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Game Log / Episode 11: A Council Complete
« on: April 13, 2006, 03:43:43 PM »
Episode 11
A Council Complete

[Saturday 18 Mar 06 in Randolph]

Cast of characters:
Dale: Blackspear
Kit: Dray
Laren: Matt C.
Jarmok: Johan
Maal Brengain: fraz
Ragnor: Himo
Sayer: Phin

Sythus [Spring]
Valley Year 237
Duthash Dracum Voldyn [13 May]
Morning at the Ruins of Rivercliff Keep:

Dale climbs up to the top of the ruined fortress to keep watch.

He also uses the time to count out the collected loot.
Total money gained from the ruined Rivercliff Keep (36 lbs):
30 pp
600 gp
1200 sp
1500 cp (Dale dumps this aside, as he cannot carry it all)
All the coins are of Vychian mintage.

Sayer & Ragnor lead the council members away into the woods for safety.

Jarmok, Kit, Laren, and Maal descend into the keep.
The stairs u-turn south as they descend.
Light filters up from below through a purplish mist (similar to the mist surrounding Severen's temple.

Jarmok scouts ahead quietly.
He sees stinky lizard feet in the mist ahead - at least four.

Kit, desperate to find the missing priests (one of which she knows!), tries to charge down the stairs.
Jarmok grabs at her to stop her, but misses
Maal also makes an attempt to stop her, but misses (crit miss).  She loses her balance and begins rolling down the stairs.
Laren manages to grab Kit as Jarmok grabs Maal.
However, as Laren touches Kit he blacks out momentarily.
Kit suddenly drops to her knees in severe pain (lower back).

Jarmok sees three troglodytes ascending towards them.
The troglodytes are surrounded by the eerie purplish mist.
Jarmok: "RUN!"
The party quickly retreats up the stairs and out through the door.
The door is quickly barred behind them.

Dale joins them as they exit and they all retreat out to the woods to find Sayer, Ragnor, and the coucilmembers.
They all quickly follow the trail back to town.

Jarmok scouts ahead out of sight to watch for enemies.

Ragnor takes point.
Dale covers the rear.

Kit asks Laren about his healing potions...
Maal interrupts...  She doesn't want to waste valuable resources when they are heading back to town.  If Kit can just make it there, then Ashe can take care of her.

Meanwhile, Jarmok discovers a pit trap in the ground.  He exposes it and then navigates around it, continuing on.

A bit later, Ragnor approaches the exposed pit.
He is confused by the open pit... and investigates by thowing stones (looking for an illusionary walkway by which they can cross).
However, the others pass him and easily walk around the pit.

During the journey, Sayer talks quietly with the councilmembers.
[Fill in more details here - anyone remember what was said?]

Jarmok hears a deep voice ahead speaking another language.
Jarmok returns and reports this to the party.
He suggests splitting off from the trail and circling around the strangers.
The party follows Jarmok.
Dale, in the rear, can see a couple of large (8-10' feet tall) figures walking on the trail towards the runined keep.

Once safely away from the area Dale reports what he's seen.
The party trudges onward and eventually rejoins the trail.

Kit's pain is intensifying [she must make fort save].
Clenching her teeth, she continues onward.
As Jarmok finally approaches Threshold, he falls back momentarily to check on the party.
He then bolts ahead to report to Julius.

Approaching the town, Kit finally collapses in excruciating back pain.
Laren checks on her... he looks at her back, but can see nothing wrong, though it is painful to the touch.
Ragnor carries her to Ashe's house.
Laren follows.

Maal, Sayer, and Dale escort the councilors to Julius.

Jarmok finds Julius in his office and quickly reports.
He then rushes to Ashe's house (still ahead of the others) and reports to Maccabeus and Ashe.
Maccabeus and Ashe leave immediately and meet Ragnar (still carrying Kit) and Laren outside.
Laren heads to the Stump while the others bring Kit inside the house.
Jarmok does not stay long, though... he hurries back to the council house to meet the others.

Meanwhile, Maal, Sayer, and Dale arrive at the council house with the council members:
All of the councilmembers are finally gathered together.
All of the races are represented:

Julius Hawkhaven, the human
Karock, the dwarf
Nimblin, the halfling
Bareth, the half-orc
Svenia Goodwink, the gnome
Rainfire, the elf
Avalon Sythuswind, the half-elf

Julius to the other council members: "I?m glad that you are alive."

Svenia explains their story:
They left Kurr with three priests and a garrison of soldiers (three other priests stayed behind and are planning to come at a later time).
All of the soldiers were killed in the attack.
The council members and priests were taken as prisoners.
The council members were locked up in the room in which they were found, but the priests were taken down into the dungeons beneath the keep.  There was a dark priest who was in charge.

Discuss the ruins of Rivercliff Keep.
Maal reports the similarities of the purple mist at the keep and at the temple in town.

Meanwhile, Ashe and Maccabeus tend to Kit.
Kit finally leaves on her own two feet and heads to Thornhedge for a relaxing bath.

The council meeting ends.
Jarmok, Maal and Dale head to Ashe's house for some treatment.  Maal even agrees to drink some of Ashe's brew...  there is talk of returning to the keep on the ?morrow, and she wants to be as fit and rested as possible.
Maal and Dale recover as they sleep off the effects of Ashe's brew.

Afterwards they return to the Thornhedge where Dale counts out the collected loot.
Total money gained from the ruined Rivercliff Keep (36 lbs):
30 pp
600 gp
1,200 sp

Laren, drinkin' ale at the stump, talks to Garret about the hook.

Dale discreetly hands out pouches to everyone containing their share of the loot:
12pp and 5gp to each person.
Sayer asks Dale about the pouch and Dale explains that it is money that he collected from the dead enemies at the keep.
Sayer hands it back and tells him to keep the money and use it to buy supplies and equipment for the Protectorate.

The party meets at the Thornhedge Inn.
Discuss plans.
They agree that they should return to the ruined keep the very next day to clean it out and destroy it if possible.
The meeting ends and folks rise to leave.
Kit suddenly collapses unconscious!
She is convulsing on the floor!
Ragnor grabs Kit and heads immediately to Ashe's, leaving behind all of his belongings.
Jarmok runs off ahead to awaken Ashe.

Laren and Dale head to the Stump.
Maal collects Ragnor's discarded equipment.

Ragnor arrives and Ashe examines Kit.
There is now a large oval blood blister on kit's lower back!
Ashe looks very grave.
He asks Jarmok to stay overnight to help him out and Jarmok agrees.

Game Log / Session 21 - Loose Ends
« on: April 08, 2006, 12:43:34 PM »
Session #21:
Loose Ends
[Sunday 04 March 06]

Sprouting Grass/Egg 8:

Arlen and Mirri hang out in the tavern.
Arlen continues to act strangely. He nibbles on cheese and constantly twitches his nose whilst looking about nervously.
Mirri is concerned for her friend.

Arlen notices an Orc in the tavern socializing with the humans. How odd.
Arlen eats and then plays music and tells stories to the patrons.
He and Mirri retire for the evening to a shared common room.

Meanwhile, Valen finishes his report to Coris.
He and Zurn finally leave.
Zurn checks on Himo and Belwar who are still unconscious.
They are under safe watch in the infirmary (which is connected to the chapel).
Zurn rests.

Sprouting Grass/Egg 9: Morning:
Arlen does not sleep well and is up too early.
He tries to awaken Mirri, but she will not get up.
He heads down to look for breakfast.
All is quiet. It seems that no-one is up yet.
Arlen pokes about looking for cheese.
He is still acting strange.
Urgrosh the Orc hears someone moving about and enters the common area to investigate.
Arlen turns to find Urgrosh watching him.
They introduce themselves.
Arlen plays music to awaken innkeeper... He is hoping that once the innkeeper is up that he will fix up some breakfast.
The innkeeper appears to investigate the noise. He asks Arlen to stop, promising some breakfast soon.
Mirri rises and goes outside to exercise.

Zurn awakens and heads to the inn.
He finds Arlen, who introduces him to Urgrosh, the Orc.
Zurn is quite surprised and suspicious to find an Orc here within the keep's walls.

Valen meets Coris in courtyard.
They exchange pleasantries.
Valen searches for Lady Corryn.
When he cannot find her he decides to head to the infirmary instead, but comes across the chapel of Ehlonna (which he did not know about).
He stops to pray to Ehlonna.

Mirri returns to the inn to find Arlen talking about shape changers with Zurn.
Arlen whispers that the innkeeper could be the shape changer. He surmises that it would be the best location/identity for a spy, since most of the soldiers must come through the tavern at one time or another.
Arlen eyes the innkeeper suspiciously.
Mirri cannot believe what she’s hearing...
There is definitely something wrong with her friend.
Mirri decides to leave, intending to find help for her friend who is acting very oddly.

Valen looks up from his praying to find lady Corryn in the chapel.
They talk.
Valen sits to meditate some more.

Mirri enters and stops in to check on Himo and Belwar (who are still unconscious).
Mirri approaches Valen and addresses her concern about Arlen.
Valen introduces Mirri to Lady Corryn.
Mirri: "Meow"
Valen asks Corryn if she can come and investigate Arlen's strange behavior.

Valen, Mirri and Corryn go to inn where Corryn introduces herself to Arlen.
They talk.
Arlen is increasingly suspicious of everyone.
He states that she could be a shape changer.
Any of them could be a shape shifter...
Arlen himself could be one!
Corryn asks Arlen if he will come to the infirmary.
Arlen refuses... he likes it at the inn - it is safe.

He asks for more cheese.
Corryn goes to help the innkeeper.
Arlen is suspicious of them. He whispers to Zurn that they must be leaving together to conspire.
Zurn suggests that he listen to them so that he'll know that they aren't plotting something.
Arlen follows them and listens from around the corner.
When they return with the cheese he moves quickly back to his seat.
Corryn casts remove disease.

Once outside, she explains to Valen and Zurn and that they may not know until the end of the day if the spell has worked or not.
Valen is concerned about leaving Arlen at the inn, but Corryn is not willing to force the half-elf to go anywhere against his will.
She suggests that he talk to Commander Bob.

Valen talks with the commander, but the soldier is unwilling to take Arlen out of the inn by force.

The day eventually passes and all retire for the evening.
Arlen finally sleeps soundly that evening.

Sprouting Grass/Egg 10: Morning:
Himo finally awakens!
He is very weak and eats and drinks some water.

Valen, Zurn and Urgrosh pray in chapel (they all worship Ehlonna).
Valen talks with Lady Corryn.
Brother Degan enters and announces that Himo has awakened!
Zurn goes to check on him.
They talk.

The mage reports back to Valen that both of the pendants are magical.
The wooden one (with Joshua Tree) seems to be tailor made for sorcerers [1 extra spell per day].
The other one is more powerful - it's origin is unknown.
It has a powerful dweomor, but he cannot tell exactly what it does.
it could take a long time to determine its actual use.

Arlen awakens and feels well-rested and normal again.
He goes to check on Himo and Belwar.
He then reports to Coris and apologizes for failing to deliver his request for reinforcements from Gorna.

Zurn exits the keep and collects an acorn from outside the walls.
He returns and plants it in a dirt area of the courtyard.

Sprouting Grass/Egg 11:
Rest & recover.

Sprouting Grass/Egg 12:
Himo is fully recovered now.

Belwar finally awakens - he is weak and continues to rest.
He talks to Degoba.
Degoba helps retrieve a drinking skin out of Belwar’s bag for him.
Belwar explains that it is special Dwarven water - but it is really beer, of course.

Valen talks to Coris and Corryn again.
Seeking for the 'Vortok'[?] priest, Danobar
Coris and Corryn explain that "Danobar was a peaceful man" [was he their friend?]
His deeds may have been misguided somehow...

Sprouting Grass/Egg 13:
Continue to rest & recover.

Sprouting Grass/Egg 14:
Belwar is up and moving about now.
Belwar finally leaves chapel.
He heads to the tavern and meets Urgrosh, who is now sitting with the group.

A huge discussion follows about what is next...
Valen and Zurn have apparently both had visions having something to do with Danobar, the dead priest.
Valen has explained his vision in detail to the group, but was confused by its meaning[?].
Zurn has not told the group of his vision, as he did not think it relevant.

Valen believes that Danobar’s remains must be retrieved and laid to rest.
Unfortunately, this requires a journey into a potentially dangerous area west of the keep.
Valen, Belwar, Zurn, and Himo are all familiar with the area, having been there before.
They once followed a tunnel though to this area. The tunnel has since been blocked to prevent anyone from coming the opposite way.
Belwar is quite skeptical of this plan... how does this interest him?
Alren is also very skeptical.... it sounds very dangerous and even foolhardy to him. He wants to know more.
Mirri is willing to follow Arlen there if necessary.

[Much of these details are covered in ICDs and e-mails.]

Game Log / Session 11.1 - The Escape
« on: April 03, 2006, 08:17:01 PM »
"Auugh!" Erinalia let out a throaty gasp of pain as she collapsed to her knees at Garbhan's side.  A crossbow bolt that had struck her just moments before Azerian had activated the staff now protruded out from her left leather shoulder pad.  Blood oozed out from beneath the shoulder pad and dripped down along her side.  Though not life-threatening, the wound was deep enough to cause her significant pain as well as some dizziness.  She actually felt as though she were weakening more and more as each drop of blood escaped from her body...

Ignoring the pain as best as she could, the half-elf turned her attention to Garbhan, who lay montionless upon the ground before her.  She immediatley began fishing through her well-organized bag to locate the salves and bandages she would need to stabilize his wounds.  As soon as she had the necessary items in hand she set to work, letting the others worry about figuring out exactly where they were.  As a matter of fact, she was so absorbed in her work on her critically injured companion, that she had taken no notice at all of their new surroundings.

Game Log / Session 11.1 - The Escape
« on: April 04, 2006, 07:10:16 PM »
Erin had fumbled hopelessly with her salves and bandages, clearly flustered, until Azarian?s healing spell took effect.  She then suddenly dropped the paraphanalia on Garbh?n?s chest.

As Garbh?n awakened and sat up the bandages rolled off of his chest and onto the ground.

?We... we have not won... We escaped,? she replied to his question.

A lump formed in her throat and she forced herself to continue.

?T?Riad is gone!? she blurted out.  ?He may be dead...  I don?t know if he made it out of the tent!?

With that, Erin finally broke down.  With shoulders and back slumped and her head hung low, she began sobbing - just mildly at first, and then uncontrollably, as she brought her hands up to cover her face.

The battle had been a horrific scene to her eyes and now, all of a sudden,  distant memories of the destruction of her childhood home came flooding into her mind.  People were murdered... There was so much suffering... And to see this all again, here, so many years later was almost too much for her to bear.

Game Log / Session 11.1 - The Escape
« on: April 05, 2006, 12:54:47 PM »
Erinalia did not move to get up.  Instead she just sat upon the ground with shoulders slumped - seemingly defeated.  Tears streamed down her face.  Her sobbing continued, though it had quieted down a bit.

She did not seem to hear or take notice of their conversation...

Game Log / Session 11.1 - The Escape
« on: April 06, 2006, 03:36:36 PM »
Erin finally responded as Garbh?n took her by the arm and helped her up to her feet.  Her eyes were red and puffy from crying, but her face was also much paler than normal.

"I'm sorry... I don't feel very well, Garbh?n," was all she could say.  She swayed unsteadily on her feet for a moment before suddenly doubling over and vomiting the contents of her stomach upon the sacred ground before her.

Game Log / Session 11.1 - The Escape
« on: April 07, 2006, 06:51:45 PM »
Erin stood up straight, obviously feeling much better.  "Thank you Azarian..." Then realizing the what she had just done...

"Oh my!  Great Mother, forgive me!  Scale will hate me now!" She glanced nervously in the direction of the intimidating lizardman.  "I'm so sorry!  Is this bad?  What can I do to set it right?"

She then began to quickly gather her scattered belongings (the bandages, salves and her quarterstaff).

Character Info / Melzac Bramblethron
« on: March 30, 2006, 08:27:32 PM »
Quote from: himo
Ops... sorry I overlooked that i was supposed to be nothing.

Hrm... I like Phin's answer better.  Heh!  ;-)

Out of Character Discussions / Query: character sheet audits
« on: February 16, 2006, 09:29:52 PM »
I'm ready!  I'll be looking forward to it!  Whee!

Out of Character Discussions / We need to work together in Threshold
« on: February 13, 2006, 04:41:05 PM »
Well, I agree that we should not split up the PCs by sending some back to town while the others remain to explore.  I think (and hope) we all agree on this.

That said, speaking as a player, think that there will be some captive priests down there and that they will be guarded by someone or something.

Remember, in the other OOC thread WF wrote this...

Quote from: wildfire
Everyone, please keep in mind that exploration can only go so far before it turns into a game session...

...going beyond doors and exploring the underground is session material.

I think he's serious and and I support and agree with him, of course.  If there was really nothing down there (aside from a few chained-up priests, perhaps) then I think he'd let us go hog-wild exploring it.  I personally don't believe Vervishkuk is down there (basing this on what Jarmok reported in the ICD), but I do think there are other bad-guys in there and that we can handle them even in our injured state.

So.... in summary, I would like to make a rescue attempt for the priests and completely clean this place out, if possible (depending, of course, on how big it is).  I'm just a little undecided on whether or not we should go back to town first...

Out of Character Discussions / We need to work together in Threshold
« on: February 14, 2006, 07:07:46 PM »
Maal is in, of course.

So, we'll be covering this during the next session, yes?

Game Log / Episode 10: Vervishkuk
« on: February 15, 2006, 05:43:25 AM »
Quote from: wildfire
What you have labeled as South is actually West and so on around the clock (The river is on the South side of the Keep).

Doh! It makes sense now that you point it out.  I will fix it up a little later when I have more time.

Thanks for the feedback, WF!

Game Log / Episode 10: Vervishkuk
« on: February 12, 2006, 12:47:07 PM »
Episode 10

[Saturday 04 Feb 06]

Cast of characters:
Dale: Blackspear
Kit: Dray
Laren: Matt C.
Jarmok: Johan
Maal Brengain: fraz
Ragnar: Rob C.
Sayer: Phin

Sythus [Spring]
Valley Year 237
Duthash Dracum Voldyn [13 May]
Pre-Dawn at the Ruins of Rivercliff Keep:

Jarmok & Maal Brengain will attack from opposite (west) side of ruins.
Maal will cue the others with a Wildlander scream as she launches her attack.
This should draw the attention of the defenders to her and Jarmok's position
Upon hearing the scream others will launch their surprise attacks.
Dale, Ragnar & Laren will attack from the east, approaching the rock wall.
Kit & Sayer will attack from the north (Sayer is instructed to toss Dale's flaming Molotov cocktails up and onto the upper battlements).

Jarmok, Maal, Sayer & Kit move through the woods around the ruined keep.
Sayer & Kit stop at the half-way point and take positions in the woods about 30' from the treeline (which is about 60' from the walls of the keep).

Jarmok & Maal continue on until they reach west side of the ruins.

Commence attack!
Jarmok fires an arrow and striking a short sentry behind the west wall.
Maal immediately charges forward, screaming, and casts her spear, striking the taller man behind the south wall.
Kit fires her crossbow - hitting an archer on the westside battlement.

Maal leaps over the south rubble wall, pulling her antlers from her belt, and hits the tall man.
An arrow bounces off of the wall in front of Jarmok, missing him as he also charges in to engage the enemy.

Ragnar unleashes an Energy Missile (fire bolt) from his hand , hitting two men behind the east rubble wall.

Jarmok's foe (struck by the arrow) tries to regain his feet.
Jarmok hits him with his battleaxe.

Sayer runs forward towards the north battlements.
He lights up a Molotov cocktail and hurls it basket-style up and onto the wall.
It lands on an archer on the corner battlement.
The burning archer runs out of sight.
Sayer hides at the base of the wall.
Kit and Sayer see the north gate opening.

Laren fires his shortbow - hitting a man in the neck.  The man falls dead.

A crossbow bolt misses Kit, striking the ground at her feet.
Sayer is struck by a bolt.
Kit fires a bolt from her crossbow, striking the man who fired at her.
Kit his hit by an arrow from the battlements.
She sees corpse-eaters emerging from the opening gate and head straight for her position.

Maal misses with her antlers.
An arrow fired from above strikes the ground by her feet.

Ragnar jumps over the east rubble wall and attacks with his scimitar, but the man parries the attack.

Jarmok is struck by an arrow from the battlements above.
Sayer is missed by a crossbow bolt.

Jarmok leaves Maal's side and deftly scrambles up along the rubble wall to attack the archers on the battlements.
He strikes an archer with his battleaxe.

Sayer lights another Molotov cocktail and steps away from the north wall.
He throws it through the open gate and it strikes just inside keep.  The gate catches afire.

Jarmok sees an archer coming towards him on the battlements.

Dale fires his crossbow, striking a man.
Laren kills Dale's opponent with an arrow from his bow.

Kit is hit by an arrow.

Maal's tall opponent misses her with his spear.
Jarmok?s shorter abandoned opponent throws his spear at Maal, missing.

Kit barely avoids an arrow near her head.

Maal misses the tall man with her antlers.
Jarmok is missed twice.

Ragnar strikes man behind north wall with his scimitar, beheading him!
Ragnar is struck by a crossbow bolt!

Dale, who has now entered the keep from the east side, casts a Sleep spell.  Two men on top of the east structure near the river fall down asleep!

An arrow misses Maal.

An arrow misses Kit.
Kit unleashes her psi-power on a corpse-eater - it explodes!
Kit moves back further into the woods trying to get back out of range of the arrows.
She is able to destroy the other attacking corpse-eater as well.

Maal hits her tall opponent, but he is tough and still refuses to fall!
Jarmok, still fighting two opponents upon the battlements, is missed twice.
Jarmok's third opponent leaves scrambling down the rubble pile towards Maal's position.

A man is running west across the open courtyard of the keep towards towards Maal.
Ragnar drops his scimitar and shoots the running man with his crossbow.

Two men are emerging from the open gate now.
Sayer escapes from them by moving unseen around the corner of the keep.
He sees that Dale and Ragnar have moved over the east wall and into the ruins.
Sayer moves to the rubble wall.
Laren joins him there.
Together they cross over the rubble wall and enter the ruined keep.

Jarmok hacks at a man with his axe, killing him.

Dale advances across the courtyard of the keep.
He casts his Sleep spell for the second time - Three more men go down (including the two that ran out of the front gate).
Kit sees that the two men have fallen down and that the archers on top have moved away.
She takes the opportunity to begin moving towards the south end of the ruins where Jarmok and Maal launched their initial attack.

Maal finally kills the tall man with her antlers.
The shorter opponent turns to flee.
Maal tries to strike him swiftly, but misses.

Ragnar drops his crossbow and quickly unsheathes his longsword.
He attacks the same man that he has just hit with the crossbow and kills him.

Jarmok misses with his axe.

Sayer advances across the courtyard and lights the last Molotov cocktail. He lobs it up over the three archers atop the battlement. It lands behind them and bursts scattering flaming liquid all about.

Dale approaches two doors on the north side of keep at the base of the battlements.
He shoves a dagger in left door to jam it closed.
He then climbs a set of steps up onto the battlements where the three archers have been firing arrows down into the courtyard below.
He casts a third (and final) Sleep spell.  Two of the archers drop.
The third man draws a spear and moves towards Dale.

Laren begins searching the dead men at the east wall.

Maal sees a man moving towards her (the same man who fled down from Jarmok - he eventually runs past the Wildlander, climbs over the wall, and flees west into the woods).

It is then that a giant, ten foot long, armor clad, black dragon-man emerges from the nearby shadows.
It must be Vervishkuk!

Vervishkuk breathes fire at Maal (who is closest).
Maal attempts to use her shield as protection but the flames blast around the shield, burning her.

Maal quickly pulls out a fresh (Stormhunter-made) spear from her quiver.
Letting loose her battle cry again, she launches an attack on Vervishkuk, but misses.

Jarmok blocks a spear attack with his axe, breaking his opponent's weapon!

Ragnar sees Vervishkuk emerge and attack Maal.
He attacks Vervishkuk with an Ice Energy Missile from his finger tips.

Jarmok misses his now unarmed opponent.

Dale's oppoent hits him with a thrown spear.

Kit continues to move towards west wall of the ruins.

Laren snatches a pouch from a man on the ground, but notices that Vervishkuk has emerged on the other side of the keep and has engaged in combat with Maal.

Maal misses Vervishkuk
Vervishkuk strikes Maal, piercing her in the left shoulder with his spear!

Kit approaches the battle with Vervishkuk from the south and tries a Mind-Thrust on the dracotaur, but it fails.
Sayer moves across towards Maal's position, intending to perform a reading with his seer stones.

Dale fires his crossbow at his opponent, but misses.

Laren assesses the situation and moves across the keep towards the center of the courtyard. He is not interested in engaging or even approaching the giant dragon-man, though, and hesitates, looking about for some other way to be useful.

Maal strikes Vervishkuk [critically] with her Stormhunter spear.
Vervishkuk responds by piercing Maal's right shoulder with his own deadly weapon.
Maal screams in pain as the spear drives her to the ground! She is hurt very badly.

Jarmok's opponent finally turns to run away.
Jarmok strikes the man as he runs away along the battlement.
Knowing that Maal is in trouble, Jarmok immediately turns and heads toward the Wildlander's position at the west wall.

Dale's opponent draws a dagger and strikes him.

Jarmok leaps down from the battlement and strikes Vervishkuk with his axe!

Sayer approaches as close as dares to the battle with Vervishkuk and throws his stones.
recites a True Strike prophecy intended for Jarmok.
Jarmok hears him [gaining +20 on his next attack].
Ragnar attacks Vervishkuk with another Ice Energy Missile from his finger tips.

Laren approaches the two doors on the west side of keep below the battlements. He removes Dale's dagger and opens the door.
The halfling hollars into the darkness: "Is anybody down there?" He is hoping to find the missing priests.
He hears some muffled screaming from nearby, but not from this chamber...

Jarmok barely dodges Vervishkuk's spear.
Kit fires a bolt at Vervishkuk from over the south wall, but misses.

Maal very painfully regains her feet and flanks Vervishkuk, who is now facing Jarmok. She attacks again with her spear, but just misses.

Ragnar Mind Thrusts Vervishkuk (using his last psi-point), but, as with Kit, there is again no effect.

Jarmok strikes Vervishkuk with his True Strike attack.
Sayer backs away from the combat, holding his action...

Dale continues to struggle with his opponent upon the battlements. The man misses Dale with a dagger strike.

Laren hears loud yelling from behind the second door as he approaches.
The door is locked, but easily picks the lock and it opens.
Within, he finds three women prisoners: an elf, a half-elf, and a gnome.
Their clothing is tattered and they are lying shackled on the ground.
"Please help us!" they plead.

Maal fights defensively, very aware of the danger of Vervishkuk's powerful tail, but it is for naught as the dracotaur smashes the Wildlander in the head with his tail. Maal falls unconscious, but Vervishkuk is distracted slightly by the attack on Maal and misses Jarmok with his spear attack.

Kit finally succeeds in hurting Vervishkuk with a Mind Thrust.
Ragnar strikes him with a crossbow bolt.

Dale misses the dagger man.
Laren unlocks the shackles on the elven woman.
Thinking (and hoping) that these women are the missing priests, he quickly explains that they are from Threshold and that his friends need some help outside.

Sayer wants to help Maal, who is lying unconscious and bleeding, but cannot move past Jarmok and the giant dracotaur to get to her.  They are battling in a very confined area next to the south rubble wall.

Vervishkuk suddenly rears up on his hind legs and then comes down with much force, piercing Jarmok's shoulder with his deadly spear.  Jarmok falls also!
Vervishkuk looks around... he is very injured.

Dale finally kills the dagger man!

Laren frees the half-elf woman and hands her his two healing potions, asking her to go help his friends who are fighting the dragon-man outside.

Vervishkuk suddenly turns and runs towards the river!
Kit has time to try a Mind Thrusts on the fleeing dracotaur, but it fails.
Vervishkuk leaps off of the cliff into the river below.
Dale chases after him to the cliff edge, hoping to get in one last parting shot at the dragon-man, but Vervishkuk has disappeared quickly... too quickly in Dale's opinion.
He moves along the cliff edge watching the river - looking for any sign of the dracotaur - but he sees nothing.
He continues walking downstream for a bit, but never sees any sign that Vervishkuk swam or floated downstream.

Laren frees the last prisoner.
Ragnar retrieves his dropped weapons.
Sayer moves in to try to help stabilize Maal and Jarmok.

Kit attends to the bleeding Jarmok feeding him a potion.  He awakens.
Kit then gives another potion to Maal and then quickly backs away.
Kit uses her own healing potions for both Jarmok and Maal.

Dale returns and dispatches all of the sleeping men.
He then moves to the first door (the one that he had jammed with the dagger).  There are stairs descending inside this chamber...

Laren retreives his two unused potions back from the rescued women.
The three women are the missing Threshold council members.  There is no sign here of the missing priests.

Continued in:
The Weary Road Home (ICD)
Is Vervishkuk Hiding in the Fortress? (OOC)

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I'm confused.  Do you want us to report one noun describing just our own character, or do you want a list of all the characters from each of us as Blackspear provided.  I'm guessing the former, but wanted to make sure.

Character Info / Your character description, in one word
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Maal Brengain: The Wildlander

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