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In Character Discussions / 04.17.2127 - Headmaster's Anger
« on: March 23, 2008, 08:55:42 AM »
The door to the room that Harrison shared with 7 other boys opened. It didn't feel like morning to him, but he couldn't really tell due to the lack of windows in the room. The lantern light in the corridor behind the figure silhouetted the man in the doorway, it was easy to discern the headmaster's tall brute figure.

With heavy booted steps the man entered the room and walked to the end of Harrison's bed, he knew each kid was now awake and watching in a bit of fear as he was, the Headmaster never visited a room for jokes and cookies.

"Come with me Arbuckle," he stated plainly.

Emma followed the Deaconess from the door of the plush carriage coach to the front gate of the outer wall. She bowed her head which remained dry within the hood of the cloak. It was a miserable rainy day of early spring, and the chill in the air gave no hint of the summer to come. Acknowledging the cloth and carriage of the Clergy, the guard let the old woman and her young helper through the gate without so much as a hint in asking for papers.

A few minutes later, at the entry way to the orphanahe, the woman was berating the young child.

“I don’t care whose daughter you are, if you so much as take a toe out of line I will see to it that you are severely punished, do we have an understanding young one?” the woman scorned down from above her impossibly long and crooked nose at her.

“Yes Deaconess Myrtle, I will....” Emma started but was cut off.

“You will make your rounds and not so much as say “Hi” to any child within the orphanage, I will not be held out of the church on a day such as this by the petty foolishness of a young girl” she scowled. “Hand them each a cookie, check for sickness and meet me at this entry by 6 night-hand or I swear by all that is holy you will not see supper for a week.”

Emma willed herself not to cry. The woman had no mercy for weakness and was a silver-tongued witch who would successfully deny this entire speech should she report it.

“Now get to work.”

15 minutes later Emma had retreated to a corner of the common room, crying quietly in it. The bowl of cookies perched on a lone rickety table on the far side of the room where the children were enjoying them and wondering about the weird young priestess girl. They didn't dare go to the center of the room where the old donated wooden crates someone once called furniture was. Instead they leered from the corner.

“She hasn’t even lowered her hood!” one said.

“Did you check the symbol? She is of the Circle of the Deaconess! I didn’t know kids could be in that?” questioned an older girl.

As they whispered and wondered, Emma merely cried in the corner, oblivious to them. She hated her father, her station and her life.

Characters / Renee Olsteel
« on: March 22, 2008, 03:08:32 PM »
NAME: Renee Olsteel
AGE: 18
BIRTHDATE: 12.03.2114
CLASS: Fighter/Sorcerer
HOUSE: The Protectors

ATTRIBUTES: Renee is the poster child for the Protectors yet also stately in her mannerisms and eloquent in her beauty. Many teachers have stated openly they expect her to be on the “Council of Five” someday, unknowing how influential she is in the underground. Although she is of average height and build she seems taller to most. She has beautiful fair skin, flaming red hair and a porcelain face. Her smile is disarming in that it conveys levels of emotion and confidence normally displayed by political statesmen. Now at the age of majority, she is her full, mature and shapely form and has used her curves to turn many an unwary guards’ attention away from what is important.

APPEARANCE: Renee wears a school uniform only in the classroom, she is never seen in one before or after. When Renee is in the city she wears silk dresses, most with long sleeves and a high neck cut. Although completely covering, it is still very shapely. That being said, unless she has a distraction to perform, Renee always walks in a manner of patience that is never exaggerated or unbecoming to a young girl. She moves slowly, not as one without ability, but one who’s subconscious is always aware about her next move. When Renee is performing any Whisper function or is out and about in the wilds she wears a dark brown leather armor outfit that is inlaid with forest green cloth pieces.

    Despite the above description of a girl of charismatic beauty, Renee could beat any single individual in Whisper in one-to-one combat. Not only is she in The Protectors house where she holds the rank as a lieutenant, she is known as the Karh’Thul Hunter to the members of Whisper. It is known that Renee has killed three Karh’Thul on three separate occasions.

    *Renee has done more for Whisper than any other guild leader of the past, during her 5 year tenure as leader, she has established regular meetings, watched and nurtured the clan’s growth to three times its number of ten years ago, and taught the young in countless ways. Where previous leaders have simply kept the members safe, Renee has kept the members active. Each meeting the members are assigned missions that seek out the truth in the world of Safe-Haven. It is because of these missions that Whisper has gained a new purpose in its life, to not only hide their abilities from the government, but to find out why the government fears them

    Renee’s mother and father live in a small village to the south, about 5 miles from the Outer Rim. It was there that she, in front of her parents, killed a Karh’Thul for the first time. Her parents had been surprised by the demon in the barn, and by the time Renee, then 12, responded to their screams for help, they were badly wounded. Renee reached the barn just in time to see the also wounded creature standing over her father, ready to give him a mortal swipe with its claws. Renee used her arcane magic to destroy the beast, it dissipated just as its claw was about to reach her fathers neck.

    *This was when her parents discovered her ability to cast “sorcery”. And surprisingly to Renee, they accepted her and her forbidden talent, and keep her secret safe to this very day. The newspaper reported that Renee had come to rescue just in time and had dealt the killing stroke to the beast with her longsword, hailing the school’s excellent military training. Renee was awarded the Flame Medallion, and an accommodation in the Protectors House. But more importantly, she was then discovered by the guild known as Whisper.

Ashley Hutton - An assistant to Lawrence Pishton and trustee of his bank accounts.

Characters / Emmanuelle Keepsake
« on: March 22, 2008, 02:54:10 PM »
NAME: Emmanuelle Keepsake
AGE: 15
BIRTHDATE: 07.01.2117
CLASS: Sorcerer/Cleric
HOUSE: The Clergy

ATTRIBUTES:  Another beautiful young woman, “Emma” is about the same frame and stature as Renee and when standing aside her as a second in command of the clan, many of the boys in Whisper forget who and where they are. Where Renee displays charisma and stately mannerisms because of her teachings and experience earned, Emma displays it as part of her birthright, she is indeed the daughter of the High Priest. The difference is notable between the two, but Emma is loved by the member despite of it. Emma, like Renee, also has fair skin but has long straight brown hair, her eyes are a gentle dark brown and very focused. She is a bit more effeminate in her mannerisms than Renee, having been an honored member of the Clergy House and not having been drilled through boot camp of the Protectors.

APPEARANCE: Emma wears the school uniform under the Clergy’s house robe, which is white silk robe with the symbol of Kaine on its back. She usually wears the sides of the robe draped over the crooks of her arms when at meetings. Emma hardly ever is wearing make-up at the meetings and is usually just groomed and clean, as she likes to take the rare moments to step out of her station. Emma, however, is always wearing a perfume that hints of cinnamon, any lucky enough boy who gets within 1 foot of her can’t decide whether he wants to kiss her, or go find an apple pie.

    Emma doesn’t trust her father, nor does she love him. All of the guild’s distrust of the man originates with Emma, for although Fresenius is a loved man by all the public, and a shining powerful figure of charisma and piety, Emma knows better. She knows him to be a man only interested in power and politics, one who despises the lesser masses and seeks to create an unreasonable Utopia.

The only true family that Emma has is her friends in the guild. Her mother was an only-child, and she died giving birth to Emma. Her father is also an only child, both of his parents also deceased. (Note, Fresenius is 60 years old).

Characters / Jared Lightwell
« on: March 21, 2008, 11:48:53 PM »
NAME: Jared Lightwell
AGE: 13
BIRTHDATE: 06.11.2119
CLASS: Fighter/Wizard
HOUSE: The Builders

ATTRIBUTES:  Jared is a young adolescent boy who never can keep his short brown hair combed. He also could bathe more as he is often covered in powder from his experiments in the Engineering House, having gunpowder usually smeared on him somewhere.  Jared has green eyes, a slightly freckled face that isn’t marred or unattractive. In fact he would be an above average, good looking boy if he smiled once in awhile. He is often gloomy though.

APPEARANCE: Like some students, Jared wears his school uniform everywhere, even on the weekends, as he doesn’t like to worry about keeping other clothing clean or having to try to match pieces in the morning. He sometimes can go a couple days without visiting a washroom, and this gives him a bit of scorn from the other members.

    Although a member with arcane talents and deep knowledge of chemical engineering, specifically explosives, Jared is not really popular in the clan. He tends to back up outspoken members of the clan on anti-government rhetoric with spurts of violent talk, always wanting to blow something up.

Jared is often in Xavier's shadow, most believe its because Jared looks up to the powerful warrior member of the guild. [/list]

FAMILY: Jared has a father who works at the outskirts of the kingdom as some common laborer, his mother went to prison two years ago (after he joined Whisper) for speaking out against the government, she is serving a 4 year sentence.

Characters / Leslie Marks
« on: March 21, 2008, 11:45:36 PM »
NAME: Leslie Marks
AGE: 12
BIRTHDATE: 01.28.2120
CLASS: Bard/Rogue
HOUSE: The Actors

ATTRIBUTES: Leslie is a skinny pre-adolescent girl who hasn’t quite made it to puberty yet. She has pixie-cut blonde hair, big blue eyes and a smile that lights up a room. She is short and underweight for her age, but very quick.

APPEARANCE: Leslie wears the school uniform when required, on weekends she is usually seen in a pair of form-fitting leather breeches and a peasant blouse. She is known for wearing the softest pair of leather slippers wherever she goes, despite the weather, and claims to have many pairs. She also carries her steel flute at all times, it is a simple instrument that on the outside appears to merely have a dozens of simple holes.


“The Musician”

    Leslie would be just another member of the gang if she didn’t have an incredible gift of music and poetry. When time allows, Renee often asks Leslie to recite a poem at the end of a meeting. This poetry, inlaid with abstracts of a much larger score of music written in Leslie’s head, are incredible works of inspiration.

    *Leslie performs in the Riverfront district every other Endday at 8pm. Almost every Whisper member tries to attend the performance which is in the tavern of the Inn her parents own there. Recently, the tavern has been filling up an hour early, as Leslie’s growing following of fans have been getting “the good seats” early. It has therefore been hard for the later-arriving students to get in. Leslie is talking to her Mom about this and trying to work something out. Her flute shares the center of attention with Leslie, as it is as much of a piece of art as it is wonder…for although simply looking, it is actually a relic handed down to her through the generations. It is a wind instrument, but no ordinary one, for this wind instrument plays chords.

    *Leslie is also known as a bookworm. On the weekends, if Leslie isn’t seeing a show in the Theater District or working at her parents’ tavern, or practicing her music in the House practice rooms, she is usually found at the library with her nose in some book.

    *Leslie is also a sleepy-head, as she is known to go to bed right on weekdays at the end of classes (7pm).


Leslie has a Mom and a Dad. They own, operate and live in the “Get Here from There” Tavern/Inn on the Riverfront District. She also has three younger siblings, a sister who is 9 and of course in the school (not in the clan) and two younger brothers, 3 and 5. She has a fantastic relationship with her parents who allow her a long leash to do what she wants, as long as she works hard at school.

Game Log / Session 1 - (ICD)
« on: March 19, 2008, 07:03:38 PM »
All afternoon each and every one of you had difficulty concentrating on your instructors and your school work. The Whisper meeting was finally tonight! It had been two weeks since the last one and as many months since a real one had taken place. Ever since the uncharacteristic guard rotation change and their unusual increased activity, the Whisper Guild had a hard time circumventing the government and getting together as a large group.

Not tonight though. Today, every member you ran into was instilled with excitement. Renee had used her influence (on Captain Jonathon Athol no doubt) to lighten the guard rotations around the Theater District entrances to Lowtown. And when Captain Athol was doing his beloved Renee’s bidding, it was always mere child’s play to get into the tunnel system.

So as the afternoon wore on, member looked at their watches, jumped from their seats when the clock tower bell ended a period and rushed the halls giving each other knowing smiles. As night fell and the final bell rang announcing not only the end of the school day, but the end of the week for the students, each member rushed back to their room to gather the necessary belongings. It would be two hands between class end and meeting begin, most used their time wisely. Some packed two days of clothes, knowing they would head out to either their parents house or their live-in apartments at their places of employment. Many hung out at the dormitories during the heart of the snowy winter, using the time to take showers in the dormitories, read the weekly newspaper or get homework done early. Very few left the school district as many of the others did. Those others, over two thousand students headed out to their ordinary lives abiding by a system without question and ignorant of any wrong.

The Whisper knew better.

Kingdom of Safe-Haven / MILITARY: Rank Structure
« on: March 02, 2008, 09:19:46 PM »

The army structure of Safe-Haven follows the modern army structure (cuz I am not interested in being fancy, just want to have fun).

Squad =   10 privates and a corporal = 11+ soldier
Platoon =   2 or more squads and a sergeant = 23+ soldiers
Company =    2 or more platoons and a lieutenant = 47+ soldiers
Battalion =   2 or more companies and a captain = 95+ soldiers
Regiment =    2 or more battalions and a major = 191 soldiers
Brigade =   2 or more regiments and a colonel = 383 soldiers

    Each regiment of each unit (even the smallest squad) is self-sustaining in regards to responsibility of personnel (combat medic, signal man (radio man in modern world), supply man, etc.).
    *Ranks are listed above in hierarchy from the grunt corporal to the "drinking tea in the battle tent" colonel.
    *There is one general for each of the armed forces contingent, no matter whether they answer to the government or not. (Total of 5)[/color]

Kingdom of Safe-Haven / MILITARY: Arms of Safe-Haven
« on: March 02, 2008, 09:07:12 PM »

    * Kingdom Elite Guard
    * Outer Rim Defense
    * Heartland Protectorate
    * Capital City Guard
    * Warden Council of the Old Order
    * House Guard of Kaine

Kingdom Elite Guard[/u]

This first line of defense stands at the very edge of the holy flame barrier which is the demarcation line between the Outlands and Safe-Haven. Under command by the very Church of Kaine itself, this unit does not answer to the government, but the standing high priest. This doesn’t seem to bother anyone since the high priest is always on the Council of 5 which leads all the other troops anyway. Note; another council member leads another elite force named the Warden Council of the Old Order (see below).

The Kingdom Elite Guard, or K.E.G., is an armed force that is highly regarded by the general public. Rumored to be about 3 brigades in size (the equivalent of 1056 personnel) these men and women are zealots in their dedication at guarding every square inch of the outer rim. In cooperation with their fellow guardians in the Outer-Rim Defense, the K.E.G. uses hundreds of trained dogs positioned around the perimeter (which freak out if they see a KT until one of two events occur, the KT kills the dog or a patrol commands the dog to stop). The K.E.G. also patrols on horseback watching for any incursions. Every incursion is typically accompanied with the violation of a Holy Torch falling or being destroyed, and these torches always need to be relit as soon as possible.

And this is the main reason an Armed Force of the church is used as the first line of defense. For only one of the 10 female High Deacons from the Circle of Flame, a special sect of women from the church, are allowed to handle the holy flame. And it is up to the K.E.G. to escort an ordained deacon to any breech for her protection until the task is done. These two factions within the church have worked together for over two-thousand years.

The standard equipment for a K.E.G. soldier is far grander than for a soldier in any other military unit. Each of the soldiers wears chain shirt but has an open-faced plate helm, plate gauntlets and boots. Their longswords are fine masterworks of art that are slim, but incredibly strong. They also bear a light steel shield with the insignia of Kaine, an insignia mirrored on their long, flowing white tabards. A large portion of this armed force if Cavalry with over 400 soldiers having a light warhorse as personal property awarded to him or her from the church at indoctrination. As one goes up in rank in this division, one has even finer equipment, with sergeants, lieutenants and corporals having full plate mail armor sets and heavy warhorses instead of light.

The K.E.G. shouldn’t be confused with the House Guard of Kaine (see below) who although are also under the command of the Church, are a separate force within the walls of Our-Commons.

The insignia of the Elite is the holy symbol of Kaine.

Soldier total = 3 brigades, 1333 soldiers.


Outer Rim Defense

After the first mile of cleared land around the entire perimeter is the Kingdom’s second line of combatants, the Outer-Rim Defense.

15 military companies (for unit structure see  this link ) are positioned in each of the 8 major compass points (N, NE, E, SE…) protecting the land from a 1 mile to 5 mile zone in from the Outer Rim. There are 5745 soldiers in the Outer-Rim Defense. This seems like a lot until you realize that 49 miles out from the center of Our-Commons is the first line of defense (when the holy flame is breached). This border is about 314 miles, or 1.65 million feet. If the entire armed force was spread in a single line around this perimeter, 1 man could be spaced out every 288 feet.

What’s wrong with that?

    each soldier, would all have to be awake 24 hours (they aren’t),
    * Karh’Thul would only come out in the day time (they don’t),
    * weather and terrain would have to always be perfect (Karh’Thul don’t seem to mind sledding on the big slopes), etc.
    * they would have to be able to move ten-thousand miles an hour to gather for any large incursion (they can’t).

So the fact that the Outer Rim Defense, since it’s inception over a thousand years ago, has kept the kingdom from genocide is a remarkable one. Using carefully coordinated and complex strategies, this arm of the military has stopped hundreds of incursions over the years, some as little as one Karh’Thul, others as large as a full scale attack.

Standard equipment for the O.R.D. consists of a suit of Scale Mail, a light or heavy steel shield, a longsword and a light or heavy crossbow. Many soldiers have saved coin over their school and military careers and have special equipment (plate mail, guns, composite long bows, etc.).

Heavy military equipment is also positioned with these men. They have many entrenched positions throughout the landscape that are ready for immediate defense meant to slow if not stop any sudden attack.

The insignia of a “Defender” (worn on the cloak clasp, the shield and the hilt of the sword) is of a tall torch burning brightly.

Soldier total = 15 brigades, 5745 soldiers.


Heartland Protectorate[/u]

Stationed everywhere else, with a good portion being centralized in Our-Commons, 15 more brigades are positioned throughout the kingdom. They are the first-responders to any alarm from the Outer Rim Defense, but also serve as the government’s general army. Should the enemy attack in great number from any position along the border the various units within these forces are trained and coordinated for any contingency.

During combat situations, these men are also responsible for keeping supply chains open to the front lines, transporting the wounded back to the Church, protecting the citizens (including evacuating them into the capital if needed) and communication to central command.

Standard equipment for the “Protector” is the same as the defenders above, half of the contingent though are also have light warhorses, making it easier to respond. The insignia of the Protector is the silhouette of a man, with a lit torch held aloft, charging on a horse.

Soldier total = 15 brigades, 5745 soldiers.


Capital City Guard[/u]

Handling just the day to day responsibilities of the law and justice is the Capital City Guard. These two brigades are specifically stationed in Our-Commons permanently. Even though their command structure (see below) stays true to the rest of military, there are many departments that handle different responsibilities for the city and the kingdom at large. They are the police force, the truancy officers, the investigators, the escorts, etc. Although during combat situations they are just as well trained in securing the city alongside the Protectors.

Standard equipment is the same for the “Guardian” as it is the other branches. The insignia of the Guardian is the silhouette of a flame behind the Spire.

Soldier total = 4 brigades, 1532 soldiers.


Warden Council of the Old Order

This Council dates back to ancient history. It is well documented in historical texts and also known from the ‘Scripture of Kaine’ that a group of elite warriors came to this land with Kaine, assigned to protect the royal blood running in his veins. For Kaine was the last in a long line of Emperors of the Ancient Human Empire.

Some romanticists believe that the first members of this group of Kaine protectors established “The Order” so as to pass on knowledge and experiences of their own ancestors. Ancestors who lived within the very same fallen civilization, the empire that existed before mankind was to know of the Karh’Thul.

In the current day however, not much is known about this mysterious Order, only that they are a special force of hunters trained to track and eliminate Karh’Thul. If a sighting of a KT is ever reported to the public, the next weekly paper always has the return story of this elite group having destroyed it.

Shadow Keep, a small structure 15 miles southwest of the capital is the training area of this elite group. No one is allowed in without special permission. The leader, Cyric Windbow, of the Council of Five, and a 20 year veteran of the Outer Rim Defense is the leader of the division, which although part of the overall military, is ultimately under his sole command.

Not many citizens encounter members of this group on even an irregular basis. Some hunters and soldiers on patrol encounter the soldiers of “The Order” in the remote reaches of the Wildlands, but even this is uncommon.

Soldier quantity unknown.


House Guard of Kaine[/u]

To put the House Guard of Kaine in perspective against the other armed forces, let’s review.

    The aforementioned K.E.G. is the kingdom’s zealot marine core.
    * The Outer-Rim Defense the Standing Army and true line of Defense.
    * The Heartland Protectorate is the National Guard.
    * The Capital City Guard is the Kingdom’s police force.
    * The Warden Council of the Old Order a mysterious group akin to the C.I.A.

Finally we have the House Guard of Kaine, which I can only compare to the F.B.I. But while our F.B.I. in America is run by a questionably honest government. The House Guard is run by a very morally questionable Church that strong-arms its own goverment.

The House Guard consists of a special investigation force, a legislative branch, and all act as final guardians and police force for the Church of Kaine.

Within this house, a very intimidating and Holy branch exists, the 8 men within it are only known as the “Judges”. Powerful male warriors promoted from within the ranks of the two Armed Forces controlled by the Church, these men are the Law incarnate of the land. Their word is final, they have the right to judge, sentence and perform punishment as they see fit.

The uniform of the House Guard is a masterwork suit of black plate mail that has beautiful platinum edging and covers almost the entire body. Each suit is hand-crafted to form the specific wearer and therefore appears to be very light and unencumbersome. The suit includes a full-faced plate mail helm which is adorned with metallic horns that curve forward and have sharp platinum tips. The weapon of the House Guard is a masterwork morning star with it’s shaft roughly hewn to look like a torch and it’s spiked head the shape of a torch flame. In battle the House Guards are adorned with heavy steel shields.

The Judges uniform is similar, but their armor is etched with gold instead of platinum and their helmets are even more flamboyant and intimidating. Each of the 8 judges having a slightly different shaped helm. They also do not use shields, instead wielding a double-scimitar, a holy weapon once used by Kaine in ancient times.

Soldier total = 2 brigades, 674 soldiers.

*   *   *

Total "active" soldier count = 15,029 + Warden Council Soldiers.

Also note: most of the public of the kingdom can be called on to fight, they are all trained from their many years at schooling and 6-years mandatory service.

[color=##ff0000](Dray Post)[/color]

Leslie skipped than ran as she saw Temmit in the hall before her. They were still hundreds of feet and many twists and turns away from the secret entrance in the underground tunnel system, so she didn't fear attracting any attention. 'Not that there are many kids around anyway', Leslie thought. The guild was always careful to schedule meeting beginnings well after most kids would have already headed out to the city above.
When she caught up to Temmit she was slightly winded.
"Hello." he said, only slightly turning his head to her.
Suddenly she couldn't think of anything to say, her cheeks growing warm with embarrassment. 'Why do I always get this way around him?' she thought while flustered. 'It's because he is the most perceptive and intelligent boy in the whole gang,' her mind answered.

"So um...what do you think...erm, I mean have you put any more thought to what we... I mean...all of us talked about today at lunch?" she questioned him lamely.

*   *   *

[color=##00ff00](Johan Post)[/color]

‘Tell her that Renee is going to disband Whisper!’ Smokey whispered energetically in his mind. ’Tell her that this will be the last meeting of Whisper, and Kaine is going to be at this meeting to discuss our collective future. Also...’
Temmit shushed Smokey as a wry grin crept across his thin face. The little prevaricator continued on his outlandish rant telling stories of espionage and treachery.
"You know I don't like to predict the future, Leslie." He answered. "But if I had to guess, I'd think that proceedings to select a new leader are going to be necessary, if only to plant the seeds. Renee is graduating after this next semester, so we'll need a new leader. I also wouldn't be too surprised to find a new inductee as well. The first years must have *some* interesting candidates, eh?"
’...and they've released demons in the courtyard...’ Temmit laughed aloud, though quietly, at Smokey's latest story line.

*   *   *

[color=##ff0000](Dray Post)[/color]

Leslie, already flustered, was further shaken. 'Does he mean me? Was I that bad of a candidate last year?' she worried. ‘Damn draft! I wish I could remember that first interview!' she thought in anguish. Her cheeks flushed all the more red and she looked down at the floor.
'If only they could know my secret, they would think I was such a baby,' she thought as her hands clenched into fists as she walked.

*   *   *

[color=##00ff00](Johan Post)[/color]

Temmit realized that his inadvertent laugh was a bit misplaced, and noted Leslie’s slightly abashed response as well. The female ability to take things wrong never ceased to amaze Temmit, and it didn’t seem to get any better as they aged.

“Personally, I haven’t seen any that rate as well as last year’s recruits.” He hoped that his words might console her.

He turned his inner attention to Smokey then, saying, ’Would you quit it already?!?! You’re causing me trouble again.’

Smokey’s only reply was ‘It wasn’t me.’ Then the little crystal was again silent. For a moment, the only sound in the corridor was the echo of their footsteps. Of his footsteps, Temmit noted; Leslie made no sound as she walked.

*   *   *

[color=##ff0000](Dray Post)[/color]

Leslie started to skip lightly in her soft leather slippers, a little more relieved she had been wrong.
"So with Renee leaving the next logical choice would be you or Emma wouldn't it?" she stated more than asked.

*   *   *

[color=##00ff00](Johan Post)[/color]

Temmit looked around and then shifted uncomfortably. He was never comfortable at the center of attention.

“It’s really up to everyone in the clan.” Temmit liked to use the familiar for The Whisper. He wondered idly why not everyone did. “Leaders are born, not raised. It’s not enough to have one set of attributes or another. People have to have confidence in you and they have to want to follow.”

‘That’s not true.’ Smokey said. ‘You can lead by fear, or because someone else in power gives you power. In fact, you can make people do whatever you want…you just have to want to. I knew this guy once…’

Of course, Smokey never knew any guy. Temmit knew that, and Smokey knew that Temmit knew that, but it didn’t stop Smokey from saying things.

“I suppose that there must be a few candidates. Emma would be a great candidate, although as daughter to the High Priest, she’s in a particularly precarious position. Although…” He stopped for a moment, his feet halted while his mind flew. “If her father is a Priest, I wonder if that means that he too has gifts?” Smokey babbled in the back of Temmit’s mind as the young man stood motionless, his mind working its way around whether or not all priests were in fact casters, and from there whether all casters could tell who had gifts and who did not (although this was clearly not the case, as the casters in Whisper had demonstrated), and from there ultimately how much danger the entire group might be in for this particular tenuous link.

He started walking again, unaware that he had never halted in that dark hallway. “On the other hand,” he said, “having a leader so close to the clergy would have its advantages.” He looked down at Leslie and smiled. Noting the look in her face, he became concerned for his young friend. “Are you all right?” He asked concernedly.

*   *   *

[color=##ff0000](Dray Post)[/color]

Leslie smiled up at him, but above the smile, created by pure joyful innocence, were two big blue eyes which shined with intellect.
"Emmanuella has been in The Whisp....the clan for years now. She is the same age as you right?" she asked and with Temmet's nod she continued. "Well, since she joined a year before you, at the young age of 10, I think we would have been discovered bye now?" she proposed.

*   *   *

[color=##00ff00](Johan Post)[/color]

“Aye, Leslie, aye.” Temmit hugged her head fondly as they continued down the corridor. Leslie was a surprise for Temmit. He had never really been close to anyone, and he certainly wasn’t truly comfortable even with Leslie, but he was much more so with her than with any other. She was the sister that he hadn’t had the opportunity to know, growing up as he did in the orphanage.

 “I would think that Emma would be the logical choice to succeed Renee. She has the experience and charisma to pull that off.

*   *   *

[color=##ff0000](Dray Post)[/color]

Leslie short, pixie haircut was a mess as she smiled from ear to ear, and although her cheeks were returning to their normal color, she was embarrassed again, this time by the surprising show of affection. As she daydreamed of her standing next to him as the lieutenant to the clan, she looked down at her feet as they walked on. She didn't note that Temmit had stopped prior to Jared stepping out of the shadows of an adjoining hallway.
Temmit of course sensed him far earlier and watched with amusement as the absent-minded Leslie walked straight into him.
"Oh." said Leslie as she stopped in the boys’ personal space.
"You want a hug from me too?" teased Jared.
"Sorry, I was thinking…on something," Leslie said, looking towards the secret door many paces down the dark corridor Jared had just stepped from.
"Yes, I imagine it will be an easy break up with Stu now that you found someone even weirder," he said with a chuckle. He didn't dare look up at Temmit though, lest he intend the quip was directed equally at him. Jared, only 13, was half a foot shorter than Temmit.

*   *   *

[color=##00ff00](Johan Post)[/color]

Temmit had indeed sensed the younger boy before his companion had, but not in time to prevent Jared from observing Temmit's familiar moment with his young friend. Temmit gritted his teeth and admonished himself for his lack of self control.
"Leave her alone, Jared." Temmit said quietly. He placed a hand on the younger boy's shoulder and turned him towards the meeting hall.
Why didn't you tell me that he was there? He scolded Smokey.
’You told me to stop talking.’ The grey crystal responded.
‘And you pick *now* to obey?!?’
’I guess you should be a little more aware of you surroundings, eh? How many times am I going to have to tell you that you need to pay attention to the details? For instance...’and Smokey was off on another one of his lectures on details. Temmit tried to sequester the little insistent voice in the back of his mind and to concentrate on the matters at hand.
"Come on, you two...we don't want to be late."

House Rules / TRAITS and FLAWS
« on: February 26, 2008, 11:52:41 PM »
Each character can take up to two TRAITS (page 86 of the Unearthed Arcana).

Each character can take  up to one FLAW (page 91 of the Unearthed Arcana) and be alloted one bonus feat as an entitlement.

This is totally optional, if yout want to take any combination of the above you can.

Possible Combinations:

 0 trais and 0 flaws,
1 trait and 0 flaws,
2 traits and 0 flaws,
1 trait and 1 flaw,
2 traits and 1 flaw


(Post any questions on this option in this thread for all to see please)

Chronology / Chronology
« on: February 22, 2008, 07:39:53 PM »
ICD's, Game Sessions, etc. occur in the following order (title of event is a LINK):

Year 2127

 04.16.2127 - The Meeting

 04.17.2127 - Headmaster's Anger

 04.19.2127 - White Rascal

 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial

07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth

07.25.2127 - A Girl In Hell

Year 2129

 12.12.2129 - A Letter And Memories

Year 2132

 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping

 04.17.2132 - Worried About Friends

 04.20.2132 - Southaven

 04.20.2132 - Session 2A - The Hunter's Cabin

 04.20.2132 - Session 2B - Chemical Hill

08.30.2132 - The Return Home

 12.21.2132 - Let's Start With Lunch

 12.21.2132 - Meeting of the Minds

 12.21.2132 - Session 1 (Online) - Whisper Gang Meeting

 12.21.2132 - Weekend Plans

 12.21.2132 - Renee's Concern

 12.22.2132 - The Awakening

 12.22.2132 - Interview in ShantyTown

 12.22.2132 - Interview in Utopia

 12.22.2132 - A Saturday Night Interlude

 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church

 12.23.2132 - Investigation

 12.23.2132 - Back to the Future

 12.23.2132 - A Night by The River

 12.24.2132 - Hopenight At The Tavern

 12.27.2132 - Awakening to A Nightmare

 12.27.2132 - Game Session 3A - Stolen Spy

 12.27.2132 - Game Session 3B - Cell Cleaning

 12.27.2132 - A New Cell

 12.27.2132 - Making Other People's Decisions

 12.29.2132 - Light's Hope Chapel

Year 2133

 01.02.2133 - Pop The Cherry

 01.02.2133 - Shannon Wakes to the Game

 01.02.2133 - Temmit Wakes to the Game

 01.02.2133 - Xavier Wakes to the Game

 01.02.2133 - Game Session 4A - War Games

01.02.2133 - A Spar by the Bonfire

In Character Discussions / 12.21.2132 - Let's Start with Lunch
« on: February 22, 2008, 07:19:41 PM »
Ok, I rewrote our lovely little email ICD. To smooth things out, I wrote it completely from Leslie's perspective.

So some inner dialogue from other characters has been taken out or reflected in Leslie's observations.

I hope no one minds at some liberties I took, I think the final product is actually a fun read. Thanks for giving me great dialogue to work with!

The part of (Maccabeus) to be cast soon.

Chronology / GENERAL: Calendar
« on: February 22, 2008, 08:54:34 AM »
Safe Haven Calendar

Month - Season(Change-over Date) - S.F. Month Name

January - Winter - WinterSecond
February- Winter - WinterThird
March - Winter - WinterFourth
April - Winter/Spring(15) - WinterEnd
May - Spring - SpringBegin
June - Spring/Summer(15) - SpringEnd
July - Summer - SummerFirst
August - Summer - SummerSecond
September - Summer/Fall(15) - SummerEnd
October - Fall - FallBegin
November - Fall/Winter(15) - FallEnd
December - Winter - WinterBegin

Days of the Week

First Day: Hopeday
Second Day: Workday
Third Day: Warday
Fourth Day: Healday
Fifth Day: Endday
Sixth Day: Prayday
Seventh Day: Restday

    It is the Year of Our Father, 2133 ESH (Establishment of Safe Haven)
    * 365 days of the calendar year, divided into the 12 months, with quantity of days for each month mirroring our own world.[/list]

    I know its simple naming convention, but at the time it was created, survival was more important than being clever. A quickly adopted system was accepted and never changed.

    Days are denoted as follows:

    December 21st, 2132 =   XXI WinterBegin, MMCXXXII

    Any questions, please post below.

    Kingdom of Safe-Haven / GOVERNMENT: Crime And Punishment
    « on: February 20, 2008, 10:28:07 PM »

    Adultery – Prison for 1 to 5 years.
    * Aiding and Abetting - punishment will befit to the crime, although it will not exceed sentance given to original perpetrator.
    * Assault – Stockades from 1 to 6 days OR prison term of up to a year.
    * Attempted Murder – prison term of 1 year to 5 years AND/OR hard labor of 1 to 5 years
    * Burglary – Prison from 14 days to a year.
    * Destruction of Government Property – Hard labor for up to 5 years.
    * Destruction of Property – Hard labor for up to 5 years.
    * Disorderly Conduct – Stockades for 1 to 6 days OR prison term of up to a year.
    * Disturbance of Government Function – Stockades from 1 to 6 days AND prison of up to 1 year.
    * Domestic Abuse – Prison for up to 5 years.
    * Falsification of Record – Stockades from 1 to 6 days OR prison term of up to a year.
    * Murder – prison term of 5 years to life AND/OR hard labor for 5 years to life OR execution.
    * Pregnancy before Majority – Mother; convent during pregnancy AND 1 year hard labor. Father; 2 years hard labor.
    * Public Disturbance - Stockades for 1 to 6 days OR prison term of up to a year.
    * Robbery – Prison from 30 days to 2 years.
    * Rape – Prison for up to life or execution.
    * School Truancy – Click this Link --> School - Student Life thread
    * Sedition - Prison for up to life OR execution.
    * Sexual Misconduct of an adult with a minor – Prison for up to 5 years.
    * Treason - Prison for up to life OR execution.
    * Trespassing on Government Property – Prison for up to life.
    * Trespassing on Private Property – Prison for up to 5 years.
    * Violation of a Business Trust – Prison for up to 1 year.[/list]

    Violation of Religion, including (but not limited too);
      Assault on a religious figure – Prison for up to 5 years.
      * Falsification or proliferation of a false religion or deity – Prison of 5 years to life OR execution.
      * Public display against Kaine – Prison for up to a year.[/list]

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