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I wanted to take the discussion currently happening on page 8 of "Satyr Tracks" out to this forum so we don't lengthen a very nice thread with OOC.

To continue....

Totally get you Griznuq, and I (the player) never once thought that the backstory wasn't viable or justified in the minds of the Satyrs. Even though I personally wasn't aware of the specifics behind the content of Serephus's words, I got the meaning behind all of it as very serious and honorable.

Fir'Ath however, isn't exactly the "touchy/feely" sort, and thinks its a load of sentimental shit. He thinks any racist problems are solved with only one solution...tearing an elf's head off. OOPS, did I say elf? hehe

Maragarn and Eswarth are very "noble" and well spoken characters. Fir'Ath is not, he is a proud creature who has spent far too much time in solitude sulking about what Fate has chosen for him. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't consider himself cursed, but he has his own demons that he deals with privately.

So in order to keep going and to not have to rewrite the thread from page 7 on, my suggestions is to have us just assume that Fir'Ath hasn't heard the story of the Satyr creation and hasn't made the connection that it is the former W.A.G.E. who have been "cursed" with a change.

Then, excellent role-play fodder will be had as Maragarn brings it to Fir'Ath's attention at a later time.


In Character Discussions / 04.20.2132 - Southaven
« on: April 25, 2008, 12:16:07 PM »
04.20.2132 - Southaven

(Continued from 04.16.2132 - "Gone Camping")

Mr. Church’s wagon made it to the end of South Road in only four calendar days, arriving at the southernmost town of Southaven at mid-morning. The merchant also didn’t turn out nearly as bad as Mr. Marks dire warning boded him to be...

The morning after their departure (04.17.2132), without saying much or asking for compensation, he gave both boys enough food to last the entire journey. And although he hadn’t stopped the wagon through the previous night and then the entire first day, he did make reasonable stops during that time for “nature calls”.

(24 miles)

On the first “official” night away from the city, Mr. Church even made the boys and himself a stew over a small campfire and although not a talkative sort, he let the boys alone as Jared retold the story of the Battle of Millenguarde, as told to him by Leslie.

“Girl is a fantastic story-teller,” Jared said to Xavier, his eyes lighting up with a smile in the glow of the campfire. “I won’t be able to do as good a job as she does, but I have heard it enough times now that I don’t think I will miss any of the parts,” Jared had said.

As they went to bed, both boys were shocked when Mr. Church announced that they were already ‘half-way to the Outer-Rim’.

On the second day out (04.18.2132), an unusually warm spring day greeted the trio in the morning. Mr. Church sped the journey up a little and allowed the boys to ride behind him on top of the wagon. Both kids were amazed at how fast, yet smooth riding the big wagon was, and watching the wooded landscape go bye the second day was a blast. Especially for Xavier who hadn’t been away from the city since the mandatory “Outer-Rim School Trip” at age 5.

South Road, along its entire length, was parallel with the slow, northward-moving Appleseed River. The 200 hundred foot wide waterway had cleared its icy cap, as was typical this early in the warm season. Like Clearwater Lake, it had been long ago discovered that the Appleseed was fed not only by the cold run off from the mountains surrounding the kingdom, but more so by a myriad of hot springs from below the earth. This allowed the river to flow easily from Winterfourth (March) to almost mid-FallEnd (November) which was a blessing to all the merchants south of the capital. As this melting permitted trade barges, simple 8’ x 12’ load-bearing skiffs attached tightly together by rope to form larger platforms, to float their weirs to the capital. During the day, Mr. Church passed more than a few wagons pulling the now empty flat skiffs back to the supply merchants in the various villages along South Road. Laying stacked on a wagon flatbed, the skiffs were far less of a burden for the horses to pull back to their respective ports then the trade goods that the skiffs had burdened onto the river.

Xavier was amazed at the never-ending expanse of woodland. Although they passed a few settlements that day, not one of them larger than a village, the landscape was otherwise unbroken of the thick pine. Only the river, which meandered in and out of view at times, gave him a sense of any real distance achieved on their journey.

On that second night however, Mr. Church found a small meadow and detached his four large horses from the wagon to allow them to rest and graze for the night. He made a grand fire and allowed the boys to continue to bunk in the wagon, telling them he preferred to sleep out under stars. He even offered share of his rum with the two young boys as they sat near the campfire. The boys didn’t find Mr. Church to nervous about being out in the open Wildlands even though they both knew they were far closer now to the Outer-Rim then the capital city.

“You both sighted the myriad of patrols in and out of the forests, not to mention the dozens of guard posts we passed along the road. This route is very safe for a reason, it is the lifeblood of the capital,” Mr. Church had explained.

(40 miles)

The driving rain they experienced the next day (04.19.2132) changed Mr. Church’s mood considerably and both boys did everything they could not to make his situation worse. As they sat in the wagon playing cards by lantern-light, they heard Mr. Church cursing the weather as it drove wind and sheets of rain hard against him and his horses. Each time the wagon slowed down both boys would make sure boots were on and they were ready to bolt for the woods should Mr. Church stop for a nature call, lest they anger him with delay.

They could tell that their fantastic distance they had made in short time was incredibly hampered by the rough weather, and they heard him swear about it as he drove the wagon.

Finally, when it had to be sometime around evening, Mr. Church surrendered and stopped the wagon. Neither boy owned a time-piece and had to just assume by the complete lack of light coming in from the small wagon window that the day had passed.

“So what’s the damage?” Xavier asked Jared with a sigh.

Jared, stacking the old cards one last time to put them away, looked at him with a smirk. “You owe me 42 butterbeers. I don’t think I will go thirsty anytime soon.”

After they heard Mr. Church disengage the horses and then work in and around the wagon for almost a hand he popped his head in.

“Meh, I don’t want to get the inside of the wagon all muddy anyway, you boys stay where you are. I set up a tent outside and the horses are under a canopy. Should either of you need to relieve yourselves there is a hooded lantern on the ground just outside here,” he had said and without another word shut the door and retired for the evening.

(48 miles)

Although the typical chill of the summer had returned on the third day (04.20.2132), the sun also made its reappearance, and with it Mr. Church’s mood came back to stable. The two boys rejoined him atop the wagon and watched in anticipation as it crested what Mr. Church had claimed was “the last hill”, revealing the sprawling town of Southaven below.

Southaven was larger than Xavier expected. Jared had kept calling his parent’s hometown “a village”, so Xavier had very little expectation. The town however was sizable in that it was spread out over a great deal of land, its center, a small keep, being on a very large hill. It was in quite the contrast to the huge valley of a city they had left behind however, as there wasn’t a building anywhere that was taller than three stories.

After verifying papers at the guard checkpoint, they passed thru the gate of the “Second Wall” of the town and entered the apple orchard known as Pratt’s Farm. Mr. Church explaining that the huge expanse of land stretched all around the town.

“One man, Mr. Pratt, owns all the land between Second and First Wall,” he had stated in envy.

Many Safe-haven citizens passed bye, merchants, farm laborers, mothers with foodstuffs from the general store, and the like. All of them seemed to be either entering or exiting the town and on their way to and from outskirt villages, and soldiers of course were also everywhere. Xavier did find the fact that no one seemed to recognize Jared a bit strange, as he had expected at least one person to look up and wave.

Another thing Xavier also noted was the very specific dog population. Half the people in town, soldiers and citizens alike, held the leash of a large dog, and there appeared to be only two breed types in town. (OOC: Rottweilers and Shiba Inu).

Kingdom of Safe-Haven / GENERAL: Prostitution
« on: April 21, 2008, 07:28:23 PM »
Ah, prostitution, my favorite subject....

Thanks for the poke Chassic (doh), here is the skinny (double doh) from every perspective:


Prostitution is illegal in the entire Kingdom of Safe-Haven. Those offering themselves for any type sexual conduct with another for any type of property gain are subject to a fine of 100 gold pieces and/or 1 month in jail.


The commanding ranks from top to bottom quietly endorse prostitution. It is a cheap tool to keep the young soldier spirit high, especially with the boys, and most recently, a bit with the girls as well. Although leadership is clueless at the moment as to how this change came about in their female contingent, but as the pregnancy rate hasn’t increased and in fact has decreased in the recent year, they are happy with the change.

The reason for all this is that sexual conduct isn’t allowed until age 24, which obviously affects the military culture which has mandatory service for 18 year-olds. 6 years is a long time for a young adult to be ridden with this angst, so prostitution offered to soldiers who are on leave is almost considered a necessity by those in command. Note however, this doesn’t mean that every soldier partakes in the activity, but again, it isn’t discouraged.

All in command are two-faced to those they answer too in the church however, and they keep their fingers crossed behind their backs while praying to Kaine.


The theater district couldn’t survive without prostitution, nor the reverse. It is part of the culture that goes back almost two-thousand years. Multiple brothels exist within the oldest district in the kingdom, and the Elite Church police force long ago gave up on trying to shut them down.

But the devout Kainites still complain to legislators, so arrests are frequent, sometimes a “strike squad” raiding any given brothel on a once-a-month basis. But most citizens really consider it all a farce to hush the church. Fees are paid by the wealthy brothel owners and the hooker “managers” (neither of which are usually prosecuted) and “business” activity returns quickly back to “normal”.

The typical lady of the night is 24 to 34 years old and usually treated very well by their “management”. Although considered an abhorrent profession by the devout, those thrifty, sexy and immoral enough recognize the trade as a gold mine to early retirement.

Sexism is alive and well though, for male prostitution is almost unheard of. The complication of female soldiers being arrested for carrying a child before the honorable discharge from service at age 24, is something that angry commanders do not turn a blind eye too, and therefore too risky for the managers of the brothels.

Those young women that find themselves drawn to temptation of the flesh must either find another venue or visit the very skilled women their male counterparts are visiting. Although with a recent potion added to the market this may also evolve.


Shantytown is an eyesore to those devout Kainites who honor and obey Scripture. Decades of trials and tribulations in exterminating the foul trade of prostitution has only made it stronger. The solution? Get rid of Shantytown.


The 20% of people in the city that live by every word in the holy book have no sense of freedom or sense to let other people live and let live. Shantytown is what it is, a place where anything and anyone can be found to do anything with. If you are offended by the entertainment, don’t go there. If you are curious by it, go there with caution and a friend and know that there are enough soldiers there that one can be relatively safe. And if you are a frequent visitor? Just keep your hobby in its place, “what happens in Shanty, stays in Shanty.”

Characters / LIST of NOTABLE NPC's
« on: April 20, 2008, 12:11:26 AM »

Click those that have links for additional information:

    Ashley Hanson – 16 – Female – Whisper Administrator

    *”Captain” Jonathan Athol – 32 – Male – Major of the Capital City Guard

    *Cyric Longbow - 48 - Male - Council of 5, Leader of the Warden Council of the Old Order

    *David Cross – 15 – Male – Whisper Guard

    *Deidra Prescott – 37 – Female – Citizen - Mia’s “Auntie”

    *Draven Shanteel – 41 – Male – Orphanage Headmaster

Emmanuelle Keepsake – 15 – Female – Daughter to the High Priest - Whisper Member

*Fresenius Keepsake – 52 – Male – High Priest - 1st Council of Five Member

*Hayden Voit – 15 – Female – Whisper Shaman

* Jared Lightwell – 13 – Male – Whisper Member

* Jena Mistone - 15 - Female - Student, (She) Refused Whisper Membership

*John Tilverton – 15 – Male – Whisper Guard

*Judge Nathaniel Criss - 30 - Male - JUDGE of the House Guard of Kaine

*Kristen Penole – 15 – Female – Whisper Healer – Candidate for Deaconess of the Flame

* Leslie Marks – 12 – Female – Whisper Member

*Louminda Montegue – 15 – Female - Monty’s Daughter, Employee at the Nutcase

*Marcus Faithborn - 15 - Male - Suspected Church of Kaine conspirator

*Mark Garstell – 15 – Male – Whisper Guard

* Mia Prescott  – 13 – Female – Whisper Recruit

*Millis Ames – 61 – Female – Employee at the Church of Kaine

*”Monty” Tristan Montegue – 43 – Male - Owner of the Nutcase

*Myrtle Harbinger – 72 – Female – Deaconess of the Flame

* Renee Olsteel – 18 – Female – Whisper Leader

*River Quintell – 16 – Male – Whisper Healer

*Sally Maiden – 9 – Female – Unqualified Recuit

*Stephen Nadell - 29 - Male - Truancy Officer

*Stuart Fallcrest – 16 – Male – Hall Monitor

*William Marks – 52 – Male – Leslie’s Father

*William Wheaton – 15 – Male – Whisper Healer – Deaconess Acolyte

*Zak Witherleaf - 72 - Male - Priest at Light's Hope Chapel[/list]

In Character Discussions / 04.17.2132 - Worried About Friends
« on: April 16, 2008, 08:47:44 PM »
Leslie awoke before the sun in her little bedroom at her parents Inn, “Get There From Here”. Her father had converted a large suite at the Inn into two private bedrooms. Hers was in the back corner, the her next oldest sibling, her sister Sarah was adjacent to her, and her two younger brothers still slept in a room adjacent to her parents room on the second floor.

She still remembered the surprise last graduation day, 1 year ago, when she came home and her father took her upstairs to the third floor.

”You’re getting to be a big girl now and I am going to be expecting a lot more out of my eldest daughter,” he had said.

“As long as I can keep performing for your customers Daddy I will do anything you want”, she had said and she had meant it. She had started playing the flute and reciting poetry and tales the summer prior, and had attained enough of a following that customers wanted to see her return for another season.

So as the two of them approached the last suite in the corridor, she had every reason to believe he was just going to review all the cleaning duties she was expected to perform for the Inn during the summer.

What she got instead was the biggest surprise and show of love any daughter could ever want from her father.

In Character Discussions / 12.22.2132 - A Saturday Night Interlude
« on: April 13, 2008, 01:36:59 PM »
(OOC: Continued immediately after  12.22.2132 - Interview in Utopia

Temmit and Renee quickly made it back to the Library in the School District, the snow continued to fall at a steady pace, but no wind with the threat of a harder storm was forthcoming. Finding the address was easy for Renee, as she had just been there a couple weeks prior looking at the article in newspaper records. Temmit and Renee walked the shoveled paths on their way to the outer gates.

(OOC: Switching Renee to a Sorcerer/Warrior btw)

"We may not want to walk in case we run into harder weather,  are you in for a little horseback riding to Lakeshore?"

In Character Discussions / 12.22.2132 – Interview in Utopia.
« on: April 05, 2008, 09:03:08 AM »
(OOC: This thread continues where 12.22.2132 – Interview in ShantyTown left off)

Temmt, Renee and Emma made their way out of ShantyTown without incident. Temmit was pleasantly surprised that they didn't encountered obnoxious soldiers during their visit, attributing their luck to perhaps the time of the day.

’No matter, your face didn’t meet fist and you now have yet another lovely young lady in the guild.’ Smokey said.

Temmit agreed.

Making their way back to Nottingham Hall and the Nutcase, Renee went to buy the three of them more coffee and for her and Emma, a small loaf of bread along with some cheese. Meanwhile, Temmit and Emma stayed out of site, since there was even more kids hanging out at the popular spot then there had been earlier that morning.

“I still can’t believe our luck in finding the Hunter’s Medallion”. Emma said to him while they waited around the corner of a shop.

“I’d rather be lucky than good.”

Emma nodded, but was then quiet while they waited. Her mind returned to some far away place that it had been most of that morning.

Renee came back with the girls snack and the coffee.

The Library / Moments of HISTORY
« on: March 30, 2008, 10:24:28 PM »
The following is an account of the known history of humankind as it is now understood. From the Fall of the Human Empire to the military age we now live in, with all the trials and tribulations in between. I would like to thank the Council of 5 for the honor of the charge to write this book, a work that I hope will educate future generations for years to come. I would also like to thank High Priest Senathis for his divine council on all religious matters. This project was truly a blessing from Lord Kaine above.

-   Kyle Silverquill (1969 ESH to 2017 ESH)

Excerpts from the much larger volume are as follows:

- (date unknown) – FALL OF THE HUMAN EMPIRE

For thousands of years the human empire existed as hundreds of kingdoms spread all across the globe. All evil sentient strongholds and individuals had been vanquished. Amongst humankind, poverty, strife and war became unknown after generations of peace. A time known as the Golden Age of Mankind had been achieved.

From this, comes our first lesson in Kaine’s Scripture. “Arrogance breeds complacency with ignorance, the child of which is a fool that achieves limited goals with minimum effort and does not realize the boundaries of its own dreams.

And to the people within this seemingly timeless age of peace, this scripture would have been prophetic. For indeed over the many centuries children of arrogance were born. Citizens who had no concept of true suffering or knowledge on the depth of evil. These "unenlightened" meandered unhindered throughout two millenia of their Golden Age. People who dreamed of only heaven above, a heaven without a master, a heaven that allowed entry to everyone without judgement placed upon them for their heathestic past lives.

Leslie rolled her eyes away from the book in disgust. Not only was the biased author’s writing style almost insufferable, he was only on page 2 and already losing the primary objective of the text.

’This is going to be a hard textbook to get through if it continues like this,’she thought.

No matter, she was happy to be up, awake and reading while in her brand new[/b] bedroom. No little sister or brother would complain this night as she kept the lantern burning for as long as she wanted. As she lay on her stomach, fully stretched out on the new 'big girl' bed, she stretched and sighed in contentment. She smiled at the thougt that her toes didn't even reach the edge of the bed.

But if she was going to get this huge book read during the summer before Grade-Age 12, she needed to get moving. She put her eyes back on the page and tried harder to concentrate.

Approximately a hundred years before the downfall of mankind, sorcery, was discovered by the affluent members of high nobility in many of the kingdoms across the Empire. Evil, let alone the Karh’Thul, was unknown to humans at that time, and these unwitting humans of such high station were held in check by no man or greater power. They accepted this magic as the new science that would be the next great step in man’s evolution. Over the subsequent years it quickly became the ‘fashion’ at royal gatherings to show off and display these ‘wonderful new powers’, and  soon it was a race amongst the wealthy in each kingdom to discover the next great spell.
Little did the typical citizen of each kingdom realize that this was all part of an ancient demonic trap, set by the ancestors of the Karh’Thul at the beginning of time. A trap that had been sprung by their foolish leaders and wealthy citizens who only lusted for more greatness. The Karh’Thul had waited patiently, millenia ticking by for them as only years pass by for us mere mortals. Waiting for the day the key to their prison to be unlocked, and that day was finally at hand.

For the Arch Mage in each Kingdom, in charge of all magic for that region, was tricked. Each powerful sorcerer believed they alone had discovered a complicated spell that would summon a direct portal to heaven above. Each man consequentially over the days and nights worked their magics and their assistants in furious preparation of one glorious casting that would make their Kingdom the Gateway To Heaven.

At the pinnacle of an eclipse above the earth by our innocent moon, all the archmagi unknowingly cast a conjoined spell from each high tower in each kingdom, the result opened a rift in the fabric of reality and a massive portal to the Realm of the Damned was permanently opened.

Demonic armies, awaiting their own black prophecy on the other side had stood in waiting. They charged across continents, killing all in their path and nearly committing total genocide of the human race within two decades. Those that survived, became refugees; hiding, fleeing and living like animals, only to survive at least one more day. After two and a half centuries of this limited existence, the hope of our kind was nothing more than a candle light in the wind.

In Character Discussions / 12.22.2132 - Interview in ShantyTown
« on: March 30, 2008, 09:38:44 PM »
A cold day, but a clear one nevertheless, thought Temmit as he made his way around Nottingham Hall. The large courtyard of granite tiles was freshly shoveled as was typical of all the 'uppity' parks in the Winter.

Other than the Church of Kaine itself, Temmit didn't find any other building quite as obnoxious as Nottingham Hall. Finished just 30 years ago, the brand new granite building was the "main attraction" for theater extravaganzas and symphony concerts for the 'well-to-do' in the Kingdom.

Leslie had once told him of her "dieing to go", but Temmet deduced that the 200gp ticket, just for the last row of the balcony, was something her parents probably couldn't justify.

He made his way around the ridiculously sized building and towards the Nutcase. As expected, there was an unfortunate amount of the older kids, almost two dozen, hanging outside, including Emma who stood in line behind none-other-than Stew the lunchroom-lacky under the canopy in front of the small building.

As kids picked up there coffee and nutbread from Monty, or his daughter Luminda, at one of the two windows, they would turn and join their intimate groups milling about the adjacent Hall's courtyard.

Five kids were in line at the moment, with Stew in second and Emma third.

The Library / Journal of Captain Johnathan Athol - (Temmit only)
« on: March 29, 2008, 09:13:46 PM »
The following info can be read by anyone, but only Temmit can act upon the info herein unless he shares it with others at a later time. Thanks.

Journal of Captain Johnathan Athol

“My accounts of the lovely Miss Renee Olsteel”

With that as the lone title on the cover page, you instantly knew that your assumption that this journal would bring nothing but trouble and even danger was correct.

As journals go, it wasn’t as boring or as technical as you thought it might have been. From the reading of 240 pages, the following are your assumptions and evaluations of the man that wrote the book.


    The Captain is 34 years old, 10 years retired from the Outer Rim Defense. He then immediately re-enlisted as an officer in the Capital City Guard. Like so many in this society, he is a career military man. “Captain” is also a nickname and not an actual title, for unfortunately the man actually carries the rank of Major. His command responsibility is all station posts throughout the city, over 400 men. Obviously this is a major reason Renee chose him.
    *He has one accommodation, earned to him when in battle for the Outer Rim Defense, a Flame Medallion, just like Renee.


    The Captain isn’t extraordinary, nor is he a schlep. He is a hard working man who seeks to have a family someday. From certain snippets of passages he has ethically worked within the system to gain every advantage he could in his career path. He also mentions a good savings built up in the Bank of Safe Haven. This he plans on using to purchase a home close to the capital where he can then consult part time as a military training specialist.
    *The “Captain” however, is a sexist, it is made plain within his writings. What also is evident is that he is not forthcoming with his opinion of the “fairer and weaker sex” as the book is full of his observations of the admiring young women throughout the city. Temmit notes, women in this society, who by all “normal people” are considered equals, who would be appalled at this man’s narrow view of them.

Relationship with Renee:

    The Captain really likes Renee, throughout the journal, even when accounting for all of her illegal activities; he doesn’t in any way slight her. In some instances his writing puts him in the light of defense council speaking to the jury, which is the reader. He makes many attempts (again while recording her crimes) to justify her actions for the good of her family and friends.
    *Reading between the lines, as instructed, Temmit knows that the Captain doesn’t really love Renee, even though he sometimes speaks highly of her courage and compassion to do the right thing by people in the city. It is Temmit’s opinion that the Captain’s intention is NOT to marry her after her 6 years of service. So what is his intention then? Temmit wonders.
    *The Captain really enjoys “being with Renee” as the book details their bedroom activities frequently.

Incriminating Knowledge:

    The Captain is NOT aware that Renee is a leader of a resistance group known as Whisper.
    *He is aware of her black market activity, knowing (first hand you might say) of the conception-control drug she sells. In fact he has promoted this drug to his soldier friends who have strongly suggested the drug to their sexual partners. This is the one and only slip he makes with his own hand in scribe. For conception-control was made illegal back in the day when girls needed to become pregnant as soon as their bodies were able, and although the enforcement of the law isn’t something heard of in this day, the law still exists in the books.

*        *        *

‘Where have I heard that before?’ Temmit wondered.
‘From Renee’s father.,’ said Smokey matter-of-factly
‘Oh,’ Temmit thought casually.
‘Oh!’ Temmit exlaimed in thought.
‘Ooooooh,’ Temmit thought as it all “clicked into place”.
‘Thank fate you can at least perceive emotions, otherwise I wouldn't know what to do with you my friend,’ Smokey teased him gently.

*   *    *

    The Captain also knows first hand what Kristen looks like. Early on in the journal, shortly after Renee admitted to her "criminal activity" (Captain's words) with the Black Market, Renee asked him to reduce the amount of men at a checkpoint to make it inconvenient to make arrests or otherwise harass. On the night of that very first occasion (of what would be many) that Renee would request, the Captain did what he was asked but he also scoped Kristen out from an unseen vantage point. Since that night, Kristen has had to gain passage into Lowtown numerous times. Since she is a very lovely young woman, many guards tend to delay her at the Checkpoint so they can get good eye candy, but with her flirtations she has never been refused entry. This though, has made her a welcome, but also well known visitor to the guards who have her beauty permanently etched into their memories.

    *The Captain does not reveal on whether he knows where the chemical laboratory is located, though he does mention wondering about it early on in the time the activity started.
    *The Captain mentions the black market raids each and every daily entry at the end of the journal. Reading again between the lines, Temmit wonders how tempting the thought to turn over Renee would have been.

Kingdom of Safe-Haven / RELIGION: Circle of the Flame
« on: March 29, 2008, 05:21:07 PM »
Each of them is known as a Deaconess but many praise each of its member as a Puritan Saint. Their sect of the Church is often called “The Convent”, and many plays in the Theater District romance that these women are all Wives of Kaine, blessed by him when he visits their rooms at night in their remote Hall of the Church. For these women have taken the vow of chastity; to only know Kaine when bound by this mortal coil, so as to fully be ready for him when they enter his domain in heaven above. Scripture states that they are rewarded by their God Husband’s love upon reaching The Kingdom of Heaven. Their blessed union, a consummation of their love in heaven above creating winged warriors of white magic known as Angels

Whatever the truth of the matter you may believe, or how you may address them, the Circle of the Flame was and still is a crucial component to the success of all humankind, for it is only these women deemed ordained to bear the burden of the dangerous white magic known as our coveted Holy Flame. And the extinguishing of this flame is not an exception to the rule, therefore it is two from the circle who are chosen by Kaine himself (via the High Priest of the Church) to extinguish the Holy Flame barrier in the the Ceremony of the Veil, the ceremony which starts each and every Kah’Tharta. The Veil and the Kah’tharta, performed four times a year for the past hundreds and hundreds of years, and only possible due to the sacrifice and selflessness of the women of this order.

The Library / The Battle of Millenguard - The Remake
« on: March 29, 2008, 02:34:31 PM »
Hello my children, my name is Drayke Silverwind, it is my honor today to share with you a great story of legend. Now I know many of you are too old for bedtime stories and fairy tales, but I think that should you lend me your patience for a few turns, you will find yourselves hard pressed to escape the attention I have stolen from you.

The Battle of Millenguarde:
In a time over 1200 years ago, in the early tenth century (900+ ESH), several hundreds of years after the final and fourth wall of Our-Commons had been completed. The Kingdom of Safe-Haven was finally able to breathe the air of freedom, for it expanded 6 to 8 miles in every direction from their God’s Spire. The Military School had been successful for three generations in the development of powerful and brave male child warriors. Meanwhile in the city, strong young women carried the burden to protect and raise the future.

The seasonal battles, the Kah'tharta, were a huge success for over 100 years as the victories continued to allow expansion of the Kingdom. Life was still difficult, especially for the young, but the hope for all humankind’s survival was strong and no longer in doubt. After almost a millennium of struggle, the city of Our-Commons and the people within it had become a finely-tuned machine for War.
The Summer Kah'tharta of 919 ESH was to be like any other, another chance to expand the land and allow humankind to grow. Each seasonal battle took the lives of young brave men, but with Kaine’s guidance from heaven above, only a precious few would be lost in the conquest for the greater good.

However, as we all now know, it would not be a simple victory on this day in history, for although it is often said that history is written by the victors, it would be scribed with their own blood upon the parchment on this fateful day.

« on: March 29, 2008, 10:57:39 AM »
This is a metamagic FEAT from the CITYSCAPE book, page 60. Reprinted here for your reference.


Prerequisite: NONE
Benefit: Disgsuise spell origin


You can cast spells that seem to come from somewhere other than where they should.

Benefit: A deceptive spell appears to come from any direction you choose. For instance, a magic missle might shoot from a nearby doorway, rather than from your own finger or a lightning bolt might emerge from the floor rather than from you. You cannot use this feat to gain a bonus to hit, to circumvent cover, to flank, or in any others way to a gain a numeric or mechanical advantage on any attack rolls. Its purpose is to disguise the source of the spell, preventing anyone who did not actively observe you casting it from recognizing you as its caster. You cannot apply Deceptive Spell to any spell with a range of touch or a target of you.

A deceptive spell uses up a slot one level higher than the spell's actual level. (OOC: So this is really only good at 3rd level when you can cast a first level spell using a 2nd level spell slot)

In Character Discussions / 12.21.2132 - Renee's Concern
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This occurs after the Whisper Meeting on 12.21.2132, which is accounted for in Weekend Plans post

Almost immediately following her curtsy and the meetings end, Renee turned to Temmit, gently took his arm and led him and Emma away from the others. Walking almost into the voting booth, she smiled and began the business of command debriefing.

"Temmit, I am staying at the Shrine of Kaine in Lakeshore with Emma tomorrow night, but tomorrow we would like to make the attempt at  interviewing two of the three candidates, both of which are in the Theater District. Will you be available?" she asked.

Temmit noted that her gaze this evening seem to be penetrating his own more than usual, as if she was curiously sensitive to see how he was handling all this. The curve of the lids in her eyes spoke great volume to how much she cared about his feelings in the situation.

(Edited the location of the pajama party, Renee's parents house is too far away).

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