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Out of Character Discussions / House Assignments
« on: November 22, 2008, 07:27:40 AM »
A student is assigned a house at the age of nine, some are re-assigned by age ten, and very rarely do they switch houses after that. A students house dictates his/her special field of study but does not confine that student specifically to that curriculum. Students are still required to take the fundamental classes of all other houses.

Students live in dormitories assigned by House and gender.

My current understanding of players assignments are as follows:

Temmit = Scribes

Shannon = Actors

Xavier = The Protectors?

Harrison = The Clergy?

Here is the link to the thread with some House Info --->  ACADEMICS

In Character Discussions / 01.02.2133 - Pop the Cherry
« on: November 19, 2008, 12:32:58 PM »
Classmates awoke in every room across the school district as the noise (of what sounded like thunder) became louder and louder outside the dormitories.

Peeking out their windows, the creation of the racket was blocked from the student view by the darkness of the pre-dawn sky, and moreso, by the incredibly bad weather that had swept in during the winter night. But every student, save perhaps the 5-years, knew what commeth.

The battle wagons.

Once each quarter, a couple hundred of students were selected for "the breech", a coordinated wargame to test all "15-years" and above. A wargame that was always unannounced as much as a "breech" in the outer-rim would be.

These battle wagons were here to take them to the fields, and at roll call, the students would learn who had been selected.

At the sight of the torches posted atop the wagons came into view, your heart starts to race with the anxiety of not knowing...not knowing if today would be your last.

(If anyone wants to post in regards to this new development - which is a prelude to the table session - please start a new thread named "01.02.2133 - INSERT NAME HERE WAKES TO THE GAME)"

(NOTE: None of you have ever been selected for the wargame yet...until now.)

In Character Discussions / Kit's Past - Dray's Future
« on: August 22, 2008, 12:56:32 PM »
Dray rocked back and forth while sitting in the unusual cold spot on the floor, his arms wrapped around his legs folded in front of him.

*   *   *

He had arrived at the Kit’s home only a few moments ago, upon receiving no answer to his hails at the door, he had opened it and quickly discovered Kit’s fathers’ body. In a panic, he had run into Kit’s bedroom and upon seeing it vacant went to the only other room in the house. There he found the charred corpse of Kit’s Mom lying on an undamaged bed.

He threw up his breakfast.

Choking back the vomit and the tears, anguish threatened to overcome the thirteen-year-old. He called out to Kitalia at the top of his voice. He ran outside the secluded farmhouse and yelled her name over and over, facing up the street and down and into the surrounding woods. There was no sign of her, and in his panic, he couldn’t decide to be thrilled or scared about it.

He ran back into the small house to look for clues, as he passed by her father who laid facedown in a pool of his own dried blood he sensed it, a spot on the floor that was unusually cold. It made him stop in his tracks. The chill of the air wrapped around his legs as if the phenomenon was low to the ground. He stooped over to investigate and that was then he sensed her.

It was if she was there… an invisible ghost of Kitalia on the floor, unable to contact him. And the flood of emotion within the cold was filled with abject horror and sorrow.

His mind had frozen with it.

*   *   *

Dray rocked back and forth while sitting in the unusual cold spot on the floor, his arms wrapped around his legs folded in front of him.

In Character Discussions / New Threads
« on: July 21, 2008, 08:29:08 PM »
This thread begins where  Royal Company left off.

Characters / Jena Mistone
« on: July 12, 2008, 09:37:43 PM »
NAME: Jena Mistone
AGE: 15
BIRTHDATE: 02.14.2117
HOUSE: The Actors

ATTRIBUTES: Jena is a brown-haired, brown eyed pretty girl who has an incredibly alluring physique and charisma to match, and the girl knows it. She is very flirtatious and knows how to direct attention her way with a coy quip or attractive laugh.

APPEARANCE: When not in school, Jena tends to wear tight clothing that shows off her voluptuous but muscular form. She has actually been arrested for some of the clothes she has worn on the streets in the summer time, and then sent back to the orphanage to change after a “slap on the wrist“.


“The Slut”

    Her reputation started when she was caught by a student (no one knows specifically who) giving Headmaster Shanteel a hand job when she was thirteen. Since then, Jena hasn’t denied or confirmed the event, nor has she done anything to diminish her title as “the slut”.

    *Jena has had many boyfriends since the event with Shanteel, the unofficial count being 18. Of these boys, many have claimed to fellow classmates that they have had sex with the girl. The rumor of the girls promiscuity made it to the Truancy Office, and they got involved six months ago. After an investigation of the girl, and her allegedly lucky boyfriends,  neither Jena or any of these boys have been arrested or prosecuted. Even after the girl was ordered to be examined and questioned by the Quintescant. This made the more mature and reasonable students and teachers of the school wonder to the complete truth of her reputation.

    *Jena is one of a few denied recruits in the Whisper Guild. She was interviewed at age 11 by Renee’s predecessor Michael Banks. She answered the questions correctly and did indicate having abilities, specifically psionic, but refused to join the group, wanting to go at it alone.

    *Jena is in the Actors house, and is already making a name for herself in both school and on the stage. She is an up-and-coming actress in the Theater District, having starred in many professional performances in the Summer seasons since she was 10.

    *Despite being the Actors house, Jena uses her elective slots in her schedule for more gym class whenever she can. The girl has therefore become one of the best warriors outside of the Protectors House, and the teachers in the two prospective houses always debate on where she best belongs.


Jena has no parents, they both were life-time military soldiers of the Outer-Rim Defense and died during a Kar’Tharta when she was two. She resides in the orphanage during the summer season, preferring that over staying with “acting friends” who live in ShantyTown.

Game Log / Game Session 3A - Stolen Spy
« on: June 28, 2008, 01:03:42 PM »
GAME SESSION 3A - Stolen Spy

Johan - Temmit

Non-Player Characters:
Renee Olsteel
Leslie Marks

Note: This is a continuation of the 12.27.2132 - Awakening to a Nightmare thread.



Temmit and Renee walked briskly though the snow storm from the Marks tavern to the Theater District. Neither talked as they headed to the new shopping emporium where Renee’s contact with the Warden Council of the Old Order ran a doll store.

Upon reaching the place at half past 8 dawnhand, neither were surprised to find the store still closed. Renee tapped on the plate-glass window of the door in a set pattern and an older woman with a medium frame and gray hair answered the door and let them in. (OOC: Picture Martha Stewart).

(OOC: The following conversation is not verbatim from the Game Session, but it does portray the general interaction).

“I am missing one of my people from the guild,” Renee said bluntly.

“Oh? Why do you come to me then?” Martha (Stenwert) asked coyly. Temmit already sensing (using both his powers and his sense motive skills) that the woman knew more than she was letting on.

“Because your my one and only contact with the Warden Council, because you know of the goings on in that guild and perhaps may be able to enlighten me on how a girl in my group could have vanished.” Renee replied in frustration. Renee was already at the edge of her boiling point for she had been frustrated with her contact’s condescending attitude and half-answers for months. The Warden Council, in many ways just an adult version of Whisper, was not very willing to communicate with the leader of Whisper, thinking it kept the group better insulated that way.

“Well, they didn’t report anything and I have no idea why you lost someone,” Martha said. Temmit immediately signaled Renee that she was lying outright.

Renee went into a rage and unsheathed her sword as she marched across the room and slammed Martha into a curio and some shelves. Dolls and collectibles flew from where Martha hit and crashed to the floor as Renee held her sword to the woman’s throat.

“I am not mating around, I want the girl found and you know something!” Renee shouted in her face.

Martha, never before having seen this level of anger from the young red-head, went into hysterics and plead to Renee not to be hurt. All the while, Martha also continued to deny her involvement. Renee shoved her and walked away, giving Temmit a pleading look on what to do next, as she was at wit’s end.

Temmit had been looking around the shop while Renee roughed-up her Warden Council contact. Near the door, three shelves mounted vertically above one another each had a pair of porcelain dolls. At least the top two did, the bottom shelf had one doll and an empty doll stand next to it. The missing doll was an important clue that immediately clicked into his mind. For he had already seen that doll...when he had visited Leslie in her room just days prior. (12.24.2132 - A Hopenight at the Tavern). She had been in this store and had bought the doll for her sister’s birthday, the very same doll that stood in the now empty doll stand

Temmit pathed Telempathic Projection at Martha. She didn’t make her save and immediately fled to Temmit’s arms for comfort, seeing him as a friend and ally against the angry Renee.

Temmit played on the woman’s emotions, hoping she had not only a connection to the entire disappearance, but would actually identify the very girl they were looking for.

“That empty doll stand over there Martha, on the shelf near the door,” he said pointing.

“Yes,” Martha said, looking up at it with a tear-streaked face.

“The girl who bought that doll...” Temmit started.

“Cute little blond girl, yes?”

“That was our friend who was abducted.”

The shock of it all hit Martha like a ton of bricks.

She cried for many moments while Renee and Temmit looked on. Renee almost came at her again but Temmit stayed her with a motion of his hand, he sensed the woman would about to confess her knowledge.

And confess she did, with tears and apologies she admitted to her part in what was a kidnapping of Leslie Marks.

“The Warden Council has had inner turmoil these past many months. With the increased frequency of Karh’Thul attacks and the interference of the government, the gifted within the Order have been frustrated. They can’t use their abilities to defend themselves against the demons because of the Outer-Rim Defense soldiers presence, and they have been wounded and killed,” Martha spoke as one who belonged to anti-government resistance group. Temmit sensed where this was going...Martha had turned into a double-agent.

“One of the Warden Council’s number, Damien Starke, a gifted Wizard, faked his own death so he could flee from Shadow Keep (Warden Council headquarters). He came to Our-Commons which was really the only place he could hide, hide in case they discovered his ruse. After a few weeks, he contacted me, and at first, I was going to turn him in I assure you!” Martha pleaded, but both Temmit and Renee were not convinced.

“But he spoke of the disparity in the Warden Council’s charter. The soldiers mere fodder to the very government that would have them judged and executed anyway had they known the truth.”

“He seduced me into thinking that he would form a new Resistance, one that wouldn’t be under the thumb of the government,” she said in tears. Temmit sensed that she knew how much trouble she was now in, the Warden Council would not be kind to one who was aiding and abetting an criminal refugee from their ranks.

“Instead he used what information I could give him and he made contacts with the black market family, the Cordello. He hired mercenaries and thugs and has formed a new thieves guild called the Lowtown Shadow,” Martha said, hitting her fist on one of the doll tables in anger.

“Information you have him? You betraying bitch!” Renee said and made a lunge at her. Temmit held her back, knowing Martha hadn’t finished in her confession.

“What else did you tell him Martha?” he asked her politely, trying to maintain the facade of friendship that his power had given her. “What does this have to do with Leslie?”

“Before he had revealed to me his creation of the Thieves Guild, when he was still spouting promises of a new Order, a new Resistance, he told me that the only way that he would remain safe is if he had some leverage against the Warden Council. His plan was to kidnap one of the Whisper children and hold her until they signed a pact to give him his freedom, and their promise that they would not prosecute him.” Martha said, her face becoming flush with embarrassment, for she truly had been the fool.

“And you believed him?!” Renee shouted. “Stupid bitch,” she said in a sigh.

“Yeah well,” Martha started to defend herself, and then thought better of it and continued in her confessional tone. “He was very convincing and charming. He said that he wouldn’t hurt the Whisper member, just needed her as a means to an end.”

“What other names did you give him beside’s Leslie’s? Or did you actually bring the man to our members?” Temmit asked, a little more harshly than he intended, for he needed to continue the ruse that they were friends. It was the only reason the confession had come forth.

“I have been reading all of Renee’s correspondence between Whisper and the Warden Council, but I only had a few names,” she said with her face down to the floor.

“You read my correspondence?! What gives you the right?!” Renee demanded.

Martha’s head shot up at her, “The Warden Council does! They ordered me to peruse all correspondence for importance, so as not to bother them with trivial matters.”

Renee unsheathed her sword again, but Temmit gave her a stare to back down. She complied.

“In Renee’s letters I saw mention of the girl Leslie, who I hadn’t ever met before she had come to the store just days ago...poor little child,” Martha sighed.

Temmit overcame the urge to bitch slap the woman for Renee, and he ignored the foray of murderous comments that were coming from Smokey.

“She, and two others, River and a girl named Kristen. He was going to spy on the three and pick one to kidnap and bring to a cell he received from Sephlin Cordello” she finished.

“I have heard enough.” Renee stated and then moved over and grabbed Martha painfully by her arm. “We are tying you up in the back room.”

“Are you sure we are done here?” Temmit asked.

“No please...I didn’t meant to help him...I won’t do it again...please don’t tie me up?!” Martha’s begging fell on two pairs of deaf ears.

“I know enough from this idiot to know what we need to do next,” Renee said and she and Temmit took the woman to the back windowless room and began to tie her up.

“We are going to go to the Cordello District, speak to Sephlin and get the location of the cell, we will then raid it and save Leslie.

Martha’s eyes opened wide at this announcement, and just before Renee put a gag on her she pleaded one last time. “Please don’t tie me up? What if the two of you are killed in the cell? I will starve to death!” Martha said.

“Then you better tell us anything we need to know before I put this gag on, shouldn’t you Martha dear?” Renee asked, her voice dripping with venom.

She had nothing. She repeated the name of the Lowtown Shadow guild, told the pair about the types of non-Cordello has-been mercenaries Damien Starke had hired, but had little else.

The gag Renee placed on Martha was so tight the woman’s face immediately started turning blue around it.

Temmit and Renee returned to the front of the shop, verified the CLOSED sign was still hanging and placed a piece of parchment in the front picture window stating that ’Sorry that I am closed today due to illness. All missed appointments and orders will be fulfilled at a later time with a heavy discount’[/b]. They then cleaned up the room of all it’s damaged goods on the floor, lest a passerby see the signs of violence through the large shopping window.

“Come, we need to go to the Bank of Safe Haven first, then to the Whisper supply house before we make our journey to the Cordello District,” Renee said to Temmit.

“Lead on,” Temmit replied.

(GAME SESSION 3A to be Continued in next post - BANK OF SAFE-HAVEN)

In Character Discussions / 12.27.2132 - Awakening to a Nightmare
« on: June 26, 2008, 07:16:37 PM »
While Temmit’s dormitory roommate Filch slept, he laid awake thinking into the early hours of Healday (Thursday). The many events of the past weekend still hindered him with their jumbled chaos. Looking back on it, he realized that he would always mark it as the time that everything started into motion. For how could it all not change now? Something big was coming, and he wanted to be prepared for it, and sleep was the least of his concerns.

But he then fell asleep.

He awoke hands later to the gentle mental nudge of Smokey.
’It’s just Renee, don’t be alarmed.’ he warned.

Temmit opened his eyes, his heart suddenly racing despite the warning. He quickly realized that he must have dozed off, his exhausted mind sneaking past the enigma of his often stalking nightmare without it spying him.

It was pitch dark in the room, he guessed it was still very early in the morning, perhaps 5 dawnhand.

‘I don’t see her.’ he pathed back to Smokey, wondering what she was doing in his dorm room.

‘Yet she is there. She is invisible, but I think she touched me to let me know of her presence and so I would wake,’ Smokey said.

Just then Renee, whispered in his ear. It was so dark, he had no idea if she had come out of her invisibility or not, but he could smell and sense her body warmth, as she was really close to him.

“Temmit,” her voice barely overcame the noise of the wind outside, and Filch slept ignorant of her presence.

In Character Discussions / 12.23.2132 - Back to the Future
« on: June 23, 2008, 06:35:36 PM »
This thread continues on where  Investigation left off.

In Character Discussions / Kit's Life - REVISED!!
« on: June 23, 2008, 11:14:38 AM »

2 years ago, with the help of some really good friends, I wrote a thread that I think is still my favorite to date. 'Kit's Life.'

As I started the thread, I was afraid that my real-life buddies would find my portrayal of the dramatic teenager's ordeal "foolish" or "way over the top". I never imagined that they (Griznuq, Johan and Wildfire) would so enthusiastically contribute to the storyline and make it so incredibly enjoyable to write.

My hats off to all three of you.

Anyway. It was in the middle of this thread, Kit's Life, that Wildfire and I started an offline email thread that coincided with the bloody one on Griznuq. As both Johan and Griznuq had guessed, there was an internal stuggle going on in Kit's mind that was being played out but could not be seen.

To make a long story short (too late), I have now weaved that storyline into the Kit's Life thread.

It is called
Psychic Surgery and starts on PAGE 10 of the Kit's Life thread and goes to about PAGE 14.

I happen to think it is some of Wildfire's best writing and want to offer him 'kudos' on a job well done.

This inner battle, that played within the one occurring in the 'real-world', I think speaks to age-old storyline of good vs. evil, but it also hints on possibilities on what may lie ahead in the future for our Threshold characters.

Anyway, here it is in it's full content. The PSYCHIC SURGERY is represented by
italicized cyan entries. Also note, I have painstakingly (3 hours) gone through every single post and reformated all the "?" and the colors and links. Now if anyone wants to read the full 20 page documents (pfft), you now can.


Characters / Mia Prescott
« on: June 14, 2008, 09:29:03 PM »
NAME: Mia Prescott
AGE: 13 (12.23.2132)
BIRTHDATE: 08.31.2119
HOUSE: The Artificers House


Mia is not popular at school.

At school, Mia Prescott's appearance is always in disarray. To her fellow students, especially the girls, she always appears to be in frantic rush and therefore refuses to stop a moment to put clothing and hair in order. “It will only get messed up again“, she often tells them when defending herself.

However, those who have dared to take the time to speak at length with her, have not only discovered her keen intellect, but have also enjoyed her pleasant demeanor. She is often referred to by her short list of friends as a “diamond in the rough“. Friends in her House that don’t care about what the other students think (more on this below).

At school Mia surprisingly, and a bit unknowingly, has a few male admirers in the Artificers House. Although it does have an 80% male population, that fact notwithstanding, her guy friends sincerely admire the comely young teenager for her incredible artistry with crafting metal.

“The girl has a gift, she makes the metal yield to her command.”

“She isn’t exactly hard on the eyes either.”

“Yeah, put a comb through that hair, take off the lead apron and you definitely have a lovely girl.”

“Who can make a masterwork sword twice as good as the Masters.”

Most students do not see this side of her though. Since the Artificers House is light in population of gossipy females, Mia’s true nature doesn’t overpower a reputation that has been built around her the past few years.

For most of the students in the other Houses think of Mia only as the ShantyTown Fortune Teller..

They look down upon her as a plaything for soldiers in ShantyTown, thinking her Fortune Teller practice as a front for "other services" she most likely offers perverted men. Many a girl in whispers “Slut of Fortune” behind her back.

Although her business is legit and Mia is disgusted with the accusations, she stopped battling the reputation months ago, for it was just no use. Why? Partly because of the place she lives, the seediest section of the poorest place in the kingdom, but more because of her family. Her mother is rumored to be a prostitute and her Aunt an out-of-work, overweight actress, and thought to be a raging alcoholic. And no one knows who her father is, including Mia.

And it doesn’t help that the rumors about her family are close to the truth.

For unfortunately, her mother is indeed a lady of the night, but knows of no other trade that can make her as much coin. She lives and operates her business on the third floor of a narrow three-floor shack where that Mia and her Auntie Deidra call home.

The rumors of her Auntie however are out of date and in parts extremely unjustified. She lost her beloved husband in the War three years ago, drink proved to be her only comfort during that dark time of her life. But it was also during that time she could have been a rising star, she instead ended her career as she stumbled on stage and even passed out during a performance. The rumors that went along with that embarrassment never diminished, and now her niece carries its stigmata on a daily basis, despite the fact that her Aunt hasn’t had a drop since (turning to food for comfort instead).

*   *   *

The above is the general knowledge known about Mia at this time, as she becomes a more permanent member of Whisper, more pertinent information may be revealed.

Out of Character Discussions / SCHOOL FRIENDS
« on: June 10, 2008, 08:28:03 AM »
One thing I just intimated to Wildfire in an ongoing thread is something I would to reiterate here. Just a reminder of the current "culture" of your lives.

All of you are students in the Capital City of Our-Commons from the tender age of 5 and up for approximately 8 to 9 months every year. So even if you are an orphan, you would still not be in "solitude" while in this world.

In the non-school-days of summer, orphans who don't find housing with employers share rooms at the orphanage with up to 7 roommates.

During the school year, from 7am to 7pm you are in classes with 10 to as many as 80 other kids at a time.

During the school year, you are in a dormitory room which you share with a roommate. (Unfortunately there are no co-ed dorms.)

So it would stand to reason that even though there are almost two-thousand students in the system, all the players would at least recognize other kids who walk around in this campaign.

eg. "Oh there's Julie, I heard she's a slut."

"Hey, there's Willy, I heard he got demerits for his House when he skipped school!"

That sort of thing.

Anyway...I just wanted to remind you "loner orphans" that although you may be an introverted sulking teenager who thinks the whole world is out to get him (oh wait a is), that doesn't mean you aren't surrounded by many other kids your age who are getting through the trials of life and having a good time.

Out of Character Discussions / TABLE SESSION
« on: June 08, 2008, 08:12:46 PM »
Believe it or not, this campaign will not always exist in this (ICD) medium only. Xavier made it to the table with "the Hunter's Cabin", and that turned out to be an excellent run to get my DM feet wet again.

It is my hope that as these threads continue, you guys start to recognize some obvious clues which lead you to the first epic adventure I had created even before I had developed Safe-Haven.

If I can line up the moons, your schedules, and these threads...then we may yet have a nice little sit-down soon. For there is more behind the screens than in front of them...if you can believe it.

In Character Discussions / 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
« on: May 23, 2008, 10:12:30 PM »
12.23.2132 - Interview in Church

It was 9 dawn-hand and Temmit and Renee stood in the open foyer of the east wing of the church. As Emma had warned, the guards didn't allow them entry during the morning sermon, even though the pair were indeed informed of Temmit and Renee’s arrival. So they simply waited for Emma to arrive in the frigid, high-ceiling room that was open to the winter elements on three of its four walls.

The fine crystals of snow, that had fallen the previous night, carried in on the freezing wind into the foyer. A vortex of white intermittently spun around the huge status of Kaine at the room's center. A guard with a push-broom worked hard to keep the snow from gathering too long in any one place on the floor.

The cloudy day was very cold.

Finally, the door opened from the inside and Emmanuelle stuck her head out. A swathe of warm air flowed past her and the guards and teased them with its welcome.

“Ah good, the two of you have arrived on time,” Emma stated in a condescending tone. A show for the guards lest they be suspicious. “I hope you have brought all that I require.”

Renee had told Temmit of Emma’s alibi[/i] behind their visit while they sipped coffee at the Nutcase this morning. They were school friends assisting her with a difficult chemistry homework assignment.

“Yes Miss Keepsake,” Renee replied. “But I am afraid the assignment could take the better part of the morning, perhaps longer.”

“No matter Renee, let’s just get it done,” Emmanuelle stated shortly and opened the door the rest of the way.

Temmit and Renee passed the two guards and went inside. When the massive doors closed behind them no one spoke. They simply followed Emma down corridors and up stairwells to many to count as she lead them to her room.

The beauty of the Church was not lost on Temmit who had never been there (since the place isn’t one frequented by orphans). Marble everywhere and not a bit of it untouched by a sculptor or painters hand. A dark red carpet ran the length of all corridors, a myriad of patterns mostly depicting battles with Karh‘Thul was expertly sewn within it. Arched ceilings were not exempt even in the corridors, like the foyer the stone and wood of the upper floors were held with marble trusses with mosaic paintings in between.

Gold was everywhere, not a single lantern, sculpture or chandelier was not made of it. Even the arched double-door to Emma’s room was banded with it.

Beyond the pair of doors was a small corridor which passed bye a massive private marble bathroom and a large walk-in closet. When they reached the bedroom Temmit actually stopped in his tracks, amazed at its size, for it was as big as a house.

The same luxuries they had passed throughout the church were not spared in Emma’s bedroom. A canopy bed large enough to sleep four had posts holding up drapes of heavy white cloth. The mattress almost looked too tall for a person to get up on. Dozens of white satin covered pillows that had been beautifully embroidered with gold thread were neatly arranged on the made bed. Underneath them was the same bedding that matched the draping curtains, neatly tucked and folded.

A sharp memory of home hit Temmit unexpectedly as he recognized an object he had burned his fingers on as a very little child. The object was to the side of Emma' bed,s a mattress pot[/i], made of a heavy iron that was nothing more than a pan with a removable slotted grill cover. But the one Emma had was huge and Temmit wondered if it took two servants to heave it up and under the top pillow mattress after they filled it with coals from the fire.

Throughout the room was more furniture than one person could need. Three bureau’s made of ancient Outland Pine and inlaid with gold and platinum stood at various places in the room, each large enough to most likely fit the clothes of all seven kids that Temmit shared a room with at the orphanage. A massive writing desk (of the same expensive pine) was on the wall between two curtained windows. The heavy white curtains of the windows had the same gold-thread embroidery matching the pillows on the bed. Each was a was a work of art, the left an exquisite depiction of the holy symbol of Kaine (shield and sword resting on a knapsack), the right a depiction of the God himself (a tall Herculean type of figure). On the desk, writing materials and various instruments (some recognized from school) made of nothing but polished silver.

    A harpsichord covered with the paintings of butterflies,
    *a dressing bureau with silver combs, brushes and make-up kit,
    *a rug that almost reached wall to wall it’s ornate pattern depicting a meadow of flowers,
*a fireplace taller than a man and made of a solid piece of black marble,
*a wall of bookcases full of books bound in leather,[/list]

...the room reeked of wealth.

But what caught Temmit’s immediate attention was the exquisite dining table between the bed and another curtained (embroidery capturing a battle scene with demons) window. Three of the four chairs were set with fine ceramic plates and polished silver utensils around an amount of food that would be a challenge for the three of them to eat. Hot sausages, eggs, pancakes and a large carafe of coffee enticed him beyond the small piece of raisin-bread he had had two hands ago.

“Sit my friends. Lets have some late breakfast, for we still have about half a hand before we can go down to the room Marcus is in,” Emma said motioning them to the table. “I figured since we don’t have occasion to allow you two into the Church often, we might as well take advantage of the moment, so I had this prepared.”

Game Log / Session 2A - The Hunter's Cabin
« on: May 14, 2008, 11:24:17 PM »
GAME SESSION 2A - The Hunter's Cabin

Xavier - Chassic

Non-Player Characters:
Jared Lightwell
River Quintell

Note: This is a continuation of the 04.20.2132 - Southaven thread.


Xavier and Jared were dropped off by Mr. Church in the Southaven. The two boys made their way first to the End of the World Inn at the heart of the city, figuring they may need to secure a room for the night prior to looking for Jared’s dead-beat and drunken father.

Upon arriving at the Inn, they found that the price at 10sp a night would be too steep and decided to forgo the accommodations.

With Xavier prompting Jared’s pent-up emotions about his Dad, they made their way to the southern section of the city where Jared once lived with his Mom and Dad. Mr. Pratt, a very wealthy man in Southaven, had years ago taken the liberty to transform the upper level of his dozens of warehouses into apartments. Many of his grateful employees then rented the affordable accommodations.

(For those who may not remember. Two years ago, Jared’s father betrayed his wife and other resistance members, turning a whole group of them in to Southaven authorities. At the time he was an incredible drunk and disowned his son. With his wife in jail, Jared was subsequently placed in the orphanage).

When they arrived at Jared’s old place they knocked on the door to the apartment and had no idea what to expect, or if he even still lived there. What they discovered was more shocking than they even expected.

A comely woman in her mid-20s answered the door and upon seeing Jared immediately recognized him, for Jared naturally looks a lot like her new husband[/i].

Xavier and Jared spent some time there, sitting at her dining room table that morning, and the shocked Jared learned a good deal of what had occurred the past two years. His father Larry had stopped drinking almost immediately after his old wife went to jail. Staying sober, he was able to maintain his job on Pratt farm where he met Linda, who would become his new wife. They married a year ago and had their first baby, Lisa, a month ago.

Jared did not take all the lovely news of his father’s new life very well. He was indeed very angry with him.

Unfortunately, his Dad wasn’t there to hear it.

Linda, his new step mom, asked the two boys if they would return on the ‘morrow, as Larry was expected to come back from a hunting trip with his friend Allen. They agreed and before they could go, she gave them enough silver to spend the night at the Inn and enjoy a nice supper.

They departed. With an unexpected amount of time to kill in the afternoon, Jared took Xavier down to Merchant’s Pond in the center of the city to do some fishing. They caught about 10 fish and sold them at the market for 20 copper.

Making their way back to the End of the World Inn, they secured a room and had a fantastic supper. Jared retired a bit early in order to take a shower and wash his clothes, a noted uncharacteristic concern for him.

Xavier enjoyed the festive spirits of the soldiers who came into the tavern and danced with a couple of the female variety. A big kid, Xavier was welcomed by them and had a good time simply enjoying the night.

When Xavier finally retired he found Jared awake, in his nightshirt and playing with his chemistry set on his bed.

They talked for a bit and went to sleep.

A few hands later, Xavier received a tap on his shoulder, rousing him from his sleep. River had snuck into the room and awakened them. He confronted them with the story he had heard, that they were marching south to go Karh’Thul hunting. He then proceed to tell them how crazy of an idea that would be.

Xavier, with the nervous Jared looking on, half-convinced River that they were actually there to confront Jared’s Dad. He then proceeded to tell River all that they had learned that day about him.

River couldn’t in clear conscience stop the boys from their current task and decided to return with them to the Lightwell’s residence the next day.

*   *   *

The next morning the three boys again found themselves without much to do, having promised to return to the Lightwells at supper after Larry was expected home after his trip.

So the boys went fishing again, and stayed at it all day. Xavier and River talking about hunting and the woodlands for a fair portion of the day.

That evening, when they returned to Jared’s old home, they were again surprised at the turn of events. Only Allen had come back from the buddy-pair’s hunting trip, claiming that his friend Larry had gone missing.

Xavier and River, hunters both, immediately volunteered to depart right then and there to go searching for the man.

That night, they walked north-by-northeast along the country rode until slow-day of fishing finally caught up with them. During the night, River had introduced his companion, the warhorse named Silver, who stuck to the woods during their journey since the three boys couldn’t rider her anyway. Jared also introduced his companion, Night, his crow.

The night along the merchant road went bye without incident.

The next day they found themselves off the road as River new some trails that would take them to the Northeast Hunting Lands that they expected to find Larry in. Walking along a five-mile ridge they made a discovery of a different kind however. The once impassable ridge had been washed out by the heavy rain a few nights prior. River, a consummate Ranger and hunter, couldn’t contain his enthusiasm at exploring a new land, and the attitude quickly infected the like-minded Xavier. They quickly changed course to the east and through the pass.

Along the depressions northern ridge they headed east, as they did so they discovered an old hunter’s cabin on a flat-topped hill. It was so concealed by the thick forest and underbrush they almost passed it.

Adventurer exploring teenagers never pass up a chance to peek into old shacks, so up they went.

Upon touching the door to the 15-foot square building, it collapsed into a moldy pile. The weather over the ages had pretty much destroyed the entire shack. There was an old footlocker, a bed, a pot-bellied cast-iron stove and a shower head with a collection grate on the floor.

Upon examining the pot-bellied stove, Xavier noticed that it had a pipe coming up to it from the floor and quickly surmised that their must be some kind of basement in the place. Jared soon found the entrance as he stood on the shower grate in the floor which had quite a breeze coming up through it.

Xavier and River moved the grate and one after another they climbed down the shaft with a rope that River had brought. With a lantern in his shield hand and his sword in the other, the three boys proceeded down a rough-hewn corridor that was only about 20 feet into the ground.

Upon reaching a room they discovered that they were indeed in some kind of underground complex, as there were another doors beyond the entry they came in. But before they could investigate it, they had to deal with the animated candelabra that was throwing glass globes at them from a stone table.

This predicament was not only bizarre but frightening to Xavier who was hit by the first glass globe. As he had just two days prior been given lesson about how acid and alchemist fire flasks were shaped….in glass globes.

As it turned out though, the magical candelabra didn’t realize it was throwing ancient glass globes with nothing but dried sand in them, remnants of what was once lethal.

The three boys tangled with the candelabra, and although it didn’t seem able to hurt them with its glass globes, they weren’t able to hurt it either no matter how hard they swung their weapons. A few good swings only scratched the thing’s surface.

Then, all at once, River grappled the swinging metal and clung it tightly to him. Pulling soot out of his belt pouch and incanting divine magic, he burst into flames, melting the candelabra in his gauntleted hands.

Nothing of value was found in the room. The remnants of an alchemy lab that had been scattered from the stone table during the fight was too old and rusted to of any use.

Moving on to and through the next door they discovered another similar room after traversing another short corridor. This room had massive tree trunks coming from the ceiling and into the adjacent walls and the very floor of the room. Another pot-bellied-cast-iron stove was in the room, it’s pipe going into the ceiling and most likely up to the cabin’s stove above.

Making their way around the thick trunks they walked over to one of the two doors on the opposite side of the room.

Xavier heard a clicking hiss and turned around just in time to see a 5-foot long centipede clinging to one of the roots, it’s head reared up towards the ceiling and ready to strike him.

This was the end of the night for this particular session, we later reconveined and continued the fun with Game Session 2B - Chemical Hill

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07.15.2127 - Auvryndyr Trial

The guard shoved her so hard into the cell that Shannon hit the granite floor and skinned both knees. The loud crash of the cell gate closing behind her was almost deafening as it reverberated in the Church dungeon corridors. She lay on her stomach and sobbed, the cold floor sending a chill through her blouse, but she no longer cared about what happened to her.

She had failed her parents and now all was lost.

Time passed and she had cried until she had become exhausted with the effort. Pulling her arms under her face she fell into a fitful sleep that replayed the mornings event over and over in her mind.

…her father amongst dozens of soldiers in the infirmary, dieing from wounds from the Kah’Tharta…

…her mothers glowing hands healing her fathers open chest wound…

…the look of utter horror and shock of the surrounding priests…

…her father looking down upon her and asking for forgiveness…

…her father slamming the bowl into the Priests head…

…another priest taking a boot to the chest with a sickening thud…

…the savagery of his father as he repeatedly pummeled the same man for not letting go of her mother…

…the arrival of the six guards, two grabbing her Mom and slamming her against a wall while three others surrounded her father and the last came for her…

And then the dreamscape changed the reality of the event and turned it into a true nightmare as the sixth guard held the dagger to her throat. From behind Shannon, the guard shouted over to her two parents as he grappled her tightly.

“Dakin, you and your Witch will have no child!” the guard yelled. The dagger suddenly pierced through the bottom of her chin and pinned the tongue to the roof of her mouth even as the cold steel cut behind her nose and eyes, it’s the tip painfully stabbed her mind…

Shannon awoke with a start. Laying on the cold granite floor in the very dark cell, she at first didn’t realize where she was, when she did, she wept again. She pulled herself up and crawled to the end of the cell. Her head hurt with a thumping ache that made her want to vomit. Sitting up against the wall that shared an unclean looking lavatory, she looked around for the first time. On the wall to her left were too sleeping platforms, mounted one on top of the other by chains. It was then that she noticed that the top bunk wasn’t empty, as she could see an elbow teetering over this side of it, presumably with a man-sized figure laying on its back with his hands behind his head.

She stopped crying with another start, suddenly realizing that she wasn’t alone, and worse yet, was in a prison cell with some unknown man.

Her heart sank at the sudden sound of his deep-baritone voice.

“Now what would you have done that was so bad that they would put you, a female child, in a prison cell with a grown man?”

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