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Title: Royal Company
Post by: Wildfire on June 18, 2008, 07:55:00 PM
Royal Company- Kit

Duthash Gyth Basque VY. 237 (May 29)

Kit looked out over the sprawl of Kurr. Her perspective was far different from when she last saw her shadow in this city. Before, she was down amongst the daily folks who were doing all they could to make their living. Now, however, she viewed the sites from the view of Vallensun Keep- the residence of Arch-Duke Corwyn and Arch-Duchess Nicola Vallensun.

Her room was decorated with the quality trappings of a guest room. The architecture of the keep was both utilitarian and decorative, but not extravagantly so, as was her room. It seemed that a place of royalty would have a far more lavish atmosphere but this place was not so vain. The room had it’s ornamental tapestries and odd statues- mostly of wolves. Kit recalled that each City-State was associated with a particular animal. The wolf was the mascot of Kurr.

The morning sun beamed through the blue stained glass windows and it almost gave the feeling of being under water. Playfully, Kit imagined fish swimming by and smiled. She recalled the dolphins from her sea-faring days that the sailors took as a sign of good fortune. On one occasion, Kit actually saw one of the sailors hold a fish out over the bow and a dolphin leap straight out of the water to snatch the plump fish. Kit giggled with the memory and continued to stare out over the city.

The morning had just begun and the many days travel from Threshold left Kit feeling grubby. Stretching out of the nights rest, she looked around for any wash bins and came to realize that there was already a fire in the hearth with a large boiling kettle. Next to it was a bronze bathing vessel that, oddly enough, had dolphins swimming amongst curly waves in bas-relief.

She then heard a knock at the door.
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Dray on June 18, 2008, 09:39:35 PM
OH COOL! Um...where am I and when? How did I get here?
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Wildfire on June 18, 2008, 10:19:50 PM
You did read the post, yes? All the answers are in there.

City: Kurr- Vallensun Keep
Date: Duthash Gyth Arkus VY. 237 (May 28)...five days after setting out from Threshold at the request of Julius to escort 3 priests from Kurr.

To get more detail review the Game Log of the Berkshire Weekend session.

Title: Royal Company
Post by: Dray on June 20, 2008, 02:38:29 PM
I am so glad a log was taken for the Berkshire game, I would have been lost without it. My thanks to the record-keep that weekend so long ago.

Okay, caught up and I have my color-copy of the map out, the City-State of Kurr resting along the northern shore of the land-locked lake. Ready? Here we go!
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Dray on June 20, 2008, 02:40:37 PM
Kit felt safe here, she missed her room in her new home of Threshold, but she felt safe within the royal Keep walls.

"Enter," she said, not moving her thin-frame where it leaned on a wall near the window.
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Wildfire on June 20, 2008, 06:36:44 PM
OOC: My apologies, the date of this thread is Duthash Gyth Basque VY. 237 (May 29)
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Wildfire on June 20, 2008, 07:06:04 PM
The door opened up and Kit could feel a zephyr of cool air tumble into the room. A woman entered and said, “Good morning to ye Kit”.

The woman wore a plain dark green dress with an ochre colored apron. Her long auburn hair was tied back with a kerchief and Kit noted that she had random braids as thin as a quill decorated with simple wooden beads. The color of the beads reminded Kit of the various bronzewood items around Threshold. The woman was of a slight build but had a sturdy look to her arms and poise.

“I trust ye slept well, yes?” she cooed. She had an odd brogue about her speech that sounded much like Maal’s accent- only far less harsh. “I have prepared a bath fer ya. I imagine a few days travel would be leaving you a wee bit dusty. Nothing like a warm bath to work out the journey on horse, I say!” The red haired woman had a deliberate course to her actions. She dropped a small white disc into the water and then went over to the boiling pot and poured the water into the tub. She grabbed another water filled pot and set it over the crackling fire. “Ah….a nice soapy oiled bath…” she uttered as much to herself as to Kit. Taking the brush from the side of the tub, the woman began to vigorously stir the water creating an eruption of bubbles to form and even flow over the edge.

“Come to the bath lass….before the water gets cold. I’m here to help you with all you need. You don’t need to be so shy…I have daughters of me own. But if modesty is what ye want I’ll turn meself around.” The woman waved Kit over invitingly and had a gentle look on her face.
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Dray on June 20, 2008, 08:38:38 PM
'I don't trust her.' Jordan pathed to Kit.

'There's a shock,' Kit pathed back, 'you don't trust anybody.'

Kit had left her crystallized companion on the end table beside the bed, Jordan wasn't even covered and she knew...

'Oh by the GODS! I am in plain sight!' Jordan suddenly realized.

...and there it was.

'Don't worry about it hun, I think this servant woman is perfectly harmless,' pathed Kit back to her.

'When she slits your throat from behind who will take care of me?'

'From your vantage point behind her, I would think you would warn me before that happened.'

'I have my eyes closed'.

'You don't have...' Kit stopped and visibly sighed. While the conversation had taken place she procrastinated in approaching the woman, wrapping herself up a little more in the bedsheet where she stood.

"The bath does indeed look inviting Ma'am, but I am not a child, I can bath myself if that is okay." Kit said a bit meekly.
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Wildfire on June 21, 2008, 06:42:15 AM
“Aye, you are not a child.” The woman said in a matter-of-fact way. “The Duchess, however, wants our Threshold guests to be taken care of properly.” She poured a dark, steaming liquid from a ceramic pitcher into a large mug and held it up. “Truffle Coffee…it’s very good. There is cream and honey here as well if you would like some in it. Personally, I like it with both.”

The woman promptly added another vial of oil to the bath and stirred it again. By now Kit could smell the scented bath. Without warning, the memory of flowered fields came to her…the fields that she played in with…Kit pushed the memory aside. It was not the time for that recollection…not with company present. The bath smelled absolutely divine.

“Miss Kit, I’ll be back shortly with your clothes. I washed them earlier this morning so they could dry in the morning breeze. Don’t ye forget, ye have a cup of Truffle Coffee that ye simply must be trying if you’ve not had it. So please, enjoy the bath and make yerself at home” the woman looked at Kit and gave her a soft smile.

She opened the door to make her exit. Before leaving she turned back and remarked, “Oh, Miss Kit?” the question hung in the air “We are all honored by the presence of ye and yer friends.” With that, she glided out of the room and shut the door.
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Dray on July 03, 2008, 11:01:04 PM
Kit stood there a moment, slightly confused.

'What an odd woman'.

'Agreed. Very polite though.'

Kit let the bed sheet fall from her night dress and walked over to the luxurious bath. With her hands on the warm bronze edge of the tub, she breathed in the steam.

'It of course has to be jasmine.' Kit pathed to Jordan. The sand-dollar shaped blue crystal sat quietly. 'No Comment?'

'I like it here'.

Kit raised her eyebrows and didn’t say anything more, a quip would just antagonize the crystal, and for her to feel safe was a rare moment she wanted to enjoy. She instead just breathed in the scented steam, with her eyes closed her mind drifted into memories of the past. The warm summer days of playing in the flowered fields beside her home.

Kit raised the shoulder straps from her dress and let the silk fall in a pile about her feet. She picked up the truffle coffee and added a bit of honey before stepping into the warm oily water and lowered herself in.

'Damn you got skinny, you really should eat something, I am afraid you might snap in half'.

'Yeah well...' Kit pathed to Jordan in a smiling tone, 'that kind of happens when you lose most of your blood delivering a crystal into the world'.

'You mock me?'.

Kit giggled at her.

The bath was absolutely exquisite. Sipping the coffee she let her mind wander, trying to keep in her current time instead of succumbing to the pleasant memories of Mandin.

She had experienced and endured so much in such a short time, it was hard to suppress the distinct memories. The rage that was at the core of her power was fueled by them, constantly churned and nurtured by even the tiniest emotional threads within memory. It was a battle to contain this power that she fought each day, to keep it from slipping away and out of control.

After the birth of Jordan, she had come to understand that her powers were not only fed by a single emotion. With the powerful fear fragment of her personality thrust into Jordan, she was no longer blinded by it. She now realized that any strong emotion flared her power, whether it be love, hate, or anything else that got her body temperature up. She had to be cautious and ever mindful of her faculties. Too many times in the past, friends were hurt or facilities destroyed because of the powers caged within her had escaped.

Yes, she had to be mindful. It was one of the first lessons Grandfather Ashe had taught her days ago. How she missed the man already. Even without the value of his wisdom, the compassion behind his lessons and the kindness in his eyes, she would still miss him for his voice. She couldn't wait to return to her new home in Threshold and continue her studies with him just so she could hear it again.

She sadly discovered the cup of coffee gone. She put the cup down and found a sponge sitting on the floor. As she started to wash, she scrutinized the places where bones protruded from her frame far more than they ever had.

"First stop after bath time is pancakes Jordan."
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Wildfire on July 05, 2008, 09:16:26 AM
Some quiet moments passed and Kit could see that the blue light that blazed through the windows had changed it’s angle marking the passage of time. The water in the tub had begun to cool despite the efforts of the fire in the hearth to prevent it.  

‘When you get back we shall continue your training. So prepare your mind’ Ashe had said to her. As she thought of what Ashe could possibly be plotting for her and how she was supposed to prepare for it, a light knock echoed off the door and into the room.

“Miss Kit, I have yer clothes. May I come in? I’m suspectin’ the water needs a wee bit o’refreshing and no doubt yer coffee as well.” the servant woman knowingly asked.
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Dray on July 05, 2008, 10:49:14 AM
’How many people have seen my naked body in the past two years?’ Kit thought with a heavy sigh.

'Leech, Drakyr, Markell, Ashe, Jarmok, Laren,, that makes seven,' Jordan answered matter-of-factly.

‘Thank you so much. I feel soooooooooo much better’ she pathed back to the end-table.

“Enter,” she said and lowered her upper body below the water line, her head just barely over the edge of the tub.
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Wildfire on July 05, 2008, 03:06:40 PM
The woman opened the door quietly and silently entered the room. She was carrying several clothes by the hooks of the hangers. She pathed over the hearth and hung them by the fire. “Your clothes should be warmed up when you put them on. Even in the warmer season wearing toasty clothes feels good to the bone.”

She took the kettle of steaming water from the hearth and stated, “I’m going ta be puring the steamy water into your tub so be sure ta mind yer piggies.” Reflexively, Kit pulled her feet back while still trying to hide under the mountain of bubbles in the tub. Modesty seemed rare for her in the last few weeks so she wanted to keep whatever was left. Pouring the water in the woman noted Kit’s empty coffee mug. “Ahh…I see you tried the coffee, aye? ‘Tis good! A bright way to start any day I say. I’ll pour you another cup so you just stay there.” she said with a nod.

She rested the mug on a side table next to the bath. “So good Miss Kit. I would imagine you to be getting hungry after a long travel. Way food certainly offers no comfort but it does keep the grumblies away” she laughed. “What would you be liking this morn? It can be whatever you want. Duchess Nicola will be joining you for the meal here in the room so I’ll be taking a bit of time in making it for you to get dressed.”
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Dray on July 05, 2008, 04:30:04 PM
“Duchess Nicola needs to speak to me personally?” Kit asked from the tub. She hadn’t realized she was to have personal audience with anyone in the city-state.
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Wildfire on July 07, 2008, 07:12:20 PM
“Aye.” the woman stated. “I’d be imagining it’s of some importance if she’s speaking to you alone.” The woman filled the coffee mug again and handed it to Kit. The warmth of the dark liquid coursed through Kit’s hands and the scent flowed up her nose like candy.

The woman shrugged her shoulders and pondered, “Then again she might’n just be wantin’ to thank ye for your care in the journey here. One never knows what thinkin’ be floatin’ through that Duchess’s head.”

She pulled the small table with honey and cream next to the tub and started for the door. As she reached for the latch the woman glanced back and smiled, “Know this Miss Kit, if Lady Nicola is meetin’ with ye, it’s not a meetin’ ta be taken lightly.”

With that, the silent stepped servant exited and closed the door with little more than a gentle click.
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Dray on July 07, 2008, 09:32:54 PM
'Odd,' she said to Jordan, who didn't reply.

She sat for a few moments and sipped her coffee. Then with a start she remembered something absolutely critical.

"Damnit! I forgot to ask her for pancakes!" she said aloud.

Jordan giggled.
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Wildfire on July 08, 2008, 06:37:23 PM
From beyond the door the distant brogue voice chimed “Aye, pancakes. I’ll bring a right big stack and some bronzesap fer ya Miss Kit. Worry ye not.” The woman’s voice trailed away as she finished her acknowledgement.

As Kit lavished in the bath enjoying the scrumptious coffee she looked upon the wall opposite of her and noticed a tapestry most extraordinary. The hem was laced with maroon tassels and hung from an ornately carved double spear. The tapestries that Kit had seen to date were mostly scenic and portrayed a historical event of some sort. This one however, was a map.

Having sailed before, Kit was more familiar than the average person in the geography of the land and especially the sea. Many nights were spent with her beloved Captain organizing the maps into order and hours were spent on how to read them. The Captain had maps from all over the world- not just sea maps but land maps as well. This tapestry was much older than any map the Captain had.

The thread that was woven to make the tapestry had a distinct sheen to it. It was not ordinary thread, Kit surmised, but was of a special quality. It had a distinct aura about it that eluded Kit as to it’s origin; did it come from the tapestry itself or did the morning light catch it just right? Either way, it was a beautiful piece of work that spoke of an older time.  

Judging by the general play of shapes, she could tell almost instantly that the map was dedicated to a section of Elsenban.
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Dray on July 11, 2008, 09:19:40 PM
"Ah my Captain," Kit said as she gazed upon the map and thought of her recent home in Aldebaron. "I hope you fare well, for there doesn't appear to be a powerful enough healer in all the land to mend your back."

She sipped her delicious coffee and enjoyed the tub for a few more moments, all the while dwelling on memories in the other port city she had briefly called home. She couldn't decide to be sad or happy about the bittersweet memories.

Reluctantly she got out of the tub and dried off with a huge fluffy towel that had been at the tub’s side. With it draped over her shoulders, it’s length almost touching the floor, she walked across the room and inspected her still 'toasty' clothes. She wrinkled her brow however, for not only was the over-sized clothing still as drab as it ever was, it also appeared to be getting quite frayed from being over worn.

'Why the long face?' came Jordan's query to her mind.

Over the past few weeks, Kit had gotten very familiar with the entity that Ashe had deemed a psi-crystal. Although Jordan had the mind of a eight or nine year old, she still had quickly become her most trusted companion and confidante. The aquamarine sand-dollar shaped crystal had come to mean more to Kit then just a representation of a fragment of her psyche. She was like a little sister, and any family during these trying times had a place in Kit’s heart.

'The clothes are way past their prime,' she finally replied to her. Kit already knew the argument about to be had.

'I think they’re perfect! That large blouse not only hides your boobs but is long enough to cover your crotch! No more men staring at you with bad thoughts. Jordan had Kit’s memories, so although she acted like a nine-year old, she unfortunately had far more experience than a typical child. With that experience came an understanding of what certain evil men wanted, and more importantly, what they were willing to do to get it.

Kit sighed and although she agreed with her neurotic little companion, she was tired of the hiding. After Jordan was born in Ashe’s Apothecary, Kit was in so embarrassed and in such utter shock from the event that, at the time, she agreed whole-heartedly with her introverted companion. Kit not only hid in her room and stayed absent from Threshold for days, but when she did finally emerge, she attempted to get as little attention as possible. That included wearing this very same outfit now hanging before her.

But as the weeks passed, the pain of the event had very much diminished, and as it faded, Kit had realized a very important thing about herself. The fear that had been building for three years as she experienced tragedy after tragedy was no longer hers to endure alone. It had diminished in significant proportion, a large part of the fear transferring with the psyche fragment that was instilled into Jordan.

The immense emotional weight this lifted off of Kit’s shoulders was profound. She now felt more confident than she ever had in her life.

From talking to Ashe in her lessons, she had come to realize that her flirtation mannerisms and somewhat-questionable outfits that she had worn (prior to having Jordan) were all just a form of denial to her being a victim of rape. A way of convincing herself that it didn’t matter what had been done to her, she was still going to act and dress in whatever way she liked.

Kit had thought Ashe’s words were a bit overstated at the time, but she now saw a little bit of wisdom in them. And that recognition had come only because the blinding fear no longer concealed everything.

'I can’t disagree with you Jordan, but I also refuse to hide for the rest of my life,’ she pathed to Jordan.

’Why the fuck not?!’

’LANGUAGE!’ Kit reprimanded. She started to pull the leather breaches on. It was amazing that although the waist in the pants was very narrow, they were still loose on her bony hips. She really need to eat a dozen stacks of pancakes quick, or she would simply vanish altogether.

’Sorry,’ Jordan apologized. And she truly sounded sincere. Kit had learned that the crystal-child often swore absent-mindedly when any idea presenting change was given to her, especially if it went against her primary emotion...fear.

’I am not going to return to my immature ways of the past, but neither am I going to dress like a street beggar either,’ she pathed to Jordan in a parental tone.

She threw the peasant’s blouse over her head having forgotten to lace the neck after it had been returned from cleaning. Her body passed right through the top of the blouse and it fell too the floor in a pile around her feet.

Jordan laughed so hard that the crystal shook on the table.

’Ha, ha, very funny,’ replied Kit, but she did giggle a little bit, despite herself.

She sat back on the bed, and after many moments she finally managed the laces back into the small holes of the bodice and put the blouse back on.

Just in time for the knock on the door...
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Wildfire on July 12, 2008, 05:33:51 AM
“Miss Kit? Are you ready fer yer breakfast?” the charming voice of the servant woman seemed to state as much as ask. “You have a right fine tower of steamy pancakes topped with a cascade of bronzesap with oozy, melting butter.” Kit’s stomach began to growl at the vivid description. Even Jordan expressed her delight to Kit. The woman didn’t stop. “Add to that a frothy mug of chilled milk and a bowl of fresh and juicy sythus fruit and I’d say you have a breakfast worthy of a queen, or at least a duchess…who is here by the by.”

From beyond the door the woman smiled knowing that if the food hadn’t gotten her attention the presence of the duchess surely would. Deep inside it seemed to the servant woman that at the moment the food was probably of more importance to the skinny girl.
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Dray on July 12, 2008, 01:43:07 PM
Kit ran to the door and opened it for her guests, she stepped aside to allow the servant woman in with the large tray of food.

"Come on in please...erm, I didn't catch your name?" she asked the servant woman. Before the servant woman could answer, Kit bowed her head and gave the Duchess behind her a curtsy.

"Hello...err, your...your Highness." she said awkwardly, not knowing how to address the Duchess Nicola. She was so suddenly and unexpectedly nervous that she didn't even look up from the floor.
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Wildfire on July 12, 2008, 06:21:49 PM
Kit formally addressed the Duchess before she knew the truth of the situation. As she finished her greeting statement she suddenly realized that only the servant woman stood at the door. She had a cart before her with a polished silver warming lid.

The woman looked at her and playfully stated with a wink, “Aye lass…I don’t believe I dropped it either. You, however, can call me Nicola. Shall we eat?”
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Dray on July 12, 2008, 08:11:33 PM
Upon the servant woman's words, Kit jerked her head up and found that she had indeed curtsied an empty corridor.

'I told you not to trust her.' Jordan pathed to Kit with satisfaction.

Kit looked back and forth from the empty door where the Duchess Nicola was supposed to be, to the servant woman who claimed to be her.

"You're the Arch-Duchess Nicola Valensun of Kurr?!" Kit exclaimed in shocked disbelief.

’Why don't you off-button yourself,’ Kit pathed back to Jordan and couldn't help but smile at her own quip. The servant wom...the Duchess caught her smile and returned her own as she put the tray down.

(OOC: WF, I recently went through this entire thread and switched the colors for Kit and Jordan, having realized I had them backwards. I am anal like that. I just didn't want you to be confused.)

Kit = Yellow
Jordan = Cyan
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Wildfire on July 13, 2008, 07:24:10 AM
Nicola held back her laughter and instead gave a knowing wink. “Aye lass…I am at that. You must be hungry methinks.” She offhandedly motioned to a dark wooded table near the hearth. “Please, sit yerself and enjoy this glorious morning. I must be saying….these pancakes? Well, they look mighty enough to change the mind of an angry giant.”

Nicola pulled the lid from the breakfast plates and Kit’s belly howled out in gurgling joy. A cloud of steam wafted up from inside the lid and the mornings treasure was revealed. The smell of all the food made Kit’s mouth water and it was all she could do from launching herself face first into her giant stack of oversized pancakes that was to be drooling with bronzesap and butter. The second plate had an assortment of toasted breads, cheeses, and fruits. A third plate had a hill of scrambled eggs partnered with a steak as thick as two fingers side by side.

The auburn haired Duchess in her servant clothes smiled warmly at Kit as though sensing the young girl’s confusion to the situation. “Won’t you join me in this morning meal?” Kit's empty belly roared as if to answer the question.
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'Remember, this is not Keltan,' Jordan pathed from end-table perch.

'I know, I will eat like a lady,’ Kit replied to her telepathically. She gave the Duchess a small curtsy in thanks and sat down at the table.

'When you are done, don't burp and call her a magnificent bastard either,' Jordan pathed back.

Kit giggled at the table, and to cover her unscheduled jubilation quickly said, "it really looks magnificent Duch....erm, Nicola. Thank you so much."

She carefully took two pancakes off the top of the stack and placed them on her plate. Bronzesap syrup went everywhere as she did so. "Oops." She then placed a little of everything else around the pancakes and simply stared at the glory of it all while she waited for the Duchess to prepare her own plate.

The Duchess, in turn, poured them both a frothing cup of milk and sat down. Kit wondered how they got the milk to be so cold, for the edges of the steel mug were already covered with the cool water of condensation.

"So," she began with her new found royal friend, "why didn't you tell me all along who you were? If I may be so bold to ask." Kit asked politely. It was an absolute victory of willpower that she hadn't thrown her face into the pancakes.
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Nicola spooned some of the eggs onto her plate and carved a generous cut of the steak. Even she was starving at this point and was anxious to eat. She waited for Kit to get her plate set before she even considered picking up her fork.

“Aye…that is, indeed, a good question. However, I must say that ye didn’t ask until just now.” She teased with a smile. “But I’m sure what ye really be wondering is what a Duchess is doing in servant clothes and making breakfast fer guests, eh?” The steak on the end of her fork was succulent by any standards and as Nicola popped a bit into her mouth a hearty hum of delicious approval came forth. “How’s yer food Miss Kit? If ye be of a mind to, ye should try this steak.”
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Post by: Dray on July 13, 2008, 01:42:20 PM
Kit was completely befuddled by the supposed royal-person's unusual behavior. She smiled though and said, "I just might do that," she lied, "I am so hungry I could eat a horse." Kit didn't really eat the flesh of animals, eggs and fish was usually the closest she came to it.

As Nicola started in on her steak, Kit timidly starting eating her pancakes, until her stomach audibly growled from under the table-top. Nicola looked at her with a knowing smile, and one that firmly requested Kit to dig in and not worry about appearances.

Kit obeyed, and shortly had half a stack of the huge pancakes gobbled up. As she slowed down, her eyes bigger than her stomach after all, she abandoned the luscious pancakes and picked up some of the Sythus fruit.

As she started to nibble the delectable purple colored fruit, she decided to ask the question.

"So...why then?" she asked, finally returning the Duchess' posed question back to her.
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Nicola was in mid chew when Kit asked the question. She held up her finger as a sign of recognition to the inquiry. When she finished she took a draw from her mug of milk and cleared her throat.

“Well” the Duchess stated, “a few reasons. I wanted to be seeing ye as ye really are and not under the stress o’ me title. Honesty in ones’ character is very important to me.” She looked at Kit with unwavering eyes- eyes that seemed to read right through Kit.

Proudly, she continued to explain, “But Corwynn and I also find it important to be remembering that we are people the same as anyone…from farmer to tailor to rat catcher. A title is just that, a title. It is only given power through ones actions. First and foremost, the Duke and myself are servants…we serve the people. No one thing is above or beneath us. That includes making our guests welcome.”

Nicola took another bite of her eggs. “These eggs really are quite delicious.” She took another sip of her milk. “Often, the Duke and I will take a day to pamper those that serve us. We’ll walk along the streets and talk to people and be among them…even have festivals in where we cook fer those that join the fun. I spent much o’ me life in this Keep…as a servant, if ye can believe that, and I have seen other members o’ the court separate themselves from those they be claiming to serve. They somehow got it in their heads that they be apart, better than the rest o’ society. Corwynn saw it too. When he decided to make me his wife…” her voice trailed off a bit “great gum we were so in love…and still are..” Nicola snapped out of her reverie, “he vowed never to be removed from the people he served and was served by. Above all things, it’s the people that make this our city-state of Kurr work...and we are proud to be serving them. And so I am proud to serve you good miss.”  

Nicola took a piece of Sythus fruit and bit into it. As she did a jet of purple juice squirted across her cheek. “Oh…me stars and gardens!” she exclaimed. She wiped the purple streak from her face with her napkin. "The other truth o' the matter dear Kit…is that I simply adore cooking.”
Title: Royal Company
Post by: Dray on July 14, 2008, 05:53:48 AM
Kit had giggled at very polite curse following the offending juice squirt. She continued her smile as she said, "you are certainly very good at it Nicola". She emphasized her point with a return to her pancakes.

After a few more moments of eating Kit had to abandon all hope of regaining her weight in one meal, she simply could not stuff any more down into her gullet.

"This place is as warm and as inviting as Threshold my'Lady," she started. "As much as I look forward to returning home, it will be a challenge just to step out of this Keep and leave such a noble presence as yours. The people of Kurr are truly blessed and Paladine himself must smile at the mere thought of the welfare of this city."
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Post by: Wildfire on July 16, 2008, 06:46:42 AM
Nicola paused a moment while chewing on a bite of her steak. “I do truly hope so. I’m glad ye be liking it here. And thanks so much…if I’m anything at all, I’m a cook.”

The Duchess saw her opportunity to speak of a matter at hand. “Ye have an interesting instinct aboot ye good miss. As it’s the welfare of Threshold and Paladine being one o’ the reasons I’m here ta talk to ye.” Nicola hoped Kit wouldn’t choke on her milk at what must have seemed like an unexpected statement.

She eyed the girl closely and in her mind prepared the answer to Kit’s inevitable question.
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One of Kit's hands had been playing with the Paladine charm hanging around her neck, she lowered it and sat up a little straighter.

"What can I do for you Duchess Nicola?" she asked.
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Nicola poured herself a cup of the rich coffee and added a generous helping of cream and a spoonful of honey. She sat back and let aroma of the delicious drink fill her nostrils.

“What I’m going to say can only be shared with yer friends and, naturally, Duke Corwynn” Nicola stated with a touch of gravity in her voice. “Ye have come her ta escort some disciples back ta Threshold. However, I fear their passage on these city streets is dangerous. Given the account of Sayer, there be an infection within our ranks o’ guards. We dunna know who it is we can be trusting and what lies behind that corruption.” Nicola sipped her coffee.

“The danger doesn’t end there I’m afraid. Sources be telling us there is some sort o’ underground war going on. We’ve gotten reports of people dead on the streets…not just people but dragonmen as well. Some o’ the priests that arrived here after the mysterious plague have been found at the death scene…arcane scholars as well.” she noted. A serious look came upon her face as she looked at Kit. “We not be knowing how it is they are all linked.”

Nicola allowed Kit a few moments to absorb the information. There was much intrigue involved and with only a few pieces to the puzzle it was confusing to grasp.

“What I need you to do is go to The Temple of the Valiant, of Paladine, and escort an aspiring priest here to the keep to bring with you back to Threshold.”
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Kit was confused by the entire story.

Many days ago, back at home, she had officially become Ashe's apprentice. She even had moved in with him.

It was during her lessons, and in the evening hours as they sipped tea and talked, that she had an epiphany. She had realized how self-absorbed she had become while fleeing from tragedy. And while it was a necessity to be selfish and think only for herself as she escaped Leech, Drakyr and his minions in every turn she made, it wasn't after she had found Threshold. Now she had to think of the friends and family again, like she did back in Mandin before all this had occurred. By talking to Ashe, she also realized she wasn't the only person in the world that the Gods had put to the trials of fire. She wasn't the only person with pain in her heart and painful memories of sorrow and despair.

Ashe through his actions and his words, instilled within Kit a new purpose in life. Instead of fleeing from her past, she had turned to face the evil chasing it. And to protect those innocents who, like her three years ago, had been swept up by a wave of injustice as it came to her. And now, as she had listened to Duchess Nicola, she realized she needed to quickly catch up to world events, if she was going to be of any help at all.

As Nicola had sipped her coffee, she patiently waited for Kit to sort out her thoughts.

'How like Ashe she is', Kit thought to Jordan.

'True enough. I think he would find breakfast with her most pleasing.' Jordan replied. Kit enjoyed Jordan's comfort in the Keep, her little sand-dollar shaped sister felt totally secure here.

"I will do anything for my new[/i] home of Threshold," Kit replied, absent-mindedly opening an invitation to question to her past.

"Where is this Temple of the Valiant?" she asked.
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“Oh, it’ll not be hard to spot, it’s the tallest building in the city!” Nicola mused rubbing her hand over her stuffed belly. “I’m sure that ye become familiar with the streets today while yer on yer oot and aboot in the city.” Nicola placed a black leather pouch with a wolf embroidered in silver on the table among the many leftovers of breakfast. “The Duke and I would like to thank you for your service ahead of time. Tomorrow you shall go to the priest…leave today unto today and relax among the citizens of Kurr.”

Nicola stood up and headed for the door. As she so often did, before leaving she turned to Kit and with a wink said, “You ought to be visiting Emerald Wisp Fineries in the Artisan District…ask for Ingrid and tell her I sent you. She’ll be sure to outfit you exquisitely”

Nicola gave Kit a reassuring smile and asked, “Ye be having any questions, good Kit?”
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Kit looked down at her clothes.

'Well, I guess your right. You must look like a complete beggar for her to tell you to go get new clothes!' pathed Jordan with a giggle.

'Or she simply understands people the way a leader should.' Kit replied smartly back to her.

“Will I get to see you again before I leave tomorrow?” she asked the Duchess with a smile.
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Nicola's eyebrows raised with delight and her head cocked to the side as she enthusiasticaly said, "But of course....the audience supper of the Protectorate is at six chime. I expect you'll be there. Oh, and bring your appetite."

Nicola looked upon Kit sensing a wisdom beyond her years. She felt a sort of kinship to the young girl even after the short time of having met her. She wanted to look after this girl...protect her. She thought it ironic that given this feeling, she had sent Kit on what could be a dangerous endeavor. She trusted that she had made the right choice.

Nicola's brogue came out thicker,  "Miss Kit, ye be enjoyin' yer day. I wan' ta be hearing all aboot it after the night's feast, aye" With that...she quietly closed the door and Kit could hear her footsteps trailing away down the hall.
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'Still odd' Jordan pathed, mirroring Kit’s earlier comment.

'She is very nice, I wish we could take her back to Threshold with us.' Kit sighed.

'Part of a NICE PEOPLE OF ELSENBAN COLLECTION?' Jordan asked merrily.

Kit giggled and replied, 'Order now and get your free, EMBROIDER MAPS BY NUMBERS, THE STARTERS KIT!' Kit pathed as she gestured to the big map tapestry and laughed out loud.

Kit picked up the bag of coin and walked over to the end table to then pick up her sister. She gently placed the gem in the deep pocket of her loose leather breeches.

'Time for shopping?' Jordan asked with intrepidation.

'Don’t worry little one, I promise not to forget you in these old pants.' Kit replied with a grin.

With that, she left her cozy quest room at the Keep and headed out to see what the City of Kurr had to offer.


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