5:30pm.
    * Classes end by 7pm.

A school day is therefore twelve hours long, and even with breaks it makes for a long day for each student. Classes are 5 days a week, but out-of-class assignments are carefully coordinated by the Academic Dean and the teachers. Most assignments are given for completion during the two “rest days”. Usually a student can finish this work in about 8 hours. Out-of-class work is not usually assigned during the week.

From 7pm to curfew, each student is allowed access to the typical public domain of the city of Our-Commons. Any child under 9 however, needs special permission and an escort to leave school grounds. Over 9 years old though, and the confidence of the security and laws set by the government allows a surprising amount of freedom to the student. As long as a student meets the curfew designated by his age, he is allowed to do as he or she pleases in that time period.

Curfews and Rights as follows:

    Age 5 & 6: 8pm (special permission needed to leave school grounds)
    * Age 7 & 8: 9pm (special permission needed to leave school grounds)
    * Age 9 to 11: 10pm (not allowed in Theater District)
    * Age 12 to 15: 11pm
    * Age 16 to 18: 11:30pm

The reason for the late curfew for the older students is due part in fact to the school recognizing that many students work as apprentices to the various guilds throughout the city. Many students use the money earned to buy better gear when they enter the military, and some others save coin to open their own business later in life. There are of course other various reasons but the important note here is that although the children are worked very hard, they are not exploited. It is their choice to work, the money they earn is their own. Many, already instilled with an incredible work ethic from school, decide to take this opportunity to make better lives for themselves down the road.

That being said, this isn’t the only path. Some students, about 30%, do other activities around the city. Students can attend theater, they can shop, and even if within reach they can go home to visit parents or friends.

A note thought that loitering is not tolerated in the city, and neither is groups of children gathering without purpose. Therefore The Whisper Gang gathers in secret each night. And although each member usually can’t make it to each meeting, the frequent meetings keeps the general mindset of the Gang current.


NOTE: A school clock tower chimes every 15 minutes, and rings the hour every hour between 5am and midnight.


    1 to 15 minutes late gets a
one night detention (7pm to curfew the following school night)and 1 demerit
* 15 to 60 minutes late, gets the week detention. (as above but for 5 nights), and 2 demerits
* 60+ minutes gets detention with school service detention for all week (school chores from 7pm to curfew), and 5 demerits[/list]


    Absent from class without permission gets you a
night detention (as above), and 5 demerits
* Absent from school without permission gets you a week of school service detention (as above), and 10 demerits
* If a Truancy officer is assigned to track you down, you are put in jail, fined up to 10gp and put into school service detention, and 15 demerits[/list]


I a House that attains a set amount of demerits in a given season, all students within that House lose privelages. Naturally, the well behaved kids don't like it when their fun is taken away.

« on: February 13, 2008, 12:58:19 PM »

A child who grows up in Safe-Haven is expected to learn basic reading and writing skills prior to entering the school system. To facilitate this, new parents are given a learning kit package upon a child’s birth and orphanages have a system set in place.

At age 4 a child is automatically enrolled in the Safe-Haven school system by the government census bureau. (A child attends his or her first school year during the year in which the child turns 5.)

A month prior to the school year, every eligible incoming new student is interviewed by the school committee which consists of;

    the Principal,
    * the Academic Dean,
    * the Dean of Students,
    * Lord of the Campus Guard,
    * a representative of the Truancy Office,
    * a representative of the Clergy,
    * the Liberal Arts Director,
    * a representative of the Department of Defense

Although parents are in attendance, it can be quite an intimidating experience for one so young, but the school considers it a necessary first step for a bright young and impressionable mind.

In this interview, an initial assessment of the child’s basic skills and interests is established. And every year after that, until the student reaches the age of 9, the Academic Dean interviews the child to maintain a record of that child’s particular interests. This information is then forwarded to the child’s House Leaders (quasi fraternities and sororities – explained below) who use it to nurture a child’s growth. The government learned long ago that a happy student is one who is interested in his or her activities, and is therefore a cooperative one.

Children aren’t “sorted” into their houses though until the age of 9. Until then, all children are given the same education that covers the basics of the entire academic program. A final interview is given to the student, again with the full staff listed above, to ascertain a final evaluation on that’s students primary skill-set and interests.

At the sorting ceremony, students are awarded to their houses. In these houses, until the age of 15, these students still receive a broad academic scope of knowledge, but they also now receive specific training in the field of expertise of that selected House. Not only does each student get more class time devoted to their subject, but all other coursework in the other Academic areas is segregated within each classroom, each assignment relating to the students of each House.

This way the populace of the school is still one community, despite the segregation of the different subjects.

From age 15 to 18, the student is considered to have adequate skills in all other subjects and therefore attains an agenda to focus only on the selected field of study. At age 17, many become assistant teachers for their subject to the youngest students.

The houses are as follows:

    The Alchemists (Symbol – bubbling Pot) - Chemistry
    * The Clergy (Symbol – Sword & Shield resting on a Knapsack) – Doctrine
    * The Builders (Symbol – Hammer & Anvil) - Engineering
    * The Providers (Symbol – Crate & Barrel) – Culinary Arts
    * The Artificers (Symbol – Ballista) – Physics & Science
    * The Actors (Symbol – Two Theater Masks) – Liberal Arts & Theater
* The Scribes (Symbol - A quill) - Law, Accounting and Administration
* The Harvesters (Symbol – Pitchfork over Wheat) – Agricultural Science
* The Protectors (Symbol – Sword over Standing Shield) – Department of Defense[/list][/color]

(Perhaps more to come later as I think of them or they are suggested to me)

Upon reaching age 18, a student graduates in their final year in the school system. Each student, regardless of academic focus, is placed within the military for the next six years. And although they serve in a military department that makes use of their individual talents, each student is called upon to fight in the war.

« on: February 13, 2008, 12:57:59 PM »

Living Arrangements

Students live within the 40 dormitories, each one is a three floor building with the following:
    Entry vestibule and large common room,
    * A Resident Assistant Master Room,
    * Kitchen,
    * 10 dormitory rooms on each floor, each room sleeps 2 students (20 students each floor) and each student has a bed, a desk, and a sizable foot-locker,
    * 2 bathrooms on each floor. Each has not only toilets but shower facilities (plumbing exists as an engineering trade in Safe-Haven),
    * Storage and Housekeeping rooms in the basement

Buildings have high-pitched roofs, as most do in Safe-Haven, due to the heavy snow fall months. Dormitory buildings are all also connected by well-lit and well-used tunnel system to the major academic school buildings, this is easier for the students in the winter months.


One would think that a culture that has lived for only a two millennia, and, was limited to only 50 miles in all directions, wouldn’t have that much to offer. The school Library proves that thought wrong. This grand building of towering granite columns and expansive stained glass windows is almost as picturesque as the Great Church of the Spire. It also took almost as long to build, as the 256 year old building took your ancestors over 40 years to construct. And it is full of history, art and knowledge that has taken 2 millenia to develop in the kingdom.

It is said that within the secret vaults under the marble floors of the public rooms are tombs lined with ancient texts of the former human empire. The Whisper Gang is very interested in finding out if this is true.

Academic Buildings

Although the Academic buildings are just bigger three-floor versions of the dormitory buildings, each one has visual queue’s that speak to the specific trade studied within. And although the house headquarters are in each respective building, the dormitories are not segregated by House adjacent to them. The House Leaders maintain personal quarters in these buildings but also occupy large offices within them.


Although the Department of Defense has its own Academic Building and is a field of study, a separate building is occupied for the Campus Guard. This contingent is not affiliated with the school and answers only to the government. The Truancy Office operates out of this Garrison, and although the Office Chief coordinates and cooperates with the school staff, he also does not answer to them.


All of the teaching staff and all citizens who work in the school system have residences scattered amongst and across the campus.

The Whisper Gang / The Whisper Gang
« on: February 07, 2008, 07:21:46 AM »
The Whisper Gang

For hundreds of years, children of Safe-Haven have lived under the shadow of spire.

But to shed light upon the hypocrisy, one must review history.

Kaine, the Administrator, now protects and guides the citizens of Safe-Haven from all that is the rest of the world. A once glorious human empire conquered by the demon race Karh’Thul who are now tenuously held at bay by the Holy Flame guarded at the outer rim.

Our Father guides the Council of Five from the battleground of heaven above via the very same spire at the heart of Our-Commons. Channeling his spirit to be seen only by the High Priest, each season the administrator develops the next strategic location along the Rim to conquer. Therefore, every season, a great battle is waged against the Karh’Thul. Most battles last hours, but over the last millennia, others have known to last days or even weeks. They are bloody conflicts where occasionally hundreds of soldiers are lost.

And these wars are fought by the young.

For that is what is known to the children of this world. They are born and raised in War. They know nothing else but preparation for it. Sure, within the school system they attend from age 5 to age 17 they learn skills to be productive citizens later in life. But each student knows that upon the age of 18, they must serve as a “Guardian” for six years in some aspect. Whether it be as a Tower Paladin, a Cavalier, or even a member of the clergy, each child who become an adult must serve, and each child turned adult must fight.

So it is in his shadow, in his purpose of War that each child must eventually stand.

But there is a select few who wonder why. There is a collection of special children who have begun to question if there is another way of life that can get beyond an endless cycle of conflict. These children haven’t succumbed to the dogma of War followed by most of their peers. These children progress through school, knowing they will still have to fight on the Outer Rim, but in their hearts, they have other dreams and aspirations.

For these children question the hypocrisy of their Lord and Savior. For if the purpose of life is to expand the kingdom and defeat the Karh’Thul, why can not they use the abilities they were born with?

This group of children is called the Whisper Gang.

The gang’s mantra, ‘You are either one of us, or a mere mindless pawn of Kaine’s chess game.’

This small united club of children is unknown to the government. They maintain a small secret society of about three dozen children who gather weekly in the lower underground level of the school.  Each week they discuss the issues that plague them, usually instigated by the very same government that claims to be their benefactor.

The typical subject is one that drew them together as an organization for the last two dozen years, how to keep their abilities hidden.

For not a child exists amongst the group that doesn’t have some form of “black magic” that would get that child a permanent visit to either the Mines of Treefall or to the prison in the Black Forest.

And as children have passed the recent ages through school, they have learned to use their abilities in secret while being a member of the Whisper Gang. The current leader, a 17-year old girl named Renee, has done the most for the small guild than any other ever known. A girl who can cast both arcane and divine magic, she has been able to successfully stay hidden from the City Guardians above while teaching those who would join her below.

Even the name of the guild was changed because of her. (It had been called the “Throw-Away  Order”).

The name was created a few years ago, when the guild used to meet in a lower hall, where a voice being hushed was a necessity. Children being what they are, often could get too excited at meetings and raise his or her voice in the excitement of a topic. Renee got tired of watching over her shoulder and canceling meetings early. So she developed a spell. All children at each meeting received a “Whisper Light”. This cantrip became very popular amongst the dozen arcane casters in the gang.

It is a small light akin to a candle’s flame that floats about a hand in front of the user’s chin. Although this small flame emits no heat, it sheds a nice candlelight and has a very unique ability. It is susceptible to sound. If a child starts to speak above a whisper it flickers as if being pushed by a slight breeze, and it snuffed instantly upon a child speaking at a normal volume.

This was just one solution that Renee brought to the Gang, a solution that maintained secrecy and established a nice light source to boot. She has done such other great deeds for almost each child, that most have forgotten about the originator of the Whisper Light.

And now Renee is graduating in the Spring, and with that, she will leave the school and most likely be assigned to the Outer Rim.

A new leader will need to be chosen.

House Rules / Typical Background Traits of All Characters
« on: February 06, 2008, 08:15:42 AM »
I am developing a bulleted list of the common traits typical to a character in this campaign.

For example:

    Your character goes to school in the capital city of Our Commons,
    * Your character is in the Whisper Gang,
    * Your character is between 12 and 17 years old,
    * Your character doesn't trust the religious government,
    * etc

This will give you guys one neat place to look when you start the background process.

Also note, I will be significantly revising the Character Questionairre sheet and emailing it to each of you AFTER we have started each of your backgrounds. This will help flesh out the toons.

I want everyone to really be familiar with who their "kid" is before we sit at the table. Perhaps we can even begin some ICD's once we are established but before game time.

Again, thanks for the interest all!

List above forthcoming....

House Rules / Character Development
« on: January 23, 2008, 01:13:55 PM »

Alrighty, first off, thanks for the interest in this campaign.

Let me also start off by saying that I need anyone interested (except Chassic who has been informed) in developing a toon for this campaign needs to forget what was posted here until about a month ago. The posts that are in the EBERRON section now represent what this campaign will be going forward. So ERASE what I have told you in the past.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that the kingdom of SafeHaven, world of a hundred miles is indeed the campaign setting. It is a “world within a world” scenario that will allow me to introduce Eberron to players AND characters at the same time. In other words, this allows ‘your characters’ to learn the culture of Eberron at the same time ‘you do’.


Well, SafeHaven is a completely isolated community on the Eberron world. It has no contact with the outside civilizations, so much so it isn’t aware of their existence. The existing dogma and government “doesn’t allow” this type of thinking, (insomuch that it doesn’t appear to be aware either).

There will be more on this subject later, and please feel free to read the existing posts I have made to get a better feel for where your character comes from. But know the best way to explain this is by relating to the way I got the idea, from the movie “The Village” by M. Night Shamillan (spelling?).

Character Development

RACE: Everyone must be human. For that is all that is known and accepted in SafeHaven. Anything else would be seen as an alien from another planet. If you want to play a race that can successfully pass of as a human in this society, please send me an email and we can review the possibility. Note however, to maintain campaign balance, that pending your ECL, I may not allow the ‘class bonus’ option below.

AGE[/b]: I still coin this as the “Children’s Campaign”. I think the opportunity of being a little goofier than normal is fun. It also gives you a solid chance at figuring out who your character actually is. So anything from 12 to 17 is a good starting age.

CLASS[/b]: Magic, whether arcane or divine, psionics, incarnum, anything of the sort that would had you hung in Salem a couple of centuries ago is considered VOODOO. Note however, this doesn’t mean you can’t roll up a Sorcerer. Just means you better not do any tricks in public or when there are common folk around. For it is considered an unwritten law that anyone possessing such Black Magic (and it is ALL considered evil) shall be tried and executed. So any class, just know the culture of what you are dealing with.

CLASS BONUS[/b]: I want this campaign to be fun for everyone, but I also know how epic my campaigns can be, so here is the deal. Everyone shall roll up a GESTALT character (Un earthed Arcana, page 72). Use the rules and regulations as stated within. Yes, that means you get to play two classes at once in the same toon.


ABILITY SCORES[/b]: +8 modifiers is what you get to spend on your scores for the six abilities. In other words, if you want an 18, which has a +4 modifier, you spend that +4 and have a remaining +4 to spend on one or more of the other abilities. Also note, that you get the lowest of a ranged score for that ability modifier. In other words, 16-17 has a modifier of +3. If you spend +3 on your dexterity (for example), that score would be 16.

An example of a stat list:

18 Str - +4
14 Dex - +2
11 Con – 0
11 Wis – 0
12 Int – +1
12 Cha - +1

Note, anyone who starts under the age of 16 will be given a free character ability point when hitting that age. Those who start at 16 or 17 will not receive this benefit. (Yes, I know….not fair, consider it an incentive program).


SKILLS[/b]: All skills are as they are listed, cross-class skills do apply. However the Gestalt option will allow you a larger group of class skills. Trained skills that may be considered black magic or may be considered “alien” to this world need to be checked with the DM. In most cases we will get the skill to you by incorporating it into a clever background story.

FEATS[/b]: Everyone gets a bonus feat for being human as stated in the PHB. And, again, Gestalt characters get feats for both classes. (Note, you don’t get the human bonus twice of course). Trained skills that may be considered black magic or may be considered “alien” to this world need to be checked with the DM. In most cases we will get the skill to you by incorporating it into a clever background story.

    Those considering magic using characters should note that acquiring components may be difficult. *All encumbrance rules are in play. * Starting gold is maximum. Note that although this is a civilized but war-trained society. People learn to fight as soon as they can walk. So owning a set of armor and a weapon is the norm. * See other posts for geography, government, city sites and other information to develop a colorful background. * Maximum hit points at all levels. * All characters know each other, are in a gang within the capital city of “Our Commons”. You may be originally from another part of the kingdom though. * The members of the gang are all trusted friends, and there is more than a few with “voodoo” talents, it’s what attracts kids to the gang, safety from the government in numbers. * There is about 3 to 4 dozen kids in this gang, they have a hideout in the city. * Kids with these “voodoo” talents have been caught or have disappeared over the years. Any caught were jailed. Executions are not public. * Despite the sentiment of some of the intolerance above, SafeHaven is a nice place to live. * It is called a World of a Hundred Miles because it is surrounded by a barrier, beyond that barrier is Hell. * Kaine, the administrator, is the only known, worshipped and loved God. Your characters’ point of view on this is up to you. * All of you are currently attending school in Our Commons. Yeah that’s right, you HAVE to be there during the day. * Alchemists are the healers of the kingdom, they are a government controlled entity. * Guns, as represented in the Eberron Campaign Setting are allowed. *More later….

Feel free to ask any questions in this thread.

Kingdom of Safe-Haven / GENERAL: Population
« on: January 07, 2008, 07:18:33 AM »
COUNTRY of SAFE-HAVEN[/color], World of a hundred miles


    17,302 (Capital: Our-Commons),
    * 2,291 (Villages of Clear-Side),
    * 24,464 (throughout the country)
    *  =
44,057 TOTAL[/list]


    Deity – The Administrator – Kaine The White
    * Country Leadership – Council of Five - Voice and Police of the Administrator
    * High Priest – Seeker - Diplomat from the Council of Five who mediates with the Administrator
    * Lord – Safe-Haven Governor of daily activities
    * Selectmen – Council that represent the “factions” of the township.[/list]

    Kingdom of Safe-Haven / GENERAL: Geography
    « on: January 04, 2008, 12:50:16 PM »

      Safe-Haven is the name of the kingdom. It is 100 miles in diameter with the capital of Our-Commons at its center.

      * The kingdom is centered within a valley 200 miles in diameter, a half mile above sea-level, nestled within a jagged and almost impassable mountain range called Dragon-Scale.

      * The area between the edge of Safe-Haven and the feet of the Dragon-Scale Mountains is called the Outer-Rim. More on that below.

      * The Dragon-Scale Mountain peaks are 1 to 5 miles above sea level, are snow capped, and the tops are completely bare of any vegetation. Peaks, chasms, forests of boulders and dangerous outcroppings with tall cliffs are the norm. At the Safe-Haven edge of the Outer-Rim, on a really clear, dry day, one can see the tips of the mountain range in the distance.

      * The Valley has a lake that is located about a 4 miles northwest of Our-Commons. Its name is Clearwater, and it is 5 miles in diameter, and although the name reflects how clear and clean the water is, it is very deep. So much so that the people of SafeHaven have never been to its bottom. Many night-time stories and legends have been birthed from its depths.

      * Clearwater is fed by two rivers. One is the large, slow-moving Apple-Seed, named such as that it travels through the apple orchid at Pratts farm from the south. This river is almost 200 feet across at some points, but is only 8 to 12 feet deep. Many villages developed in the south due to the convenience of trade using the river. As it passes through Our Commons before turning northwest to the lake of Clearwater.

      * Another inlet is the smaller and faster,  named Harvest-Rush. Unlike Apple-Seed, it has waterfalls, about 6 of them in various areas. The river is only about 10 to 20 feet wide in most places, but is slightly shallower (5 to 8 feet). Many mills use this river from the Northwest from Spring to Fall, when the river is at its fastest.

      * As mentioned above, although the valley is 200 miles in diameter, the Outer-Rim is the surrounding border to the 100-mile in diameter, Safe-Haven. This border is central theme of all stories of Legend and mythology amongst all those in Safe-Haven. As one approaches the Outer Rim from anywhere within Safe-Haven he walks over at least a mile of open meadow. For nowhere in the land is a tree or structure allowed near the edge. Which makes that edge, the border between good and evil, all that more powerful and encounter. For the Outer Rim is the beginning of an Ancient Pine Forest. Pine trees of more than a 100 feet tall, and uncountable miles deep, stand guard to the outer world. The canopy is so thick that a constant ominous shadow obscures view within for more than 20 feet. And no man in Safe-Haven would enter, for this border is also “guarded” by Holy Flame. A perimeter of torches that are constantly lit. Spaced every 20 feet, these torches are held aloft by an 8’ tall pole that has a shaft driven 5 feet into the ground. It is this Holy Flame that stands as a no trespass sign to all evil within the forest and the world beyond. And every 100 feet, a covered 20’ tall watchtower stands in place of one of these torches. A lone soldier at duty, to vigilantly watch the The Outlands for invaders, and to keep all the Holy Flame torches lit.

      * East-Haven is a village at the edge of the eastern border. Directly to the north of the village is a small group of hills that contain the EastHaven prison mines. Any and all  long-term prisoners are sent to do hard labor there, digging up marble and ore for the kingdom.

      * Safe-Haven residents, and more specifically the Council of 5, have named the space between the Outer Rim and the edge of the valley. It is called, The Outlands. It is considered to be the beginning of out of bounds by most inhabitants. All people of Safe-Haven know that evil trespasses this land between there homes, and the outside world that is claimed by the most darkest of fiends. No one dares go beyond the Holy Flame, to do so is suicide.

      * LowTown is the underground city beneath Our-Commons. It is a necessary evil for it is both a transportation system during the difficult winters, but also a home to all that is the black market. Every District of O.C. has a tunnel connected to the overall transit system, with all major buildings having some form of connection to it. It is as much a maze vertically as it is horizontally. For it is a catacomb formed over twenty centuries of mankind seeking safety in the depths of the earth.

      *Cordello District is a section of LowTown that is owned and operated by Sephlin Cordello, a powerful black market boss who is rumored to be a sorcerer. [/list]

      Kingdom of Safe-Haven / DOGMA
      « on: January 03, 2008, 12:42:05 PM »
      A simple telling of History.

      Over a millennia ago, on a fateful day during an eclipse of the sun, the old gods abandoned Eberr. Without warning or explanation they forfeited the world to the Shadow, and the empire of humankind was left unprotected.

      The war that immediately followed was swift. The ancestors of the Karh'thul were viscious in their want of genocide, having been prisoners in their dark underworld for so long.

      Not thousands, but millions of humans were slaughtered in all the known lands. Kingdoms shattered quickly under the over-powering numbers of demons. And all civilization broke down with humans fleeing to the four corners of the world for safety. They sought refuge in the mountains, the forests and even the underground from which the devil had spawned to escape them.

      Many more subsequently died, hunted down like dogs and ripped of their flesh. The time of man was to flicker out like a spent candle as decades past without any hope of redemption.

      Out of Character Discussions / Something Wicked This Way Comes
      « on: December 31, 2007, 06:58:00 PM »
      The DnD beast has stirred, stay tuned....

      In Character Discussions / A Mission of One ( Completed )
      « on: December 31, 2007, 06:43:12 PM »
      A hand went bye as Fir'Ath watched the meanderings of the merchants in RockWater Village. But it was only in the first few moments he ascertained that they had nothing of value for him.

      And for his part, he was non-plussed by his first encounter with humans. For a short lived race, they seemed to waste a lot of time and effort on mundane things.

      From his place on the side of the road, he turned back to Mithril, who was grazing quietly in a nearby field of autumn grass.

      "Come girl, let’s take that run you and I have been waiting ever so patiently. The little round man won’t hold us back any longer." Fir'ath whispered in the horse's ear as he gently patted its powerful neck.

      Mithril seemed to understand and was ready to bolt even before Fir'Ath got his other long leg over.

      And bolt is what she did. Fir'Ath, as ready as he thought he was, was almost thrown off from the sheer explosive power of the animal. And he was quite sure he was noticed by any and all of the incoming merchants into town. The memory of a tall elven man, on a very large warhorse, streaking into the sunset was one he was sure they would remember.

      Our-Commons / What is this?
      « on: December 27, 2007, 12:45:52 PM »
      I am slowly but surely developing the "Dray World" that will forever be the backbone of any campaign or adventure I run.

      I am enjoying the creation immensely and I can't wait to share it.

      These districts will have some information in them that can be used by future players to develop the backgrounds of their toons. And it will also be a reference point for all players, since everything within this sub-forum will be generally known by any person living in Safe-Haven (country that Our-Commons is the capital of).

      Thanks for reading.

      Our-Commons / DISTRICT - Warehouse
      « on: December 27, 2007, 12:43:12 PM »

      - Warehouses

      - Average Trade


      - Average Food

        Close Enough Café (Baker)

      - Average Services

        Caravan Ending (Wagon Repair & Merchant Supplies)
        * Make it Work (Alchemist)
        * Shoe, Sword & Shield (Smith Merchant)
        * Groom
        * Teamster

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